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    Berry Punch Once the pack began to pull out of the Whitetail Woods, Berry Punch was surprised to find herself near the front. She hadn't entered the race with any intention to take home a medal, though other ponies were a different story! Still, whether it was choosing to stick to safe and steady paths, or the buoying by her fellow runners, she was just behind Strong Copper, who himself was trailing the front-runner. *Might just be plain earth pony endurance. Still, I should probably take up running as a regular thing; help keep this figure nice and attractive!* Speaking of which, she shot a glance back over her shoulder at the particular ponies who she had attracted over the course of the race. The exotically handsome Tiger Blood, the fuzzy bat Midnight, and the mysterious Jade Beaker. All who were invited to chill and cool down at her wine/juice bar later in the day. Though, after their sappy detour, several of them would need a shower first! "Come on, slowpokes, you don't miss me at the finish line, right?" She called back, laughing, shaking a burgundy tail at her followers as enticement as they all came into the home stretch,
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    Stage 4- The Rearing Ravine Challenging the racers is the most dangerous part of an otherwise safe forest, the Rearing Ravine. High and heavily forested, it can be hard to see if you're about to fall off of the side of a cliff and the trails are small and zigzag up and down. Most years there is a gap, a bridge, a jump! But everything seems fine this year with a nice stone bridge crossing the gap. But as ponies charge across the woods, the rocks that make up the sides of the ravine have had enough and are gonna make their displeasure known. As an avalanche of rocks cascade across the route, will ponies try to brave the avalanche of rocks or will they seek shelter in the covered areas below? OOC- Each competitor must choose whether they are running through the avalanche or are seeking shelter. If you are trying to brave the avalanche, there will be a D6 roll made to see if you succeed- I will contact you to let you know. Doing so successfully can net you between 2 and 6 points. Getting hit, however, may cost you points. Seeking shelter will not earn you points or cost you points. You must make your choice in your first post and may not change it later, even if your character gets involved with the other side!
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    Berry Punch Well, hello! It seemed that all things did indeed come eventually to the patient and cautious. Or, at least, handsome bat-stallions did, and that was all Berry could or wanted to ask for anyway! "Hmmhm, don't worry about it, Midnight, I don't mind." She giggled, not making any move to separate herself from the Thestral that had backed in against her in the little nook. "I just thought we wouldn't spooning until much later today~" She could not resist the tease, though she broke down laughing again, booping his cute little fanged muzzle when he turned back. "I'm just glad you're not out there getting yourself hurt, sugar."
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    Berry Punch If, in later days, Berry Punch had been asked where and when things had started to go wrong, it would be here and now. All throughout the race she had planned to take it relatively easy, no risks, no gunning all out for the finish line. Just a nice run in the woods to knock all the leaves down, preferably with good-looking company. But when one of the good looking ponies had decided to open up on the flats, as the sun made a re-appearance from behind the clouds, well! Berry was not a mare well skilled in the art of resisting temptation, and the clear glade surrounding her and the sight of the backside of the mare gaining distance ahead of her proved entirely too much. "Well come on then, Tiger, you can't that stand, can you!?" She laughed, putting an extra spring in her hindlegs as she shifted from a canter to a full on gallop. It had been a while since she'd run at top speed, but in the crisp fall air, with the trees and deer surrounding, it was a pleasure in and of itself, whether or not she managed to catch up to Jade in the front. Not that she wasn't going to try! All Out!
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    All Out! It seems bat stallion got a little miffed with her words/treatment of him. Good. His giggles at her flirting were cute, but he was supposed to be Guard's Pony no? Have a little pride. Put others in their place when necessary. Good, this made the game so much more interesting. "Ufufufu..." she let out excited giggle while glancing back. Yes, chase me! Speaking of interesting, these two others took her challenge as well. Splendid, the more the merrier! They even managed to come close to her. After they introduced themselves, 'Jade' made a slight bow in return. "A superb names. I am Dr. Jade Beaker. I am an ethologist.....and so it happens, I specialize in great cats." her gaze landed on a Tiger Blood for a longer while. "And, it may be be obvious, but when working with such animals, it's important to have physical capabilities. Like managing to run faster...and longer then them!" unicorn mare explained....and accelerated. They couldn't know that due to all the souls she absorbed before the race, Hou could keep this tempo for hours. Outward nothing could be detected, but the spirit energy within her steadily transformed into vitality, replenishing stamina while cleaning such unpleasant things like lactic acid from her muscles. Sprinting till the finish line was possible....but so deep in her foes territory, appearances were everything. For now sorceress will be content to level with the mare she didn't interact with yet - Tempest Shadow! "Hello there." 'Jade' spoke as she appeared directly on Tempest's six. "You pretty good. Planning to keep it up till the end?"
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    "Wow Zappers!" Pinkie bounded towards the bridge. The contraption had begun to sway slightly in the wind. "Looks like every pony wants to race alongside you!" She commented with a giggle as not only Tempest but Strong Copper raced in to rescue the little guy. "Not sure what you guys are so worried about!" She called out, taking her first step onto the swaying planks. "Zappers is a big guy now. He's gonna be just fine." The last words came out through gritted teeth as Pinkie took a gander upstream. The river was swelling and fast! If they were going to get across while the bridge was still in one piece they better shake a leg! "Everypony across that's going across!" The Pinkie one shouted as she bounded forward. Her bouncing was probably not exactly what the bridge needed to keep itself together but too late for worrying about that too. The Pink one glanced back to see who was following her. She was about half way over when a big gust of wind made her sidestep into the rope 'railing'. "Eeek!" She narrowed her eyes and continued on. With her in front and those others behind Zap would be just fine...right? Bridge crossed!
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    Bridge Thunk-Thunk-Thunk-Thunk her hooves echoed off wood as she charged ahead over the bridge. She was focused fully on her path, eyes taking in every scrap of detail as placed every hoof with planned detail. This was her element, her zone. One slip of the hoof on a clump of leaves and she’d crash. Worse maybe fall over the side in to the river. Did they have fail safes? What happens if some pony did? They’d die if something was not planned for this. Yet what did it matter? All that did matter was what she did. Closer and closer the end came, a crossing that took moments yet felt so much slower for her. However her focus was clearly going to pay off… "Zap Apple!" The scream made her look back, the voice of Apple Bloom well known to her. She helped a lot whenever AJ asked her to come down and help on the farm. Yet what she yelled about was the more worrying matter. And to her complet shock the owner of that name was crossing the bridge! “WHAT THE #@%#@$!?” She shouted in utter confusion seeing Colt tailing behind Strong Copper. Slamming her rare legs down she came to a sliding halt, almost spinning out on wet leaves and wood. She didn't really know why she did that. Just that she felt… like she had to do it. Now that she was facing the way she came she started to run back down the Bridge towards Zap Apple and past Strong Copper. So much for her lead. But she’d never live with herself if something happened to that colt, not when she’s in a blasted ear shot! What WAS he even doing in this race? Where was AJ? And was that… Oh no it was. And she was heading for the pink demoen. She regretted turning around already. But no flip-flopping now! She was going to win this Luna blasted race AND keep that blasted Colt safe! She had to do it, AJ will turn her into a dam rug if she didn't!
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    Bridge "I'm a big pony!" Zap stated it as if he was having an argument. He dare not let another older pony tell him he wasn't old enough to participate, even though it would have come from the best Auntie in the world. Zap may not have fully understood Apple Bloom's lived experiences dealing with an older sister who did everything more amazing than her. His only perspective gave him a few glimmers of opportunity, and foolish or not, Zap decided that this dusted path that weaved through many forests for the next several miles was one offered to him. Zap couldn't lie though, having his Auntie with him did make him feel better, and if the pack of ponies got away from him, he would at least not accidentally take a different unused path and get lost. When the road ahead forked, Zap could only see the kinds of ponies that took them. To the higher road, he saw ponies who looked normal and flirtatious. Going towards the brook's bridge, he saw ponies that looked like they normally wore armor. There was no doubt which direction he would choose. He was not a wimp, he was an apple. And maybe not now, but eventually he would prove to be one of the toughest ponies ever. Why wait for an opportunity to prove that, when it seems a moment has come to illustrate that to the world? He scampered towards the bridge and noticed immediately the depth that the bridge upheld. It wasn't that significant for Zap, who had been to cloud tops with his pegasus mother before. In fact it was pretty serine. The calm water underneath the bridge made him feel more calm about participating.
