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The three base Species of Pony make an excellent variety in both a Living Army... And a Dead One.

Pegasi risen from their Eternal slumber can either be stripped of their wings and made much like that of light infantry. Strangely enough, those that still possess the remnants of their Winged Former selves still have the ability to fly. Making them excellent shock troopers and dogfighters. Coupled with their grotesque looks it's often said that any sensible pony would "Nope!" right the buck outta there.

Unicorns Resurrected still bare limited control over magic. Some can be augmented to possess greater ability making them excellent Commandoes on the field of battle. With even a limited use of magic such as Levity and Magical blasts... This makes Unicorns a very versatile ground troops for both Ranged and Melee combatants.

Earthborn Ponies are prized for their immense strength and natural fortitude. Making them not only difficult to Muster in large numbers due to the desire of having their corpses more fresh and less decomposed... But a powerful unit on the field of battle. The ideal Earthborn would be a pony equal to or exceeding Big Macintosh in size. Able to lift the heaviest of weapons in order to cause mayhem and spread fear on the battlefield. When armored.. they become a serious threat. As most undead do not know retreat and will fight to the last possible sinew.

In all. The weakest of each species fall into the obligatory HORDE. Ideal specimens fall into the categories listed above.


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Scythe Chronicles

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