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    Hello Canterlot, You will have noticed that the site has not been updated in a very long time. My work on site development has not been up to par and you deserve an explanation why. It is no secret that I have had trouble with my health over the past few years. I deal with chronic pain often and I have had a lot of trouble with cognitive tasks, especially those that require leadership and learning. Further compounding issues, my mother suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. She is doing much better after surgery and intensive care, but will require continued supportive care to ensure that she does not develop complications. My poor health coupled with the necessity to assist with long-term care for my mother have pushed me to the unfortunate realization that I just do not have the mental and physical ability to continue work as site host and developer. It is thus with great regret that I must tender my resignation as administrator of Canterlot. My anticipated time frame for step down is the end of the year. What this DOES NOT mean is the sudden termination of the forum or the Discord server or the dissolution of the community. What this DOES mean is that Canterlot will not receive any further active development from me. We the staff are currently in the process of developing a transition plan that will minimize stress and hassle for everyone. Keep an eye on the News and Updates subforum and the #announcements Discord channel for updates as they are posted. In the meantime, the Discord and forums will continue to run normally. Please leave questions and comments HERE and I will do my best to answer them as I am able. While I will no longer be in charge, I will try to make time and energy available to assist with the transition and perhaps even return to RP as a normal player as I am able. It is my hope that even if I am no longer in charge, you will all continue to carry forward all the lessons that MLP has taught us. Thank you, Canterlot, for giving me these years of friendship and magic.
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    Hey friends! First off, I would like to apologize for how long it took to ban Robi. I know mediocre RP can only be tolera... Wait, what? You mean that's not the announcement? OH! The -other- announcement... Canterlot and its user base are not what they were years ago -- we're not the same people with the same amount of time we once had. Since I joined up, I've gone through college, been married and divorced, and worked across 4 different jobs. I still haven't finished FiM, though I have a fair idea of how the story ended. I think this site has always carried a meta parallel to the cartoon it was based around, as characters have come and gone, changes have happened, and important choices made. The story has officially ended. Now it's time to respectfully end my story in developing the site here and allow new people with different visions and capacities to take the fore. This place we've made together has given me sanctuary when I've needed it, as we've written our own stories inspired by the special qualities that early Friendship is Magic fostered. I'm happy to say that what we have built here is something incredibly special and precious. Since I joined 8 years ago to a burgeoning community, we've faced quite a few challenges -- rogue admins, rogue moderators, rogue users, getting hacked, spam bots, even predatory types using our site for unscrupulous means. We've risen above them all, handled a change over of admins twice, forum software, forum hosts, chat platforms, and managed to give this community a worthy journey to where we are now. On the front side, this site was a roleplay community; in the background, it has created lasting friendship, improved, and even saved lives. It's given us a lot to think about and process. It was a platform that I think went beyond the original bounds we intended for it. All that said, Dio and I thought that this would be the end cover to an otherwise rich story. We're happy to say that we've had an incredible outpouring of support from our staff, several of whom are willing to carry on the site. I will be doing my best in coming days to lend my support for our next set of leaders as we hand the reins over, with my official retirement respectfully coinciding with Dio's. I will still be hanging around this community, as well as the Discord, so I'm not going anywhere. I'm glad there will be a home for us for time yet to come. I'm eager to see what the next chapter will be. Thank you for allowing me to protect and lead this site; you're all truly the best. To our staff, I can't thank you enough; you've worked tirelessly over the years through your volunteer efforts to support our community here, and you've helped thousands of players find joy and entertainment through your support. Finally, to Dio. More than I can express, you've allowed this site to continue existing through your boundless generosity and effort, I can surmise your efforts as nothing less than herculean. More than that, you're my friend, and I hope that with the site in safe hands, our journey forward will lead us to better places. I'll be walking right next to you, giving you my shoulder as we find out what's next. Madelyne Rose, Retiring Admin of Canterlot.com The Blood Quill, Wolf Mother
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    (post written between myself and SteelEagle) It was time! The music had changed to the processional, the atmosphere was balmy with just a hint of autumn chill to the breeze, the guests were waiting on bated breath! Windy Whistles, mother of the bride came first. It was easy to see she was giddy with pride as she made her way to her and Bow's seats up front. Next there was quite a line of bride's maids. They walked two by two up the straw covered isle. First came Fluttershy and Spike. The dragon trotted next to the pegasus only fussing with his bow tie once on the way. The two made their way side by side and then split one to either side when they got up front. These were followed by Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. The two fillies strutted up looking a little nervous and very excited. Scoots blushed furiously as she missed a step and almost stumbled. Thankfully Sweetie was by her side and they made their way up taking each side. Next came Gilda and Coloratura. A few ponies gasped to see the famous star at the wedding. The stage was flanked by friends and family as Pinkie Pie, RD's best mare walked out onto the isle. As per usually she couldn't keep with the processional rhythm and ended up bouncing her way to her place! Scootaloo raised an eyebrow and Pinkie mouthed "what?!" Before smiling and turning to face the guests. Now came Bow Hothoof with his beloved daughter on his arm. Having her supportive if not overly so father there helped calm Rainbow. She strutted down the isle smiling at friends, trying to ignore the thrum of her heart. Her father kissed her cheek and went to sit next to Windy while RD stood up front. Twilight walked the isle next, keeping in perfect beat with the music. She smiled and gave a wink to RD as she stood next to her good friend. "Relax," she smiled to her friend. RD visibly relaxed, her wings settling deeper next to her sides. Rarity was next, right before the flower fillies and then the bride! Rarity was stunning and caused a few more gasps as she made her way to stand opposite of Pinkie Pie as AJ's best mare. After all of this, the music changed again. Every creature stood and turned to face the back of the aisle… Applejack made her way down the aisle, or what counted for one, as the music reached its crescendo. Now that she was doing it, it felt like all the worry and all the concerns she had melted away. She saw RD, she saw her friends, she saw her family and she knew this was perfect. She walked down the aisle and reached where she was intended to be, Granny Smith there with her the whole way. When she reached the end, Granny Smith leaned in, gave her a kiss on the cheek with tears in her eyes, and let her go as she went to take a seat. They weren't going to force the elder Apple to stand and take part too much. She took her place across from RD, looking into her eyes and smiling to try and stop herself from crying with joy. She felt like such a little filly right now, giddy as could be, and forgetting for the moment just how tired she felt. Love could do that. Twilight looked at her friends. She wanted to explode with how happy she was for them, but they had chosen her as their officiant. She had taken that responsibility seriously and even now pushed down her trilling sense of happiness. As the two took their positions she smiled, and a book levitated in front of her. She had written down her remarks and other notes and had memorized it, but wasn't going to take chances. This needed to go perfectly. They deserved it. The music calmed and silenced itself when the book was raised, and Twilight began. "Hello everypony and welcome. We are here on this beautiful day to witness the act of love." "Love is the magic that has brought Applejack and Rainbow Dash together and through that magic, we are joining them today. But what do we mean by love? When we love, we see things other ponies do not see. We see beneath the surface, to the qualities which make our beloved special and unique. To see with loving eyes is to know inner beauty. And to be loved is to be seen, and known, as we are known to no other. One who loves us gives us a unique gift: a piece of ourselves, but a piece that only they could give us. We who love, can look at each other’s life and say, “I touched her life,” or, “I touched this life,” just as an artist might say, “I touched this canvas. Those brushstrokes in the corner of this magnificent mural, those are mine. I was a part of this life, and it is a part of me.” “Marriage is to belong to each other through a unique and diverse collaboration, like two threads crossing in different directions, yet weaving one tapestry together. The secret of love and marriage is to be in love and in trust, to know in your hearts that you want only the best for each other. It takes dedication. To stay open to one another, to learn and grow, even when it is difficult to do so. And it takes belief to go forward together without knowing what the future holds for you both. Belief in each other, and belief in yourself. The true art of married life is an inner journey unique to each yet jointly shared through trials and tribulations as readily as successes. It is a mutual enrichment, a give and take between two personalities. A mingling of two endowments, which diminishes neither, but enhances both. It is, ultimately, the emergence of the best selves of each pony. It is a supreme sharing of experience, and an adventure in the most intimate of relationships a pony can have. It is the joyous union of two ponies whose comradeship and mutual understanding have flowered in romance.” “Today Applejack and Rainbow Dash proclaim their love and commitment to the world and we gather here to rejoice, with and for them, in the new life they now undertake together." Twilight took a breath and looked at her friends. She wanted to just commit them to this union right then, but there was a way of doing this in a traditional sense and she knew if nothing else Applejack would appreciate it. "Now I ask you, Applejack and Rainbow Dash to take into consideration the magnitude and significance of the vows about to be taken. There are many implications involved when two people commit to a lifetime of love. Let us take a moment to reflect on those implications and acknowledge that along with the celebration of marriage there is depth and meaning in the pledges you will be making to one another and it is with much determination, acceptance, forgiveness, respect, loyalty and love that builds the foundation for a strong and enduring marriage. Rainbow Dash, having taken this into consideration, what do you have to say?" She asked, setting the stage for Rainbow Dash to say her vows. Rainbow's heart swelled as Twilight mentioned her element in her list of pledges towards the end of her words. She could do that, she could do all of the things Twilight was talking about! She could be that pony for AJ. RD had decided for herself after a long list of mess ups that she was going to be different. Especially now that their second little one was being born. She would be there. She would be loyal. She would... oh Celestia! She was supposed to be saying this out loud! RD cleared her throat, dropping the emerald gaze of her beloved for a moment to pull a crumpled paper from her vest pocket. She glanced at it and then held it down. She could do this without her notes. "AJ, you're..." She sucked in a breath. "When I think about..." she shook her head. No that wasn't right, it wasn't what her heart was saying. "I love you Applejack. Plain and simple, I love you." There, this was feeling better. "You are the piece that puts my everyday together. You are my everything. I don't know how to tell you the depths of what I feel for you, I can tell you again, how I fell for you." She gazed into AJ's eyes, her mind going back to that special Running of the Leaves. "You were my biggest adversary, the hardest competition I've ever had, or will have. I trained for that day. I had to beat you. I had to be the better of us. I was focused on winning, focused on crossing that finish line before you." She swallowed lightly. "I remember that moment my focus shifted from the finish line to you. Just you. Your drive, strength, determination. You went from my biggest adversary to my heart's desire in an instant." Blush. "Of course I couldn't tell you that!" "That’s not how Rainbow Dash does things!" She smiled as some chuckles went up from the guests. Everypony knew that wasn't RD's style. "So the competition waged on! It was the best way to spend time with you and get to know you better. All the while I fell harder and harder." Her voice softened. "Our first kiss, first dates, all of that. Then our living at the farmhouse with you. Our little Zap Apple... our new little one." Her heart pounded with excitement and pride. "And I get the honor," she spoke gently. "The privilege to stand by your side. There's no pony else, nothing else for me. It's you AJ. From that magic moment when I saw you for real until my last breath, it's you." She ruffled her wings. "I love you Applejack, and I'm so stoked to spend my life with you!" Twilight wasn't surprised at all by the display of emotions that came flowing from Rainbow. Twilight knew of their vows but not how they'd be delivered, and the infectious excitement. A smile couldn't help but grow on her face though as she turned to Applejack. "Applejack, having heard Rainbow Dash's vows to you as her intended, do you wish now to respond?" Applejack was a traditional mare at heart. Rainbow Dash had said a lot about how she came to love, came to honor Applejack, and expressed it in words that were strikingly earnest and completely hers. Applejack didn't think she had to do that. She had evidence of their love walking around and another stark reminder inside of her, ready to burst out at any moment. Instead, she would rely on a variant of vows Apples had given for time immemorial. Looking straight into Rainbow's eyes, her own hazel eyes clear with intent and affection as she spoke. "Ah make this vow before friends and family, in tha land of Apples long since passed, An' in this space and with mah words Ah do make this vow of love and commitment. Ah, Applejack, take Rainbow Dash ta be mah wedded wife, and ta live together in marriage. Ah promise ta love you, comfort you, honor an' keep you for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness an' health, an' forsaking all others, be faithful only ta you so long as we both shall live. An' that's tha truth," she said, adding that last line impromptu, her emotions getting the better of her ever briefly. Once the vows were said and done the exchanging of symbols was to take place. Scoots trotted forward, bearing a simple oiled wood box on her back between her tiny wings. This Twilight levitated between the two mares. RD was doing her level best to keep herself together. All she wanted to do was nuzzle AJ tightly and fall into those hazel eyes of hers, but she couldn't yet. Ceremony and then the reception after. Of course she was enjoying it all but she found herself longing to just be near her beautiful mare. Soon the box was opened revealing a pair of hoof rings. The rings were at the same time beautiful and simple, a style both mares had agreed on. They were also magically enhanced and when the right hoof came into contact they would size to fit perfectly. Soon Rainbow had AJ's ring in her grasp and reached out to meet her mare's hoof. The ring fit snugly and once secured on shrunk even more, magically adjusting itself. Applejack admired it for a moment before doing the same to Rainbow, securing her ring on Rainbow's hoof. She wanted to continue holding it, but there'd be time for that and much more later. "Because Applejack and Rainbow Dash have desired each other in marriage and have witnessed this before our gathering, affirming their acceptance of the responsibilities of such a union, and have pledged their love and faith to each other, sealing their vows in the giving and receiving of rings, I do proclaim that they are married. Let all creatures here and everywhere recognize and respect this union, now and forever. You may now seal your union with a kiss." Rainbow felt a sudden wash of peace flow over her as Twilight spoke the final words. She stepped up to Applejack and swept a wing gently around the farm, pulling her close. "Now and forever." She repeated the words softly before kissing AJ with tender passion. Not a long kiss, but a true one, one with all the heart in the world.
