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Happy Hearth Warming! Now Kiss!!!
© Characters © Hasbro Artwork © Brianblackberry

Happy Hearth Warming! Now Kiss!!!


Normally one dresses up for Nightmare Night, but Pinkie Pie doesn't follow silly old rules. She instead decided she'll be the mistletoe to better spread joy and cheer. Who better to show her new head decor than her little sister (by only a few minutes) Marble Pie, and fellow earth pony Big Mac. Gotta kiss under (or before perhaps) the mistletoe! It's tradition! You don't want to break tradition, do you guys?

Fun fact: When looking up pictures of mistletoe, half of the images were of holly mistaken for mistletoe.

Wanted to go show style on this one, came out decent. Enjoy!


© Characters © Hasbro Artwork © Brianblackberry
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