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    Taken aback to Gallus' feelings on a veggie vacation, Silverstream nearly chuckled at the probably-joking insinuation that Applejack would run short in her next cow census because of the carnivorous nature the part-feline possessed. Surely, he could go a few days without and return to normality without extreme measures, right? Her friend loved to occasionally exaggerate. He told a cheap off-color joke. Probably. Silverstream was confident a lot of this wouldn't matter within the hour assuming Gallus took to the underwater well and happened upon a lovely forest of kelp that he would no doubt devour. To the hallowed bone truth of Silverstream's wings, nerves were starting to set in. The sudden realization of sharing this moment with a true friend in Gallus was actually kind of a big deal. It occurred to her that she had never shared her pearl magic with her new classmate friends to this point and she couldn't spontaneously understand why. The chick-mare's sensibilities with who she decides to share these types of moments with was always contained within the already established company of her family and the hippogriffs that surrounded her. The adventure she had going to Ponyville to learn about friendship and make friends in the process was her first real interaction with others not of her kind. Of course Silverstream was very happy about all of this, but this was one of the times in which it really made her think about how much her life has changed in only a semester at the academy. And possibly more importantly, only a couple seasons-worth of bonding with her favorite griffon. When Gallus was fully anxious and ready, he grabbed her claw, closed his eyes, and awaited his fishy fate. Several seconds may have passed because for Silverstream, time had suddenly lost its meaning. Gallus was never afraid to bump wings or shoulders with anyone, his loyalty to his friends was often physically shown, a peaceful bird not afraid to show his claws. But in this instance, the locking of talons from Gallus to Silverstream seemed somewhat occasional. Gallus was trusting Silverstream he would be safe. He was out of his comfort zone, miles away from home, a true cat out of water. Or perhaps in the water in this case. He could handle himself if he needed to, but Silverstream was in charge. Now she was never the type of girl to let this run through her mind persistently, but in these long seconds, she felt the warmth of Gallus' heart through his talon and gave her a sense of purpose in his life. And where that purpose would ultimately lay was still a mystery. Silverstream smiled, and then closed her own eyes. The two floated on the rocky waves of the sea for a few moments before the hippogriff reached her other claw to her pearl shard and touched it with intent. A magical glow from the shard flared light around both of them and quickly transformed them into creatures with the capabilities of effective underwater swimming. Silverstream morphed into her features of her seapony nature. First her head and ears, her wings fell transparent and angel-like, her hooves grew fins and her hind quarters completely transformed into a tail fin. Once her change was complete, she fell underwater and sunk as a fish does, using her fluke to make a last splash goodbye to the airy environment she was leaving above. With a confident smile on her face she turned to Gallus and attempted to assess his situation.
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    Cain exhaled as he presented Night Breeze with the candy. She hadn't rejected it. That was good. He would have been crushed if she had. Wait, no he wouldn't. He regularly got upset when someone just didn't like accepting gifts, but it felt like it would have been so much worse coming from Miss Breeze. Why? Cain was still trying to answer that question while he responded to her. He gave a small smirk, bringing out some of his showman's attitude. "Well, Madam Breeze, I don't mean to brag, but, ah. . . sweet things are my specialty." He gave her a small wink and chuckled. He was a bit more relaxed now, that was good - Only now, he was decidedly not to be relaxed as Night Breeze gave him a quick hug. All Night could hear from her position was a quick intake of breath, but Cain didn't try and pull away. When Night pulled away, she would be able to see his face, which was both embarrassed and pleased at the same time. He cleared his throat, and waved his left hoof in the air for a couple seconds, gesturing to nothing. Finally, Showman Cain found his voice. "I-In all seriousness, though. . . you're welcome." He looked towards the sky. Looking into those perfect aquamarine irises, Cain feared he might do something a tad bit embarrassing if he maintained eye contact for too long. Namely, fainting, if she hugged him again. He felt a bit lightheaded. He hadn't received this type of kindness from anyone else ever before. He hoped that he could get used to it. Eventually, he glanced back at the mare at her request for him to join her in stargazing. Of course, Cain accepted. "That sound's great, ma'am. It could give me a couple ideas for a new work, or maybe even just a drawing. . . but. . ." He glanced back at her again, before hastily looking back to the stars. "Just watching 'em sounds nice." As for the candy. . . it was probably unlike any candy Night Breeze had eaten before. Somehow, Cain had managed to incorporate Night Breeze's favorite things into the tiny thing. It was just flavors, but. . . it was almost like Night was experiencing it all at once. The mare could feel the warm sensation of flames crackling in the hearth, and could just make out the scent of fresh water, quickly rushing by. Echoes of laughter and cheery voices swirled around them, and into the sky, fading away. At that moment, the wind around the two seemed to pick up slightly, enveloping them in a light, cool gust, before disappearing into the night, gone. If Night Breeze looked back at Cain, she could see that he had felt it all as well. Perhaps it had been some sort of magic radius that eating the candy had caused? Who knew? Cain's face was one of surprise. He looked into the sky, before rubbing his eyes. He looked even more tired. "I. . . wow." He murmured, wiping away at his eyes again. "I. . . understand now. You. . ." Cain's face went from surprise to shock in an instant. He backed away and shrank down, cowering in fear. "I-I didn't mean to intrude, I swear! I just forgot to move away before you ate it, and. . . I'm s-sorry. . ." Cain seemed to take personal feelings very seriously. Was he really that worked up about experiencing those things with her?
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    As Night Breeze stood watching the commotion going on behind the cart where Cain was working, Her head tilting to one side out of curiosity. From behind the cart she could see bags and jars of candy supplies floating around as he worked over her gift, What ever that was to be she wandered to herself. This had already been a pretty eventful night, when Night Breeze left the house she hadn't expected that she would end up watching as a wheat colored stallion put together a piece of candy together for her from his cart. Cain having mentioned that this piece of candy was to give her all the things she liked at once, She seemed to have a curious look on her face as she wandered just what it could be? Finally after some time Cain returned from the back of his cart floating this gift behind his head with his magic. "I'm sure i will" Night Breeze said with a smile on her face, Agreeing that she would enjoy it. She wasn't much of a gift receiver, Night Breeze had always tried to act like she didn't deserve what she was getting when ever she received a gift, But this one had her curiosity. Cain floated the piece of candy out from behind his head. Gazing at in curiosity the first thing that she saw was that it was little ball of candy that seemed to have some kind of magical property to it, She almost didn't know what to make of it. "Y-you really didn't have to do this for me" She smiled with a blush on her face looking at Cain. Walking over to Cain to get a closer look at this gift Night Breeze floated the piece of candy with her own magic to get a good look at it. Little pieces of art seemed to be on the surface of the candy, All tho hard to make out, They seemed to resemble the things she liked. Hearing him say that it wasn't just for show seemed to only raise her curiosity more. "Really, I can't thank you enough, This was awfully sweet of you to do" Night Breeze smiled looking back at Cain, before wrapping her hooves momentarily around his neck in a hug before releasing him again, a small blush on her face. "Now, That you have worked so hard at this hour, why don't you relax a little now, and join me in a little star gazing?." She said with a soft voice, a bright smile on her face. She would be all to happy to help him relax. All tho away from the spa she still could use her soothing magic. Floating the candy back down, She examined it with her eyes once more before finally tasting it.
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    Moisten up those lickers because that's about 1am my time.
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