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    ~~Star Crusader~~ The jab to the shoulder may as well have been Tempest tapping a boulder with her hoof, but Star took it in good humor. "Then it's a date. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make my herd official. See you later." And with a bow to both Temmy and Sky Crack, Star Crusader turned to go towards the front. ~~Spoiled Rich~~ The older mare was quite glad to see that investment of time into the magazine photoshoot had paid off. It had been a particularly trying episode... more for the photographer than for her, admittedly, but that's what he was paid to deal with. "You're quite correct. What is more to the point these days, I am now also the Mayor of this fine town. I know I cannot be the first to say this, but Welcome to Ponyville." Spoiled's unique muzzle was wearing its most pleasant smile, as it did when she conversed with those she considered social equals. There weren't many of those around this town, though considerably more since Prince Blueblood had become Archancellor of the School of Friendship. His admission policy seemed to be focused on bringing in high-status foreign students, and this seemed like very sound policy to her. "You are a friend of the groom, or one of the brides?" She inquired. "I can't say I know either of them all that well personally, but I could hardly refuse an invitation to a Royal Wedding they so graciously allowed this town to host." She lowered her voice. "While I'm happy for the... three of them, I do hope that Filthy isn't going to be getting any ideas from this." ~Prince Blueblood~ The Prince was glad to see Fluttershy taking advantage of the opportunity to escape the crowds. She and Niilavin should get along quite well. Hopefully. Better than with Swift Squall, at least. But Flutters was not the most salient pegasus mare to Blueblood today. That spot was held by two, one of which had her wing around him with active nuzzling. "She should be." Blueblood answered as regarded Princess Twilight, unable to keep a note of impatience out of his voice. Darn it, he wanted to be married already! Taking one last look over towards Smolder and Gallus, Blue shook his head. "I wish I could say you weren't right. I both miss those days and never want to go back to them. Mostly because neither you nor Star were in them, at the time." OK, a bit cheesy, but Dunnie had never refused queso before, to his knowledge. A shadow fell over the group as Star Crusader stood between them and the window. "I believe most of the guests are in place, now only we remain." She was smiling now, visibly, which was still an unfamiliar position for her face. "Let us take our positions. We have waited long enough, my loving herd." *Look at her, taking charge already.* Blueblood thought, as she escorted the pair of them away from Fire with a wing and shepherded them towards the front. Already, the music of the organ was playing. Was that Spike on the keys? There weren't many ponies who could play an instrument like that. Wandering thoughts, however, came home, now that he could see Star and Dunnie together in their dresses. Reminders of how beautiful they both were, and how lucky a stallion he was, drove all other thoughts from his mind...
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    Looking between the mechanic and the medic, she slowly nodded. A plan was coming together, pieces clicking into place. "Miss Bevel, if you could replicate the effects of Miss Flare's unique vision, how, precisely, would you go about this operation?" Finally pulling her attention away from the promising pony, she cast a small smile Bevel's way, an energy positively radiating off of her. "After all, I do beleive quite a few ponies could benefit from her form of 'sight'. Blind ponies especially."
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    ---Presteza--- It was only beginning to dawn on the painter just how long it truly had been since she'd been in such a large crowd of ponies. So many talking and sharing stories, yet she couldn't help but feel she came up short on conversational topics. It didn't help that she didn't have a plus one to save her from any awkward situations... If only Java were here. The painter was jarred from her thoughts when she noticed a mare approaching her. She seemed the sort of mare that she'd run across many a time in her foal hood in some way: a natural born socialite. Presteza's foalhood was full of galas and social functions where she had to wear fancy clothes and be shown off to her mother's friends. At this point in her life though, Presteza had learned not to judge a book by their cover. The hat wearing unicorn crackked a smile and shook, "Good Day, you're... " Presteza wracked her brain a moment before she was able to place the face, "Oh! You're Spoiled Rich. I've seen you in a few magazines with your husband." She wasn't going to mention it, but what served as Spoiled's most identifying trait for this painter was her muzzle. Presteza had a soft spot for unique individuals and ponies with interesting faces. "It's good to meet you." ---Bevel Gear--- A big grin spread across Bevel's muzzle once she heard Rose's occupation. Alchemy was an incredible field, back where she was studying she'd hoped to take more time looking into that but her skills had lied in magitechnical engineering. The tone in this new pony's voice was starting to light an inspiration fire in the prench unicorns belly, "I think I hear some promise in your voice, Mademoiselle Compass. Care to elaborate?"
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    @PrinceBlueblood @Pretzelparty @Ciraxis @RexDraco @Dusty When Blueblood had encouraged Fluttershy to meet with the sphinx who was over by the mayor, she perked up and around to see how soon she might attend this kind of meeting. If for no other reason than that she was beginning to feel encroached by the many wedding guests that mingled around her, wanting to compliment her on her dress, and reacting to what her date was currently entertaining. Upon a Discord-related magical explosion in which Fluttershy was not paying close attention to, several items appeared from seemingly no where, and a snake appeared under Fluttershy seeking shelter. She accepted the snake's desire to stay with her until the snake was feeling confident enough to return to the garden to resume its busy evening searching for food scraps and for other unsuspecting creatures, rodents perhaps, who were also looking for food scraps. Before Fluttershy could resume her short trek in finding out where the mayor was, Discord introduced her to Bevel. She immediately began wearing a greeting face. "Oh, nice to meet you." She flinched at the explanation. "Robots?" When Bevel expressed that robots was only a recent project, Fluttershy nodded courteously. "That's neat. Hey, um, excuse me, I need to meet with somepony really quick." Fluttershy turned and looked at the sea of guests, carefully nudging through them in order to not disturb their cheerful conversations. Suddenly, she was ambushed by a jade colored unicorn who had remarks to say about the three way wedding, but then also went into detail about his thoughts on the sphinx he heard mentioned, and spoke to her and Blueblood openly. He did not mince words, which was fine, but Fluttershy kept feeling like she was roped into listening to him. Every time she wanted to softly step away, she felt she was being talked to and stayed in her position. Blueblood now conversing with the green pony, gave her a better out to escape the conversation and go to the sphinx herself to see what the fuss was about. She felt like she was the only one at the event who was ignorant of the creature. And why did it seem like everypony was suggesting the creature had as much agency as a pony? Fluttershy always did that herself, but she had only considered Blueblood was mentioning the sphinx as if it was a pet. But it seemed much more than that. Seeing where the mayor had walked from, Fluttershy approached the entrance to the castle, where many were entering to attend the wedding. She looked around for the sphinx but couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. After a short pause at the castle gates, she slowly backed up to turn around and ran into a soft furry surface. When she turned around, she realized it was the large thigh of the brown-pelted sphinx, who towered over her and everypony around. She was not easily frightened by large creatures, but having not expecting his size she reacted shocked and momentarily scared. How she missed seeing this creature upon arrival to the wedding was beyond her. She must had been so nervous about attending this event that didn't even notice the large sphinx serving as a bouncer to this very special occasion.
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    Nilaavin felt the bump and looked down at the pony. Yellow, pink and looked spooked out of her mind? Ah yes, flutter something. One of the heroes of this land or some such thing. Hard to not learn about them in passing, most of all living in the town they call home. Why the heroes of this land lived in this poor town he had no clue. But then he lived here as well now… Smiling at the ‘hero’ of this land he spoke a few short words in his native tongue, a small greeting in words older than every town in this land. Soon followed with words she can understand. “Do not whimper in fear, do not hide like the foal so scorned. I mean you no harm and sit here as guardian of this event so wonderful.” He says in a soft tone, not wishing to spook her more. In truth he did not care if she was scared of him. But for the sake of PR he can’t go about spooking the heroes of this land. He’d never hear the end of it from Blue. “Take ease, champion of harmony, I am Nilaavin. You are… Shy…” He trails off, oh what WAS her name? Shy something? Butter Shy? Stutter Shy? Why did they all have such insane names? ~~~~~~~~~~ Tempest nodded her head and gave the brick wall for a mare a playful jab to the shoulder. “Very well, best make ready. Even with the added condition I will not go easy on you.” With that she took her seat and smiled, much more happy with events. A good spare was just what she needed as of late.
