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Lore Weaver


A quick draw and color of a character I've RPed with a few times now, Scootalux's Lore Weaver. Tried to give him a somewhat studious but youthful look.

Also took some artistic liberties with the mane and tail style. I couldn't really tell what his mane/tail were doing in ScootaLux's own references of this character, so I went with a "best interpretation plus unique spin" on them.

Lore Weaver © ScootaLux

From the album:

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Oh my gosh! Love it!


Yeah, I've been trying different things with Lore Weaver's mane and tail to try to be close to my hair style, but this is exactly how I envision it!

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Ugh, there's just something so charming about your style. I seriously envy how crisp and clean your lines are. And your perfectly drawn manes. And the simple yet effective shading. And don't get me started on the eyes and faces. What I'm trying to say is, staph being so good. It's against the law. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

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