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    Berry had to laugh at Fire Walker's description of an old army stallion in a modern supermarket. "I can just picture it! Though, my family were always more 'farmer's market' than 'Barnyard Bargains,' if you know what I'm saying. He still might have shown up. And you got me on the whole ketchup-catsup thing. Honestly, I used to think the latter was actually 'cat soup'! Was I ever relieved to find out I was just being a silly filly!" That may well have been one of the reasons the latter spelling fell out of favor, now that she thought about it. The little exchange was concluded with the arrival of another mare, one who looked as if she'd come as the 'plus one' of the mare everyone was getting their knickers knotted over. Honestly, under the circumstances, Berry could well empathize with Glitter's desire for the harder stuff. But, that didn't do anything to shift her policy. "Before the ceremony? None. Afterwards, I'll have Sangria! Think of it like a wine punch; it's my specialty, and for the first time ever, I've actually been able to make use of Sweet Apple Acre's apples in the recipe! Trust me, you'll love it. In the meantime, give a try to the virgin version, and tell me what you think. Might make a last minute tweak or two." It was a mark of her shopkeeping heritage that she kept her customer-facing smile even as Tempest Shadow approached the group. The tension in the air would rise, no doubt, and it could only be hoped that cooler heads would prevail. Berry, naturally, was as cool as refrigerated grapes, and gave the hardened unicorn a friendly wave. "Hello yourself!" Her smile did slip a bit when Tempest mentioned the 'garlic punch', and even more so when she was interested in trying it! "Er..." She looked a little guiltily towards the ditch where she'd poured out the offending beverage. "I... didn't think the experiment worked out so well myself, and nopony else was interested so... it's currently not available. I'm very sorry; but everything else is on the house tonight, so..." Once again, she was thankful that no alcohol would be served before the ceremony, and now more than ever she was doubtful of the wisdom of serving any. That was just asking for trouble with this crowd... Fate sent one of her rare kindnesses at that moment, in the very pleasing shape of Equestria's foremost diplomat, educator, and non-alicorn royalty, one Princess-Archancellor Bluebelle. Dressed in red-and-gold finery with tricolor trimmings, it appeared the mare had commissioned her latest dress to fit the theme of a marriage between apples and rainbows. But then, when had the scion of House Platinum ever failed to dress for the occasion. She was making good time, despite being in a dress, and could only stop by the table briefly. "Oh, Fire Walker, it's great to see you too! We'll have to wait until after the ceremony to catch up; I'm one of Lady Applejack's bridlemaids, so I have to get into position before they start." She gave a nod of greeting to Swift as well, taking up a cup that Berry went ahead and poured for her. It was a bit of a dusty walk, and the refreshment was appreciated. "Ah, thank you, I needed that." She then noticed Tempest Shadow, and her eyes grew a little wide. "Oh, you made it! Last I heard, you were up north. Glad to see you could be here for your benefactor's big day!" As if for all the world they had never been enemies, a remarkable feat of diplomacy, given that Blue had been side-by-side with Swift Squall as they escaped the embattled capital. But that was why only one of them was trusted by the Crown's Foreign Office. "I'll see you all after the vows, alright? Ta-ta!" And with that, she departed, to take up her position in the bridal train.
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    OOC: Note for everyone We will be posting the procession/vows post in about a week! If you've got stuffs you'd like your characters to do before that just thought we'd give you the heads up! Glitter began trotting down towards the table where it appeared Berry Punch was serving drinks! She was feeling good, and nothing helped with feel good like a little fire water! She wasn't planning on doing lots of drinking...well, at the moment...there would be time for that later. The mare glanced back, wondering if the unicorn was coming along with her. She wasn't sure Temy would want to come closer to every pony else. She was an outsider and felt more comfortable that way. Glitter understood. If Temy wasn't coming down she'd bring her something. "Hey there," She cleared her throat, blushing a little. She'd not actually spoken with many other ponies, well none actually, since her and Temy's ordeal in the icy heights. "What do you have by way of adult drinks? Something not too sweet?" She glanced at the young filly nearby and smiled. "Hello there!"
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    Applejack was a mare of rather impressive and enduring strength and stamina. Her first pregnancy had ended with a very normal, very yell-y birth at home. All in all, nothing much to it. She had felt a little foolish afterwards for not taking ponies up on their very good advice to just head to the hospital and had resolved to make it easier on herself the next time. She wasn't a masochist, after all. Besides, this time it felt a lot different. A lot more aches. A lot more pains, and as the day approached she felt increasingly sluggish. Little Ambrosia must have been so excited she kicked day and night day and night day and night to come out. Who was momma's favorite little bucker? Ambrosia was! Also please stop, momma needs sleep. When the day came Applejack didn't tarry. She first started galloping but eventually Big Mac and Apple Bloom forced her into a cart and then they rushed her over to Ponyville General. Everypony there was just so nice and welcoming and happy and she wished she could be half as happy as they were but Ambrosia was like a Yak in a debate, and her body was the yearly harvest that needed to be divided up. She was rushed into the maternal ward and from there she went about her work. Apple Bloom and Big Mac shot off to inform others, and Applejack made sure to smash a magical bell that she had- the other of which was on Rainbow, and would let her know that it was time. She then began her long, long work. And she meant, long. But don't worry, she said to herself as she was moved into her room. It would work out right in the end. Right? Right. ***************************************************** Apple Bloom had torn through town, jumping on tables, leaning into the Boutique and Sugarcube Corner, tossing her head into schoolhouse windows, breaching a castle's security with her energy, scaring all sorts of animals at a cottage with her yelling, and generally a one-pony soundboard on repeat. “Applejack's havin' Ambrosia! She's havin' Ambrosia!” She yelled, bouncing, running, nearly teleporting from place to place as she left much of the town to the mercy of a one-pony tornado. She had done this once before but her energy hadn't left off a bit. How could it? Being a big pony role model had been awesome and now she was going to be an even biggerer role mode, this time to a filly! She loved Zap Apple as much as any aunt could love her nephew but he had to admit there was just certain things she couldn't really share with him, like her love of Songbird Serenade and Sapphire Shores. She was just so sure that Ambrosia was gonna be the perfect little apple that she had very literally lost sleep over imagining how lucky she was to live in that house with her family. Well, in that moment. In her heart the seed of desire had started to develop a need to get out of there, but that would bloom later on. For now, she was just happy to welcome Ambrosia into the world. After she had made her announcement to every living creature big and small in Ponyville she made her way back to the hospital where she bounced up and down in excitement. Last time it had only been a relatively short while so this was bound to follow suit, right? Right. Right. 12 Hours Later (Just before dawn) Apple Bloom was sleeping on the floor by this point, one of her back hooves on a chair as she used something- a stack of newspapers perhaps- as a pillow. Moonlight Glitter had decided a few hours ago to go and get her tent and had set-up in the ward. A small purple thing, she had offered it to Apple Bloom but the Apple had been entirely knocked out. Moonlight wished she could be asleep but Applejack had other ideas. What pain medication wasn't working? Had to be something because Applejack had bursts of being very, very loud. Kind of made her worried. Mostly, it made her tired. She unzipped the front of the tent and stepped out to stretch her back, feeling a nice crack before yawning. "Oh. My. Twilight. She is definitely not feeling en fuego right now, right? Like, poor mare. Talk about verbal birth control, fillies," she giggled to herself and to anypony else in the room as she ventured out to get something to drink. Applejack may have been a screaming mess of a mare but that didn't mean Moonlight had to be a mess herself. Gross! As she clip clopped away, Apple Bloom jolted awake, her eyes rolling in her head. She pulled herself right-side up and yawned bleary eyed as she looked at the other ponies who were still around. "Anypony know if tha baby-" she began before she got a very loud response from Applejack's room down the hall. "Arrrggghhhhhssshshshshshh....AHHHHRRRRRGGHHSSSS!" "Ah. Okay. Right." Right?
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    Tempest did her best to not falter in the face of all the nuzzles but soon Glitter got giggles to start escaping from her muzzle as she did her best to nip at the flicking ears. For a moment all the world just seemed to fade away in to a one moment of focus… Goodness. But soon the game ended as the two focused back on the ongoings at the wedding. When Glitter said she wanted a drink she did not give Tempest much time to respond before jumping off to go do it on her own. “ok…” Tempest says to herself watching glitter trot down to the roped off zone. She shifted uneasily, hooves rubbing together before she jumped off the bale as well… She felt uneasy with so many around her. More so as she was unarmed and only wearing her jumpsuit. She felt far too open and exposed without the feeling of heavy plate on her back. But she knew she had to come here this way as a show of good will. AJ has done a lot for her, even letting her more or less live here for weeks the first year she was working things out. She’d never tell AJ this but that mare was more of a mother than hers ever was. Soon she made her way next to Glitter and eyes up the drinks, sniffing at them. She saw the looks she was getting. She didn't enjoy it. Even here they judged her. The failed pony. Broken unicron. Always judging her, always looking at her horn. How can they not when she was taller than almost every pony here? She wanted to go back to the hay bale sooner than later. But for now she just moved closer to glitter and focused on her, not the rest. Her anxiety did not feel so bad when she did that. “Hi.” she says in that unflinching cold voice of hers. “I… smell garlic?” She asked, sniffing the air more. “Is there a drink with garlic? It smells good. Which one is it?” She asked looking at the punch mare. She really did want too try it now!