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    Silverstream towed the hose underwater, first in light of sun piercing through the water, but then into the darkness of the lake one would have to feel around in order to know where the rocks were. She swam down, across, and then upwards into a cavity that seemed to host a large cul-de-sac of space. Once there, she unhooked the nozzle of the hose and air bubbles began to pour into the cave, creating a pocket of breathable pair at the top of it. After a few moments, the air pocket was big enough for her to pop her head into, and test the environment. It was dark and dank, but her hippogriff nature could tell one could indeed breathe down here. As the air bubbles continued to pour upward into the pocket, Silverstream wondered what kinds of things she could put around the cave in order to make sure that lightning was not a problem. Because without the sun, it was pretty dark down here.
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    'Blixem' had to resist the urge to reach out with her teeth or a wing and instead reached out a hand gingerly. In her hand she examined it, twisting and flipping it with an equally inquisitive and confused look on her face. "Y-yeah! 'Young lingo.'" She scratched the back of her neck. He complained about her choice of words, and yet he rattled off a series of noises that Dunnie wasn't able to distinguish. Must be some of this world's strange slang. "Yes, you bet your beard we'll get those hooligans their...uh... square dancing tickets." Uncertain words, but she punctuated with a confident wink and a sheepish grin. If she weren't so scared to get out of her stance, she would have slapped him on the shoulder lightly. When Brass Hat mentioned taking out his frustrations on Dunder, 'Blixem's' face turned a shade more pale. She gave a wide, uneasy grin, "Heh, what can I say? I understand your feelings." She looked up at him with her big eyes, a couple beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Fortunately, he was soon off of her. He walked over, gave Fire some odd instructions, and a hug as well. As the imposing man left, Dunnie wiped the sweat with a sleeve and took a deep breathe. "By Celestia's mane, I'm too young to have a heart attack!" As she calmed herself down, she got to thinking about what the conversation yielded for them. "Yes, it seems Celestia has been reduced to the principal of a higschool. Could Equestria, too, be reduced to just this highschool?" She looked at the purple and brown edifice, covered by many windows. Not unlike the schools they were used to. "If Celestia is here, perhaps she knows about the mirror and send us back. Or maybe, there is a Discord here who can also help us." She took a deep breathe, then hunched over in exhaustion. "This is getting to be so much." "Phone... 'sound' or 'voice.' I have no idea what it does, and I expect we won't have to know if Celestia can help us." Dunnie faced the school, puffing up her chest with confidence. "Either way. Let's go." She wanted answers. And with a determined walk, she took a shaky step forward on her new legs. Swinging her arms and taking long strikes, she was off towards the front door!
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    Dunnie gave Gallus a hoof wave of approval, mutual understanding that this was indeed a messy situation and definitely not Gallus's fault. The little blue birb wasn't interested in joining, and that's all that mattered to her. When Blueblood pulled her in for a hug, she smiled to him and returned the hug with a wing and a soft nuzzle against his white neck. Though, when he explained that she had no princess power in the matter, she looked horrified. Now only was her ego bruised, but her perfectly good royal decree was all for nothing. And it sounded perfectly regal when she said it too! Though, of course, she would not be stopped. She pulled her husband-to-be closer and leaned close to his ear. "Don't say that, they might not know. Especially that recruiter." She gave him a soft poke with a wing to punctuate her point. With the sudden WAGGH! scaring her beloved, she immediately took up a protective position in front of him. Though, was immediately disarmed by the dead but still very cute eyes of the little honking goose. "Oh! So cute!" She reached a wing out to give it a poke on the beak. Then gave it a soft squeeze on the stomach, letting out a softer, more drawn out Waaaaggghh. And as she was distracted with the fake goose, Fire took care of the situation. She couldn't think of a better mare to have at one's side. Not only in a scrap, but also when dealing with the arguably more frightening bureaucracy. "Make sure to say in the letter that Princess Dunnie decreed it as well, Fire." She interjected, excitement in her voice. "And then all the other stuff I said." She stopped harassing the rubber goose. For a fleeting moment, she wished for a green moose. Strange thought. She returned to Blueblood's side, nuzzling up against him again and pressing against his side with her body. "Oh! Yes. Wedding..." Her eyes went wide and her head swept left and right quickly, "Is Princess Twilight here to officiate?" She hadn't seen the purple alicorn anywhere. As Gallus left, Dunnie watched him slide off with minimal trouble with his steps. "What a strange griffon." She said, then looked to the equally hazy Smoulder who was destroying those fries. "Well, birds of a feather and all of that fancy stuff. I suppose not very different from us when we were about their age, aye?" Amusement in her observation. She then pulled Fire and Bluey both close with a wing, her cheeks smooshed between her crimson comrade and her stallion.
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    ~~Star Crusader~~ Was there any hint of suspicion in Star's eyes at the mention of a gut injury by Tempest? The impassive mare's face rarely gave so much away. In either case, she was amenable to the condition. "It will be a friendly spar, for sport and for show, so I have no objections." Not that the reciprocation meant much; her muscle-bound abdominals were almost armor in and of themselves. Temmy might bruise Star's solar plexus, but she'd as likely get a sprained wrist for her troubles. She looked over towards Sky Crack to see if she was willing to take up Temmy's offer to make it a three-for-all, but it seemed the Acroneighos mare was not inclined to reply. "Mhm, if that is all, I should return to my herd. There seems to be some kind of commotion that they are dealing with." ~~Prince Blueblood~~ “WAAAGH!” "GAH!" The sudden honk of Fire's goose nearly caused the Prince to jump out of his skin. He never liked sudden noises like that, and he had a particular antipathy towards geese. Nasty, brutish creatures that made the most barbaric of Caribou Vikings look like a respectable Ponyvillian in comparison! Once he smoothed his mane back in place and recovered what was left of his dignity, he turned back to Gallus. It seemed the issue with his dubiously voluntary REA recruitment was taken care of, and there was little desire in the bluebird to fly home. But a desire for anyone else, though, that was the ticket! The newly wedded and those about to be could not help but play matchmaker. "In which case, Gallus," He leaned in to whisper, "I would suggest not wasting time in making your move. You will not be young forever." That was about as far as he got before Smolder pulled him away. "Well!" Said Blueblood to the remaining party, "That was certainly something. Have all the guests found their seats? We should probably get this ceremony back on track sometime today, eh Dunnie?"
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    Spearmint had always believed that the act of moving from one home to another was a somewhat time consuming, emotionally challenging event that often required things like moving vans, tear filled good byes and a nostalgic sense of loss even as one moved forward into a new future. Now that he was doing it for himself... he was somewhat disappointed by the fact that the stories he had heard and believed didn't have a whole lot of truth to them for him. Leaving Green Meadows behind had been a rather quick and easy affair; He only had the one bag of stuff with him and the only pony who might have cared that he was leaving was his mother who at the time was currently being transported to a cell to await trial for crimes against the residents of Green Meadows. While it had taken some time to get to Ponyville proper (and thus the School of Friendship that was there), the young colt quickly found himself embracing the vast difference to his former home like a duckling being introduced to water for the first time. Everything was so colorful and full of life here. There were actual plants and the greenery was almost overwhelming compared to the near barren, dusty planes around Green Meadows. The school itself was... well, it did kind of look a bit gaudy and the fact that it seemed to be covered by Princess Twilight's cutie mark seemed a bit egotistical to him but those were minor complaints that didn't bare being brought up. It was however somewhat bigger then he was used to, to the point where finding the dorm room that he was going to be staying at was actually proving to be something of a challenge. He even had a map of the school giving him directions and he was pretty sure he had gotten turned around a hallway or two back. The student lodging area just had a 'it all looks the same' vibe to it. Taking a seat in order to have a more in depth look at the map held in his magic, he started muttering to himself as he traced his hoof along the path he believed he had followed in order to try and work out where he was. "Okay, so I passed that janitors closest... I know I passed this mural here... where did I get turned around?"
