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First Halloween Banner
© Brian McPherson

First Halloween Banner


Mane asked me to make a couple banners for the forum in addition to the one Kudalyn has up already, so this is the first. Pinkie Pie is a chocolate rain cloud, Twilight Sparkle is Girl Genius and Spike is on of her Clanks. The part with the background is the part that would show up in the banner, I just draw and colored the entire characters.


© Brian McPherson
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So, who do you think would make a good jägermonster? :) I guess I have to wonder if Twilight could invent a deathray spell now...

Oooo... hrmmmm...

Well, Rainbow Dash would be the most obvious who would love the lifestyle of action and adventure... but with her "I want to join the best," she'd be more likely to just be a mechanicsburg townspony who was one of the ones that went and hung out with the Jagerpford. But now that Twilight Heterodyne is back, the Jagerpford are going to get to be repaired, and there will probably be some new Jagerdraught brewed from the Dyne, so she might get admitted into the Jager's hallowed ranks.

Now Rarity, *she* is the one who's naturally obsessive about hats...

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Rarity does make a good candidate, and she even has a peculiar way of speaking too. Though so does Applejack, and she actually has a hat that she wears all the time... ;)

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