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Kaede Katsuo


These OC ideas won't leave me aloooooone, how am I suppose to focus on other things, like eating? Or sleeping?!

Katsuo here is a Longma, though he and the community he grew up in used the native term Ryuma. Either or, they are basically the Pegasus equivalent in the far east, sharing similar traits with their Qilin/Kirin cousins. He's got the soul of a wandering samurai - or at least, what a samurai might be if a small child picked up a book and read about them. At the start of RP he's going to be wandering, searching for some purpose in his life...because I surely don't know what that purpose is suppose to be hnnnnrgh. 

Unlike most of my characters, this guy was apped sort of get his character idea out of my head, not because I have a really huge urge to RP him. Who knows though, I really like how his design and character came out - maybe he'll wander his way into a few open threads. 

From the album:

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He is GORGEOUS! I love the black "sock" markings. And the whites, blacks, reds, and blues come together so perfectly, I had no idea they could blend so well. I also love the dynamic pose, the outfit, and THAT CUTIE MARK! This guy has no many details that all come together so beautifully. <3 (Also the blue on the tips of the wings, the face paint, and the fact that his hooves seem to be slightly different shades. I love it!

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Ah, that pose is very cool. even if he is holding his sword the wrong way. <3 


Man, Quil'in are getting popular..

Or maybe you're just pushing them on the world en masse.

A quick definition of popular

I have seen three Quilin OCs.


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Love the design of your Loguma!

As far as RP, I'm working on my Qilin Jijing Fengbao. Perhaps the samurai can meet the martial artist. :sans:

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I like the coloring job on this one. I also like how the sword is kinda hovering there with nothing to grip it. It must be a magical magnet hoof!

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