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    The REA did cover many fields. Almost too many. She was undergoing a military restructuring soon and she was aghast at how many roles were redundant. Not in the way a military should have redundancies, but stark inefficiencies. That would also allow a greater wealth of expertise to be used in a better manner, and even lead to officers having actual lives when not on duty. Something that was also being brought up to the forefront of her thought processes was how much work the School of Magic needed to have done to it. She had focused a lot on the School of Friendship and for good reason, but other schools needed her love and attention as well. Celestia's legacy at the School of Magic was legendary of course and she needed to respect that, but that respect could not be used as a shield against proper change. "So. Frozen North. Rations. Alone. What did you use your time on?" She asked before backtracking slightly. "And just for your own edification, the records were clear on your conduct, Blizzard. I wasn't worried you would lie about it since you had nothing to lie about," she said, having already perused the reports. "They didn't mark you down as Missing in Action. The actual report was clear. It just seemed no one really paid too much attention to it since it was inconceivable to many that a stallion of such potential would choose to live up there," she said softly, though she ended with a smirk. "I know I couldn't decide to live on rations myself, but I was plenty happy to sequester myself with books and a baby dragon. I know all too well how such power can make what one chooses to do appear odd, even if it is not so. Not truly, anyway. There is indeed a correlation between the magically gifted and those who make life choices that are out of the ordinary," she turned to her Captain. "Give me your perspective. Why do you think that is?" She asked as she continued to drink.
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    As Apple Bloom explained who Zap Apple was, he perked up when she mentioned how much of a troublemaker he was. He giggle maniacally, stood up on his hind legs, and started making flatulent noises using the pit of one of his front legs. When Apple Bloom changed her tune and suggested that Zap would be well behaved, Zap paused silently, and then continued to make more flatulent noises, laughing while doing so. Zap wasn't really sure what to make of Flurry Heart. Even his aunt seemed to be perplexed on the proper way to address them. It was like talking to Princess Twilight Sparkle, except the princess was less kind and smaller in size. Instead of pondering it too much, Zap mostly resorted to just being himself, constantly looking around at things to distract him from the moments of boring things older ponies talked about.
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    “Blixem. Right.", the large military man was already in the process of filling out three 'Canterlot High School' Guest I.D badges. He quickly tore up the 'Blixen' card and wrote up one with the proper name. "Here you go girls.", he handed over the cards. "And Equestria and Hayburgers? Guess I don't understand your young lingo.", he chuckled, "As for demons, It's probably the usual. Some teen-aged hooligan gets his dirty mitts on some Bambalachacha, Smoochy Woochy Poochy or Square Dancing Tickets and soon everyone is seeing demons!", he chuckled a bit more. Fire groaned even more. His smile vanished as 'Blixem' described the aftermath of Dunder breaking up with his daughter. "Sorry to hear that. Normally I would have introduced a mother of all whooping's to the guy who broke my little girl's heart, but your brother is a good kid." The pair could hear Fire Walker let out a sigh. "Just show this cards to the Principal Celestia. She's in the office on the left when you enter. She should have all the information you need. If you have any questions that she can't answer, just call me on your phone.", he made his way over to Fire Walker and gave her a awkward public-dad-hug before heading off to a strange looking wagon with a top. There were no ponies in front of it? How did it work?". The odd wagon made a loud noise before taking off down the road. The red haired officer finally spoke, "Wow, poor Princess Celestia. She went from a powerful royal ruler to running a high-school...Wow.", she laughed, "Also, what's a phone?"
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    With her dimpled little cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's with all of her mama's delicious breakfast, Ambrosia turned to her energetic older brother. Colts were, to her, still a bizarre mystery of deliberate dirtiness and uncaring uncouthness. Though familial love was the dominant force in her feelings towards Zap, she really couldn't be said to understand his ways. "Yer late for breakfast." She chided him, swallowing first one cheekful, then the other. "Ain't you supposed to be hungry in the morning?" She did remember the times when Zap *did* get up before her, and how both RD and AJ talked about a "growing colt's appetite." Well, Lil'Amby was a growing filly, which gave her enough of an appetite to finish all her pancakes by the time Zap had finished half of his. Upon hearing that the itinerary of the day would include a visit to Rarity's, the little bundle of adorableness lit up like a Hearthswarming tree. "Really? Is a hat, a dress? Auntie Rarity makes things so pretty!" The fashionista was not biologically her aunt, of course, but the little foal was still too young to think of anypony she felt so warmly towards as anything other than family.
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    Oh. Why bother if she was just going to jump into the lake? The young dragon let out a grunt. “Well, it would be because of the surprise. Maybe she didn’t want to get wet, but we made her...get...ugh.”, she decided to leave it at that. While she wasn’t a teacher’s pet, wasn’t it forbidden to go out swimming by one’s self? At night? And while Silverstream was an aquatic creature, it was a blanket rule they all had to follow. Smolder followed the Griffon down to the solid ground. Why in the world was he afraid to get wet? They had done more than a few actives that involved swimming. There was also that horrible time they got to paddle a canoe and Gallus kept elbowing the dragon’s head. Or maybe he had a reason? Did the seapony have one of those accursed pearls? Would he turn into something horrible if he went into the water? Smolder already knew what she would turn into, and that was a fate far worse than any death. And while her buddy had the cat's fear of water, for reasons, she was sure he did not need to go in, but he did. And she followed. SPLASH! She would both need to find her shape-shifting buddy and also make sure Gallus did not freak out and drown. She also did not want to become a rotten egg.
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    "Mmf, *gulp*, Oh, it does grow, but only by consuming living plants, like I said." Chipper pointed out to Caramel, once he swallowed the mouthful of delicious popcorn in his mouth. "And I don't know about making them dance and all that, you'll probably have to invent those spells yourself, Kettle. But I'll be happy to help! Always glad to help a new friend. We are friends, right?" It was fair to say that Chipper wasn't too sure about how one could tell whether or not a pony was a friend, but he certainly showed himself friendly, and that counted for a lot. It was probably accurate to include Spearmint in that category too... but not Morning Glow. She didn't seem to be with the program, or indeed know all that much about this school. That was fair, being a new arrival and all that. "Oh, well, the headmare's only a mare half the time, you know. So we just call them the Archchancellor. At least they don't make us call them 'Your Highness.' I mean, we'd have have to ask what they were smoking if we did, nyahaha!" Jokes and joviality probably would do little to soothe the situation, but it was the only tool Chipper knew. He didn't quite understand why anypony would be upset about what he was doing.
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    It was sometimes difficult to remember that Smolder was a being who could swim in lava as easily as Silverstream could glide through the water. When they all flew together it was easy enough to imagine them the same and, in the way that mattered, they were. But when it came to the lava question, he still had to wonder. Did she feel the heat at all or was it like a warm summer lake? Did she feel the temperature of normal water or did her scales insulate her in the entirety? He didn't think that was the case. He'd have to poke her further. Metaphorically, not literally. She could poke him a heck of a lot worse than he could poke her. One of them had a lot more weaknesses, externally and internally, than the other. His greatest strength? Recognizing that full stop. And also his devilish good looks. "Yeah, I heard aquatic creatures hated being thrown in the fountains. Could you imagine her fury?" He said with mock fear before he smiled. He spread his wings and started gliding down towards Silverstream, and was about to speak right before Silverstream jumped into the water and took the hose with her. He landed next to the entry point with a quizzical expression, slowly mixing in more visible annoyance. "Okay, Silverstream. You're making me get wet. I hate getting wet," he said with a forced air of less concern. He hated getting in the water. It wasn't bad at the surface but the moment he dropped below the surface he started to panic. It was a major problem for him. He absolutely hated it. Every part of him wanted to freak out and head back up to the surface. It felt like he was dying and that was nothing compared to the anxiety. All of his forced cool-nature and honest desire to see what Silverstream was up to was running directly into his desire to do anything other than go in the water. Sadly, he was next to Smolder and there were few things that could motivate him more than seeing what Silverstream was up and not embarrassing himself in front of his best friend. So, with a a heart heavy with terror, he put a cocksure grin and looked at Smolder. "Last one to find the Hippogriff is a rotten egg!" He said before closing his eyes and jumping in.
