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Inkbrand would totally be "that guy" who participates in Nightmare Night with a bedsheet thrown over his head, just because the ultra simplicity and cliched-ness of the outfit would be a costume in and of itself. But I kind of wanted a more "serious" costume for him this year, and after brainstorming a bit, finally decided on Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.


...Oh sorry. Mares Effect, the super successful three-part Bridleway saga that had you spellbound, enchanted, eager for more, and speechless in incompetent rage at its color-coded finale. 


(Honestly, I didn't think the ending to the series was that bad, but it definitely wasn't stellar, either).


Also, credit goes to this picture for the conceptualization of the outfit, because there was no way I was attempting to mold an N7 uniform onto a pony's body from scratch. 


Commander Shepard and Mass Effect (c) Bioware-I-freaking-love-you-just-take-my-money-now

From the album:

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1 minute ago, PrinceBlueblood said:

Is there a particular reason for the Red Mane?  I suppose Ink would go the Renegade path...


AHAHAHA. You know, I really didn't even think about that, though that totally makes sense. No, for me, fem!Shepard is canon, so it made sense for him to dye his mane red to match the "canon" look.


Even though I think Shepard is suppose to be a guy in canon, Jennifer Hale will always be the Commander Shepard for me. Her voice acting was just so much more alive for me, that I think I played a speed-run of the Mass Effect series as a male Shepard just to experience it. All other run-throughs have been with fem!Shep, because she is awesome. Commander Shepard is a woman in my head!canon, just like Hawke is a woman in my Dragon Age head!canon. 


*hurriedly cuts self off before the full-on onset of a blatant Bioware fan-girlish squealing rant and rave*

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Jennifer Hale is one of my favorite VA's ever. I would love to see her in FIM. Oddly enough, if you search Youtube, you can see her and another well known VA's doing a read for FIM.


And also give the male Sheppard some credit...Guy has good taste.



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