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    High Path Berry Punch might not have been anywhere near the lead, but at the same time, she couldn't help but feel as if she were winning. She was primely placed between fine, athletic ponies, having an endorphin boosting run through scenic woods, and to add marshmallow to massage, all her flirtations were being returned! She wouldn't say no to anypony spending a nice evening with her after all was said and done. Heck, she had barely even winked at the unicorn zooming by, and she'd offered to drop by as well! Now wasn't that a fine thing? "Look forward to it! Drinks'll be on the house!" She called out, grinning. Yup, tonight would be a real thirst-quenching evening, that was for sure, but first she had to build up that thirst by knocking off those leaves. And, frankly, her idea of a refreshing drink was not river water straight from the source. She'd run this route before, and had wound up taking a dunk the last time she trusted that treacherous bridge! Nope, clearly the wisest choice was the surest route. Besides, those two overachievers in the front would take care of all the leaves down that way anyway. And as a bonus, that handsome earth pony stallion was with her too! As if she needed further confirmation that she was making the right choice. "Heh, had to figure that Blueblood chose his guards for brains as well as looks. You're looking better all the time, gotta say." She gave an affirming wink to Tiger Blood as she kept pace with the Hesperidian.
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    He had totally forgotten about the race today. Once he finished the little chores around the farm, he heard horns and commotion down the road near the starting line for the annual Ponyville Running of the Leaves. Once he zipped there, he pushed through the crowds of ponies to see the beginning, and noticed it hadn't started yet. For what seemed like his whole life (forever), he had heard about the legends of his mothers' accomplishments. Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt legacy, Applejack's rodeo trophies. Speed records, endurance championships, title holders. It wasn't just one of them that were esteemed, the both were! Zap was constantly reminded of how amazing his parents were and are. And though he had forgotten the race was due to start today, he had never forgotten the stories his mother told him about the times she lost with Rainbow Dash, the times she almost won, and the time when she won it all. A true heart-stopper of a journey in a pony's athleticism, and it was his own mother! While these thoughts of success running in the family filled his head, he caught eye of his Auntie Apple Bloom at the start line. He could just make her out, even though she was hard to find among the taller ponies around her. Zap would jump and flutter in place to get a good look. But right as the whistle blew for the start of the race, Zap had made a conscious decision in his mind, one he felt he couldn't possibly regret. He wanted to compete. He wanted a piece of the glory. He spilled out of the group of spectators and could be seen running in the wake of the ponies across the start line. He couldn't see the path, only the dust that picked up from the hooves ahead of him. He hoped to at least catch up with his Auntie. He wouldn't even try to use his wings. Even if he could use them for a quick burst of speed, he knew from all of Rainbow Dash's stories about herself that for the leaf running, wings were banned for pegasi to use, and if Applejack caught him cheating, he might never live to eat another apple again.
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    Berry Punch Ah, the Running of the Leaves! Berry had always made a point of participating in this event ever since she moved hear from Canterlot, though the means of doing so alternated between actually running and providing refreshments to those who did each year. Though this year threw off her normal pattern, as she had run last year and had planned to set up a drinks stall next to Bon-Bon's candy vendor in the stands, while making sure her signature juices were available at the stations between each leg of the race. However... this year, it wasn't just about bringing down the leaves for her, or getting more bits for her business; this year her reasons were personal. The recent wedding between Rainbow Dash and Applejack had made going home a single mother harder than it had been in a while. She had been frankly envious of the two mares, raising a family together like that. She didn't regret her life choices, in so far as they gave her a wonderful daughter and a good home among good ponies in this town, but she felt that being alone meant she had messed up somewhere. What better place to rectify that than where those two lovebirds had first had their friendship raise the sparks of something more? And if she was recalling her regular readings of Dear Cady correctly, they weren't the only ones, as a reporter from out of town had found a special somepony at this event, hadn't they? (Of course, she hadn't recalled what happened to the poor fellow afterwards...) With all that in mind, she was doing her pre-race stretches with an eye to see the contestants... and to be seen by them, if the angles she was showing off to her immediate neighbors were anything to go by. It might be pushing it a little, but hey, she had plausible deniability, and felt that she needed to use what she had while she still had it. She certainly didn't expect to take home any athletic prizes today, especially not with mares like Tempest Shadow in the race. I mean, wow, that pony was ripped! She didn't expect to get anything more than a rear view of her even if she could keep up, which was not so bad, but if she was reading the looks Glitter Drops was giving her, that mare was as good as taken, even if Temy herself didn't quite know it yet. Oh well... There were a couple of cute stallions, though. There was that mayoral canditate, the monster catching Copper, along with a Threstral (aerion? Batpony? Which was the correct name this year?), probably for Twilight's guard. Any further speculation, however, was interrupted by the sound of the whistle. She took off, not aiming to do more than keep up with the pack at this point. After all, ambitions of the heart aside, the whole point of today was shaking down leaves, and that was best done together!
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    Berry Punch It was a mark of how the race had gone for her that Berry didn't consider Tiger's embrace and kiss to be too "fresh", but instead a gesture she'd reciprocate in a heartbeat. "Aww, thanks; y'all made it good for me too. Best Leaves I've ever run, for sure!" She laughed, giving a wave back to the first place pegasus. "Hey, if you want a drink after all this, my bar's still open! After we get cleaned up and all, of course!" Even those among the coursers who hadn't been sapped, trail dust and sweat clung to their bodies, and was starting to feel rather gritty and uncomfortable. Speaking of sapped, Midnight was coming up then, giving more affection, again reciprocated. The threstral sweetie was even going to lead a search party!... Which soon turned out to be mostly extraneous, as one of the objects of their search finally crawled in. Boy, little bloom looked like she'd been run through the wringer! "Er, I think you ought to find a doctor first, Middy. Poor little Bloom looks like she got a concussion."
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    Tiger was actually pretty happy with this outcome. Having not really tried to win at all, it was nice to make it onto the podium at least. It was also interesting that it was a podium that included up to fifth place, but he wasn't about to complain about that. He nodded as the mayor gave him his medal, giving a confident smirk at her words to him. Once she moved on, he winked over at Berry, watching as she received her own award. "Great job, Berry. Really pulled away there at the end, but I was a little distracted by preparing to fight Jade's new pet. Y'know, just in case it was necessary. Still, congrats, you definitely earned that." He smiled at her, pulling her into a one-legged hug before kissing her on the cheek. "You and Midnight made this race a great one, so thanks for that."
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    Welcome to the Official 2020 Running of the Leaves signups, standings and OOC discussion thread. The start date is November 6th; the end date is November 29th. - The Running of the Leaves is a race that spans through the Whitetail woods. We will have a special thread for every three days of the race- each of these three days represent a different stage of the race through Whitetail woods. - Everypony on the forum can race with one WoE RP approved character. - Each post during a stage is worth one point. - We will also evaluate the quality of each post per section of the race, awarding a player between 0-3 points for the stage as an RP bonus. - Additionally, I will be rolling a D6 and adding that many points to your score. This reflects the randomness of such competitions. This system leaves a lot of the race up to random chance (which is much like a real race- you never know the strength of all your competitors!); but everypony will be able to directly affect their chances by how well, and how often, they choose to RP the race. - There are bonuses in five of the seven stages. Sometimes they will be explained thoroughly, while other times you will need to pay attention to the words of the OP and events in the thread itself. Some bonuses are optional while certain threads are littered with bonuses as well as deductions. Bonuses and deductions will be based on what the characters choose to do. Choices can be made, timing can be important. Sometimes it is best to be bold but remember that being bold can have a downside while being safe and secure is no guarantee of victory! Deductions are also possible. - Because of the way this is set up, even if you miss a 'section' of the race, you won't necessarily be out of your chance for 1st place- hang in there and give it your best! If you join late to the race, no problem at all! Just start RPing from the section that everypony is currently on- you never know, luck may just be on your side! - You can sign up and start racing at any time, no matter when as long as the event runs. Summary and Rules - 7 Stages to race in. - One point per post, 1-6 possible die roll, 0-3 for RP quality. 2-3 for deductions and bonuses based on the stage and events. - No double posting. There is also a hidden limit to the amount of points that can be gained by posting to prevent spam. Spam posts will result in deductions. We want you to post, but we want you and your friends to have good, fun posts, not spam. - No flying and no magic! Locations:Stage 1- Ponyville Start Line - November 6th-8thStage 2- Bubbling Brook- November 9th-11thStage 3- Galloping Glade- November 12th-15thStage 4- Rearing Ravine - November 16th-19thStage 5- Roundbottom Hills - November 20th-23rdStage 6- Whitetail Woods - November 24th-27thStage 7- Ponyville Home Stretch - November 28th-30thThe End- Final Standings and Aftermath -December 1st-December 3rd Roster: Tempest Shadow- Dusty Tiger Blood- PyroBlaze Midnight Oil- Skycoaster Strong Copper- Strong Copper Berry Punch- PrinceBlueblood Apple Bloom- SteelEagle Zap Apple- Riverhippo Tongue Twister- NiktoBarada Jade Beaker- Ciraxis Pinkie Pie- Rainbowfoxxy Standings: Tongue Twister- 71 (6, 9, 9, 12, 12, 12, 11) Strong Copper- 67 (9, 11, 9, 10, 11, 7, 10) Berry Punch- 65 (11, 9, 10, 9, 8, 10, 8 ) Tiger Blood- 61 (7, 8, 8, 9, 8, 13, 8 ) Pinkie Pie- 57 (0, 11, 9, 12, 12, 6, 7) Midnight Oil- 55 (7, 9, 8, 8, 10, 8, 5 ) Jade Breaker- 53 (8, 7, 9, 9, 11, 0, 9) Tempest Shadow- 51 (9, 10, 10, 8, 10, 0, 4) Apple Bloom- 43 (7, 8, 8, 7, 8, 6, 0 ) Zap Apple- 16 (4, 8, 4, 0, 0, 0, 0 )
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    Berry Punch A louder-than-usual series of crashes and thumps prompted Berry to shoot another look back over her shoulder, meeting the pleasant sight of Jade Beaker... and the much less pleasant sight of her new pet. "What the buck!?" As much as she thought she was used to Ponyville Weirdness (TM), a pony trying to tame a wyvern was just on the far side of what Berry Punch was willing to deal with. Heck, not even Fluttershy would let one of those hang around the cottage. Sure, she'd probably still do medical work for one, but she wouldn't try to bring one home. "That... thing, is not going inside my house!" She shot back at the unicorn, suddenly much more motivated to put some distance between her and the poison lizard. Perhaps that burst of speed would be enough to take home the prize, though right now she was more motivated by what she didn't want to bring home. Which would include Jade if she kept up these shenanigans!
