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Another "I felt like drawing but didn't know what to draw" evening, so I decided to try practicing humans again by sketching a MLP character of mine I've yet to "human-fy". 


I like how she came out, though her expression looks a little bland. Though I'm not good at conveying expressions with this semi-realistic style, it's just something I need to further practice with. But otherwise, yeah, not too shabby. Her hair was especially fun to draw, trying to translate that waving, hair spine onto a person. I think it'd be neat if I was able to eventually conceptualize all my OCs as humans at some point. At this point, Yuri makes...five?


...So that's like, ten more human drawings to go, lulz. 


From the album:

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On 6/8/2016 at 9:44 PM, tacobob said:


I really like her...erm. :blush: Necklace. Yes. Her necklace.

*tsk* *tsk*


I really like the shade of her hair~  It's a nice blue :) 

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19 hours ago, Lyipheoryia said:

*tsk* *tsk*


I really like the shade of her hair~  It's a nice blue :) 

I wonder if the car....ACK! OUCH! Nevermind! :wail:

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WOW! The lighting/shading is sooo GORGEOUS! I can't stop staring at the hair. Not only is the lighting beautiful but the way it flows down the shoulder looks so natural. And those eyes. They are PERFECT! The eyelashes, shading and everything is just... It's amazing, m'kay? You are seriously outdoing yourselves with the hoomans. <3

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