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Dreams and Dress-Up


Got inspired to try and draw some sort of formal wear for Mei. She comes from an old and traditional town, so I'd image their formal wear is equally old and traditional rather than something more modern - hence, Mei dressing up in a Hanfu, and taking an inordinate amount of time to admire herself in the reflection of a pond.

It's an old Chinese type of dress similar to the Japanese kimono and Korean hanbok. There should, probably, be all sorts of elegant patterns over the hanfu, but I had enough trouble just trying to design the thing on a pony body, lulz. Any sort of outfit that has a high-waisted style is kind of moot on a pony, seeing as their "waist" is underbelly. Still, it was a fun design, and one that'll probably serve as Mei's formal wear should the need arise. 

From the album:

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Mei will always pass for a perfect princess. <3

And yeah, I can see how annoying it'd be to draw those hanfu patterns. I'll have to remember that one day.....

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That is GORGEOUS. She was already a vibrant and beautiful character but now it's just stunning. The colors blend so well and I love how flowy the dress is. You have a keen sense of folds when it comes to clothing. I also love the background. The fading effect in the distance really sets everything in place and I adore how the dress is lightly dipped into the water, creating a little ripple effect. it gives off a very peaceful atmosphere. The pose and expression contribute to this as well. I love it! <3

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