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Ooookaaaamiii! (Sincere)


Yay, more Okami pictures with more eastern-themed characters. 


The hair kind of came out wonky on this one, but I decided to just leave be. When Mei lets her hair down, it falls in a straight line, so it's kind of hard to draw it billowing in the wind with the twisty brush I use for the mane and tail. Still, I like it better than my first attempt.


I had initially planned to draw Mei with her hair done up and wearing an Empress' crown, because or her tendency to daydream she's an empress and such - but then I figured an Okami picture should be true to the character themselves, rather than what that particular character wishes they were, if that makes sense. It should be a picture solely of Mei, not a picture of what Mei wishes she were like. 


But that's all hooplah. The important thing is Ooookaaaamiii! 

From the album:

OC Art

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I feel a poem from Lími coming..... <3


PS: I hope you don't mind me snatching that crown and hairdo design from the WiP pic for... imperial purposes of mine. *whistles innocently*

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