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    Apple Bloom knew better than to take great offense at Flurry Heart's disappointment. Why wouldn't she be let down? Here she was, expecting to deal with one of the great heroines of Equestria and a friend of her mother and aunt. One of their best, Apple Bloom would argue. Instead, she was met by the smaller, less well known, more gangly, and less respected younger sister. It would be like being in line to meet Princess Twilight and meeting pre-reformation Prince Blueblood. Would anypony not be radically let down by the change in plans? She was about to speak when her nephew, bless his heart, spoke up instead. She was mortified by his bluntness. She was long past the time in which she viewed a Princess with the justly awed fear that came with mystery, but she didn't want Flurry Heart to get the wrong impression and come away from Sweet Apple Acres thinking that they were anything else other than the best family in all of Equestria. "Y-yeah," she said shakily to begin before firming up her voice, "this here's Zap Apple! Little fellow here's mah nephew. He's a bit of a troublemaker, ain't ya?" She said playfully as she winked at him, smiling as she remembered all the playfully destructive times they had. Then she realized, again, PRINCESS. "Uhh, but he'll be on his best behavior, Yer Highness. Ain't that right, Zap?" She asked pleasantly, but with no small amount of stern pleading underneath it. She took a deep breath and started following the Princess. Luckily, she got her own luggage. Apple Bloom was more than willing to carry it but she wasn't going to stop anything from being done by the Princess for any reason until they got home. She was still trying to recover from arriving late. As Flurry Heart continued speaking though, Apple Bloom came to a realization. The Princess didn't know that Apple Bloom was the one watching her. Was she still expecting to see Applejack or Rainbow Dash? Oh fiddlesticks. Well, better late than never, and better now than in five minutes. "We certainly got some pies an' milk ready. Always have at least one pie ready ta go, haha!" She began happily before trying to clear her throat. "But- uhh," she began, rubbing her beck. "Uhh, 'bout that. Applejack ain't here, same with R-D. They're at tha summit too. Ah'm watchin' you," she said before trying to change the subject. After all, Apple Bloom knew they shared one thing in common! "And, yeah. I guess yer mama did get tha whole bow idea from me," she said as she shook her mane, moving the bow that she still wore up there to and fro. The size of the bow changed but never the intent! "You look good with it. Yer mama's got good taste. So does Rarity," a pregnant pause, "she's gone too."
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    Chipper didn't really take offense to Morning Glow's rant on the ethical nature of his school of magic. Even though necromancy was still practiced in the Northern Continent of Whitescar, most 'civilized' tribes and clans tended to shun practitioners. The only exception being the arena town of Saavergerg, where they were the closest thing to healers that could be found to support the gladiatorial combat that was the lifeblood of that city. "I dunno about Celestia, but I'm here to make friends! Mama said that as long as I could keep my good attitude about what I did while I did, everything would be fine, but I'd need friends to keep my head on straight! Which is good, cause it's very easy to break your neck. Besides, if killing is wrong, then doing the opposite of killing must be right, right? That's logic!" Of course, Chipper had just said five minutes ago that killing wasn't always wrong. Logic is a two-edged sword. He shook Caramel's offered hoof, before twisting his head around in a rather avian fashion to grin back at Kettle. "Pleased to meet ya! And ma said I'm not allowed to make zombie plants after the parasitic lingonberry incident. I can only make diseased ones healthy, and that doesn't mean making them immortal." Chipper's regretful explanation trailed off as he finally got a good whiff of the tasty treat Kettle had graciously popped up for them. "Oooh, for me? For *us*?" And there was much rejoicing. And crunching. And Cawing. And Pecking. And the kernels went everywhere. Chipper's mama may have taught him a lot of things, but the warrior caribou of the north didn't seem to care much for table manners. They did care about complimenting the chef, though, which he did. With his mouth full. "Thiff if delifuff! *Munch crunch*"
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    Upon seeing the bones come to life, Chipper's eyes lit up, losing that air of traumatized anxiety that Spearmint had unwittingly summoned. "Nyaha! Great success!" He grinned over at his roommate. "Well, it's not illegal if I don't practice it on ponies or use it to hurt others, perfectly fine if I do it on animals, just as long as I don't dig them up from the pet cemetery, 'cause that's stealing, and stealing's wrong!" He nodded solemnly. "Plus, I can actually use my magic to heal, too! After all, if I can make something not-dead that was dead, I can also make something not-quite-dead fully alive! So I'm sure we won't get in trouble as long as I don't hurt any-" "AAAAAIIIIEIEEEEE!" The sudden sound of a little filly's shriek interruped Chipper's self-congratulatory self-justification, causing his face to drop a little bit. "Uh-oh, I think we might be in trouble after all..." He said in a more subdued tone, cantering out of their shared room to see the scene of carnage outside, crows following in his wake. It rather had to be said that the sight of him, wild-maned, berobed, with carrion crows circling above his head would likely not make the frightened foals think any the better of him. Nor did was sense of humor calculated to endear, unless you were the sort of filly to dress all in black and wear much heavier eyeliner than all standards of beauty dictated. "Naw, don't worry, the little guy's not gonna eat all your popcorn; look, he can't even hold one kernel down, nyahaha!" It was true enough, as at the end of the attempted consumption, all the mouse had to show for it was a little pile of crumbs where all the nibbled bits had fallen out of its hollow form. Looking up with a faint sense of reproach at its re-animator, the undead animal then collapsed with a puff of purple magic back into its component bones, which the unicorn colt swept up with his magic. "Just wanted to prove to my new roommate that I wasn't a failed apprentice. Nopony can say I'm a failed apprentice." The faint, chill breeze that seemed to accompany those words could almost be felt. It passed as soon as it came, though, as soon as all the bones were placed in a little side pouch by Chipper's side and he stuck out his hoof. "I'm Chipper Demise! What's your names?"
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    Blizzard nodded as Fire Walker spoke. "I always felt that counselor didn't care for me as I went through the grades..." he grumbled. "Antiquated talent..." he rolled his eyes. "Though if my first run in with Ice Storm taught me anything, at least the school now has an elemental magic program... a lot of benefit it had on me." He levitated a cup of coffee over, dropping an ice cube in it before adding a single cube of sugar. The unicorn would nod to the princess. "I took the only well paying job I could get, a guide as a REA contractor to take an expedition into the frozen north to attempt to locate any trace of the Crystal Empire. I guess Princess Celestia had a hunch or something along like that. She was just a few years off..." The unicorn would stifle a chuckle. "I guess it was good I asked for payment in advance, right?" as he tried to make a joke. "I did my job. Look up the mission report if you doubt me. Nopony froze to death in the few blizzards we encountered. I just simply chose not to return upon the completion of the contract." He looked to gauged Fire's expression as he continued. "I guess they just failed to mention that one fact. Must have marked me as MIA I take it? Seems like something he would do. He did leave me with all the extra supplies when it was over though. I've been living on those canned rations as well as the supplies I trade with a nearby yak settlement ever sense. You'd be surprised how long the cold can extend the shelf life of rations." Though Blizzard tried to joke, his face showed his true feelings as he shifted eye contact away from the red pegasus. He worried how he would be seen in her eyes.
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    Berry nuzzled into the crook of Tiger's neck, breathing in heavily as she sought to rebalance her humors. The close proximity of the stallion helped, oh it helped so much. When was the last time anypony not her own daughter had hugged her? Actually, probably earlier today with the ponies present, but that didn't make this moment any less significant for her. She would have likely stayed in this clingy state of affection had not Tiger's noticing of Tongue Twister's exchange with Jade refocused her own attention externally. Berry found herself slightly sobered by the scene; this was something every bartender was trained to watch out for. "Alright, alright, I'll help you get your coat." Had TT come in with a coat? Didn't matter, just needed a good enough reason to come in and slip the one mare from the presence and attention of the other. "Sorry about that," She whispered to the Running champion as she escorted her to the door. "Next time you feel like somepony's coming on too strong, just order 'Bitters and Tonic.' Code we all know for a mare in trouble." As for the bits about dark magic and sorceresses? Totally slipped past the still not entirely sober mare. She recognized the shape of the situation, but not the details
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    Flurry would land, setting her bags down next to her as the Apple's approached. Looking them both over, she would look to Apple Bloom with a disappointed look. "I guess I was expecting Applejack or Rainbow Dash...but at least somepony came to greet me." When the alicorn heard a little pegasus as why she was a princess, she gave him a confused glare. "I...uh..." she would defer that question till later, though she would give her standard spiel. "I am Princess Flurry Heart. Daughter of Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor, Rulers of the Crystal Empire. And you must be...." Flurry's brain locked for a moment. She was sure that Auntie Twilight has mentioned something about a new apple foal in a letter but it was sooo long ago. "The youngest member of the apple family," She'd look to Apple Boom hoping she would say his name otherwise it was going to be an award few days and she had an image to keep up. "Mom says I'm spending a few days at your apple farm while she and dad are at some summit with Aunt Twilight." As her horn glowed, her luggage would lift off the ground and follow her. "I take it Applejack got mom's letter with her....instructions..." Flurry would roll her eyes. Even when she wasn't there, her life still seemed to be micromanaged. "Anyhow, I take it my room is ready? After that train ride I could use a nap and a snack. You guys still have the best apple pie, right? I can't wait to talk with Apple Jack about her adventures over some pie and milk." Walking to the farm, her luggage in tow in her aura Flurry would try to think of some small talk. "So mom says I have you to thank for my style Apple Bloom. Well, you and Rarity. Apparently I've been wearing a bow ever since we first met, and Rarity found the perfect color. Oh, maybe we can visit her one day this week too!"
