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Rakuen Ryuichi


I'm finding a new love of Ryumas...this makes my third one total. 


Not that I'm complaining, because I really like how he turned out. Rakuen Ryuichi is the Shogun of Neighpon who's got big hooves to fill. His approach to ruling is practical, almost clinical, but still with an empathetic sense of protection that seeks to better Neighpon as a whole. 


He's also going to need a lot of help, meaning plenty of open positions in his household! Want to app a character of influence and power in Neighpon, and confer closely with the Shogun in RPs? Check out the relationship planning thread I have for him, to see what sort of positions are open (or to toss out some of your own ideas)!

From the album:

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He's so pretty! I really love all the different shades of blue, and the yellow accents just look like the perfect touch. Then you went and made the highlights in his mane and scales on his wings fade from blue to yellow and the result is beautiful! Onte of my favorite design aspects is his horns. The yellow really stands out while also complementing the blue and the fact that they protrude near the eyebrows makes for a really unique and stunning look, especially with the eyes sharing the same color. And I'll always love the fuzzy hoofsies. <3

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