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    Apple Bloom sighed as the drinkmare of the hour denied her request. Not that she had really asked for something hard, just the hardest she could get from her. And not that she hadn’t had some hard stuff before. She was a young mare on a family farm who knew how to get into the cider cellar. She had certainly not made a habit of it but once or twice she had snuck in and not been worse for the wear. The other Cutie Mark Crusaders too, for that matter. Of course none of it was awfully strong- they made that stuff to sell during cider season, didn’t store it- but that didn’t change the fact that she wasn’t some fair-weather filly. Still, she had a job to do. And today that job was to test out apple-greenberry punch. “Don’t mind if Ah do,” she said as she took the offered drink and gulped it all down in one violent motion. Say what you want about Berry Punch- it'd probaby be that she was the best at what she did! She ruminated on it a moment. “Hmm...it ain’t bad at all! Pretty good, really. But tha apple ain’t right. Ah think this tastes like a Gala an’ that ain’t a bad choice but its awful hard ta work with punch just right. Ah’d either try workin’ it in a bit late in tha process, so tha sugars and flavor of tha Gala don’t start ta die off too quick. Still, it has real promise,” she said as she hooved the cup over. “Can Ah have another one?” She asked as a real shapely unicorn made her way. Apple Bloom had never seen her before, but she was certainly glad to see her now. “Howdy! Ah’m Apple Bloom. Who’re you?” She asked as another unicorn of striking looks approached. This time, it was because she might strike you if you noticed her looks. “Hey there Tempest! How’re you-” she began before word started to spread that the ceremony was to begin. “Oh, fer land’s sakes. Ah got ta go ta mah,” she said using her hooves as quotation marks, “‘assigned seating’. Stupid Apple family wedding rules…” she muttered as she put her drink down and galloped to her position. Once she was in her seat she calmed down as she focused on the cute ceremony. Applejack was a mare of tradition and the way she went about the wedding made that clear as day, but it was still emotional to hear what she said. Rainbow Dash was unconventional and emotion and her vows reflected that. They reflected each other in the ways that mattered and Apple Bloom’s tears of joy flowed freely as two became one, and Sweet Apple Acres gained another family member where before there was only a friend. Moonlight clapped along with everypony else when the ceremony was done and the two started to walk down the aisle together. It had been a beautiful ceremony and she got to share it with her very special friend. But her mind was a little preoccupied. As Applejack was getting hugs and congratulations from her side and RD from hers, Moonlight offered one and leaned in. “Honey, you have a cranapple stain on your flank,” she said with a kiss on the cheek before pulling away as a blushing and somewhat embarrassed Applejack continued down the line of congratulations. Hey, somepony had to tell her.
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    It had only been a week or so ago that Ice Storm was standing inside of the Gifted Unicorn Library in Canterlot with Twilight and Blizzard Blitz, but to Ice it felt like an eternity ago. It had taken her far too long to get this expedition together. It took her being able to get some of her heartier members in order to even attempted what she was trying to do, as only a select few could survive the harsh conditions in the Frozen North. Thankfully she was able to call upon Harle and her crew. Their last expedition together didn't go as well as she would have liked, but she hoped that this one would go a bit better. She couldn't really guarantee it though. After all, they were going to have to brave both the elements and the yetties if they were going to get to where their goal resided, and then they would have to figure out how to seal it up. This mission was anything from safe, and what food they had was going to have to be rationed in order to make this work. Thankfully, they were able to take one of her destroyers here to the outskirts of the Frozen North. A few of the crew had asked why they didn't take the saftey of the ship itself to the north, but Ice had replied that the wind and the ice in the frozen north would create a shell on the ship, weighing it down, and that the cloud cover would make navigating some of it's hidden mountains impossible. She wasn't about to lose a destroyer and everypony on it because they flew into a mountain they couldn't see. But, at the very least, it meant that they could make sure they were fully supplied on food before they departed. Ice herself was already wearing her guard armor as she stood in the snow looking at the map that she had from the last time that she had found this place. Once she had her bearings, she turned around and faced those who came with her. "Alright every creature, listen up. This is going the be the longest, most grueling three days of your life, and that's just getting there. To survive out here, we will have to build shelters of ice to block the wind and the weather while we sleep, and we're going to have to make our food stretch, and that's just to get us to the mountain that these aether crystals are in. Once we get there, we will have to figure out how to safely seal this mountain without causing it to disrupt the flow of aether inside of it, or bring the entire thing down upon us. This won't be easy, and for most of the time, it won't be fun, but the very security of Equestria depends on this mission being a success. We're going to have to work together as a team if we are to survive. If anyone wants to back out, this is your last chance to do so, and I wouldn't blame you one bit," Ice Storm spoke to her crew.
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    “Darn, I bet I’d have liked it.” Tempest says to Berry with a shake of her head. Glancing over her back at others she shifted uneasily, she did not like having to be so… Soft. She saw the looks behind the eyes. The jugements. How she wanted to show them all she was not broken. They’d be. But she can’t. Not here. With A deep breath she looked back to the drinks. “After the ceremony I hope you are well stocked, rum is my favorite poison. For now some nice mixed puch will do.” She says taking one of the bigger cups and filling it with drink, all done with muzzle and hoof. She wished more unicorns had to live like this, it may teach them something about how hard basic day too day things can be without magic. With her cup in the muzzle she looked down at Glitters with a pleading look for them to leave the heart of this gathering. But as she did an odd face passed her by. Bluebelle. Or just better known as blue. This was as far as she can think, the first time she saw him… Her? Them as a female. She heard of this, they switched back and forth. She even told her troops to be on the lookout for both when they took the city. Yet they got away with the help of some rather skilled and strong guards. She had respect for that but they were never her prize. “Muffmth.” She mumbles with a tiny nod of her head as Blue spoke to her. Seems they wanted to talk later. She can’t think of why, but she’d not say no to such a thing. May be fun. With a shrug she looked back at her haybale as the music changed. Seems the ceremony was getting in to gear. With one last puppy eyed look at Glitter she broke off and rushed away from the heart of the ceremony to reach her safe, far away, spot to watch things. With one hop she was back on the haybale, holding the cup between her legs. Siping on it she watched the events unfold, time to time looking over at glitters. One day maybe she’d have something like this. A pony with that level of loyalty and love. Yet it seems so far fetched. What pony can look at her and ever dream of such a thing? Want too be with her? Love her? Even in ehr own dreams such a thing seems redundantly ridiculous. But she felt heart in one thing. She had a friend and that was all she can ever ask for. And so as the two mares kissed, she just leaned on Glitters and smiled. AJ was a lusky mare. A good one at that. She earned this happy ending.
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    After finally noticing that Twitch messages were a thing, an ooooooold friend messaged me and convinced me to pop back into the community. That being said, I'm looking for anyone who might want to give this catbird another chance to RP. My situation has left me with a lot of free time, and I struggle to find positive ways to spend it. And if you are a new person who has never met me, I welcome an opportunity to meet you as well!
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    It had been a long night for everypony. Even with as much energy as Zap Apple was capable of, he was completely outdone by his mother's endurance. Or rather, by the endurance of one such to-be sibling, something he had not really understood the full capacity of. Everypony in the family was bigger than Zap. They were all older and bigger and stronger. Of course, this inward perspective yielded him the best opportunity to express his egocentric attitude he mostly imparted from his pegasus mother. However, he had no idea what they were talking about when they motioned down to him how he has to be a good big brother, and how he was no longer going to be the baby of the family. He had no other universe to know of other than the one in which he is the center of attention. To imagine it be any other way would be liken to insist that apples grow from the ground. Of course, all apple ponies old enough to go to primary school knew apples did grow from the ground, if only they waited long enough to see how that might be possible. Zap's seedling of an existence, though adventurous and exploratory, had only began to sprout. Zap had been with the rest of his family when they arrived at the hospital. The commotion was overwhelming, and he was excited to see what would result. He didn't understand it completely, but he got the basics. Mommy had a baby in her belly. Eventually the baby would come out. And then there is a party afterwards or something? Zap had a birthday party every year, but he would never consider the significance of it due to his inability to remember his own birth. When minutes turned to hours, Zap was taken back home while the dedicated family members began a watch to wait on his mother's process. Big Mac was the one to walk him home, and when the sun would rise, he would walk him back again. Having been used to the family's repetitive before-dawn routines, Zap was already awake before the rooster crowed, and he was tugging on his uncle's tail to get him out of his bed to walk him to the hospital. As the two walked towards Ponyville General in the pre-dawn darkness, Zap fluttered alongside Big Mac, heeling to his sturdy pace. "Do you think Mommy is going to be alright?" "Eeyup." "Is the new baby going to be a filly?" "Eeyup." "Is there any chance it'll be a colt?" Big Mac looked over perplexed at Zap who was fluttering at eye level. "N-nope." "Aw. I was kind of hoping Mommy would have a colt. I'd like to have a brother. Wouldn't it be cool to have a baby brother?" Big Mac's eyes smiled at the irony of his nephew's question. "Eeyup." When the two arrived at the hospital, the receptionist motioned to them to proceed back to the hallways where the others had been waiting all night long. Zap flew towards the rest before Big Mac finished his trot. Zap zipped around quickly to see if any confirmations had been made. He saw his auntie asleep, but his second cousin once removed had just walked out of a tent. He landed to concentrate on his question. "Are you guys... camping?"
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    ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm still didn't trust the pony that was in front of her. However, the simple fact that this pony was snooping around and sneaking into places after hours still didn't sure well with her. He was up to something, and asking about the weather controlling spells all but confirmed it to her. It made what she needed to tell Twilight after the pony left all the more important. When he spoke of making contact, Ice shrugged as he said that the Frozen North didn't have a post office. She rolled her eyes, "Oh no... How ever can an ice pony get to another ice pony in the Frozen North. How ever will we keep in contact?" She asked coating her own armor in ice with a smirk. Just because she didn't trust him didn't mean she couldn't be at least a little bit smug and cheeky. She was still a unicorn after all. "I think I might be able to find find some time while I'm in the area of the Frozen North. Believe it or not, I'm actually up there more often than you think. I pass through it on the way to Whitescar," the finished with a smile as he bid farewell. "Have a safe trip! We'll definitely be seeing each other soon."
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    Princess Bluebelle had arrived just in the nick of time, if not a bit after, trailing behind Applejack's other bridesmaids. The ensemble was, in truth, a bit eclectic; neither of the marrying mares were the type to care about coordinating bridesmaid outfits, leaving each to come with whatever they felt would look the nicest. The tradeoff between visual cohesion and authenticity was probably one that both considered profitable. Well, Applejack probably did; Rainbow didn't seem to have eyes for any but her bride today. The Princess supposed it really didn't matter; she was here for a... friend? Could she go so far as to call either AJ or RD a friend? They certainly spoke less with each other than many ponies the unicorn royal scion did consider friends. But they were colleagues in the school of friendship, and Blue had personally volunteered at the last Cider Season, so if they weren't friends yet, this probably made them so. Her musings drifted from friendship to love, just as Rainbow's recounted relationship did. Was a wedding like this in her near future? She knew who it would be with, if so. *Only issue might be, there are two who would be with me.* Not, according to the letter of Equestrian Law, illegal, but definitely outre these days. Something she should really talk with Twilight about. All those thoughts aside, she joined with the chorus of sighs, then cheers as the brides were kissed, formation breaking up into a celebratory party. Being in position, she managed to catch the happy couple before the reception began in full swing. "Congratulations, you two! I think I speak for many of us present when I say that it was about time you two were wed!" She giggled, before adding in self-deprecation, "But I'm hardly one to talk myself, I suppose. There are just... so many other things I have to arrange in my case. Ease of marriage arrangements is one thing I envy all commoners."
