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I don't think I've been so inspired by a new character since Mei. All these Qilins and Ryumas, man. 


I love 'em. 


Raijū is Ryuichi's personalized and custom golem, a gift from his mother after his successful return from the military. It's made from corundum, a very tough material that when broken off, tends to break off in jagged and sharp edges. Being relatively low to the ground, Raijū is a fighting golem more suited to defense and speed, but the power crystals that give it life pack a wallop as well. Manifesting as streaks of purple lightning, its main power crystal is buried deep within its core, but a smaller one is also situated on its chest that's meant to absorb magical shockwaves. 


Also, size comparison to an average pony. Didn't want to make it too big, but it's definitely suppose to be a gigantic behemoth that causes neck cramps, especially when it's not slouched over. Basically, I just wanted to conceptualize Ryuichi's golem for my own reference and the reference of others, and I have to say, I like the end result, even if it is unbelievably messy!

From the album:

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