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    The English language is very challenging. Use the following and apply to your every-day language and your Roleplays and feel awesome that you've gained new mad skillz, yo! (or whatever it is you crazy kids are calling it these days). YOU'RE YOU ARE. YOUR IT BELONGS TO YOU. THEY'RE THEY ARE. THEIR IT BELONGS TO THEM. THERE A PLACE. WE'RE WE ARE. WERE PAST TENSE OF ARE. WHERE A PLACE. THEN A POINT IN TIME. THAN A METHOD OF COMPARISON. TWO THE NUMBER 2. TO INDICATES MOTION. TOO ALSO OR EXCESSIVELY
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    Hmm, let's see... this is what comes immediately to mind: I think RariDash is the best of all possible pony ships. Most people don't seem to agree. I also think Luna is horribly overrated and not really deserving of her following. She's okay, it's just kind of overblown for who she is and what she's done, and the way it leads to Celestia hate at times is both annoying and unfortunate. Hurricane Fluttershy is one of the most redundant and unnecessary episodes in the show. Everything in it feels like something we've seen before and it gives me the sense that we're just covering the same ground with Fluttershy. It's also just not that funny or fun and the emotions in it feel forced. Fluttershy is the least interesting, least developed of the mane six. She has her moments, but she just doesn't have as much range or depth as the other five and for it her and her episodes usually aren't quite as compelling. I like what season three did with Trixie and especially Discord. Spike at Your Service is a good episode and I think Spike is well within character in it. Gilda is a genuinely interesting and relatable character; her reactions were understandable given the situation and her final fate, though indeed largely brought on by the glaring but real faults to her character, is somewhat tragic.
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    From the album: Digital Art

    Just Rarity... :3
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    From the album: All OC requests

    Aura Blue and Rose Wind inviting Markus to join them for some fall time merriment. Or something like that. Another oc request/commission. I was a little worried as to how the background was going to look, but Im happy with it.

    © Art is mine. Ocs shown are not mine.

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