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If you've checked out my relationship planning thread for this guy, you've probably already seen this picture. See it again!


Funnily enough, this was actually the concept art for the character, meaning it was the first picture I drew of him. He's decked out in his formal robes and armor, the very picture of a stern and stoic Shogun...but then I realized that I should probably settle on his overall look before I decided on his color scheme (i.e., do I like the way he looks because of the colors of the robe, will I like the way he looks without any clothing at all, do his golden horns only look okay because of the gold trim, etc). Which is how I ended up with two drawings of the character before he was even apped. 


Total first for me, in a good way. This picture is going to eventually be his character log art once I get the actual banner done with. Productivity! 

From the album:

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You really know how to draw clothing for quadruple characters well, Zeig. :D


PS: Is it just mean, or do Ryuichi's horns heavily remind me of decorations featured on samurai helmets?

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That's the image his outfit is based on - and his horns! They even grew out asymmetrically, to mimic the half-slope of the design. That headpiece (or variations on it) is a pretty important design on shoguns, so I was trying to figure out a way to pay homage to it without needing Ryuichi to wear a helmet all the time...before it hit me. There's nothing say that horns have to grow back over the head in every instance, maybe some of them grow out to the sides.


-is a mad evil genius. Mad, I tells ya!-

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