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    It was about time we saw the end! Ponyvill was coming back in to view and by the gods she was tired from all this running, rock dodging and rushing over flooding rivers. What she needed was a toasty fireplace and some Hot coco with her friend. That was a mare. A mare friend. But not like that! Maybe? Ok maybe they were. Well whatever it was, Temy was ready to lay down and get snuggles from her Glitter. But first she had to be done with this race! Hopefully she did not fall too far behind, she got rather sidetracked back in the woods and lost her way. Not her fault, she found a cool old shed that needed exploring… But with a clean path ahead with no danger it was her last shot as pulling ahead and win something. She had a feeling she was going to lose again. But that need to win at the start of the race was less pushing now. She just wanted to be done with this in truth. Maybe she was just getting too old for this nonsense.
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    Stage 5- Roundbottom Hills The Running of the Leaves takes in a new route this year, as the leaves on the trees in the hills and in the underground forest in the Roundbottom Range have lacked care for years. This hilly terrain is far from as dangerous as the Ravine, but steep inclines and declines at times going over the hills can tire you out, while the distraction of seeing Baltimare and Canterlot as you turn your head is a real threat! Or maybe you decide to head into the hills themselves, where large underground forests languish in darkness, with only faint rays of light and the few magical lamps set up by race coordinators for coverage of the giant caverns the forest impossibly thrives in. This route is much shorter, but can you navigate the confines and the darkness without issue or will you get lost, slam into trees, or even eaten by a strange creature that you didn't even know was there?! Likely not, but the dark is always terrifying... OOC: Say which path you are taking, over the hills or through them. If you are heading over the hills, one of your posts must involve the steep inclines and declines. Each pony who takes the top route must declare in bold their 'strategy' for dealing with the hilly nature, and the best gains bonus points. If you go through the hills you must contend with the dark and terrifying nature of the location. The pony with the best 'solution' will gain bonus points. As before, state what the strategy is in bold before, during, or after the main body of the post. Whether you gain bonus points or not will depend on how you handle these problems.
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    Berry Punch When it came to chasing away the ghosties, Berry would take kisses over mere laughter any day. Returning each of the stallion's good-luck gestures on the lips, she felt her heart race once again, pumping blood to her pumping legs, speeding the trio through the darkness and shadows. The mare had little to no experience in such environments, but in the company of two experienced stallions, what did she have to be afraid of, really? No more than shadows, and she needn't pay them any mind, not when there were far more interesting things to either side of her! "Oh, so bat-ponies really grow up in deep, dark woods? I thought that was just a slightly tribablist urban legend. I certainly didn't grow up on a farm, though I'd frankly be happy enough to retire to one. Being an urban wild child ain't all its cracked up to be, I'll tell ya." She laughed, bumping against Midnight and Tiger's sides in turn. However, it wasn't long before she found herself distracted from her distraction. Shadows were to be expected in this place, but what were those lights? Was it the dreaded will-o-the-wisp, out to lead ponies off the path into their marshy doom? The blare of party music dispelled all such frights, and Berry devolved into laughter. "Oh, Pinkie, never change!"
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    Moonlight nodded. If Rainbow wanted help, Rainbow would get help. That mare looked like she needed refreshments and some calm. Besides, it wasn't like the foal was about to be born or anything. It had been such a long labor that she knew they'd have time. "Sure, I can help ya with that," she said with a smile as she started trotting alongside Rainbow to the delivery room, a glass of water held in her magical grip. As they approached the door, it opened- and a nurse, her mane frayed- looked quickly for Rainbow. "Missus Dash, you're needed. The foal is coming!" She said, taking Rainbow by her foreleg and pulling her in. Moonlight laid the glass of water in one of the nurse's open hooves and trotted back to the waiting room, a smile on her face and giddiness heavy in her step as she tried to hide what she knew. The end of the labor was as loud and intense as any other period, with one final effort from Applejack needed to finally give Ambrosia the light and air of this world, which she used to scream and scream loudly. Applejack had felt it long before she had seen it, but the first thing her bleary eyes saw was a tiny little horn standing proud. The magic that helped two mares conceive could take some twists and turns at times. While much of the process was the same as any other couple, the love they shared an the intimacy of their love helped create fertile aetheric conditions for a magical pregnancy with the aid of a spell. In the overwhelming majority of cases the resulting child was a direct and obvious byproduct of the mares. But like with any other birth, oddities could occur. The Apple family was overwhelmingly represented by Earth ponies, but there were certainly some unicorns in there, even pegasi. Rainbow Dash's family was wholly pegasi, but that wasn't always the case. Deep in their shared bloodlines was a unicorn. When Twilight had first gotten the pair in contact with the right specialist, she had laid it out: There was about an even split of a chance between an Earth Pony and a Pegasus. A unicorn? Possible, the Princess said, but about a one in a hundred chance. So when the bundled evidence of shared love came out with a fire poker on her head, it was unexpected. Unexpected, but not unloved. "It's a filly," the doctor said calmly as the foal was taken into the waiting arms of multiple attendants. Applejack's head hit the pillow in exhaustion, her whole body caked in sweat. She took one deep, ragged breath after another as she looked at Rainbow Dash with the eyes that only a wife could have, soaking in her own heat. "Ahwan...see..." Applejack muttered in her total exhaustion, her yees fluttering to the end of her vision as the doctors cleaned Ambrosia up. She was swaddled and was eventually hoofed on over to Applejack. She was held tight to the mare, who looked her over with a mixture of deep devotion, endless love, and a decreasing level of consciousness. "Rain...she looks...perfect...little..Ahmmb..roo..." Applejack muttered, then whispered, and then finally stopped speaking entirely, and falling unconscious after her long labor. Even when asleep though Ambrosia was held tightly against her mother, as protected and loved as she would ever be.
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    Princess Bluebelle While Fire's green-coated Beau was still scarce, at least the Princess' accompaniment had decided that it was better late than never. "So it seems that I was, Dunder. Is this normal when one is the mare in a relationship?" She asked, sea-blue eyes dancing with humor. Dunder didn't switch as often as Bluebelle did, partly because of the use of a different and rather less hair-trigger transformation mechanism, and partly because the tan pegasus tended to prefer their mare form much more strongly these days. Still, bless him, Dunder seemed to want to wear a suit and tie today and make a traditional couple out of them. "Oh? I hadn't heard the Twilight Guard dissolved; my Aunties kept both their personal retinues under a separate chain of command. It often helped them in situations where they'd otherwise have to send protocol or regulation breaking orders through the REA. We've found that approach to be wise ourselves, haven't we, Dunder?" She gave him a smile and a wink. The curtsy was appreciated, though she wouldn't have called out the lack thereof here of all place. Why, they'd be stuck admonishing commoners all day, which would be awful when there were much more appropriate uses for one's time, like cake! "Oh, yes, I was. That was back when I was still in the middle of moving in for the Spring Semester; goodness, that was so busy, no wonder it slipped my mind." She started moving towards the refreshment table, lining for cake behind the brides. "I don't think you met my new kitty, though? I'll confess, a great deal of effort was put into making the castle ready for him; Twilight hadn't made any sort of preparations for having a feline guest about the place." She tried as hard as she could to keep a straight face throughout, just in case Fire hadn't heard about Niilavin...