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    To answer both questions, probably the world expansions, specifically the Far East setting. I love worldbuilding, probably even more than writing specific stories. Watching the community come together and excitedly gone on about lore, locations, and crafting storylines was a great feeling.
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    “Oh, right. Magic stuff.”, Fire Walker was HORRIBLE when it came to special armor. Somepony would give her a impressive suit of magic armor to wear, and the forgetful mare would almost always forgot to use the cool features, either due to the rush of battle, or maybe she felt it was cheating. But she would be of no use if some creature started to control her. She would probably end up attacking her friend or even worse be forced into poses one should never be caught dead doing, and have rude pictures taken of her and mailed to loved ones. True evil. The mare pushed her purple button and paused to let the magic do its thing. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted more of those cute little beach piggies. So cute! If Wind Walker hadn’t already owned a dog, she would have brought one of the little porkers home with her. The officer slowly walked along with the farmer of many talents. There probably wasn’t a single thing that mare couldn’t do, and if there was, it wasn’t worth doing! Still, she could not help but notice more pigs. There sure were a lot of them on this island! The red mare nodded her head as she moved along with the Earth Pony. Right a distraction, she would do one of those. Before she could think of a clever diversion, one of the pigs stepped out from the woods. Unlike the others, this one walked on two of her hooves, and held a mirror in her right front hoof. The odd creature had curly red hair and a golden crown with a emerald that oozed unpleasant energy from it. The crown was matched by a medallion of the same color and build. Her green, rather greedy looking eyes glanced away from the mirror and with an malicious grin on her face and pointed at the pair and let out an loud squeal. In moments, a small army of no longer cute piggies appeared behind her. Fire Walker really wanted to laugh at the whole spectacle. Somepony actually put lipstick on a pig! Instead she asked... "Uh, Applejack? What is that?"
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    A dark eyebrow rose at Twilight's response, specifically former enemy. Were they former enemies, or enemies still? To him, in this moment, Twilight was the lesser of two 'evils' when compared to Hou Shuren and she didn't have the gall to engage him in some pointless fight as Hou did. It was.. positive enough, but it didn't mean he trusted this new princess. He'd noticed that Princess Luna was rather quiet, something that he had begun to figure out about her while they were sitting here- that, like him, she didn't like to talk much. His attention snapped back to the lavender alicorn at the words greater power and he had a momentary struggle with his ego over it; at least she acknowledged that. Sombra huffed softly and gave the glass of water another glance. If she'd insist, then he wouldn't, but he would try to relax if he was even capable of doing so in their presence. He wrapped his tail around one of his covered flanks and gestured with a hoof for her to continue. "I'll believe it when I leave this place safely enough. So what is it that you want to know?"
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    I will be totally offline!? Where are you going? The 1930s? Say hi to Fatty Arbuckle and Greta Garbo for me!
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    Going on vacation from 27.09 to at least 06.10 so no posts from me, since I will be totally offline! No bears and mountain people this time.
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    The red mare grinned back at draconequus, "I'd usually say if you hadn't brought your umbrella, it would have rained all day, but the Pegasi of Ponyville made sure there was going to be perfect weather for a perfect wedding so they were all out there getting rid of the clouds earlier today. Even my folks and lil' sister were out there helping out.". Once Wind Walker freshened herself up and got her dress on, she would hopefully get here just in time for the ceremony. And what sort of gift would Discord have? Hopefully a gift card. One that did not try to eat the brides. Ah, the mare's name was Berry Punch. "Heh.", she let out a chuckle, "I could never even picture my father, the 'Old Major' pushing a shopping cart through the local Cantermart while Muzak played on in the background. Nope. He'd probably lose it after a few minutes after trying to figure out what the difference was between ketchup and catsup.", She did raise an eyebrow when the sneaky serpent tossed some garlic into a bowl. She was about to say something but stopped when she noticed a familiar pony via the corner of her right eye. Tempest Shadow, the traitor. The mare who got away from justice. Fire Walker quickly pushed such thoughts from her mind. This was a wedding. Happy thoughts. And besides, she did not know the full story. There had to be more than what she knew. Tempest might have had reasons to do what she did. Thankfully happiness did appear in pony-form. There was the always impressive Fluttershy, Applejack's big and handsome brother, and the farmer's first foal, Zap Apple. "As his mother would say, he's cuter than a speckled pup under a wagon with his tongue hanging out." Did Applejack say that? Or was it the grandmother? Maybe even little Apple Bloom said that? Huh. She simply smiled back at the small group of ponies And then there was her fiancé who was being extra-Swifty today. "Well, considering how many weddings I've been to, I'm probably an expert by now,", she leaned into the nuzzle. There she caught the stallion looking at the broken horned-unicorn. "Relax.", she whispered, "Don't worry about her Swifty..We're just here two celebrate the coming together of two very special ponies. No drama. I'm sure she'll be good." She spied a pony deserving of praise, "Archancellor Bluebelle.", the red officer bowed her head, "Lovely to see you as always." Good gravy! There were too many attractive mares here! From Fluttershy's perfection, Bluebelle's regal magnificence, and even Tempest Shadow's menacing, haunting beauty! Compared to those mares, Fire felt rather old and ugly. Somepony was going to confuse her for Swift's mother. Or grandmother. Or make her sit in the 'mule's section'.
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    It was the middle hours of the morning, when most cities would be thrumming with the varied activities of workers and machinery, making, selling, buying, shipping, receiving, all the labors of life in an urbanized environment. Perhaps, in times past, Griffonstone had hummed with this activity more than any other, being the core of a mighty Empire. Now, however, the remnant populace huddled in huts, gaunt, barely willing to scratch a living that less scrupulous sorts waited to snatch from their hungry claws. A sad state of a fallen land, settling like a blanket of quiet, bitter despair. And yet, there remained one beacon of light and noise, surrounding what was now, thanks to dedicated effort, only half of a total ruin. Within it all, at the center, Emperor Norton Breakbeak I held court. The local populace still wasn't sure what to make of the fellow, who had come in on one of the rare trains up, bringing with him a flock of eager-eyed catbirds from the formerly-dirty corners of Breakbeak city, following their favorite eccentric. To be honest, it was uncertain for some of them if any better alternative than unrecognized factory labor awaited them, so better to do their hard work in the sunshine for a boss that was at least funny. Others might have been here more or less as a working vacation to the old site of their forefathers, feeling it no bad use of their time to fix up an old place with historical memories, make a nice picture at the end of it. And perhaps, just perhaps, there were some here who actually believed this was their true Emperor, returned at last. Whichever they were, Emperor Norton treated them all the same, as beloved subjects for whom their liege would spare no effort. Many a time he had held a hammer alongside his crew, and the very floor in front of his makeshift throne had been swept clean by himself, personally. Now, though, his labors were in the mental space of command, as he reviewed before him some... well, if they were on bluepaper, you could call them blueprints. As it were, any scraps of writing material had to do. Backs of old manila envelopes, for example. "We are now ready, send in the Civil Engineer!" He called out to a youngling out by the "front door", an almost entirely fictional construct consisting of a chalk marker for when they'd eventually rebuild the wall and put a door in. The Emperor was most looking forward to this first meeting; Gerrard's skills as an irrigation engineer would be most welcome in these drylands. When that griffon entered the scene, he would see a sight that never failed to amuse and faintly impress all who beheld it. A male griffon, going up in years but maintaining vigorous health, with the most absolutely magnificent pair of moustaches that a mortal beak could support, clad in a gussied up dress uniform, bedecked with medals both genuine and superfluous, topped off by a hat that was a cross between a field marshal's cap and a tropical aviary. The glory of griffonkind, ladies and gentlecolts !
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    "Of course, that phot must wait. I still have not secured a Royal Photographer." In what was becoming apparent as a patter, Emperor Norton was taking entirely seriously remarks that Gerrard had perhaps meant in jest. This could cause problems if not adequately accounted for at the outset of any conversation. "That pose, though... it might work, though honestly something with the tools of the trade. Speaking of which- Clawson!" He barked out to a young griff stationed by the imaginary doorway. "Digging tools, as many sets as you can find. We are commencing a water-hunt!" It quickly became apparent that the Emperor was going to be bearing a shovel as well as the few workers he could spare at this task. He hadn't the population yet to delegate all such work, but more important than that, being willing to undergo hard labor himself no doubt cemented loyalty among his followers. It was an old military officer's tactic to boost esprit de corps, sharing the hardships of the enlisted. "I hope My presence will not throw you off your task, but it is important, as Emperor, that I am one of the groundbreakers for our future. Samo, my assistant, shall hold things down while I am out. I trust my delegates, and that now includes you. Lead the way!"
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    The Emperor did notice the salute, with a raised brow, though the expression was less that of an offended monarch receiving insufficient acknowledgment, and more that of a military officer receiving a different service's salute. His beak actually curled into a sardonic smile, and he returned the aborted Equestrian salute with a crisp, parade-ground salute from the Aquellian Marines. "As commander-in-chief, I'll thank you to do that properly next time." He said, in a half-jesting severity. Nonetheless, protocol wasn't the business of the day, irrigation was. Gesturing for Gerrard to come up to a side table, he splayed the variegated papers on the surface, pointing out at various markings as he summed up the situation. "Now, at this time, the pools and wells sustain the current population, who mostly hunt in the scrublands or scratch out a few soil plots. But that's not going to support a real city. This is never going to be a breadbasket, but there might be some possibility of pasturage out by the flatlands here. Now, over the the mountains, the soils drain water faster than it comes in, but that makes it very good for wine grapes. Export products bring in the money, and luxury goods bring in the tourists. Getting an economy going is Out first duty; and for that, we need water. Now, I took the liberty of finding where the old well sites were, almost all of them either dried or blocked. Couldn't tell you how many are worth unblocking, but that's your job." The maps were sketchy, and not anywhere near to scale, but readable enough when the poor quality of ink or paper didn't result in smudging. Mad or not, Norton was taking his work seriously. But then, the truly insane are not frivolous; their mind has no breathing-space.
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    So I was lying awake and for some reason this place for stuck in my head. I can't sleep, so I thought I might as well dig it up. I can't believe it's still going with so many familiar names! Hello blasts from my past!
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    As his gesture was not met with immediate or at least obvious anger, the architect retracted his wings and returned to a normal posture, glad that the citizenry of Canterlot had finally taught him something useful in his business life! The golden eyed griffon peered across to the leader, sensing something a bit off about him. He seemed more agreeable than pony royalty and appreciated that, wondering if griffons were less annoying about that or if this individual was just clueless about his alleged station. Gerrard had never been called a Sir except by his odd friend Asteria, so he assumed the latter, but approached regardless, quickly making his way to the side of the emperor. He nodded as the noble explained the situation. The architect wanted to keep his conversation as griffon-centric as possible, but decided to test the waters a bit as he searched for a proper way to respond to his comments on the desert around him. "Yeah. It is looking drier than Appleloosa in the middle of summer out here. Are we looking for drinking water, or are we also trying to get farmlands set up. This isn't the most fertile looking of lands, but I can find you water out here. I can't promise you a massive underwater reservoir here, but I can quench the thirst of your people. That is a Grayfeather guarantee your highness," he explains playfully for the royal, accidentally giving him an Equestrian salute, but forgetting in the moment. After lowering his salute, as his eyes drifted down at the paperwork. "Do we have any information on the area? Am I going to need to perform a water survey or is that listed here in all this paperwork," he asks with a grin, reaching for the paperwork.