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    Little Amby was filled with so much happiness from her mama's kisses that her small face couldn't contain the full joy of her expression. It scrunched, but in a cute way, as her smile pushed the rest of her facial features higher up to make room. When she got a little older, she would begin feigning offense at the question, as if her good looks weren't obvious evidence on their own. But now, the filly was too young to be anything but honest with the element of Honesty. "Uh-huh!" She nodded eagerly, only persuaded to climb down by the bounty upon her plate. "Thanks momma!" Spoiled as Ambrosia was by Applejack, she had been taught well, and was properly grateful for the lovings given to her. Her manners even extended to her table manners, where she was by far the least messy of the eaters regularly gathered around the family table. Oh, it wasn't as if she used utensils, Rarity hadn't yet given her those lessons in magic, but she knew how to hold a pancake with her horn's magic, and took syrupy bites with care, alternating with milk and apple. Eating at this more measured pace gave her far fewer instances of hiccups than her more eager sibling showed, and also gave her a much richer sense of taste than most fillies her age. She'd be quite the gourmet when she grew up, but would always retain a soft spot for Momma Applejack's Farm-Home cooking!
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    "We would surmise you know more about it than anypony else, sir." TT replied, "But the ability to keep coming back after being destroyed is a common element in mythology. Creatures not native to this dimension could supposedly 'project' themselves into ours, forming a body out of local material. Since the projection is merely a shell, it could be destroyed, and all that would happen is the invader would be sent back home to stew for a bit. Or gather enough energy to try again, and again, and again, and again. The only way to permanently defeat them is to destroy them in their home dimension. So unless somepony can get into the Umbrum and 'deal with' you there, you may be technically invincible. That won't help against being imprisoned in stone or on the moon, but short of that, you may have a lifespan closer to stars than ponies. But who's to say, really ?" she finished with a shrug, "Not enough data to be sure." TT smiled. "This road has been a major trade route for millennia, sir. Crossing should be no problem." Sombra flicked his tail, as if swatting at a fly that wasn't there- or perhaps it was, in a sense. The feeling was only stronger now, and it wasn't put into words until Tongue Twister spoke it aloud after he caught her staring at a peculiar crystal. His dark brows furrowed. "So THAT'S Umbral magic !" TT noted to herself, "Last seen in major use about a thousand years ago. Feels different than most darker magics we've been around." "Who else would it be ?" she asked, "We're merely surprised it took her this long to get around to doing it."
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    Huginn seemed unimpressed by the threat, but in any case, he refrained from any unwanted pecking. There was perhaps a less than comfortable grip to his claws, but there was no sense of discomfort with resting on a moving perch. He was seemingly quite used to it, as evidenced by the fact that he soon took off to rest on Chipper's head. The unicorn seemed about as used to the perch as the crow did. For his own part, Chipper seemed delighted that his wordplay was actually eliciting something other than a patient groan. "Hey, I'd never do you dirty like that, one good *tern* deserves another, eh? Nyahahah!" The second laugh was slightly more sane. Slightly. Misjudging the offer of a hoof-bump, the dark-coated colt seized Spearmint's hoof in a grip both physical and magical, and gave a vigorous shake. Upon seeing the offered map, though... his smile didn't go anywhere, but his expression developed a more worried, self conscious air. "Well, lets see, need a close look...." He held it up to his face closely, squinting at the page before his smile shed the worried tint and split his head like a jack-o-lantern. "237! That's mine! I knew you were my new roomate!"
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    “I guess it’s like any other ponies that are in the ‘family business’. Some families farm, some run businesses and some join the R.E.A.”, she shrugged, “Thankfully the Royal Guard is not just ponies marching around in armor, we cover a ton of different fields, from magical research, defending our borders to say my mother, who writes and updates officer guide-books.”. With the Royal Equestria Army opening its ranks to non-ponies, her poor mother had to form her own team of writers to add all the new creatures to the books. “An officer’s job is never finished. Even when our family lived in the big ol’ house in Canterlot, it was rather rare for us to actually get to enjoy a meal with everypony. We were always so busy and scattered about.”, her smile vanished as the unicorn mentioned his graduation. A very old tradition had to be broken that day. Why they didn’t just reschedule it, or do a special meeting with Celestia later on? Apparently the Princess was considerably shook up over the disappearance of her special student, which lead to her not being at that particular graduation. From the little Fire Walker knew about magic and magic school, a 'Special Student' was not necessarily the strongest spell-caster in the class, but was a unicorn with great potential that was being held back for some reason. Princess Twilight was probably Celestia's greatest student. The Princess of the Sun took a powerful, but socially awkward filly and turned her into the ruler of all of Equestria. Wow. And also 'wow' to that college career advisor. What a jerk. "That's not a sort of pony I'd want advising my kids.", she huffed, "While ponies probably rushed to snatch up the common jobs, there is always going to be a need for someponies with obscure skills. Those should be celebrated, not insulted." "Captain Walker, is there anything you can't do?" She said with a laugh, recentering herself on the stallion. The guard glanced over a the ruler of all with a a grin, "I can't whistle.", she made an an attempt and it was all just wind being blown. "I also can't get into any of those popular, but dry fantasy series. Like the ever popular, 'Magie Du Cheval' series. Everyime they introduce a new character, they got into like a hundred years of the character's family lineage... This is Puffy Hooves, son of Clamper, who is blabby blabby...I tried to read the first novel and I can't get through a page before it puts me to sleep." The red coated officer liked her coffee black. This Twilight knew. But what sort of coffee did Blizzard prefer? You could learn a good deal about a person on what they put in their Java. She sometimes liked to add a little Cinnamon to her coffee. Some ponies liked cream and sugar...Some...ugh...liked BUTTER in theirs and even worse, eggs.
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    "Well I anticipate splitting and aches...just not head ones." 'Jade' said, emphasizing her words with a mane flip. Midnight really didn't knew where to keep those hooves...or rather, he knew EXACTLY where to put them. However...as much as she wished for Oil to drag her to the inn room...there were things to attend to first. "Just a little more patience hoofsome." 'Beaker' said while putting her hoof under his chin for a moment - will Oil follow her lead or attempt to turn the tables? She didn't minded either option. "Just play along for moment. Who knows? Maybe you will have more to paw then just myself?" she added with a whisper. Like a ghost, 'Good Doctor' slipped behind the Twister, only to put her hooves on her shoulders. "If it's concern for anything...it's about your soon to be experienced absence Twister, Cutie. A 'fun' doesn't have to stop here." she explained while giving Tongue shoulder massage. "Berry may be too polite to say it, but in a way we cut from the same cloth - so I speak for her and myself.." 'Jade' said, leaning over Twister ear, her words smooth like a black velvet glove. "You see, Twister, Cutie.....a mature mare is - more often then not - greedy, nay, needy for new experiences. And as you Yourself noticed, we have fine selection here. And when you can't decide, why limit yourself? Cute can go along with sexy... And what's good for two, is good for three...." 'Jade' said before looking over Twister head, at Tiger and Berry. "...Or five." she added with salacious grin. "Limits are meant to be broken."
