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EG anatomy is buggy.


But I gave it a shot anyways, even though this will probably be my one and only EG drawing, because kalbdfalsdf

Honestly I don't get what all the fuss is about over Flash Sentry. It'd make more sense if people hated the writing/writers of the character, but instead people seem to hate the character himself. I personally like him, he's almost like a friendlier version of Inkbrand. And nicer.

And not as perverted.

And more noble.

And - alright maybe not. Still like 'im, though.

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That title! XD


I found him to be a pretty nice character. I'm especially fond of his dorky moments and I'd really like to see him more developed in the movies. Maybe peeps didn't like him because he was a potential love interest for Twilight? A lot of people don't want to see the mane six in relationships and were afraid of that happening in the show.


But fantastic job capturing the EG style! I really like the scarf and his expression/pose. It would be interesting to see him and Inkbrand meet (if that hasn't happened already)

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Yeah I tried drawing my OC Lore weaver in EG style. Very tricky. As for Flash, I don't hate the character but i dislike the fact he's made to be a one dimensional love interest without much substance. He's like a background character trying to be a minor character.

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