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    If he was being perfectly honest, or indeed if he was ever lucid enough to actually notice, Gerrard had just given Emperor Norton the first proper, traditional bow such as the Emperors of old had demanded that this new 'Emperor' had ever received. Previously, all genuflections had either been perfunctory or mocking. All that said, he accepted it with a graceful gesture of his claw. "Rise, Sir Gerrard." And then with a hearty *smack*, he slapped the motely stack of papers in his hand against the throne. "Now get up here, my good griff, Our people require your services!" Formative experiences told, and anyone experienced with Canterlot culture could tell that Norton Breakbeak I had never so much as sniffed the air of any existing royal palace. His public air and manners were not formed in such environments, where etiquette and protocols choked out the light like thick jungle foliage. No, his public manner had been formed in the streets of an industrial city, where demagogues roared like lions across the Unyasi savannah. In one sense, that made him more relatable, and in another sense, less predictable. "In case you had not seen the deserts on the way up here, there's an awful lot of work to be done. Groundwater to locate, extract, and feed the life of our people. And their economy, what's more."
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    At the sound of Gallus' scream, likely too quiet to be heared over the din of the party, but amplified by the arched sealings around the pair clad in purple, Stilight was instantly to her feet "Gallous!" she exclaimed, a glow forming in her hood. Spike, though, gently, but firmly, tugged on her cloak "Remember your own rule Twilight..." he said "One Scream in an otherwise calm and normal scene is probably a prank. We wait for two screams from the same creature, or three screams overall before we rush in like rabid giant furry snails. Don't forget that time Rainbow scared a pony and you accidentally smote her" "I wouldn't call it smiting...." Twilight relaxed a little and giggled "but the look on rainbow's face...!" she smiled, sighing "what would I ever do without you spike?" Spike just smiled as he sat back down to continue reading his comic Re-Animated Skeleton (it doesn't have a name, so......) The pair would likely be surprised that when they looked back down the dark hallway, the dry white silhouette of the skeleton had already made it to the pillar. It had seemed so slow back in the storage room when it was walking towards them, but somehow in only a couple moments it was almost to their location, as if it moved faster when they weren't looking! The skeleton floated one of gallous' shed blue feathers off the ground around the pillar, just as before it seemed to mutter something slow and quiet, as it stared at the feather, the flames in its eye-sockets flickering between orange and blue, as if an outward manifestation of the skeleton thinking... or as close to thinking as an animated skeleton with no brain could come... after a couple seconds of this, it released the feather and let it float down to the ground. Was it simply not interested in the feather? Or was it coming after gallous and the feather had just allowed it to pick up the griffin's proverbial scent? it didn't seem to matter since the pair had returned willingly... The skeleton looked towards them and once again stumbled forward slowly and methodically, but this time much closer than it had been back in the storage room. As it neared them, they could finally hear what it was muttering... "...collect... collect... collect!"
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    Gallus waited with baited breath, hoping against hope and delving deep into his overstuffed, overprimed sense of practiced stoicism. He wanted to save face in front of Silverstream but he didn't like skeletons, nope, not one bit. Once the skin came off it deserved to be in the ground, not walking around freaking out some flight birds. And for a small, blessed moment it seemed like the skeleton was content to sit there immobile and unmoving. He even felt confident enough to turn to Silverstream. "Heh, uhh, maybe we just overreacted?" He asked, hoping for validation of this creeping thought. Silverstream felt mildly protected by the fluff of Gallus' blue feathers, but if she was outspokenly honest, the idea of it made her feel more protected that the actual soft nature of the griffin's feathery hide. For a friend like Gallus, it was always the stubborn resistance to ridicule that seemed to give others the idea that maybe he would stand up for his friends and slash ugly unpredictable enemies with his razor sharp claws. It also helped that she enjoyed the idea of giving him the satisfaction of having served a purpose beyond just being a friend. She peeked in fear at the skeleton and noticed it's movements. It seemed to collect a stone inside its own head and looked back at the two with small kindling blue flames growing in its sockets. The moment it took a step forward, Silverstream began to freak. "It's coming this way!" She screeched in a whisper. He allowed himself a moment of looking at her face and the way that her feathers curled around her beautiful eyes that he could never admit were a third as fetching as he believed they were. She was very fluffy but he knew better than most that fluff was never really a good sign. And then her chest fluff expanded and her eyes shrunk and her beautiful eyes were struck with panic and he turned around as she spoke. Yep, it was going to eat them. "Run! RUN ITS GONNA EAT US!" He screamed before he shot up, latched onto Silverstream, and started steaking outta there. Gallus' raised his voice at Silverstream's suggestion and began contesting for the award for the scardiest cat in the world. In what seemed like less than a second, he grabbed her and began flying away. At first, Silverstream fell limp to make it easier for him to carry her away, but realized really quickly the error of the griffin's move. Her fear disappeared briefly in order to make a point. "You know I can fly too, right?" Oh, right. He hadn't thought of that. He had just acted on instinct. He hadn't started trying to eat her so it wasn't totally on instinct but close enough. "Oh, right! Sorry!" He said as he let go of her so they could make their escape together. The entire time though he hadn't stopped flying and had also stopped paying any attention. This came back to bite him the moment after he let go of her as he careened into a pillar face first, feathers bursting from him dramatically as he wrapped around it. "Gallus!" Silverstream screamed as she saw him become one with the crystalline pillar. It looked painful. For her, it was more anxious that with Gallus making his escape completely voided by his inability to avoid a stationary object, the skeleton would be no doubt trailing behind them looking to pick a bone with the two feathered creatures. She carefully tried to pull Gallus off the pillar and bring him back to cognition. "Come on, Gallus, quit messing around, it's gonna get us!" He really wanted to get the number of the truck that had hit him but he realized that trucks only existed in those science fiction stories Sandbar liked reading ad that marble would be a bad material to use anyway. Then Silverstream's voice knocked him back into the waking world. He pushed himself off of the pillar and landed with a thud, almost falling on top of her. He rolled and shot back up. "Run- FLY!" Silverstream leaned down to help him up and he screamed again. His adrenaline showing no signs of retreating. Silverstream beganing flying away with Gallus again but looked back to remind herself of her fear. But something was off. The skeleton was not running after them. In fact, it didn't seemed to be behind them at all. As far as she could tell, the skeleton hadn't even left the room yet. "Um, Gallus, is it even following us?" He stopped midflight. Huh, he hadn't considered that it wasn't as fast as they were, or even all that interested. "...I don't know, I hit my head. Wanna take the chance?" Silverstream's question and Gallus' answer began to make her more and more curious about what this skeleton was all about. The fear was still there, but she had a layer of protection to prevent any issues that might arise should this walking set of pony bones decide to harm her, and it was known as a griffin. "Um, yeah, maybe we should just see. We can always fly away again if it tries to attack us," Silverstream strategically flew behind Gallus and started to slowly shove him towards the doorway they were previously peeking through. He nodded, trying to look way more confident than he felt. It didn't matter though, he had tried to scream and run twice. Not very cool. "Yeah, uhh, I guess we can see. Just stay behind me," he said as if he had a choice, the hippogriff making sure to keep him in front.
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind kinda raised an eyebrow when she heard Sky say that he hoped that he could get a manager that was as good and treated ponies the way Golden Bit did. "Why do you need a manager at all? I don't have one and I'm doing just fine. Besides, we have each other that we can bounce ideas off of and see if they work. Golden Bit is an amazing pony, but she's just the casino owner. After seeing the fiasco that happened with Coloratura, I didn't want to risk getting somepony like that that didn't have my best interests at heart. Honestly I don't trust most of them," she told him. She nodded as Sky seemed to zone out a bit looking at the lyrics, and then looked back to her saying that he had an idea for that ending and making sure there was a wall of sound. "Yup! That's kinda what I was envisioning! Something loud, up beat, and happy sounding!" she smiled as he also mentioned using Fireflies as an encore song and she nodded. "Sounds like a good idea to me. Perhaps since it's a festival of sorts, we could bring some of the crowd out to join the dancing for it, or make another instrumental piece that had no choreography and is completely free form for that to follow it!" she added with a smile.
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    It didn't take a genius to see the underlying tension, as well deserved a sit was, between the ice mages. Twilight wanted to chalk it up to competitive spirits and a similar field but she knew it was untrue, if only because she had dealt with Ice enough to know the difference between competitive spirit, worry, panic, and legitimately growing horror. Ice was probably nestled somewhere in the latter categories more than the former. She wasn't there but but she well understood the causes. He was a concern. She had an earnest belief that he would not be somepony they would regret extending hope rather than fear towards but that wasn't guaranteed. Twilight was the Princess of Friendship and so she would always look at it that way, but she knew that there were certain creatures you would never be able to reach. She didn;t believe this was the case and it was still unclear just what they were dealing with, but Twilight was at least intrigued by what may happen next. "Well, I'm here many nights. I'm sure you could stop on in next time you make your trek," she said, wondering just when that'd be. Would his schedule change or would he keep to it? A great deal rode on that. He said his goodbyes and went to leave- not before asking about a very specific and very ancient set of spells. Like many legendary spells, they had grown in the telling of their history. In all truth and honesty the largest reason they had fallen through the mists of time was that, alone, they accomplished very little that other spells or pegasi couldn't do. There was a reason that throughout history, recorded or otherwise, weather control was the purview of the pegasi. Unicorn spells did rather poorly at it for any length of tie or when up against opposition- it took a pegasi's cutie mark or aether connection to do so. Nonetheless, she would answer him honestly, if not entirely at length. "Oh, yes. They do. And they're less...lost than you may think," she said with a wink. "Safe travels!"
