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Saddle Arabian Horse Concept


Unimaginative title is unimaginative.


Haven't really been motivated to draw anything recently, but I happened to get into a discussion with someone on Skype over the look of the Saddle Arabian horses shown on the show. More specifically, how I really did not like how they were designed. Someone then challenged me to try designing one, which inspired me enough to give it a try.


I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how he turned out (though I only just now realized he kind of uses Katsuo's hair design, only in a curly variation). Something bugs me about it though...I think maybe the head is too large for the slender body/legs. But I'm not sure. Either way, there's this guy, who may actually get apped in the future. Don't think I'll actually RP him at all if I do, but a character application? Maybe, maybe~

From the album:

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*High fives for apping characters we never play* XD


I really like the body shape and the fact that the hooves are visible/more horse like. Another thing I immediately noticed was the mane. It looks like a poofy cloud and I wanna squish it! The green highlights was not something I'd consider on a white mane but it looks SOOO good! I don't know why, but it seems to pull everything together. And omg the accessorizes. I especially love the hood and THAT PURPLE SADDLE! It goes perfectly. Especially since it matches the eyes, and the intricate gold markings and fringes are just beautiful. <3

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