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    Strong Copper There was a time and place to have a conversation with someone you had just met for the first time... and during an avalanche of stone of all things didn't seem like one of those times at all. In fact, it seemed downright insane! And yet... here he was, about to have a conversation with the pink mare from earlier because as crazy as it might have sounded, ignoring her would have been rude and his mother hadn't raised him that way. "It's been having it's up and downs, but it seems a bit rocky at the moment." He answered, trying to retain a bit of wit despite the circumstances. As much as he wanted to be looking at the mare while talking to her, he felt that keeping an eye out for the path and falling rocks was likely a better use of his immediate attention. "Sorry, but I don't think we've properly met. I'm Strong Copper and-" He didn't bother with a 'look out', instead flat out shoulder checking the pink mare in order to knock the both of them aside in different directions because even as a rather fit and active unicorn, earth ponies were built to be physically stronger. The motive behind the body check quickly reveled itself as a rather jagged looking example of stone slammed point first into the ground, embedding itself into the ground exactly where the pink mare would have been if he hadn't moved to knock her out of its path. "-sorry for that. It's a pleasure to meet you. But is now really the time to chat?"
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    Ho-Boy. Now the reception had begun. Fire Walker gently wiped away her tears and hoped nopony saw her take place in one of the oldest wedding clichés ever. Now they just needed the over-drunk uncle or somepony to storm in and declare that –they- were truly in love with one of the now married ponies. The officer’s ears perked up as she heard a very familiar voice. “Oh Dunders.”, she quickly scooted over to her special friend and gave him a proper hug. She had not seen her former adventuring partner since a rather odd mishap with a magic mirror in her former place of employment. So much had changed since then. “The Twilight Guard has mostly been dissolved as the good Princess now has an whole country to rule. I’m back with the R.E.A proper.”, her voice dropped down to a whisper, “I also have an upcoming change of my own.”, she patted her stomach. “There’s nothing really there that can be seen, but I’ll be bringing a foal of my own into the world in a little over ten months. And don’t worry.”, she smiled at the stallion, “About the cake. I’m pretty sure I heard there’s a few back-ups in the kitchen in case the usual shenanigans break out. And if a larger crowd turned up.” The good Princess Bluebelle made her way over to the pair. Could she imagine as a child that she would know more than one princess personally? Being the proper sort, she gave the royal pony a proper Canterlot curtsy. "He was supposed to be here already.", she whispered with more than a hint of stress in her tone , "And yes, I believe I was with you shortly after that happened. Was it last year's Hearth's Warming Eve?" Or maybe even the previous? Time was going by so quickly. Ooh! They had that one mare..The cellist that was at every Grand Galloping Gala. She is very good! And along with Countess Coloratura. Fire's little sister Wind was a big fan.
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    There were three kinds of ponies in Equestria around the time of the Running of the Leaves. The athletes themselves put hoof to ground in an effort to bring down the delightfully colored autumn leaves for the good of Equestria, and they were lauded for it. Who did the aforementioned lauding of the leaves? The second group of ponies, the throng of thrilled spectators that lined the public sections of the course in bleachers as well as the epic amount of festivities that dominated areas around it. They made up the vast majority of ponies who came and nopony would doubt that they did more than line the pockets of local business. Everypony would claim that their cheering helped family, friends, and simple favorites in the race and that even more than those racing, they were the spirit of the Running of the Leaves. An explosion of energy and joy that signaled the end of the sweetest weather and ushered in periods where one stayed inside all the time. It was also nice that they lined the pockets of local businesses. Or politicians. Sometimes the same.In any case, the Stands were for everypony! Bon Bon was pleased at the turnout. Normally she was late getting a good permit and found herself getting stragglers in and out of the largest open area near the start of the race, where the vast majority of the ponies congregated at the start before waiting for the message that they were closing in on the end of the race, when they would all trot on over to the end. It was a good place to be for a businesspony and she finally got the full blast of it! No more stragglers- this year, Bon Bon's Bonbons was open for business in the heart of it all, the Heartland Stands, and she had come prepared for whatever may come. A world of chocolates all around and who could stop her? Nopony! Nopony at all!She had bonbons for DAYS and DAYS in her cart, packed to the brim without a single space that wasn't used for advertisement or display going unstuffed. She had also made sure that they were a fresh batch, taking the day before and after off specifically to focus on the amazing batch of delicious bonbons that had turned out splendidly. She had special advertisements and packaging, hokey little designs that would keep fillies and colts etranched for a second and were themed around the Running of the Leaves. Galloping mares and stallions and leaves- generic but effective. Her prices had more variance- standard bonbon deals were below normal value, but Running of the Leaves themed little bonbon bags were of course of such limited quantity and of such great quality that everypony should buy one. All in all, a good type of day for the third type of pony, the businessmare."Get'm while they're here, Ponyville's very own famous Running of the Leaves bonbon delicacies! Taste the simple country flavor with a bold twist! Bonbons! Bonbons! Get'm while they're hot!" Bon Bon cried out, her very best carnival shystervoice plastered on as best she could.
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    Applejack's first task was cake. And her first task was sharing the cake with Rainbow Dash, and likely making a mess. She puled her wife- that felt good to say- over to the large chocolate cake that was waiting for her. "Open up yer big mouth, flight girl. Yer stuck with me now," she said as Twilight cut the cake with her magic. The piece was given to her- same with Rainbow. Applejack grew a predator smirk with an arched eyebrow as she went in for the delicious kill. Apple Bloom moved in a little slower, her emotions heavily mixed. Her eyes were wet with tears of joy. Her sister had found her perfect pony forever and the APple family was growing. That was easily one of the best things to have ever happened in Apple Bloom's young life, and she didn't want to think anything else. But she couldn't help herself. She hadn't a role to play in this entire affair. She felt old now. Was she old? Well, she wasn't old enough to experience life just yet. She was happy, she was over the hills with joy, but frustrated. It was weird and selfish and it made her feel all the worse for it as smiled her way into the reception. Moonlight trotted excitedly into the reception, eyes and ear and heart on point. It had been soooooo romantic but this was just the start of it! "Oooh, that was sooooo romantic like oh my Celestia. Makes you think, right? Like, wow I hope my wedding is just as radical! Go get us something to drink, sweetie," she said to her little Remington, happy to have him around. Octavia took her position, having moved quickly from the ceremony staging area to the reception area. She, her quartet, and many of the other musicians were working dual roles today, even though the first part was far less exciting than the second. She set herself up on stage, taking her bow out and giving it a few quick cuts before she nodded to the first entertainer of the evening: Coloratura. Rara herself was dressed down rather than up, knowing that Applejack didn't really appreciate the glitz and glam that came with the Countess. Her playlist was one of a few as other entertainers were bound to perform, but had been carefully chosen for this night. She would ignore the sting in her heart for tonight and perform as best she could. It was the least she could do for the married couple. She returned the nod to one of the musicians who was going to provide the backing instrumentation for her. They had a minute or so before the signal for the first song was due to come in, so she ran over the list in her head and took some deep breaths, prepared as best she could be for the night.
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    ALL OUT Tempest was unlike most unicorns, so unlike them she may have been the only one to push themself like she did. Her magic was strong but unreliable and for most of her life completely useless. She filled in that gap using her body. Raw strength and endurance took the place of magic and in it she found an outlet. Every morning she runs. Every other day she worked out useing whatever tools she had at hoof. Buckets of water, fallen trees or rocks. Whatever worked. Whatever she had at hoof. She had a body that made even earth ponies blush and feel feeble. And what of her size? She was head and shoulders taller than most and could look the tallest pony in this town in the eyes. It made her wonder if maybe she was never supposed to be a unicorn. She sure wasn't built like one. Yet for all of this… That blasted mare tailing her was still yaping as if going in a full blast gallop was nothing. And that was infuriating. She wanted to slam in to her, knock her down and hammer a hoof in to that face. By all means the mare says. By all means she’d be happy to break that mare's jaw! See how much that mare grins and acts all snippy rolling in the dirt missing teeth. By all means she’d love to show that mare just what she can do. But that’d kick her out of the race… But that did not matter. No what did matter was how Glitter may feel. Fear? Scard? Disappointed? That alone was far worse than being kicked out of the race for beating some mare in to a heap. And for Glitters sake she had to control herself. She had a race to win and she’d do it fair. She can’t let this mare or others get underneath her skin. She was better than that. With new found focuses she pushed herself harder, faster. To gain every last inch of space she can in the race and show that mare what she’s made of!