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    The enemy fractured before them. The Loyalists were tough, strong, and brave, but it took a unique mind to withstand the knowledge of your imminent death and the crushing defeat that was laid bare before you. Many fled, or at least tried to. Some threw down their weapons and gave themselves over to the rebellion. A bright, blazing few fought heroically and tenaciously- and with total furility. The slaughter was quick and vicious. Some of the Red Jarl's men wanted to pursue the retreating Loyalists and cut them down but he held them back. Better to leave some ashamed survivors to bring word of this defeat to their fellows. Fear- fear was a weapon as sharp as any blade, and he knew well how to wield it. But that was not when the good news ended. His cow, the magical cow mercenary, returned with the helm of her defeated enemy. He noticed the slight hesitation, the flight concern that had flashed in her. It only made him more curious as to who she really was, but no matter. In the moment, she had done her job. She approached, helm in her hooves. When she got close enough he reached over and picked her up by her legs, the helm still in her control. He roared in victory, his army following suit. The helm fell off and he grabbed it, gazing at it with a wicked smile. "You did well today, warrior. Now, let us depart. We have proven what we needed to prove," he said, and the army followed suit. He then stared at the helm once more with that same smile. That would show his traitor-cousin the meaning of 'dishonoring the family', wouldn't it? ********************** In the Badlands of Equus the rebels had created any number of large, roving settlements. They shared the badlands with Changeling hive-groups who left the Changeling kingdoms after Chrysalis' defeat, pony criminals, outlaw groups, and loners, and any manner of magical creatures and dangerous wildlife. For all of those threats though it was the caribou who dominated their surroundings. Over time the exiled rebels had turned their camps into towns and ports, militarized in the way that only fanatics could do and bustling with activity. Large numbers of slaves- pony, griffon, kirin, changeling, reindeer, and even some caribou- toiled endlessly as the fires of war-making industry from innumerable forges lit the night sky in roiling auras of currant and cherry-tinted black smoke. The Red Jarl landed in Helmsberg. Very creative name- the core of the town had been a Mighty Helm fort and outpost in the days of early, early Equestria when ponies had been more exciting and had explored the continent more so. Now those were respectable ponies. Air longship docks were arrayed around the town and as they disembarked each ship was immediately set upon by dozens of repairbou. From there, they had been allowed to do as they please until the night, when they would meet again in the center of the makeshift town. Most bou spent their free time drinking and fighting if they were members of the crew- and as usual, the drinks were free for victorious bou- while around the town the little bou practiced their soldierly, teams of cows hustled and bustled taking care of the bulls, and skalds led their brothers and sisters in song and religious practice. By night, the mood turned somewhat more somber. The Red Jarl emerged from the Helmskeep as two dozen bodies were wrapped up in nice linens with their weapons and armor laid around and on top of them. One by one he said the names and a skald spoke of their deeds. Those with families were taken into a nearby Barrow where they would be interred alongside their families for generations. Those without families and without great deeds to their name were burned on large pyres nearby. One of them was put on a boat and pushed out to see before a rain of arrows on fire caught it on fire in the cold waters of the frozen north. Then the drinking began, because to die in battle was glorious. Lit by the fires of pyres in the sea and on land, the Red Jarl mingled with his fellow caribou for a while, disinterested in small talk but indulgent in his description of battle. Before long he vanished inside the Helmskeep. The party continued for some while until one of his housecarls found the Magical Cow. "The Red Jarl wishes to see you in the Helmskeep, warrior."
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "The Flim Flam Brothers. They are some of the biggest crooks in Las Pegasus and try to extort every bit they can out of everything, usually to fund another scheme to rid ponies of either jobs or bits. They've tried Swindling Sweet Apple Acres out of business, made fake tonics, and nearly shut down the school of friendship. At it stands now, they unfortunately too over ownership of one of the popular resorts here in LP after it's original owner was ran out of town for being even more crooked than them and actually turning Ponies against each other. The Flams have been wanting me to do shows at their resort every since they took over, but they wanna charge outrageous prices for the tickets. They wanted to charge a minimum of 200 bits a ticket just for the show and another 100 just to shake my hoof. That's rediculous, and does not represent who I am at all. I refuse to charge more than thirty bits for any show. My shows after for everypony, not just the extremely rich," Wind told him after the duet in response to Flim and Flam. She was also quite excited when Sky told her that there would definitely be a lot more some like that in the future and that the word play is kinda what made that song. Though she did have to hold up a hoof a bit when he mentioned a four song set. "Actually, I usually do six, but that's not based off of length more than anything else. My shows should last at least thirty minutes. Otherwise I feel like I haven't lived up to the expectations that I've set for myself," she said softly. When Sky asked about working on something new though, her eyes lit up. "Oh, yes actually!!! I thought I'd try my hoof at writing some lyrics. Hopefully they aren't too bad. I'm not a song writer by any means," she started before handing him a sheet of paper with the words she had scribbled down. Spread My Wings and Fly (Spoken over intro) Hello everypony! I wanted to thank everypony for coming out tonight. Tonight we’re going to do something a little bit different. A very special somepony in my life opened me up to an entire other world of opportunities that we can share and cherish together. And I for one wish to take advantage of those. Has anypony here ever experienced that one moment in your life that something unexpected happens, and leaves you wondering what you’re going to do next? That makes you wonder if you’re ever going to pull out of the hole that it left behind? This Song is for you. Verse: 1 One mistake, is all it takes… To change a life, and raise the stakes A lil soaring through a town, As your life turns upside down, And your hopes and dreams… They all just fade away. Verse: 2 Things look dark, and things look grim. To fall apart, to a broken limb, They all said it could be worse, It could have ended in a hearse. But the hurt and pain, never fades away… Chorus Look up to the sky, where there’s no sun a shining Stormy clouds roll in, without a silver lining. What was once a perfect sea, was no longer meant for me All that’s left is to wonder why, I cannot spread my wings and fly. Small bridge, background tempo and instrumentation pick up. Verse: 3 Just Like that, they say they can’t what’s done is done, That’s all they chant. But you bet your hoof and tail, there’s still wind left to be sailed. and I’m not going down without a fight. Chorus Look up to the sky, where the sun begins to shine Between all those clouds, Streaks of blue crack and line. What is still a perfect sea, Might yet still be meant for me All that’s left is to say it’s time, It’s time to, spread my wings and fly. It’s time to, spread my wings and fly…. It’s time to, spread my wings and fly… Bridge (Transition to Major key) Verse 4 Now it’s Time, To take this flight To claim my wings, to win this fight! Don’t matter how it happened, You friends will keep you laughin’, And the best ones come forth, To save the day. Building chorus: Look up to the Sky, That sun is still a shinin’ No clouds left to see, Those blue skies keep a signin’ In that perfect Sky-blue sea It was always meant for me No more painful nights for me, No more hard core therapy All my fear has set me free, And, now I can stand up and see…. To Look up at the sky, and see that sun burning high Not a cloud so clear, Free blue skies that bits can’t buy That perfect ol’ sky-blue sea It was always mean for me, I can finally say it’s time To Spread my wings and fly! She sat there in silence while she waited for Sky to look them over. "Are they okay?"
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    Before she really had time to think about it Temy had come up under her and lifted her from the ground! Glitter could feel the strength pulsing from Temy's body and it instantly made her feel safe. She hadn't had to accept this much help from any pony...probably ever and that was well, if it was anypony else it would have been really tough. But things were different between her and Tempest. She already knew they cared for each and Glitter knew from what she'd done with the bear she would do anything for Temy. Somehow she knew the same to be true the other way around. Glitter shifted herself a little, finding a way to get comfortable enough laying across Temy's back. She shifted her head to rest on the other mare's neck, wrapped her front legs around Temy's shoulders and let her hind legs drape down her sides. Sure it was a little awkward but it had to be done. She didn't have the strength for any length of travel. She breathed in Temy's scent as the trotted out into the drifts, feeling comforted by the smell of mare, sweat, and the outdoors. Koda bounded out before then, prancing around and generally acting like a dog. He was however, also leading them in the direction of home. "Good boy Koda!" She encouraged the big guy as he bounded through the fresh drifts. Glitter didn't talk much as the traveled. She worried about the burden she was on her friend, literally at the moment. But Temy never faltered or slowed. She was as strong as anypony she'd ever known. At least in the physical sense. She'd heard the strain in her voice talking about her past though. You couldn't be strong in all ways. Glitter hoped she could show Temy that she could be trusted. On they went until a few hours had gone by. The cabin was probably only an hour or so out from where they were. "You need to stop for a break?" She muttered softly to Temy as they trotted through a stand of trees.
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    honestly I just haven't been playing a lot of games recently, I had a major stint of Nuclear Throne followed by a shorter but still intense period of playing nothing but Enter the Gungeon and now I'm basically only playing games when other people play ones I wanna join, so I've done some Barotrauma and Spellbreak recently along with just a dash of Among Us
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer shook her head when Sky said that he was worried that she might find some of his stuff a little monotonous. That she injected so much variety into her shows and it was much more than what he was writing. "Not at all! I keep everything varied so that I can keep the crowd involved a bit. But the tempo and the beat is actually what dictates the type of dance that I use for it. Something upbeat and fast will have a sharper and faster routine. With that will usually come more sudden gusts of wind and the emphasis for it is more on the dance itself rather than the wind effects. Gusts are a lot harder to control than sustained winds. Melodic tempos will give me a change to build up a sustained wind to give a sudden strong burst at the climax," she said with a smile explaining a few of the nuances of dancing. When he said that they should start with a song that he had already written, and that he said that it had a good backbone beat for a dance. She nodded to Sky and she smiled. "I think that is a good idea. Play it for me once and let me get my creative juice going and I'll start scripting the routine, and then we can play it a second time and I can see if everything flows like it does in my mind. And something to remember. We're planning a completely new routine! We might hit a few snags along the way and it's not going to be easy, but the most important thing to remember is we don't have to get it all done in a day," she said with a smile and a nuzzle. "We have all the time in the world, so we don't need to rush anything. We can make this perfect!" Wind smiled happily as she sat next to Sky. She made sure not to crowd him too much as she listened to him starting to play. As soon as she heard the intro, and that shift, her eyes lit up, and she began scribbling. This song had the makings of a good mix of melodic and punch. She could already envision the lighting and what she wanted to do with it. This was actually going to be rather easy for her choreograph. Her pencil was going a mile a second in her mouth looking down at the water, and then up into the sky. The thing with being a pegasus dancer. The sky and the ground were literally the two limits, and everything in between was her canvas. She was also thinking about doing a bit more experimental stuff. She's been afraid to try to do anything substantial with her wings in direct moves, but so far they've held up to everything that she's pushed them through. She should be able to handle some of the ideas that she had. As she heard the song end and started fading out. "That is amazing! It was so heartfelt and the beat and the melodic balance were perfect! I also liked the fade out at the end, but for the dance I feel that should be a sudden cut after the three chord pops right before the crystal bend right after the sound drop. That fade out is perfect for the album though. That will give a good hard stopping point for the routine and give a good flow into the next piece. That said, I have a good idea of what I want to do for this. We won't have the lighting effects here, but I can envision those while doing the dance. Do you think that you can give that song another whirl?" she asked as she stood up and began stretching. Once Sky said yes, if he said yes, she would move down to the surface of the reservoir and get ready.
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Yes!!! This was one of the moments that she'd been waiting for ever since she'd met Sky Sailing! Of course, all the dates and the officially becoming special someponies thing was probably the most important and the happiest thing that's ever happened to her... but still. At the end of the day, she was a dancer! and her special somepony was a musician! This only seemed natural for them to do! She was waiting for him to finish his album and then she was waiting for a decent amount of time to open up in her performances so that she could start working on a new routine. Thankfully, Golden Bit let her take a couple of weeks off. The trade off was that the Mareage had to get the first duo performance of them, but if Wind Dancer was being completely honest with herself, the Mareage was probably where they were going to be performing anyway. It only made sense to her because the Mareage was one of Windy's favorite places here in Las Pegasus. Of course, her favorite place in the world right now was wherever Sky was, and right now that was over the reservoir. Since she was going to be working on an entirely new routine with brand new music that Sky was going to be writing just for them, she was going to need lots of choreography paper!! And things to write with! She was quick to land on Sky's porch and see that he was already outside. She couldn't stop herself from doing her little excited trot in place routine as she landed. "Sky! Oh I'm so excited," she said refraining from rushing over to him and hugging him and potentially damaging some very expensive equipment. When he asked what she was thinking for the routine and if she wanted the routine to be entirely written by him or if she had a couple songs of her own to put in she got all giddy once again. "Oh! I was hoping that we could use your music for all of it! if wouldn't be much of a collaboration if I used music from somepony else. I do that all the time! I want this to be as special as you are," she smiled warmly.
