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Taira No Yamamoto, The Wolf General


A yokai who predates the shogunate supposedly living in a mist covered mountain range north of MT. Kaminichi. Stories about his ancient exploits have faded in folklore among the short lived ponies. Legend has it he and and a great army of various yokai united to battle a dangerous and powerful Onikuma who stole his pack's land, defeated the great bear with the help of a pony. 

SOme folklore makes mentions fo various strange exploits he had gotten into all across the countryside and about fifty year ago he was seen seemingly rampaging through the countryside near Polohama in search of something before departing.


I figured I should show off his Okami form for a bit since I'm rather proud of how I'm drawing other animals lately... also His mistcape is magnificent if I do say so myself.


Among ponies and other races he is most commonly known as "Ookami no Taisho"

From the album:

The Character Corner (Color!)

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