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Brought on by a potential RP idea, Queen Chrysalis addresses those still loyal to her rule, including a ruthless Heartless smirking at a steady Kahz in an attempt to rile him up. Heartless and Kahz don't see eye to eye when it comes to Changeling politics, which is why I imagined some triumphant validation on Heartless' part as Chrysalis says something in support of his own views - which he then, of course, has to share with Kahz while the other Changeling frowns in displeasure.

This was fun to draw, but holy crap Chrysalis was hard for some reason. Maybe because I'd just never drawn her before.

Kahz © Rackenhammer

Chrysalis © Hasbro

From the album:

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Three pieces of art in the last few days?!  How does one even draw so fast?  Great job-I love how the entire atmosphere is dark expect for their mane, wings, and eyes.

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I love the way the light is shining on them, and the eyes glowing in the background are placed really well. I feel like I could almost see what it might look like if someone turned the lights on. That grin by Heartless is quite chilling thanks to the glowing eyes as well as the reason behind it. I love that little fang sticking out. XP Very dynamic piece!

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