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    It was a mark of how far Blue had come as a pony from the stuck-up snob they used to be, that all the Princess responded to Smolder's tale of belching glory was an amused smile and a "How droll." Another sip of tea, to further control her expression. "But I'm glad you do understand. And like your own accomplishments, mine were rather more simple than they seemed. I look as good as I do because I eat healthy, exercise regularly, and take the time to groom myself. You'd be surprised at how well most ponies clean up with the effort." She honestly couldn't blame Silverstream for thinking her transformation weird. The unicorn thought it quite weird herself, if she was being honest. "To be fair, I'm not sure how much credit I can take for that. Usually, transformation magic at this scale does leave some mental issues in its wake, but the spell seemed to have spared me from any trouble or trauma. The current working theory is that comes from it being an offshoot of a healing spell, rather than a transformation one, but I'm not a scholar, so I can't say. In any case, it's not like I chose to be born a stallion in the first place; I just did the best I could with what I was given, and now I have twice as much. No reason to slack off on the quality of my output!" The whole conversation was putting Bluebelle in a decidedly candid mood, which she indulged to the maximum extent. Her students were being very well behaved, and more than deserved a bit of confidence on her part. Setting aside the teacup, she drew a little closer to the table, dropping the pitch of her voice a bit so it wouldn't carry so far away from them. "Well Smolder, in general if they go out of their way to spend time with and attention on you, that's the first sign of interest. Some have different ways of expressing affection, mind you, and some can be more shy than others, which means they may not approach, but watch from a distance. Maybe send notes or letters. Essentially, you should pay attention to who is paying attention. That said..." He turned to Silverstream now. "Guys, on the whole, have their interest caught by looks. Even if they're not superficial, and like you for more than your heart or mind, the best clue you have is where their eyes are. They're generally not subtle about where they're looking, though they can be about other things. Some times it gets them into trouble. For example, if a guy really, thought you were great in every respect, he might not think you would ever be interested in him. They might act tough and big, but they're constantly comparing themselves to other guys, and there's almost always somepony better at something than they are. Its why you see them compete with each other so often." She sighed. "And of course, every once in a while, you get a guy who doesn't think anyone is superior to them. They're generally not very pleasant to be around. but I'm willing to bet the one you have in mind isn't that sort, right?"
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    "Immortal huh?" Squall mused before giving Sparkle a look-over. She was still missing her wings at the moment, but they will come back - sooner or later. "So ravages of time have nothing of you? I guess Celestia and Luna aren't 'retiring' permanently then. Sure, they may be out of spotlight for century or three, but at some point they will want to be involved again. It will be at least five of you then." noblestallion shared some of his thought with his companion. "And Mycus's records have to be older then those of Crystal Empire. If we save at least some of them from aeather decay..." Of course the magical trap they found themselves in derailed his train of thought. What Sparkle sounded dangerous...... "So....clap you hooves if you believe huh? If effect is so powerful, why aren't it used in modern magecraft?" he asked The way she spoke about the magic, as if it was mere annoyance instead of danger put him at ease, allowing to indulge himself in curiosity. The moment Sparkle finished her countdown, Squall jumped into the air, making triple-and-half somersault, landing on the 'floor' gracefully. Swift knew that Twilight was powerful, but it seemed that casting that spell required some effort from her. "......I know you regaining you strength by the minute, but is it alright to strain yourself so much? Don't want to see you drying yourself....to the bone." Swift said as he glanced upward at the skeletal remains. Hmmm, this place was sealed until they got inside. Over curious students perhaps? Either way, better to not bring this to Sparkle's attention, if her near-freak out in previous room was any indication. As Twilight opened the door and was about to pass the study threshold, Squall's leg barred her path. "Hold it Twilight. We both can agree, that of us two...." swordpony beat his armored chest for emphasis. "..I am the less squishy one at the moment. Let me go first." With that said, Squall entered the Mycus's study, without waiting for Princess confirmation. The first thing Squall noticed was darkness... and dust. Lot's and lot's of long undisturbed dust. This place wasn't protected in same way that rest of facility was. Could it mean that it won't suffer from the same aether decay as the rest of it? Pondering over this had to wait, because the second and third thing that Squall noticed - respectively - was circular railing and books. Massive, massive MASSIVE amount of books. Noblepony carefully walked towards the railing, igniting two of his spellsabers to illuminate the place at least a little. Thetome filled shelves that lined the walls confirmed that the whole place was circular. This wasn't really a study...well perhaps it WAS - but it if was the case then it was combined wit the largest underground library Squall has ever seen. Stallion sent one of his blades flying into the darkness, lighting the way, before it came back to him like a boomerang. Yup, the room was really big. "......Around two hundred and twenty meters across....that means that circuit equals around three hundred and eighty...." he calculated aloud before looking over the railing. "At least three floors below and...." a quick glance up..."...three more above. That makes seven minimum. If we assume that high of each floor is the same as this one...." another quick calculation. "That's more the 42 million books...if not more. That's bigger then Bibliothèque de l'Prance......Sparkle?" Squall stopped and turned around, after hearing the sounds of utter GLEE coming from the filly-sized Princess. "Oh right, Princess of Bookworms. You ARE in your element, huh?" swordstallion deadpanned.
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    As they talked, Moonlight tried to get back in her working mojo. She wasn't trying to work up too much of a sweat but sweet Twilight she couldn't help it. This was just hard! Even her horn felt stressed as she worked. But she wouldn't say a word. Not. One. A thin veneer of sweat was starting to form and the magic aura of her horn flickered every once in a while. She'd wait for Applejack to say something before she took a break. She continued to move the barrel with her magic and raked the leaves and picked them up- she'd have to start thinking of labor styles at some point to keep herself from bemoaning her self-perpetuated sorrow cycle. What color went well with sweat and leafy brown? White was out of season, but what about a light blue? Oooh, she'd look great in that. And it went well with red, which was always a consideration. Applejack then asked the pertinent, hard-hitting question. Just what was it about Remington that she liked so much? She giggled, then tried to keep her composure, then tittered some more. "Hehehe. Well, uhh, like, let's start with the totes obvious first. He is so freakin' cute, like for real. And he is kinda dorky and awkward, but, like, I think that's mostly 'cause I probably make him feel all twisted up inside. How could I not, right? Right. So, like, he is also really smart and, like, wise in a way that I'm not sure he knows, and he's totally loyal, generous, and, like, super kind," she said as she grunted, the barrel falling down. She rolled her eyes and continued, though she blushed and smiled. "And oh my Twilight does he have a cute flank."
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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    A bit of a story to this one. There is an existing version of this same character but with a different color scheme: One that I don't use anymore. I'd wanted to test that same picture with a new color palette, but ... my laptop crashed and in the move I couldn't find the original SAI file. I did have to old picture though so I have to try and use it as a base for the same pose, and update and give her mane a new shape. I'll probably use this one for the foreseeable future when I play toboe as a Pony.
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    This was like talking to Applejack's cousin Moonlight. Valley filly, Applejack thought it was. The speech patterns kind of made her go nuts because the word 'like' appeared about forty times a sentence. It drove Applejack batty, especially since Valen had been such a well-spoken colt before she had become Moonlight. Oh well, not that big of a deal and it certainly made talking with this siren a bit easier. She was hesitant to come down, and it looked like they had interrupted her in the middle of a groove session. The big, big siren seemed caught up between calling them cute and being aghast at their weaponry and armor. Well, an evil, hungry siren wouldn't be conversing like this. Probably. Applejack wasn't an expert on sirens as much as she was other critters. She reckoned nopony really was an expert. "Ah promise we ain't here ta hurt you. 'cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. We don't mean you no harm as long as yer meanin' no harm ta us. Just come on down, sugarcube. We just wanna talk," she said as she sat on her haunches, assuming a non-threatening position. If this was a siren who was just chilling out and having herself a grad old time than the agical barrier wouldn't have any negative impact on her. Heck, she shoudn't even notice it! She wasn't sure she was the best pony to undertake first contact with an odd native creature but, well, it wasn't like she didn't have so much experience with it. On a way, yeah, she was best suited for this type of first contact. "Hehehe, ya know, you sound a lot like mah lil' cousin Moonlight. You spendin' a lotta time in San Flanknado?" She asked with a wink. That whole valley girl shtick was vexing to Applejack's ears but hey, who was she to judge. She was sure her countryisms managed to hit someponies the wrong way too. No foul in being different. Of course, she wasn't sure that answered any of the pertinent questions she had. "Ah'm Corporal Applejack. Nice ta meetcha, Toccata Tre. How long you been here on this lonely old island?"
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    Applejack's ears had been perking up at the sound of music. She couldn't place where it was coming from until they were in the thick of it, at which point the revelation that it had been a siren was almost a blessing. At least that gave Applejack's mind something to chew on instead of wondering who it was that could hum straight into her head. She turned to face the siren and studied it, her mind racing through the vast catalogs of information that they had been force fed during review and training. Sirens only appeared in three scenarios as far as Applejack was aware of. Families of them were almost never encountered but when they happened it was always bad news. Even the well-meaning ones were willing to do whatever was necessary to protect their family units, and as a species they were known to react quickly to potential harm. Still, they tended to move in very dense units when it happened, and she only saw and heard one. So it wasn't a family unit. Most commonly whenever a siren was encountered (though that was still exceptionally rare), it was a positive experience. Their normal nesting and 'hunting' areas were around large lakes and in the frozen north. The festivals of the lake folk were said to be the happiest of all places to be for a siren, who would be willing to provide magical song and joy to the townsfolk. This siren certainly looked the part, but why was it all the way out here, on an island seemingly abandoned? The third scenario was that this was one of the 'classical' siren known to schoolponies for their tangles with the Pillars of Equestria. They fed on anger and disharmony and fueled it in return. They were much rarer than the second grouping but were the most famous of all types of sirens. They sometimes worked on packs when feeding on larger groups but would often work alone. The better with which to eat, right? But if that had been the case, wouldn't their armor have set off some anti-magic protection? Plus, Swift had said it was a Tri-Horn. Now, ponies could make mistakes and such but the difference between a Tri-Horn and a Siren was pretty significant. Either their scout needed to retake whole courses on identification or something was fishy. Applejack didn't know what to think, but she knew something was up. She motioned to the Captain and the rest of the team with a loud tap on her breastplate before making two zipping motions. The others nodded. That was their sign to activate their own anti-magical field. It was limited n duration before it recharged but it weakened magical affects of all kind within their personal bubble. And this close together, both the power and bubble grew. Assured, Applejack began. "We are tha Twilight Guard of Equestria, sent here on order of Her Majesty Princess Twilight Sparkle. If ya could be so kind as ta come on down so we may talk to ya all proper like, we'd be awful thankful," she said sweetly and earnestly, though she did make sure to announce themselves first. It was proper protocol and one they adhered to in any unknown situation, by custom and law alike. She really did hope it was a nice siren. If it was, then the anti-magical field would just prevent any active aid, which they could adjust later. If it was an aggressive siren however, the field would actively counter the magic.
