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Fēng Yīnhǎitāo


Found out that it was someone's birthday yesterday. Also remembered that I'd been meaning to draw a certain character I've been RPing with, and haven't drawn yet.


That's a win win, in my books!


Fēng Yīnhǎitāo is a member of the Imperial Watch, and fiercely devoted to his Empress! Doesn't stop the ladies from swooning over him, though. Wasn't too much description to go off of, so I basically kind of sprinkled artistic license liberally over the whole thing. This is also a picture of Feng that doesn't include the charcoal he puts on his wing scales - I thought the picture would look better if they could shine and glimmer like a thousand little gold pieces under the sun~


Happy birthday, Prince Blueblood!


Feng (c) PrinceBlueblood

From the album:

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4 minutes ago, Bellosh said:

To Fēng! May he find a mare one day who'll return his affections ten-fold! <3

"Haven't I already?"


And awesome work, Zeig!  You really did a lot with sparse description I tend to give; looks exactly like I pictured in my head!

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3 hours ago, Bellosh said:

To Fēng! May he realize he's found a mare who'll return his affections ten-fold! <3


Don't worry, I've fixed it!

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I really like the dynamic pose of the wings and the expression. Also the flowy tail. Also the colors for the sky and how the light looks around the sun and the shading on Feng. <3

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