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What choo want?


Been a long while since I changed my avatar, so I decided to sketch another human!Inkbrand picture for it. 


I think this is actually my favorite rendition of a human Inkbrand of all my attempts - he looks like a young adult, not too young and not too old, with good musculature without being incredibly beefy. Might go back and add some basic shading to this, but for now it was just an hour or so sketch 'n color. 


Sketching the face seemed to take forever though, definitely a weakness of mine. Think I'm going to try practicing more humans in the future, though which character should I practice on?...


-steeples fingers together and leans backwards in chair-

From the album:

OC Art

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More like... he looks like he's taking a selfie. But he was too cool for the phone. So he grabbed a professional's camera. He's not happy with the fact that it's now tremendously harder to take the shot. Excellent work!

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This. is. PERFECT! I could see why it's your favorite human Inkbrand. The direction he's looking in makes his expression feel more natural for some reason. I love it! The anatomy, face, and hair all turned out wonderfully. The right sleeve going down his shoulder a bit adds a lot of life to the picture as well. Also the background. I love it. It meshes really well with everything else. <3

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I want to bleach my eyeballs, because after seeing this nothing will be worthy of being looked at.


Just kidding (only a little), but it is still an amazing peice!!!!

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