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    The forest and the storm gave way to the closest thing to a straight and narrow path that the course would offer. It was said that every year the Running of the Leaves took on a different character but she always felt like it started the same. Why didn't they just build a stone bridge? The rickety one that was put up every year felt like a serious hazard. In any case they had made it over and through and except the stinging sensation in her head that sent shivers down her spine and the water that held fast her pelt, she was good. And so was Zap Apple. Together they were going to kick all sorts of flank, and the flank kicking started here in the open! You bet your flank she was gonna be going all out! "Think you can keep up, Zappy?" She said with a wink before she started to take longer, faster strides. She kept her focus up front and on the path ahead, stealing glances on her nephew as she started to gallop like her life depended on it. She wasn't gonna be as fast as others but with her face so close to the ground- hey facts were facts- and one of them was that ponies had tripped, gotten lost or otherwise made a mess of the simple straightaway before. So as the wind started to whistle past her and her hooves started to look like true blurs, she tried t not lose herself in the sensation of speed that overran her. That lasted about five seconds. "Yeee-hawwww! Here Ah come, everypony!" She yelled as she poured more and more of herself into it. Each gallop that slammed into the ground came with the excitement that was intrinsic in a great pony gallop. It was hard to get a good gallop going in town. Not enough room. Too many buildings, too many ponies. But out here a pony could just be a pony, wild and free, and she took full advantage of that fact as she pushed her body to move as swiftly and capably as it could go.
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    Tiger smiled a bit at Jade's introduction, though his eyebrow raised as she mentioned big cats and her gaze lingered on him. What, just because of his name? He wasn't entirely sure what that was supposed to mean, but he didn't have long to think about it before Jade boasted about physical capabilities and bounded off again. The earth pony shook his head slightly, chuckling at her seemingly boundless energy so far, but Berry's reaction actually surprised him. Chasing Jade at this point, he could resist, especially with another pretty mare by his side. Chasing Jade and Berry though, with no mares nearby to tempt him into hanging back, that was a different story. He let out a bit of an excited laugh before speeding up as well, chasing down Berry first since he guessed she would be the easier of the two. On the way though, he took the chance to admire the flanks on display, and what flanks they were. He gave a quiet, appreciative whistle to Berry as he came up beside her, giving a wink as he matched her pace again. To be honest, this felt good, running like this through an open area. It reminded him of home, running around Hesperia hunting and training. "Mmm, this feels good. I should come out here more often just to run around, you know? Feel the wind whipping past." He smiled at her, speaking between breaths. All out!
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    "Now this is more like it!" Pinkie squealed with delight as she bounced into the glade. "It's so sunny here, and warm, and nice!" She wrung out the last bit of damp from her poofy mane and it sprung back it it's puffy place. "This would be a great place for Fluttershy's next birthday!" Bounce, bounce, bounce, down the dirt path leading through the idyllic scene. There were birds, and squirrels, and deer oh my! "Oh my gosh!" Pinkie planted her hooves on the path and started frantically sorting through her mane and then her tail. "Where, where, where? Ah!" She pulled her hoof out of her tail with a certain gator attached at the end. "Hey there Gummy! All the crazy of that stream back there made me totally forget you were along for the ride!" She held the gator out in front of her and grinned. "You're not made at me are you little guy?" The gator was still for a moment and then blinked his purple eyes in succession. "Whew! Thank goodness you're not mad! I don't know what I'd do if my favorite little gator in the whole wide world was upset with me!" Pinkie got up and bounced on. She glanced over her shoulder. "I wonder where Abby and Zappers got to?" The mare slowed her bounce, hoping the two younger ponies would catch up to her. Sure this was supposed to be a race, but that wasn't very fun without your friends by your side! (not gonna go all out)
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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Ambrosia Apple Gender: Female Age: Young Filly Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Green Coat: Peach Mane/Tail: Bright reddish-pink curls, long and cascading Physique: Normal, with the chub that would come as the result of being spoiled balanced out by the exercises demanded by vanity Residence: Sweet Apple Acres Cutie Mark: None yet History: Ambrosia Apple was the second foal born to Rainbow Dash and Applejack, conceived through similarly magical means. Born shortly after their wedding, she emerged with some strong resemblances to her late grandmother, Pear Butter, particularly in the curliness of her mane and the color of her coat. This, combined with the recent emotions surging through her mother due to her recent wedding, rather cemented an overly-indulgent attitude towards her second foal, leading to little Ambrosia being spoiled from the start. Had there been any other pony she could have possibly been parented by, the fact that she had been born a unicorn to an earth pony and pegasus might have raised suspicions. As it was, most folks just chalked it up to ‘Magic. You know?’ Thus, the little filly began to grow up, surrounded by a loving family in a nice town, raised by two parents who seem to think she can do no wrong (rather to the chagrin of other Apple Clan members who deal with rather stricter discipline…) Character Personality: Spoiled Sweet. She knows full well that she can get away with quite a lot, and that almost none of her requests will be denied, but intuits that if she acts too much like a brat, this golden situation will come crashing down around her ears. This has made her quite entitled, but not greedy. Besides that, she’s an ordinary filly to extraordinary parents, well aware that she’s going to grow up to be beauty. Thus, she’s much more of a girly filly than either of her tomboy parents Character Summary: A spoiled sweet Summer Child to the local Apple-Dash
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    Berry Punch Well, wasn't this turning out to be one of the most fun Running of the Leaves in years! So full of drama, excitement, and... *ahem* great scenery! She was rather relieved to see most ponies, especially the little ones, emerge safely on the other side of the bridge (seriously, why didn't they just put up something in steel and concrete rather than put up a rickety wooden structure every year after the first one breaks? Something to discuss with the mayor-elect ASAP). After having helped Midnight up, they were once again paid a visit by the exotic Wingaporean. Though, Berry had to look askance at her latest attempt to flirt. 'Giver her the sniffles?' Since when was that an attractive metaphor? Must be some cultural thing lost in translation. "Oh, we ain't letting you get away that easy!" She shot back, her enthusaism undimmed by her bafflement. Leading the pack of the two handsome stallions, she scrambled to catch up to the unicorn mare, providing both Midnight and Tiger eager incentive to keep pace, or at least stay within sight range. "Name's Berry Punch." She would say, once she had nearly caught up, which wouldn't be until the forked paths began to join again.
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    Bridge Just how in the blazed did she not die as a filly? Was she this clueless as well? No way she was. She’d been dead a dozen times over. But here this colt was, looking out at the river about to take a bridge down with some clueless looking on his face. It was innocent how clueless he was about it. Somethin bout that tugged at her heart and made her feel ashamed for even thinking bad of him for being innocent. Not every pony needs to live like she did. “Time to move!” She shouted as coming to a stop next to Zap, leaning her head down to push the colt along. “Look later we got to run! Don’t want to lose, do ya?” She says pushing him along to get the colt moving again. She did not want to grab him but if things got to bad she’d do it, regardless how much he may fuss. A full grown pony falling in to a river is one thing. A colt? Well she’s heard of far less doing them in. And can that pink demon shut up? Why was she like that? Yap-yap-yap like some tiny dog. At least Copper was making himself useful, good on him. She needed to talk to him more and learn what his deal was. Why was he on them posters or whatever it was… when Apple Bloom got closer she waved the filly on… or well, young mare? to keep going. “Keep on running, Bloom! Come on Zap, move that flank, want her beating ya?” She fussed as she did her best to get them all off the bridge before it gave out underneath them. They were so close!
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    Strong Copper Bridge Strong Copper wasn't sure how families gained 'family mottoes', but as he made his way over the bridge he couldn't help but find the words of a pretty damn good one enter his mind as his hooves echoed against the wood of the bridge: 'Favor the Brave, Punish the Reckless'. Had the right kind of ring to it, but if it turned out to be true only time could tell. While his own steps were with care, Tempest seemed to cast aside all pretense of caution as she yelled at the sky in a tongue he wasn't familiar enough with to understand. Still, while he hadn't been moving anywhere close to top speed due to playing to the conditions, it wasn't that massive a bridge and he was still making good time. It wasn't long before the wooden echo of wood was replaced with the combination of earth thuds, muddy squelches and watery splashes. With the danger of slipping on wood and falling into a stream turned river behind him, he could afford to pick up the pace again... at least he could until he heard "Zap Apple!" called out behind him. Normally, he knew well enough that when you were running, you shouldn't look over your shoulder because... well, that's how you slipped, tripped or ran into a tree but under the circumstances he did risk a glance over his shoulder... and his eyes widened as he witnessed a young colt running towards the bridge with Apple Bloom and a pink pony he must have missed at the starting line in pursuit. Considering he hadn't been going as fast as Tempest, when Strong Copper came to a stop it was a lot more controlled with a lot less skidding, but stop he did. Unlike Tempest who was running back towards the bridge, he had instead elected to stay where he was in order to keep watch. If push came to shove, he could attempt to reach out with his magic and grab the small colt in order to pull him out of harms way, but he wasn't going to jump onto the bridge or into the stream unless things had truly taken a turn for the worst. Was it the smart thing to do? No. He was sacrificing his chance to gain a pretty solid lead in the race against not only Tempest, but also all the other racers... but he wasn't about to gamble a colt's life to win a stupid race. An additional thought went towards trying to protect one of Apple Bloom's relatives in front of her as being rather important, but that was a secondary thought that only came about after instinct had kicked in and declared that letting a small child cross a bridge under dangerous circumstances without supervision was a terrible idea and needed to be fixed.
