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All the Teams!

...Actually, that is all the teams, since I don't have a character working with animals. But maybe I'll just draw another team, because seriously, these events are fun. 

Star Crusader (c) moonshineTheleocat

Skyhaven (c) RainbowPony

From the album:

OC Art

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I love all of this, seriously.  Personality captured in chibi form!


And, actually, if you want to draw the animal team, that'd be great, too!  We had something of a scene that'd be worth illustrating.

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Omg this style is the cutest thing. Look at the chibi little pones! I adore the expressions on each of their chubby little faces. Sky's is cracking me up for some reason. XD Again, I really love the writing and there is a very big sense of motion here too. The manes and stuff are lining up perfectly with the direction of the wind so it looks very smooth and flowy. These doodles are so simple yet so fun and adorable to look at. <3

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