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Gift for Scootalux

Because of his 4th year anniversary on the Site I thought I'd go through Scoot's old art and find a random OC to draw. I chose Raven Duskwing! http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/image/5391-raven-duskwing/

I'm missing a few decals but I was just interested in the Shape and base colors of the Griffon x3 I uh.. couldn't tell if Duskwing is female or Not(In part cuz I actually didn't read the description of the original picture NOR her char sheet) so I guess this pic is pretty.. feminine xD I love the presentative Pose I gave her <3 And those lovely eyes! Thanks Lilly! Your color is so clean :3

Line Art was done by me! TheFinestSorcerer

Color and Shading done by my murderous filly friend Blood Lilly! <3 Ask about her and I'll see if she'd be alright with meeting you :3

From the album:

Scythe Chronicles

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