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    Bridge! "Weeeeee!" Pinkie bounded up the path. "Hee hee hee!" The pink mare shouted with much unplaced jubilation as she faced the storm like a champ! "This is fun!" She turned to a very determined Tempest that was making her way down the same path, towards a swelling river and torrential storms...possibly. or maybe the weather pegasi would getting managed and it would be all butterflies and rainbows. You know, the lense through which Pinkie almost always saw the world? Yep the rose colored one! Well, unless she needed to get serious. She could do that, if she had to. But hay now, this was a fun race! She was gonna bring the party! "Hey you guys!" She bounced up to Abby and Zapper. "Can't believe you're already grown up enough for Running of the Leaves!" She reached over with her hooves wide to muss up the forelocks of the young mare and colt. "It's gonna be a party out here today!" As they neared the split in the path she went along the way Zap was taking. "Mind if I join you?" She smiled a huge smile and then giggled. "Not to help you or anything, you're grown up now Zap! I'll just bounce right along with you!" Pinkie bounded up ahead, noting the river and it's turmoil. There was the bridge, swaying slightly. It looked survivable enough... for the time being... "Whew! This is gonna be an adventure and a party huh?" Pinkie spoke to nopony in particular as an errant gust of wind puffed her poofy mane out to the side. "Where's Daring Do when you need her?" Pinkie giggle and made her way closer the the bridge...
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    Rainbow let out a sigh of relief. "Well," she winked at her wife. "That's finally over with!" The pegasus spoke once they had wound their way through some guests, offering polite gestures along the way. Rainbow wished they could just ditch the rest of this thing and spend some time together at the farm house. There was something so comforting and restful about AJ's room there. It was one of her favorite places. All she wanted to do was snuggle up next to her mare. RD glanced at the oh so preggers earth pony walking beside her. She was pretty sure AJ would be into some rest time. Buyout, there was the reception and the guests and the rest of the night to go. She walked on, towards the barn. Bluebells engaged them and Rainbow smiled. "I usually do move faster, I must admit!" RD laughed. "But even a commoner marriage takes some time," She smirked, going along with the royal words spoken by the mare. She was going to say more but a rumble had started in her tummy. "So uh, you remember what we got for refreshments?" She glanced at AJ. "I haven't eaten since like yesterday I think!" Applejack remained silent for a brief moment, allowing herself to lean into her wife. Her wife, her spouse, her legally binding love of her life and all that entailed. She shared some hugs and some words and allowed herself to be the co-center of attention, if only this once, and if only for the most special of occasions for a family mare. As they pulled away from the crowd and the music and the hoopla around the ceremony itself, she breathed a sigh of relief. All of her weight seemed to come back to her, but she was still flying close to the sun on this day. "Ah reckon we should have everything prepared. We have what, three different entrees? How many drinks?" She laughed, nuzzling Dash as she walked hoof in hoof with her. They were heading to the reception area, a different part of the farm, closer to the barn and stretched out with tables and all manner of food, plus a stage for musical performances and a nice open space ahead for dancing. And you best believe there'd be dancing. Rainbow walked on with her hoof around that of her love. She smiled as AJ leaned into her, happy to be able to be there for her for the rest of their lives. She was sure gonna do all she could with Ambrosia's birth! RD had been working hard to show her love by being there when she was wanted or needed or both! Her stomach rumbled as they approached the reception area. The smells of the food were oh so tempting! There was special table set up for herself, AJ and the mares of honor. "Look at that dancing area!" RD smiled. It was done up pretty much how one would imagine for some line dancing! That was fine with the pegasus though she doubted AJ would be up for any dancing. She was pretty darn pregnant after all. RD snatched a daisy sandwich as soon as she sat down and took a few bites. Now that she's said heroes and finished the proceedings without too much trouble she could relax a little. "PAAAAARTY!" Pinkie bounced onto the scene and came to take her seat next to the other side of Rainbow! "I'm so excited for you guys!" The Ponk squealed out with glee! OOC- Post written with Foxxy. THE RECEPTION IS NOW! PARTY HARD!
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    Berry Punch Oh-ho-ho, so the handsome Earth Pony was a Platinum Guard member from 'down under'? That would explain his exotic flair, despite being an earth pony. Perhaps it was a bit tribalist, but there was nothing to Berry that less implied the exotic than earth ponies, the symbol of the homebody pony. But then again, that might just be because she was one herself. "Well, handsome, if you want to keep the fun going after we finish up today, drop by my shop and bar this evening! I'll prepare something refreshing." Ah, this was good. Between the exercise and flirtation, she was feeling years younger! The other handsome stallion by her seemed to have his attention split, as there had been another, very attractive unicorn mare beside him at the starting line. Berry didn't blame him in the least; she had as much a taste for mares as for stallions, and that Jade was fine! Pity she didn't seem to be keeping up at the moment. "Offer stands for you too, Midnight. Don't want you drying out after your first Run, after all."
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    Tongue Twister had looked around a bit to familarize herself with the town. She noted a mare selling bon-bons, and made a mental note to buy one or two boxes from her after the race. TT's dad's birthday was coming up in a week, and that stallion does love his sweets ! She swiveled her ears a few times, and smelled the breeze. She looked thoughtful for a moment, but got over it. "Good thing I'm wearing this heavy cape then !" she mused when the race coordinator stated there was some poor weather in Whitetail Woods. She remembered a rather recent and - unpleasant - encounter in Whitetail Woods. She was off into a fast trot once the coordinator blew his whistle. After a few moments, she blinked, and her eyes changed to gold with vertical slit pupils on oily black. She blinked again, and her eyes returned to normal sky blue with round pupils on white.
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    Apple Bloom made sure to stretch and stretch well, a silken smile full of confidence and excitement solidly plastered on her face. She allowed herself a few fleeting thoughts of Runnings gone past, from when she was a little filly all the way to the last one, when her big sis won. All that triumph and heartbreak and good, honest running had always enamored her. But she had never run herself. She had always watched from the sidelines and cheered on the champion of her whole world as she tried year after year to win. Finally, the paragon of the Apple clan had won the race previous and it was like a barrier had been crossed. It looked like Applejack was about to run herself into the winner's circle a few more times. Then she revealed she didn't plan on running, and Apple Bloom was shocked. Flabbergasted even. Somepony had to run for the Apples, though. Applejack may have decided to take the year off but that didn't mean that the Apples at large were abstaining! Apple Bloom had decided to toss her hat in the ring to uphold the legacy of the Apples at this event and she was sure as shine not gping to let anypony tell her that she didn't have the best chance of anypony to win. How could she not? She had the same blood in her veins as the rest of the Apples and a deep desire to prove herself. Really, really deep. Almost too deep and yawning if she thought about it. Which she did. Often. Almost all the time since Zap Apple was born, her sister got so busy that they hardly had time to get together outside of farm work, and everypony around her started to find something new or different to propel themselves. Not that she was saying that winning this event would really solve any of those problems that she definitely didn't have. She finished her stretching and mosied up to the line. She was confident she would do great. She was fit, she was athletic, and she knew what a good sweat felt like. Plus she was young and spry! Not that the other runners were old fogies or anything of the sort but there was certainly a difference in the energy levels, that much she was sure of. She looked at the other competitors. Berry Punch? Well, color her surprised. She seemed more the type to sell something at the stands than run in the event but the more the merrier, Apple Bloom believed. After all, they had to make sure they got those leaves down, right? Midnight Oil was bound to be good at this. He looked like he was no stranger to hard work. Tiger Blood wasn't somepony that Apple Bloom knew very well but she knew when to expect somepony to live up to their name, and she was sure that he would. Then she heard the whistle and she leapt off the start line like a bat out of Tartarus. It was hard to want to slow down and she knew she would have to pace herself, but for now she allowed herself the freedom to run wild and free. Her smaller stature meant she had to work extra hard to maintain that pace but she knew what her limits were. Believed she did anyway. She knew she had to learn to exceed them if she wanted to win this race. As these thoughts and more ran through her mind as she started the race, Midnight Oil asked a question about where everypony was aloud. Tiger was from Hesperia? Talk about exotic! But as cool as that was, she was sure that nothing compared to her home. "Sweet Apple Acres!" She said with the confidence that seemed to indicate she thought anycreature in the world would know everything that came with that!
