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Sixth...seventh?...RP customer for Inkbrand's tattoo parlor in Manehatten. I shut down his open thread because of lack of activity, but I still do the odd request for a tattooing RP from time to time. This Pegasus was one of them, a mare who wanted some zebra-like tattoos to remember her tribe by. The symbol in the middle was done by her clan, the blue-gradient tattoos by Inkbrand.

I actually finished this a long while ago, I just forgot to upload it.

Skyhaven © Firefoxx

From the album:

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Gorgeous. Especially that smile, it's.....captivating.


And speaking of tattoos, I am think I will have a customer for you...when she gets approved that is.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! Though I should point out, I don't take every request for a tattooing thread that comes my way, nor do I draw every character that Inkbrand tattoos. So, he isn't a public service, so there are no guarantees. *Disclaimer*

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