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    Upon Dox mention of spell's lack of subtlety, Hou averted gaze from the scrying pool. "I want them to know. Awareness of being watched...it might make them more careful, but it also might as well prompt them into foolish mistakes due to paranoia. And even if not....forcing them to be provident will significantly slow them down. Now, hold on...the image is a little blurry...." sorceress said as she did necessary adjustments.... Sombra was of course expected....but his companion... "Nnnnnnnow, that's quite an surprise!" Hou said, barely suppressing an amused chuckle. "I assumed that this mare would run for the hill upon hint of sight of me...but I am wrong. I wonder....is that overabundance of recklessness...or lack of common sense....this 'Experiment' of mine is plagued by?" Shuren said with a grin that was downright predatory. Not that she could keep going about it...cause her colleague apparently decided here and now was a good time to ask about her personal life out of all things! She wanted to berate Dox for this, but memories of that evening put her in a better mood. A very good mood. "Well, what do you think?" she asked, while unconsciously flashing a grin that was half-prurient and half-triumphant. She decided that Dox didn't had to know, that she planned for the regular trips to small town. After all, the best place to hide something, was in plain sight.... After a moment Hou waved her hoof dismissively. The small talk was better left for hotel room or a meal in one of numerous restaurants of Saddleon. "....I find it strange that Sombra chose to pursue me so soon after our last meeting. It was quite a one-sided encounter. Why chose to avenge his loss now? Unlike you or me, he can't rapidly increase his power...." sorceress started to put her analytical skills to work. "Despite his obliviousness in certain regards, Fallen King is not an fool.....Either he got his hooves on artifact of great magical power, or secured reliable alliance. Perhaps both." she mused. "At least, the later almost certain. He had to get intel about my presence in Arabia from somewhere. The mare you see probably acted as a liaison...she was there when I schooled him after all. And since I doubt he gave her post address, it means that she's member of some group with great resources." Shuren deducted. "After all, I don't exactly see him booking a ticket on ocean liner. Not to mention his arrival had to be rather quick. This mean that whoever he made a deal with, had to possess resources great enough for quick travel by air. Hmmmm...could it be that he overcame his animus against them, and met with Equestria's Princesses?" Hou theorized. She herself alluded to her many battles with Celestia. Did Sombra decided to head the well know wisdom about 'enemy of my enemy'? Still, not enough info to draw a proper picture of the situation. "Hhhmph...perhaps we can eavesdrop as well?" white mare said, adjusting the spell once again.
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    ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe's embarrassment from hey burp quickly turned into sadness. She heard Twilight mention the attitude of Spoiled. She couldn't say if she inspired much to her to be honest, but more importantly... Twilight mentioned Lotus. It would be normally for hey you assume that they were still running the spa together. It's also possible she forgot that she mentioned earlier that Lotus was in fact not in the spa. "I'm sure that Lotus would enjoy it, if she were every home anymore. I definitely wouldn't mind bringing some home for Rose and I to share though," she said a tad bit shakily to Twilight. If they weren't in a formal setting she wind have secluded herself into Rose, but she knew that would not be appropriate right now. Still, she was in a very delicate emotional state at the moment. She still wasn't sure if Rose was upset with her or not cause she still hadn't commented since she spoke about the socks, and now she couldn't stop thinking about Lotus and why she was always gone now. She could help but wonder now if it was something she had done to push her away... Why do I always have to mess things up... She thought to herself, the heir of professionalism beginning to crack just a bit.
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    Gallus didn't understand why any of this had to be anywhere near as hard as it was becoming. Why there needed to be all these questions and complications complicating a question whose only answer was an underaged, drunk foreigner being volun-cruited to join a military he only knew existed in passing. He appreciated that one stallion who tried to give him legal advice. At least he appeared to be on his side! And one of the soon-to-be-wedded joined in, exercising power that was not hers to exercise. Again, on his side. But arrayed against him was real, actual authority. And they weren't technically arrayed against him as much as they were harbingers of a dark reality that he was completely boned, if not in the long run then in his hope that the business of the day would be concluded hassle free. Did he have to go to Twilight to get this solved? The Arch-Chancellor then asked Gallus even more questions and he wanted to die. He gingerly took the shake off of his beak to prevent it from falling off and sighed. "I haven't really given that stuff any thought," he admitted privately, "though not back home. Griffonstone is a pit," he responded negatively as other voices filtered in. And At least Fire Stalker or whatever her name was pointed out that it wasn't binding without a guardian there. And it was hard enough getting Grandpa Gruff when everycreature involved was happy about the decision. This was a flap or six too far, so he was almost relieved. Almost, because then he caught the back-end of the Chancellor's continued questioning. Wait, what? He was so caught off-guard he was almost inclined to answer truthfully out of momentary shock. "I mean, yes I do but-" he began sheepishly before another voice, a friendly one that offered the theft of cake. "S-sure," he said haltingly as the dragon and the griffon made a break as best they could from the entanglements around them, shake in claw.
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    Smolder kept close to the soggy griffon, but not too close. She knew he would be very uncomfortable if she was right on top of him while they were in the water. She had remembered their first visit in the underground, where they faced their fears. Compared to the others, her challenge was very tame. Silverstream had to face a version of the Storm Lord. Gallus' challenge was so severe, it slightly disturbed the dragon, and she normally didn't have any issues with tight spaces. Tight spaces that wanted to crush you. Ouch. There were the others, but having tea with fancy mares in fancy dress was kind of lame. It was more the idea of her being caught. Still, nowhere near as bad as spiders or being stuck as Queen Chrysalis. Smolder also rocked that blue dress. She kept an eye on her friend, making sure he did not have any panic attacks. Although she was not sure what she could down if this happened. Thankfully she did not have to do anything as they were soon out of the water and in a cave. "Eh.", she shrugged. "I lived in one during the majority of my life.", she made sure to ask Gallus, "Hey, when we're in the water and you have a freak out, is there anything I can do to not make you freak out..I had a few ideas, but those might freak you out even more...So.." She glanced about and checked for hoof-prints.
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    Well, that was an... interesting story. Caramel wasn’t sure what to say in response to Chipper’s tale, but it was taken out of her hooves anyways as Morning Glow proceeded to faint. Caramel blinked a couple times after Spearmint lowered the filly to the floor, then sighed and moved over to pick up Morning. Carrying the other filly on her back, Caramel went back into her room and carefully deposited her load onto her bed. Thankfully they had been pretty close to the room, she didn’t want to move Morning that much right now.
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    Pennmin found himself chuckling proudly at the positive reaction to the change he made, glad to hear it was received well. Then came the subject of characters, one of the most important aspects to any story. Flipping to a new page in his notepad, he heard the pegasus out, and grew more and more intrigued by what she was saying. Her comment about the griffons of Griffonstone got a bit of a laugh out of him. "Well, I can't really say anything about them, since as far as I know, I've never really met any of 'em, but I'm liking the idea of everypony being out for themselves," he stated, jotting down some notes. "Might make the situation more dire, since the main character's gonna have to rely on himself to fulfill the prophecy." A brief look of realization crossed his face and he flipped back to the page with the plot summary on it, asking, "Oh, real quick, any thoughts on what the prophecy would be? Or do you wanna work on fleshing out the main character first?"
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    "Well that... that was honestly a journey Chipper." Spearmint answered at the end of Chipper's somewhat epic tale about his life and how he got to the School of Friendship. In fairness, what Chipper said was a lot and... he didn't have the faintest idea of what to say to him about the subjects that would give Chipper the help he quite clearly needed. For the best just to try and play it cool rather then make a big deal about it until they were on good enough terms that if Spearmint suggested he should go and talk to someone, Chipper might take it seriously. However, he did glance towards Morning because... well, she had not been handling Chipper at all well since she had encountered them and he suspected things were going to get worse.
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    'Nautilus' glanced in the direction of the disturbance the instant her spell was rather rudely dissolved, the un-subtle glow around her failing to follow the same pattern as she continued to channel energy into her own reserves. A small smile came to her face as she sized up what was appearing to be a rival of sorts. Her tools and lack of magical presense spoke of a mare that knew what she was doing, but could she stop the copy before she was finished with her business? Only time would tell. Another flick of light from her horn, and the area around them was captured in the grip of a Slow Time spell, the only creatures exempt from its effects being Nautilus herself and her 'visitor.' "I'm surprised to hear the name of my homeland on the tongue of a native to this land." She said, showing no signs of stress or worry despite the entity before her being several time stronger than the mere simulacrum. "And one knowledgeable of my machinations! An accomplished mage, perhaps...?" She made a show of focusing on her equipment, that smile widening just a bit. "Ah, or perhaps an alchemist. A profession I have found rare amongst the ponies of this land. Curious, how did you come upon this ancient practice?"