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    “Of course I’m down for that! I wouldn’t leave ya hanging now!” Tiger chuckled in response, releasing Berry from the hug and returning the one Midnight gave him. What a trio the three of them made, but hey, he wasn’t going to turn down two new friends, or anything more they might become later. Jade was still a bit of an outlier, honestly, he still wasn’t sure about her. The conversation turning to Apple Bloom’s condition kinda jostled him out of his thoughts, and he frowned a bit as he looked over her. Hopping down from the podium, he headed towards her. “Yo! Can I get a medic over here?” He called out loudly, hopefully getting the attention of one, or at least somepony that could find one. After that though, he stopped in front of Apple Bloom and sat down, trying to get an idea of what the problem was.
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    Berry Punch Of course, it was bound to happen. Berry, while enthusiastic and congenitally hardy, was no athlete, gifted with great dexterity and situational awareness. She was just an average earth pony shopkeeper, out to knock the leaves down from trees, and leaves weren't the only thing the trees were shedding! All it took was one hoof stepping into a sticky glob in the path to throw off her gait, cause her to trip, and eventually tumble head over heels into a pile of branches, bark, and future turpentine. "WAAGH- Oof!" She cried out, wincing at the impact and dreading the eventual task of cleaning all this stuff out of her hide and mane. Fortunately, she had several strong, handsome ponies around to help her out of this mess! "Don't suppose I could trouble you two to help out- say, I think I see Applebloom now! Seems she got stuck too." As awkward as the situation had to be for little Bloom, Berry was actually relieved to see her caught and slowed. Maybe this would allow others to talk some sense into the filly.
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    Underground Forest To Hou's great irritation, earth pony filly leapt to her hooves as soon as she answered the first question. Uhhhhgggrrrr! This will be a real test of her patience isn't it? "You saw or guess....? Hey! I am talking to....!" 'Jade' protested, but the filly already darted off. ".....To answer your question Miss Punch....I can't really tell because patient refused to cooperate! Is EVERY pony in her family so audacious and stubborn?!" she asked the purple mare. Shuren made a show of showing her irritation, but inside she was giggling. Pride. Good, good! This is something she could exploit in the future. If her sister shared the same traits, all the better! That said, she had to made sure that the foolish child doesn't doom herself in her arrogance! That would put premature end to any potential scheming Hou may do in the future, involving the Honesty. And that would be...such a waste, isn't it? "We have to follow her. See if she shows symptoms, and restrain this kid if necessary. She may seem and proclaim she feels fine now, but it may be just adrenaline talking." unicorn mare explained, while recommending the next logical course of action ,before giving chase herself. Of course the fact that they were keeping watchful eye on some unruly filly, didn't meant that they couldn't exchange some basic....courtesies. "Well hoofsome....it appears you caught this Dr. Jade Beaker...." she ' introduced' herself....while conjuring hoof shaped lights pointing at her for emphasis. "....Or was it me who caught you? Ha! Who cares about details?! Especially after return kiss like that." Shuren said while fluttering her eyelids behind the glasses. "So....will I get name to go with the image...? Or should I keep going with hunk, hottie etc. ?" she asked. Soon enough the three o them faced yet another dilemma. So go over the hill or through them. Worse yes, Applebloom was nowhere to be seen. Well wasn't that just great. "Well aren't we in a pickle. Judging from her bravado, she could have gone either way....." she said, before pondering for a minute over this choice. "Well I don't know about You but I choosing the forest. If she's gone through it, great, we won't let her shake us off. But if she gone over and around it...Well, we can bar her path when the routes rejoin if that is the case! Unless you want to really, really be sure....." she said as she ran towards the darkness. "Either way, strain your ears for sound of throwing up. This would mean she really got a concussion. Ta-ta!" she advised before waving at Berry and Midnight. Unlike others, 'Jade' charged into shadows with seemingly reckless abandon. And why wouldn't she? Darkness and shadows were her domain! She could tell her way as well, as if it was Unyasi noon! And any potential locators of this underground forest....? Well, they will have to step aside.....for a monster greater and more terrible then them has entered those dark woods! Speaking of denizens of the dark... 'Oh, what's this?' Hou sensed the soul of the creature. Unlike others, sorceress could tell precisely where and how far this being was. The question was...would it be stupid enough to bar her path? And what exactly it was? The 'scent' seemed familiar but it was simply so long ago, that Shuren couldn't pin it down.....
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    So, here's my new attempt at introductions, even though nopony responded to my query about if I need to make a new post... Ahem. My name on here is Blueberry Muffins. The name of my new OC is also Blueberry Muffins. For breakfast, I would like... blueberry muffins. I sense a pattern. I like long trots on the beach and piña coladas... Just kidding. I'm a big D&D nerd. Been playing since the early 90's and running games since the late 90's. I was an avid reader and wrote a lot in my past, but after a long break from that I found myself able to come back into poetry and writing through RP. Years ago, when Google Plus was still a thing, I ran my own community for RP. We had a cast full of a top notch canon role play actors... In truth, the entire cast was simply me diving into the characters to make an in depth RP session for those that engaged with me. I got recognition for my efforts and even headed a panel at my local convention that covered role play and writing. I had done quite a lot of research to be sure I gave the most accurate portrayal of each character. Most that came to the community felt I had done a good job with each character. I can't say that I am the best. I can't even say I am great and powerful, like a particular character that did plenty of growing over the series. I can easily say, though, that I've learned a lot and plan to continue to improve. I look forward to learning with each of you on how I can improve my methods. I got into MLP, in truth, many years ago, much like with D&D. My sister was sitting watching a much earlier generation of the show and I sat with her. Down the road I found MLP:FIM and enjoyed it much more than the other version I watched years earlier. Being a student of psychology, I learned a lot about the personality profile each character portrayed. It didn't take long for me to deduce that Flutershy/Pinky Pie were voiced by the same person and Rainbow Dash/Applejack were each covered by the same actor. It grew the idea I had for running that RP community. After everything closed down and the fandom all but dried up, I lost hope in ever enjoying such fun things again in the near future. My sister came to me about some fun things she was involved in online and showed me this site. I was quite happy to find out that this sort of thing was still around. I am glad that I finally found this site and join anew. One of my favorites amongst the cast of MLP Canon RP accounts that I had on Google Plus was by far the one and only Zebra "from a far away land", the shaman and herbalist extraordinaire, Zecora. Through that account I got in touch with my almost lost poetry skills. The way she talks is not easy for many, but I'd do it all day for just a penny. Role playing as her I was able to do lots of research into herbal remedies and equestrian flora. It was a great experience. Lastly, I want to, once again, express...I may have done many things in my past that draw strange expectations, but I am coming here after a great deal of learning that I don't know everything and need to take every opportunity to be the new girl and learn from a small station. So here I am, ready to learn how to be a better version of me through role play. I look forward to learning with each of you and improving my abilities each day.
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    Braving the rocks Tiger was feeling pretty good after that run, it was a shame that he had gotten separated from Berry at some point. As he gazed at the path ahead, he forced himself to slow down. Running like that was fun, but it wouldn’t be any good if he tripped along the path. To make matters worse, it seemed rocks were beginning to fall over the course, and the shelter that Berry found looked to be at capacity with the three of them in it. It was a tough choice between keeping this adrenaline rush going or play it safe and fine a different place to hide. Both choices seemed somewhat lonely, given that he didn’t want to distract anyone braving the rocks by talking to them. Eventually, the adrenaline won out and he kept going, keeping a slower pace so he could easily bolt ahead or stop as needed to avoid the rocks. His gaze moved back and forth between the path ahead and the rocks above, making sure he knew when they were coming and trying to not fall off the path at the same time.
