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I started drawing in the hopes of turning out a picture to use on my profile, and got really carried away with it. As one does.


A brief glimpse into a section of Inkbrand's Tattoo Parlor, with Inkbrand kicking back and looking bored while he waits for some customers. I sped through the sample tattoos hanging on the walls because I really was just out to practice drawing Inkbrand and some posing, but they are part of his shop and I couldn't just leave them out. 


As an aside, Inkbrand's probably going to be renaming his parlor into something more thematic than just, "Tattoo Parlor", soon. Have a few ideas in mind, but I'm still mostly brainstorming...if anyone has any good ideas, let me know!

From the album:

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Funny, for a moment I thought that heart on the wall was Bon Jovi reference.


This is a cool pice. I always had an impression that Inky gets bored easily and it shows here. He really a hobby. Ogling pretty mares don't count.

Oh and about the studio name? I dunno? Inkbrand Imprints?

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Zeig, what did I tell you about sneaking serpent dragons or other species from the East into your art? :artax:


*insert super-serious face*

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