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    Streamsilver, it was? Well, Gallus wasn't going to harsh her mellow right then and there but he was sure that Streamsilver would go better than Sullag. Uggh, that sounded rough in his head. It wasn't long before the first ever Hippogriff recruit threw the first ever retired Griffon Wonderbolt- wow, his career must have been cut way short- a leather jacket. It stunk a bit, like somecreature hadn't been washing everything after a good run. Did it belong to somecreature important or was it the one piece of kit that Rainbow kept on forgetting about? In any case, he started to put it on. Rainbow Dash was a larger, more athletically defined mare so it wasn't a hard fit at all. He felt something in a pocket and reached in, finding a pair of black aviators. He had to complete the look, right? He snapped them open and put them on, keeping an even, steely expression on as he put a deeper affection on his voice. "That's Captain Beakbreaker to you, Recruit," he said with a wink, though he realized all too late that she couldn't see it. That left Zap Apple, who had the role of Drill Instructor Apple today. Yeah, they could roll with that. "I don't know if Recruit Streamsilver has what it takes, Drill Instructor Apple!" He said after Zap gave Silver her marching orders. Or jumping orders. Gallus looked at her move up and down a bit with as much of an even expression he could, playing up the expected sternness of his position. he would be the first to admit that it was rough. Even rougher was the expectation of a thousand wing push ups. He closed his eyes in a vain attempt to make the whistling stop. Again, these glasses. They were a lifesaver. Should he follow the orders? He was a retired captain. Not here to train. But why not play along? He wasn't sure if Zap Apple understood ranking structure yet. Plus, he had a whistle. That gave him more than enough immediate authority. "I'll do it, Instructor Apple, but only because you asked so nicely," he said confidently as he fell backwards, catching himself with the back of his wings and starting to do the reverse pushup, being able to look at Silverstream and Zap Apple while he did so. Because, you see, he was cool. So very cool it hurt. Oh that wasn't his ego, that was just the screaming from his wings that this was a bad idea. Gulp.
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    Applejack woke at the crack of dawn, despite her fitful sleep. She didn't get a full night's sleep anymore and had adjusted to this haphazard schedule. her hair-trigger responses to any mewling from the mouths of two very specific babes had evolved into the normative behavior that she exhibited now. Late to bed and early to rise- the mark of any mother, happy as she was. There were small bags developing under her eyes and strands of her mane that even after combing fought their way loose. Her bedroom had once been clear and clean and perhaps even described as bare, except for pictures. She still fought to keep it that way but an old crib that she refused to move out and a pile of foal clothes that peeked out of the closet spoke to one of many changes. The other obvious sign was that much of the available space was taken up by pictures of her burgeoning family. They were arranged in sections devoted to each member of her family. Granny Smith's section came with a small memorial alongside her ma and pa's, each departed member sadly not having the sheer volume of pictures she would have liked. Apple Bloom's pictures told the story of her growth from fussy foal raised by a confused and terrified older sister to a confident young mare ready and willing to make mistakes. Big Mac's told the story of a shy stallion finding himself and starting a family of his own. The other three though came in much greater volume. Rainbow Dash occupied a healthy portion of Applejack's wall and heart, and the pictures didn't lie. Many of them weren't for Applejack alone. A good number were group shots- don't doubt that Applejack's friends weren't well represented- or even somewhat stylized shoots for the Wonderbolts. But so many others...she remembered their stories. From rivals and friends to friendly rivals to loyal compatriots and then so much more, with pictures of a happily wedded life and wife telling the tale that Applejack could scarcely believe she was lucky enough to be in. The product of their love took more spaces than anycreature else though. Zap Apple was the first and you could never replace that feeling. She had taken so many pictures of his firsts and moments great and small. But looking at them all she could clearly remember those moments and could chart in time the progress of her firstborn colt. He was raised right. He was inquisitive and kind and strong and as good a colt as a mama could ask for. The love she had for him was as strong as the foundation of the earth beneath their hooves. He'd go far. That might not be on the Apple farm- try as she might, she didn't much reckon she could keep his pegasus behind stuck on the farm- but she was filled with overwhelming confidence in him. His sister's section was smaller, but only because she was younger. She'd pass her older brother up without question. She loved it whenever her mama wanted to take a picture of her. Absolutely loved it. Probably because she seemed like an attention seeker but how could she not be when she was just about perfect? Applejack could not overstate how over the moon she was over Ambrosia. Maybe it was because the birth had been harder and she represented perhaps her final child, but she adored just about everything Ambrosia did, even if she could be a little brat at times. Apples could sometimes be stubborn and who was she to judge? Applejack finished her bathroom duties and made her way swiftly into the kitchen. Today's breakfast? Pancakes with Applejam and praline. Cooking for three was a treat. Rainbow was with the Wonderbolts, Apple Bloom was off with her friends causing trouble, while her brother and sister-in-law were off getting business arrangements in her old town sorted out. All she had to worry about today was her and her children and that made the cooking easier than ever. She hummed and sang to herself as she worked until she was just about ready. With the clack of pots and pans and a mother on the go behind her, she trotted back upstairs. She knocked on Zap Apple's door- Apple Bloom's old room. "Rise an' Shine, sugarcube! Breakfast's ready!" she said before she trotted a few more steps and knocked on Ambrosia's room, which was once Granny Smith's but now belonged to her pre-school aged foal. "Ambrosia, time ta wake up!" She said joyfully before trotting downstairs and getting three full plates ready. After all, she had a busy day planned for them and best get started early!
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    Spearmint wasn't above saying that the situation he had found himself in was strangely surreal. It felt like since he had stepped hoof within the School of Friendship he had entered a slightly different world that was mostly the same, but the ponies within it seemed to operate on slightly different rules that came across as little more then utter madness to him. The only pony he had encountered so far that had responded in a manner he expected was the filly who had screamed herself breathless... and likely would start screaming anew once she got her breath back. This was... kind of a problem, because this was his first day here and he didn't want to get into trouble with the staff due to something Chipper did. Even if Chipper's actions came about due to an overblown misunderstanding when Spearmint said he had believed his roommate was yanking his leg, he hadn't tried to stop him and considering that necromancy was involved punishment by proximity was likely incoming. Spearmint... had his doubts that anything the staff could do would be as bad as anything his mother would come up with, but the fear that gripped him ran deep. Thankfully, damage control was something that he could do! Taking advantage of the chaos that Chipper and the two corn obsessed fillies were making, Spearmint walked over to stand beside Morning Glow and softly place a hopefully comforting hoof on her back in order to help her calm her breathing down enough to get her breath back. When he was fairly certain that nopony was looking in his direction (Chipper and Kettle Corn were wonderful distractions in that regard), Spearmint's horn briefly lit up with a faint, teal glow that seemed to match that of the crown on his cutie mark... before that glow moved to the hoof that was touching Morning before disappearing inside of her. "My name is Spearmint Sovereign, but you can just call me Spearmint if you want. As for the necromancy thing, if what Chipper told me back in our room is correct... and I'm inclined to believe him, because if it wasn't I have my doubts he would be here right now, but necromancy is legal as long as he only uses it with animals and doesn't hurt anyone with it. " Spearmint briefly paused for a moment before adding "That all being said, I completely understand why you freaked out. I didn't know what I was expecting to find here but skeleton mouse was not on the list of things I was expecting to see today and I had warning before hoof that it was what he was going to do. I'm not sure if it means anything, but I'm sorry about all this."
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    It likely was a good thing that Chipper hadn't been looking in Spearmint's direction. It wasn't really possible for him to have known of Spearmint's history, but his statement had caused Spearmint to blink in a manner that... honestly would have surprised some of the staff of the Friendship School. "I mean... there's nothing wrong with using a bit of magic to make someone a bit more empathic to you. I mean, Princess Twilight's done that a couple of times back before she was a Princess." He explained earnestly. Walking over to watch Chipper and Huginn bother Munin a little, he politely said "If he wants to sleep that's fine. I can say hello to him later." before turning to look at Chipper and asking with some curiosity "So why did you learn mind control magic?... Or did you say that more in the sense that you could learn to do it if you put your mind to it?"