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    Fire Walker smiled as they made their way onwards. With a skilled scout in the air and an honest to goodness experienced hero in the back, the young officer had confidence for their mission. She was in such a good mood, she almost felt a song in her heart. One that was telling her to keep up cantering. Everything was going to be alright. And nopony's gotta worry 'bout nothing. Don't go hittin' that panic button. It ain't worth spilling your drink. Everything's gonna be alright. Alright, alright. The mare could not help but wonder where that song came from? The old song just popped up in her head. This was a favorite song she remembered hearing back in college. The singer went on and changed her style to pop a few years later, which was far more popular than country. Boo. Normally, she would have considered this a 'dooming moment', when things were going well, and then the goofy hero thinks about things going well, and then things go right to h-e-double-hockey-sticks! But she couldn't even believe that. Things were going well. And if she had a drink, it wouldn't be worth spilling. But she had so much to look forward to. Her bachelorette with the girls. Her marriage with Swift. Grindecologist Coffee just shipped her a fresh box of her favorite coffee. Her mother's first romance-adventure novel was being released. Rom-Adv? Advent-Rom? Her old instructor, Greasy Spoon was visiting her parent's house in Ponyville and was going to make a big meal for all. And hopefully give a few lessons to her Culinary challenged family. Things were going just swell! As they cantered on, she could not help but be impressed by somepony who broke out into song. Who here had such a lovely voice? She knew it wasn't Applejack as it lacked her usual country twang. "Guys, I do appreciate the skill it takes to carry a tune, but could you stop with the....", she glanced behind her. Nopony was singing. "Um.". The creature who was singing was right in front of her. And it wasn't an Tri-Horned Bunyip, but an... "Come on Swift Star. Did you flunk your U.L.C.U.D test? That's a Siren!" For a moment, the large creature stopped singing and glanced down at the little ponies with a grin. Was she hungry?
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    Applejack was mighty impressed by the ship's cloaking feature. Being able to ide in plain sight was worth all the trouble it likely took to make and maintain, she reckoned. She was sad to know that it wouldn't be able to work in motion- somethin' about the special materials and spells used to make it work right being too hard to maintain. Twilight had mentioned the construction of it during one of the pre-bachelorette party-parties that Pinkie Pie held for her. Still, it was a advanced technological piece of crasftsponyship and she was pleased as punch to be among the first to take it for a spin. With her thoughts drifting from technology she barely understood as explained by a Princess who understood too much. She was placed at the rear of the formation which was a good place to put her. Rear security was as dangerous as point when you were venturing into the unknown. Canny enemies were likely to attack the rear just as much as the front in the hope of penning you in, while predators always struck the back. In prey communities and herds the weak, the stragglers, were in the back. It was therefore time honored pony tradition to put the most rootinest, tootinest, hardcore badflank you had in the back. Teach them predators that a pony grouping required a lot more gumption and power than they could bring to the table. And so they marched into the jungle, Applejack merrily humming a very low tune to herself as she kept alert of the area around and behind her. It was some time in when Swift returned, reporting an ULCUD not far from there- a Tri-Horned Bunyip. While not the worst critter to run into out here she wasn't gonna take any chances. One of her talents was that she had been tangling with beasties and critters for almost as long as she could shake a lasso and had pretty good knowledge on most of them. The Tri-Horn wasn't one of her avenues of expertise like Everfree critters were, but after encountering one in Ponyville Lake, she had read up a good deal on them. "Heh, thats a rare one 'round these parts. Alright everypony, make sure ta stay ta one side of it. Them Tri-Horns ain't nasty critters by nature but they startle real simple. Somethin' about being on both sides makes 'em real concerned," Applejack replied as she moved to the right, off the path. It would be a slower march until they made it past the critter but it was better than having to fight it. Of course it made her think about how in the world it had ended up here, and why it had stayed. The Tri-horn tended to live in the water and only ventured out of it briefly and for cause. Why the hay was it all the way deep in an island? No matter. Applejack was the first to move right but she was joined quickly by the others and they continued their march, hopefully not alarming the Tri-Horn Bunnywhatever any more than they possibly could.
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    Fire Walker waited for the good mare of 'many many jobs' to finish talking before she dismissed the others to start on camp. 'Pork Walker' was allocated rations of table scraps, which made him very happy. Not being the type of a commanding officer who just stood around while her fellow officers did all the work, she lent a helping hoof. She did pause for a moment. Applejack was pregnant again? This would be the second adventure the pair had been on together where she was with foal. Thankfully all of the red Pegasus pony's fears during their trip were unfounded as foal number one was born without any issues, or at least none Fire Walker had heard about. Once the camp was dismantled and placed in storage, the officer made sure everypony was ready and was fully equipped. She also made sure they all had time to visit the little filly and colt room before she secured the ship. After that, they would need to use the bushes for their business. The ship itself had a few features that kept nasty folk from breaking in, and her favorite new addition was a cool little new enchantment known as the 'Chameleon Circuit'. One of the head enchanters of the R.E.A, a unicorn named Ilinalta had come up with it. Once everypony was ready and all the doors were locked, Lighthouse activated the device. Within seconds, the ship was replaced by an large grouping of impenetrable native trees. "Neat.", the mare uttered as this was the first time she got to see the device in action. And thus began the march towards EVIL! Or at least over some rather rocky ground. Thankfully their assigned horseshoes were created for such surfaces. They were hard on the outside, but as soft as a kitten who was hugging a bunny inside. This was also good for Applejack as the shoes prevented too much rocking when one was walking. Swift Star did not have to worry about the ground as she was the first to go ahead into the sky. As they trotted on by, Fire spotted the usual native animals as they wandered about. More of those cute piggies. Lots of birds. Adorable little beach mice. And even some turtles. These quickly vanished the further they moved away from the beach. And what had started off as rocky mounds appeared to grow larger the further they moved on. Eventually there would be cliffs and the cave they wanted to to find. Fire was surprised to see their scout already. "Just a head's up Sirs.", she floated to the ground, "There's an U.L.C.U.D. ahead. Maybe a half-mile ahead. Walking your way. It's a little hard to see as it's a mess of trees, but I have a feeling it's an Tri-Horned Bunyip. They're usually harmless but please proceed with caution.", before returning to the sky, she paused just in case anypony had any questions.
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    Name: Sky Crack Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Blue Coat: Magenta, though often hidden behind armor. Mane/Tail: Blonde, closely kept and cropped in the tradition of ancient pegas, though almost universally behind a helmet. Physique: Exceptionally fit and athletic Residence: Acroneighos at the quarters of the city Strategos, her mother. Occupation: Scout Accompli to the Acroneighos Tenth Pegtasi. Cutie Mark: A shield surrounded by lightning. During her First Scout Trials, an errant storm rolled over the forest south of the city where the fillies and colts were trying out for greater selection. With her wingmate hit by an errant lightning bolt, Crack followed his broken body to the forest below. For three days and night Crack protected him amidst the worst wild storm in years, emerging at the end of the forest battered, bruised, and with a heavily wounded wingmate on her back and a cutie mark on her flank. Notable Talents/Unique Traits: Gifted with the use of sarissa, hasta, doru, pugio, pilium, javelins, and bows. One of the most athletic pegasi in all of Maretonia with exceptional, even for the Acroneighi, stamina and endurance. Talented singer, poet, engineer, philosopher, and dancer. History/Summary: Acroneighos is a city that gives birth to a very tough breed of pegasi, and Sky Crack is no exception. Born to the family of the newly elected Strategos of the city, Sky Crack from an early age was trained to follow in the wingflaps of her elders. Getting the finest education and the best diet a pony could ask for, she was bred for athletics and trained for war. As her family grew more and more successful expectations for the young Crack only grew. This consistent pattern of self-replicating growth in expectation could not have fallen upon a more eager pony's shoulders. Her parents were not the only ponies Crack was expected to follow. In their private estate there was a room of wax sculptures made of their ancestors, each one immediately after one passed. Lines on the wall from one to another ancestor were decorated with the names of achievements and battles, honors and wars, triumphs and campaigns they cherished. These ancestor rooms are not uncommon, but ones such as the Crack's are rarer than most as dozens of great leaders and soldiers are counted amongst the family line. It is said that an Acroneighian pegasus foal's spirit burns like flame with the passions that the ancestors stoke within them. If that is true, then Sky Crack's burns as a star. Knowing what she must live up to and what she must be capable of, Sky Crack has always done more than others to prove herself. She gets up earier and stays awake later and while awake does more in less time. She possesses an intense amount of energy that is propelling her forward at nearly every waking moment. Rest and relaxation are times truly enjoyed by Sky Crack because she fills every other moment with such an all encompassing work ethic that others are intimidated by the verve with which she lives. It is this energy which her parents put their hoof on early and have leveraged ever since. She was given the best personal trainers and members of the Acroneighian guard were given special assignments for the young filly. While other fillies and colts were expected to undertake certain tasks in preparation for their service in the military once older, Sky Crack started younger and was given a greater weight of responsibility and risk. She was the youngest pony at the time to be practicing with real weapons once they transitioned from wooden test weapons to the real thing and she was the first in her class to grade out as exceptional above in most weaponry. Most fillies spent a few hours a day in their armor as they grew older to get acclimated to the feel while Sky Crack would spend whole days or weeks in it, changing out only under orders. From her parents and their advisors she learned strategy and tactics, learning the different wargames she could play and competing against any older pony she could find. Sky Crack was less skilled as a strategist than she was as a combatant but the repetition and persistence of the filly paid off and it wasn't entirely too long before she started defeating first others her age and then some of the older ponies. While her training and teaching along the path of Strategos has lagged behind others, she is still considered to be further along than others her age. She is no different from most of her city in that she believes war to be a casual event- much better to wage war and solve an issue in one decisive conflict so enemies can become good friends than allow divisiveness drive a wedge for generations between creatures. Better to fall in an honorable engagement than survive to live in a dishonorable peace. It was not just in the ways of war that her parents had her educated. The city loves athletic competition and Sky Crack was one of many who sought honor and glory. From an early age she met with various coaches and trainers who poked, prodded, and helped mold her body into the physical specimen of pure athletic capability it is today. At times the process is painful- one particular incident involved her father tossing out a birthday cake an admirer had made for her- but the first time she had beaten somepony in a race the sacrifices that followed seemed little in comparison. Now she stands as one of the most athletic and accomplished pegasi in the 'nation' of Maretonia. Her parents did not neglect her mind and several tutors were hired to broaden her mind. Equestrian professors and Arabian engineers mingled with Unyasan philosophers and Griffon scholars. Her energy and insistent need to know, coupled with an argumentative tendency, burned out a few tutors along the way. The whole operation almost ended when a suave Arabian colt was found in her bedchambers, resulting in the expulsion of his poet father. Regardless, she has a worldliness about her that belies the traditional view of the Acroneighians as an uncultured bronze behemoth. She has also traveled the world. This worldiness is important to the city now. With her parents among the leadership pushing for a greater degree of contact and friendly relations with other ponies, Sky Crack has an acute understanding that it will be up to her generation of leaders and heroes to make that dream a reality. An important step for her was her acceptance into the Scouts of the Tenth Pegtasi. Each Pegtasi refers to one of the armed formations of the city, with the tenth being for those who just came of age. Being named a Scout is one of the highest honors a pony of any Pegtasi can ask for as that combination of speed, skill, intelligence, and reliability is considered the linchpin of the successful campaigns that the city is known for. Sky Crack is very open to the cultures and ideas of others, but is very quick to resort to the ideals of her own culture when conflict of any kind breaks out. She honors debates, duels, jousts, marksmare competitions, races, relays, wrestling, and pugilism with the same gusto. When there is nothing to challenge her beliefs she will seek out other beliefs so she may study and learn from them, and can and will indulge in the aspects of other cultures if she sees a benefit to her family and city.
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