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More Pony Smileys.png
© Free to distribute.

More Pony Smileys.png


A few more smileys to add to the existing set: (http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/image/4665-pony-smileys/)

As before, these are sized for optimal use in IPS forums (like Canterlot here). They're pixel arted, so they look amazing at native resolution only. If you bring them to chat rooms and other forums, they may have scaling forced on them, but most of them still look decent, in my experience.

The same distribution rights apply here as they do to the larger set linked above:  Use wherever you like.  No need for credit, but shout-outs are appreciated.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.


© Free to distribute.
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The full set sized up, for those of you without super-vision.

Apple bloom looks really weird, but the reference image is all oblong and asymmetrical like that, so lol?

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Slowly, eventually.  It's a good distraction when I need it, but at 2-3 hours apiece, I'm not up to cranking them out.  Some folks might think these are quick shrink-and-fix jobs, but they're 95% by hand.

Also, the princesses will probably have to be redesigned completely.  The only possible way I can see to make them work is to make them foals, because there's a 27 pixel cap vertically, and their long horns and manes just don't fit.

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