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A quick 'thank you' gift piece for QueenCerali, who's been 'Like'ing and commenting almost every art piece I've uploaded since she joined the site (and even going to older pictures and 'Like'ing some of them, if I'm not mistaken). Thanks for the support!

Featuring her Changeling character Cerali, up in her cave and looking down at something a bit forlornly. Hope I got the hair right - most Changeling hair is straight and limp-like, so I wasn't sure what to do with 'swirling stripes.' Hope it looks alright.

Cerali © QueenCerali

From the album:

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You know, every time I read her name I can't shake this toughs.

"Changeling-O's! A bowl of shape-shifting energy for a whole day!"


But on a more serious note. This is one of your more standing out pictures. I don't remember ever seeing a character in your drawing being sad or having negative feelings at all for the matter ( except Wisp, but with him it's played for laugh). Quite nice to see a somber drawing for a change. However I can't help but thing that if background would be a little darker it would set the mood even better.

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