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New OC, last OC, not making another OC after this, have too many OCs, etc etc.


I still can't get over my love of Kirins, or Qilins, and they winged counterparts. Did I mention that I love cloven-hooved mythical creatures? Because I do. All we need is for the show to have some cloven-hooved unicorns with lion tails and I'll be all set!


Yin is a member of an (as of yet) unnamed Triad based in Long Kong. She was partly inspired by sans from Undertale (everyone better get ready for this puny to hit the stage) and a character from a Korean movie. She's lazy and likes to crack jokes all the time, but she'll get riled up if you mess with anyone she cares about. It takes a lot to get her mad, so if you manage to hit that point...you've done goofed. 


(Or maybe not. She's a powerful breath user, but physically speaking? A few good punches can take her down and out). 


She's also sister to Feng, one of PrinceBlueblood's OCs who is also a member of the Imperial Watch. The Imperial Watch with a family member who's a notable rank in a notable gang in Long Kong...I don't smell shenanigans at all~

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Feng:  "Oh, Mingyin... what have you gotten into this time?  But, fair's fair, you never had the opportunity for anything, or anyone, better."

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