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Socks. Socks, Everywhere.


This little doodle stems from a pony art spree I went on a little while ago, trying to get some ideas for pony clothing. Unfortunately, I didn't get much inspiration, because the vast majority of pictures I found featured only one article of clothing.  

There were socks, everywhere. 

I honestly don't understand the fascination with ponies wearing stocks or stockings (I'm not nocking it, just don't understand it), which is what prompted this picture. It also gave me a chance to redo Fem!Inkbrand again, since the first rendition was...okay, but the actual execution of that drawing was just terrible. *burns old picture*

On an unrelated note, I feel like I'm starting to draw female ponies better. At least making their faces look more feminine than the way I draw stallions. Progress!

From the album:

OC Art

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"I honestly don't understand the fascination with ponies wearing stocks or stockings"

FINALLY!!! I'm not alone in this universe!

-tearfully embraces Zeig- :wail:

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Oh noes, I forgot to comment on this one! D: Firstly, female Inkbrand is adorable! And you're right, the first thing I noticed was how much I loved the way the face was drawn. Heck, I love how the whole thing is drawn but the face is super adorable. It would be amusing to see Inkbrand and socks come together in an RP. I like socks because of how simple it is to draw them and all the different colors and designs that can be added with little effort. Basically I'm lazy. XD But I'm surprised there aren't more sweaters and scarfs on ponies. I find those most adorable. Especially the turtle neck sweaters and scarfs that nearly engulf their faces. X3

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