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    With that, the alarm bells screaming in TT's head doubled in number and volume. "We've found that limits define who we are." TT replied as she slipped away, "Without them, you become blurry and nebulous. Like a cloud that can be dispersed from the slightest breeze. No discipline, no direction. A state we are trying to avoid. We are greatly flattered by your attentions, but we cannot deal with any more potential drama right now. We had an unfortunate encounter with a most unpleasant sorceress - WHO CONTAMINATED US WITH ENOUGH DARK MAGIC TO GIVE NIGHTMARE MOON A RUN FOR HER BITS ! We - are not comfortable with the directions things are going. Thus, our presence here can only bring everypony else down." Tongue Twister was trying to be gracious, but was preparing her mental defenses and counters, since she recognized the slick and honeyed words of emotional manipulation when she heard them. "Why does everyone want to override my decisions ?!" she groused within, "I say 'I do not want to do X', and then, for some reason, everyone feels an overpowering need to goad or coerce me into doing X ! Like my having feelings and opinions of my own is a challenge to them that MUST be overcome ! Like my feelings and opinions mean NOTHING AT ALL. And I ^%&#%^%@$&%^& HATE that !!!"
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    Crows were not an unknown animal to Spearmint; They were one of the only species of birds that came out to Green Meadows. Well, to be more precise it was the same family or families of crows that tended to stop by and stay for a number of months to lay some eggs and rise the next generation. Honestly, he and many of the other ponies in town had left the crows alone to their own devices and in return the crows seemed to like them enough that it wasn't strange for them to be almost within reach of a pony without even bothering to fly away. To some degree Spearmint had even been able to tell some of the crows apart and recognize them as individuals... through he never really bothered to give them names or anything. The crow that had been flying through the hallway was not one of the crows he had recognized back at Green Meadows, but it seemed to be completely comfortable enough with ponies to land on his head as if he was a fleshy perch. As it looked at his face upside down and he gazed back at it, he blinked slightly but stayed relatively still in order not to disturb it. However, there was a slight narrowing of Spearmint's eyes as he gazed at the bird as he stated matter of factually "If you're just here to keep my company and enjoy a ride, that's fine... but I'm not dead so if you try and eat one of my eyes, I will end you. We understand each other?" One didn't grow up near crows without finding out what they ate... and he had seen family units of crows fight each other for the eyeballs of a body before like how a pony family might fight over a favored dessert. Hearing a voice calling out from behind him, Spearmint had to make an effort not to suddenly jerk his head towards the noise, mindful of the weight on his head. With a careful slowness, he turned to face the new arrival so as to not startle the crow on his head. Looking at the blue colt who had joined him who was clearly the owner of the bird, Spearmint... didn't really know how to respond right away. His raven pun got him to let out an amused snort from his nose, but he couldn't help but answer "You know, seeing you for a second I thought I was seeing a murder of crows. But clearly, there is no probable caws." He tried to keep a straight face as he waited to see how his own attempt at a pun went. Offering the colt his hoof to bump, he introduced himself as "Spearmint Sovereign. I am actually a bit turned around. You wouldn't happen to know where room..." He carefully floated the map over to revel the marked room in question where he was trying to get to "... well, where this room is, would you?"
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    Meanwhile just outside the school, a peculiar blue-ish cyan pegasus was sat by the large pool of water that seemed to surround the campus. New in town and oblivious to the large crystal structure's purpose, she foolishly decided to lower herself in, bracing her gills, which were hidden by her dark blue mane with a light blue streak, for usage. "I wonder if there are any fish in here...maybe a squid or two! I can't wait to find out!" the young mare said to herself before taking the plunge. Thread here...?
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    "..." She didn't follow her into the clearing, not immidiately anyway. Stopping right at the treeline, she watched her with this... Haunted look in her eyes, almost pale. She hadn't expected Twilight- a pony- to discover the truth so fast. She thought she had contengencies in place for just such prying, a way to repel attempts to discover what lied underneath. Instead, this happened. But it was no matter, she told herself, as she forced herself to follow the lavender mare one stiff hoofsteps at a time. She would adapt, as she had always done. And besides, she's in the company of a friend, as difficult a concept that is for the cloned queen to grasp. "Queen Moor was not a gyne," she said weakly, still formulating a response to the other assertations as she indulged in her own curiosity. A lake? It wasn't Saddle Lake, she knew that for sure, and had become more than adequately familiar with it. Perhaps she intends for them to both go for a swim? That would be amusing, to take their conversation under the water. Can she change at-will, though?
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    "You gotta stay on top of things; life comes at you fast." Nor'Eastern replied sagely to Windy's account of Los Pegasus' rapid growth and turnover. "I mean, look at me! Didn't wake up today thinking I was gonna be a grandpa, but here we are." He chowed down on his toast like a stallion feeling that everything was right in the world. The day had started out nice with clear weather and brunch with his wife, and now? Now it was a perfect day. Scarlet shrugged in response to the talk on stress. "Some folks are stressed by not being active. You see it a lot with little colts, you know. It physically hurts them to stay still most of the day, I believe. Even Sky wouldn't stay put, though it was mostly the wind moving him about." Sky Sailing nodded along with his mother. "Yeah, both Golden and Icy struck me as mares with a real go-getting attitude. Each good deed refreshing them like a vacation. That's the kind of momentum that moves mountains, or at least can build volcanoes in the middle of the desert, miles from any fault line!"
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    ~Shining Armor~ Shiny couldn't help but feel immensely proud, seeing his daughter outlast even veteran flyers on Maneuver. Though having aspects of all tribes, some alicorns demonstrated affinities for particular ones, and Flurry's spirit tribe seemed to be the Pegasi. No big surprise there, considering how well her wings were developed even at birth! Once the show was over, he directed himself downwards, prepping a big hug for his little Fluffalump. "You looked great out there, Flurry!" He praised, completely sincerely. He didn't have a formal list for today, preferring to have just a short selection of things to be brought up as appropriate. And right now, the most appropriate thing was lunch. "Hehe, I'll take that hint! There's a new yogurt shop that opened up last month that got *really* popular, and I managed to reserve a spot there for today, just so we wouldn't have to deal with any lines." The Crystal Empire had a long-standing tradition of livestock and milk production, from sheep more than cows. It was an acquired taste, but one Flurry had grown up with. This new shop was all yogurt; savory varieties with crunchy grains for a meal, and sweet frozen yogurts for dessert, all of them at the very highest quality. It was the closest to "ice cream as a meal" Flurry was likely to get.
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    With the leading mare herself pointed out by two other members of her expedition, Strong Copper decided that time was a factor to consider as he turned to face Miss Compass herself before she had a proper chance to introduce herself. "My name is Strong Copper. I know we haven't met face to face before but I've heard rumors around town that you're leading an expedition into the Everfree and... well, from what I've heard, it sounds like you haven't recruited anyone with knowledge of the flora and fauna of the forest or how to properly deal with them." He shrugged his shoulders as he quickly admitted "I'm kind of concerned for the well being of yourself and those you are leading because of it. I know you likely don't want to just hire some random expert who showed up at the last moment but... if you tell me what your looking for in the Everfree maybe I could give you some free advice here and now on what to expect and how to deal with it."
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    "Yeah, I don't know." Silverstream admitted. "I think it was just a precaution. Seaponies haven't been around for all that long, you know. It's not like we knew what we were doing from the moment we flopped into the water. Since I was born a seapony, I was one of the first ones to not know what it's like to go from the air to the water. I can't imagine what it would have been like to spend your whole life flying and then the Queen says," Silverstream changes her tone suddenly to a more regal heavy tone. "Everygriff in the water, learn to swim to survive." Silverstream took a bite out of her fish on a stick and then swallowed. "Must have been awful." Silverstream finished nibbling on her fish and then started cleaning up her setup. She splashed some water onto the flames to put it out, and then one by one threw the rocks that made of the campfire into the shallow water. She cleaned the fish off the sticks and pout the sticks to the side of the cave wall. "Well, it's day two of the Three Days of Freedom Celebration. Today the festival is atop Mount Aris. You get to meet my dad and everygriff at the summit. They really like it up there, especially today. And I'm sure you will, too. Flying might be more your kind of thing. Oh, and Terramar, we might run into him again. When you're ready, we should fly up there." Silverstream began doing stretches.
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    Adorbs character as always!
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