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Ooookaaaamiii! (Fourth)


Here is the actual fourth Okami drawing. Pretty obvious who the subject was going to be, though I still maintain that Prince Inkbrand is still the true 'Fourth' (for completely objective reasons, of course).

I like how most of this one came out, even if I'm still iffy on the face. Frontal perspective for ponies has never been my strong point, but I wanted to try something different from the other three. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well.

Twilight Sparkle © Hasbro

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Quite the display of the Okami art Zeig, always liked the style of traditional ink art like this. All of them turned out quite well, and I'm sure any others you bring out will be wonderful as well. ...I need to play Okami again.

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Awwww I love this one, and I really love the face personally. This series is so cool! Also, THAT HAIR! I know I'm repeating myself but, it's soooo pretty! The way it flows and everything is so perfect <3

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