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    Seeking Shelter As 'Jade' raced alongside Tempest, soon flat open glade gave way to much rougher terrain.... It suddenly occurred to Hou, that if she could very much win this race if she kept this up.... The question was...should she? And the answer was...No, she shouldn't. Shuren was already balancing the line as it is, and this was only supposed to be 'recon' from her. If she actually the the victory? Disappearing into the background would be hard, if not downright impossible. Luckily an convince excuse came out - a rock-slide. Oh this race was getting better and better. When she chose to participate in this time-killer, Hou didn't had an idea things will turn so exciting. "A nature's punch-line apparently. Ahahaha." 'Beaker' gave out somewhat subdued, and yet frustrated laughter. Barring the brief 'spat' with Sombra this was first occasion she had in years to somewhat exert herself.....and yet she it was not enough. Like great bird, in cage big enough to move it's wings, but not large enough to truly spread them..... "It had to be her..." Hou thought. The broken-horn mare own annoyance and frustration at having to limit herself. Sorceress felt in Tempest's soul how much she wanted to take her anger on 'Beaker'. Curious how this sparked similar feelings in Hou herself. But unlike Tempest Shadow, Shuren was true master of her emotions, she knew how to keep them on the leash. That, and sense of amusement that Berrytwist was squirming under weight of her own feelings! "See you around....Tempest." with those words 'Jade' performed what could only be called Equestria Games gymnastic routine - flipping ,cartwheeling and spinning in-between the falling rocks - all while aiming toward the closets shelter. A nook in ravine's wall....perfect place to wait everything out. And what do you know, the stalion she was very glad to see chose this spot too! "Fancy seeing you here..." 'Jade' mirrored Midnight's own words, as she landed near him after a perfect silivas. But to her own surprise, he wasn't alone! "Oh? Why, isn't that Miss Punch? Not wasting any time I see! Which is good. I like ponies who know what they want." sorceress mused as she walked forward and 'accidentally' squeezed Oil between herself and earth pony mare. "Oh I am sorry. But I guess there is a very little space for three of us." she quickly 'justified' herself, before addressing Berry. "I guess our hoofsome Guard proved very level-headed today. More stallions like him should wear the uniform." 'Beaker' said as she put one of her legs on areion's shoulder "This deserves a reward...or perhaps incentive to keep good performance. Don't you agree, Miss Punch?" she asked.....before moving and planting a smooch on one of Midnight's cheeks! And hoping that Berry was doing the same on other side of his face. Sharing is caring after all.
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    Strong Copper Strong Copper couldn't help but shake his head. "I feel like there should be an age limit, but I didn't exactly look too closely at the race rules when it came to how old one had to be to run." He answered honestly. He had listened to what the mare said about her former employment and while it was true that there was a degree of overlap between the two of them, he couldn't help but offer her a sympathetic "I'm sorry to hear that. They really don't show the same degree of respect to really old things these days like they did back when Celestia was Princess." It was a rather poor joke but... well, it was a rather poor situation. Risking a glance over his shoulder at the bouncing pink mare that was following them, he felt the need to ask "So... what's your story then? First time running?"
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    The warm sun beamed down on the Pink and her intrepid gator as they bounced their way down the path. There was a slight breeze and Pinkie found herself wanting to stop and whip a picnic out of nowhere. But no, she was in a race! She glanced around. There were ponies here and there though most not in view. Then she spied a cloud of dust coming closer and closer to her. "Woowee! Gang way everypony! Somepony's going all out through here!" The thunder of hooves sounded in her ears and she moved to the side of the trail so as not to be run over! And who should be coming down the path? It was Abby! The filly was galloping about as fast as Pinkie had ever seen a filly gallop! She was certainly of Apple blood! The only family with speed to compare would have to be Rainbow Dash's! "Wow! Way to go Abby!" Pinkie couldn't help but exclaim as the filly came running by. She waved and Abby didn't slow, whipping Pinkie around in circles and leaving her in dust and falling leaves. "Whew Gummy! These ponies are super serious about this!" The gator blinked. "Here comes somepony else!" A smaller could of dust was coming up fast! It was Zappers! Pinkie stayed where she was and cheered the young colt on! "Go go go! Run Zappers, you're doing great!" After a little time Pinkie continued her bounding pace, keeping her right on the heels of the other races without looking winded at all!
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    ALL OUT So it seems she did fall behind thanks to an act of kindness. It was undesirable but she had no way of knowing the outcome if she did not. What if they got hurt? Gods, what if the colt was killed? Can she live with that again? And the truth was no. She can’t. She did the best thing and if it cost her the race so be it. But she still has room to gain what was lost and the clean shot ahead was just what the doctor ordered. A wide-open valley with lots of room to get around the herd. Tempest was going to show all of them just what she can do. Deep breaths, relaxing of the body, bracing for what will come. She was no race horse but she knew how to run like one. A trot in to the canter, canter in to the gallop. Head lower, four-beat gait, nose flaired take in that air. She did not need to think of her movement, her gait, it comes to you and you must let the inertia carry you on words between the beat of the hooves. And that beat is all that mattered in the moment. Four thumps and a moment of airtime between them. She may not have wings but every pony can fly long as they gallop fast enough. It did not take long to gain on her lost lead, most of them were not even trying to run this fast! It made passing them all the more easy. And to her shock Copper was not pushing for the lead, he was slowing down with the others. A shame. But it seems a few others were willing to show off what they can do! Even that cute punch mare, seems she can move some tail if needed… And of all things some other mare pulled in up behind her opened up with some small talk? In a gallop? How in the world did that mare speak running this fast? She can barely think clearly at this speed! “YES!” Was the only talking that mare was going to get. Tempest will not hamper regaining her lead by wasting air on some blasted small talk! Last thing she needed to be was distracted, at this speed she’d break her legs if she tripped!
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    bridge Why was this colt so dang slow? Can’t he speed his tiny legs up? “Come on, go, go, go, off the bridge Zap. When did you get so big?” She says pushing him along with her head and muzzle. It's like every time she saw this colt he was twice as big, it's a crime for him too grow this fast! She felt OLD seeing it! But she can worry about old age later, soon as she got off the bridge she let off pushing him along. About time! Uhg, she wasted more time taking this bridge than she gained thanks to this colt! “Safe and sound, I got a race to win. Keep a better eye on him!” Bridge Crossed With Zap safe she focused on the path ahead and Copper running off. That #%#@$ horn head. She was not going to be beaten like this! With nothing more to do with the colt she took off after Copper, pushing herself back up to stop speed down the muddy path after him. How much time did she lose? How far behind were they both? She can’t let that slow her down. Full steam ahead was the only way to win! No more slow down, no more stopping! Most of all with that pink demon so close... At lest she got away before the pink monster realy startred yaping.
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    Bridge There seemed to be three separate gusts Zap could feel on his wing's feathers. They were still folded to his sides, but they could sense everything, just like Mother said they would when she taught him how to be aware of his surroundings. One of the movements of air came from above. The manufactured weather the pegasus ponies created was moving in, and it was borderline overkill. Applejack was right, they never did check for quality when it came to producing storms for the wilderness where no pony lives. The second movement was from the water. Oddly, the raising of the water level of the stream seemed to change something about the pressure of the air. Zap learned, again from his rainbow-maned mother, that every pegasus has an internal altimeter, the senses in their ear can tell within a margin of error how close a flying pegasus was to the ground. In this case, the ground, or water seemed to be getting closer. The last disturbance of gaseous molecules was coming from the sides, particularly the side that was closest to the opposite side of the bridge. The other ponies were speaking out to him, the purple one shouted urgently about Apple Bloom beating him. Zap daydreamed for a few seconds longer, until he snapped out of it and saw his feathers starting to get weighed down by the moisture that found itself on him. He looked frantically around and realized he was on a failing bridge. Everypony was almost on the other side of the bridge, and he needed to be with them, if for not the race's sake, but for the brilliant idea that he would not be swept away and finally get that swimming lesson his mother always promised him for. Today was not the day for swimming though, Zap had too many other plans, like beating ponies six times his age at a hoofrace. Zap painlessly tiptoed his weightless hooves across the rest of the bridge and found himself next to Apple Bloom. "This is fun, Auntie B!" Bridge Crossed
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    Bridge What pony runs headlong in to a storm like this with a smile? What mad mare yells at the sky daring it to even try to strike her down? Tempest was one such mare and pony. The rain cooled her hide and the gumling roar of the storm cheered her on. She was Tempest Shadow, the stormcaller, thundermaker, skybreaker and tempest given life. She feared no storms and just laughed. “Hele faren!” She shouted up at the sky in the runic language of the caribou. “[Hear me! Give me strength! I shall scream your name for all to hear, shout its strength for all to know! I fear no storms, fear no death!]” With her offer shouted to the gods above she focused on the path ahead. Two paths that is. A bridge that may give out below her hooves in the raging river or a slower safer path up and over the river. She was not about to take the lower path, not with Strong Copper hot on her flank. And it looked like he was going to take the bridge as well. So she had only one path to take it seems. Full speed ahead over the bridge! She did not fear what may happen. It was pointless to fear such danger and the risk of death. It's the will of the gods when it happens after all. So she did not slow down, slowing may risk not making it even more. All she can do is pass over it as fast as possible!
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    Strong Copper For a moment, Strong Copper considered not answering the mare. After all, this was a race and breathing was important but... she had shown the courtesy of talking first and at the moment his plan was simply to put pressure on her so that she couldn't relax and the chances of her making a mistake he could seize advantage of grew higher and higher. He had time. "Strong Copper. Yourself?" He barked back, curious about her but clearly keeping at least one eye on the prize that was the race they were both running. Just because the two of them had taken an early lead and were trying to strengthen said lead by putting as much distance between themselves and the rest of the herd as possible, didn't mean either of them could afford to be complacent. That said, he wasn't looking back so he didn't actually know how far away the herd was currently.
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