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Fuyu Tsuki


I realized the other day that I had no female characters who were competent fighters. All of the girls I have fulfilled niches that had no physical conflict involved in them whatsoever. So I decided to make a ninja character, to compliment my samurai. 


Tsuki is generally an agreeable sort of Ryuma, but she's got some grand ideals about getting vengeance against the Imperial Dynasty for 'destroying' her family's way of life, way back when her ancestors migrated from Long Guo after its unification. She'll be using her ninja training to try and subtly sabotage any Long Guo workings she can.


...We'll see how that goes for her.

From the album:

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*has a closer look at fan*


Ugggh, how many times do I have to tell you not to sneak eastern dragons into your art, Zeig? X_X


*shakes an impotent fist in Zeig's direction*

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Ooooo myyy gooosh this is gorgeous! First of all, the colors are just so beautiful together. How do you come up with this stuff? The red eyes and accents on the cutie mark blend so perfectly with the blue fur and I LOVE the sparkly mane and tail. The scales are a perfect touch and I love how the horns fade to white. And don't get me started on the pose/expression. I also have to point out how much I adore the way you drew the hoof fuzzies. <3

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