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Who turned out the lights?

I realized that I didn't draw anything for No Second Prances even though I really enjoyed that episode so I threw together this little doodle. Trixie and Glimmer were downright adorable together. I love their new friendship and hope to see more of them together in the future!

Also I got lazy and used Godoffury's cutie mark vector for Trixie. :P

From the album:

MLP FiM Characters

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Oh god, forest of the library scared me when I watched it at my grandmother's house. she had this narrow corridor to the bathroom and didn't like turning the lights on because of the power costs. so I'd have to go down the corridor in the dark to take a wee. after that episode someone had to be at the end waiting for me to finish. then a mouse made a sound one day and the light had to be on. I think that's why my grandmother never liked me.

Oh. something relevant.

do you use Photoshop? if so, TEACHMEPLEASE

how do color?

how so good?

I have so many questions that will no doubt be thrown at you when you least expect them.

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