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Hanabi-no-Mikoto, Queen-Snatcher of the Feng Dynasty


"Long, Long ago in Long Guo there was a beautiful queen and a Handsome Emperor. These rulers would protect and watch over the prosperity of the land for years to come. One day, The dynasty held a great feast for the greatest of their servants.


Word of this great banquet reached all across the east and to the ears of devious fox from over the seas. This nasty beast concocted a scheme. On the way to dinner, the empress was spirited away and her likeness worn by the eight tailed beast.


Throughout the banquet, the clever emperor noticed a strange dip in his wife's manners. His suspicions rose until he made a request for a particularly spicy dish to be served.


The shock of the hot meal and powerful spices jolted the monster fox out of her guise. Thanks to the great spiritual advisor of the harmonious path, she was bound and captured and sealed away in a deep dark forest... Never to be seen again."


--Excerpt from stories of the Early Feng Dynasty: The Foiled Fox.


Let's Hope this strange creature is never set loose upon the Royal family again!

From the album:

The Character Corner (Color!)

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.....Good Lord, how much shampoo is she using?!!


For the supposedly cunning fox, Yanhua can be such a dork at times...especially with interactions with Feng.

I am also surprised she's not outside of Long Guo more - you would think that being pinned in some emote forest for so long would awake major wanderlust in her. But I suppose it's part of yokai limitations.....

.....Now I kind of want to make one.

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