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    "Ah gotcha. My random knowledge came helpful for once," she replied to Khamsa, (or Fiver, she honestly preferred Khamsa in this situation). Her mother was the type to often learn about and remember arbitrary facts that got passed down. "Well, more than once, this isn't the first time, but whatever." She shrugged. "I want to say it's Griffon's integrated into pony society, but that's just judging from my own knowledge. There's still much more for me to learn about Crystal Empire lore," she said to Zelda. "I didn't hear much about the griffon settlement you talked about, but maybe I did and I just forgot about it." She could feel a chill go through herself. The air from the outside seemed to be seeping through inside now. She wanted to trust the authority of the train service. There's no way they would travel in these conditions. However, it felt like the conditions were very borderline. She went through her bag again. A bunch of winter gear including a blindfold for the potential weather. Her eyes were not completely dead, they still had feeling, a bit too much feeling if you would ask her and that would not pair well with her habit of keeping her eyes open. No problem with sunlight, but in cold weather, the wind and frost can suck. "Right, well, it seems you better get used to it because I don't think they're gonna end anytime soon," she replied to the flying pegasus. She thought for a moment. "I think there may be a pattern to the turbulence. Haven't quite figured it out yet..." "I think the clicking is coming from outside. I'll go check it out. I don't see what could be so scary about going outside for a moment, not like you're going to fall off, and as if that would be much of a problem for you." She pulled on her blindfold and got up from her seat moving into the aisle. A moment not too later, the train started shaking and she went down flat onto the floor. It was not the shaking, but the sudden barrage of items on top of her. "It... would seem... that the inside is more deadly... yeah."
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    "Wellll..", the cat could not help but grin just a little. "Before the P.T. Barn-Um Circus comes to town, we first hire some creatures to put up signs all over the town..So you know we're coming!", she gave the pony a wink, "And then when the time comes, and after the train is unloaded, there's a free parade where everyone can watch us ride through whatever is considered a 'main street'. There's lots of wagons with animals and clowns...Usually they have my brother and I on top of one of the wagons, and we'll do some simple tricks and moves...Like flips...And leaps...And ol' P.T. will be marching in the front while holding a megaphone thing and he'll be shouting about all the shows to get everyone all excited.", the cat hopped onto the bed and pretended to march...."Then everyone will follow us to where the circus had actually been already set up the previous night and once they purchased their tickets and assortment of food, it's entertainment time! Wooh!", she bounced into the air before quickly regretting it as her knee was still hurting. "Ouch!" "We usually stay for at least a week...Depending on the agreement we have with the town...city..village or whatever.", she paused to massage her lightly injured bit. "And yeah. You're free to stay here...If you want...I really don't know anyone in Canterlot and my parents had convinced me to go...Even if nobody else was able to come along..", her fuzzy ears drooped down even lower. "As for my brother Achille...Well...." again with as sigh. "He was feeling rather cranky the other day when mom got extra naggy...But instead of doing what she said, he got really really snarky. And said something he probably should have not said. Which I can't repeat. Cause the words were really bad. Rhymes with Crumb Witch. Total neva forgive action. And my bro was super-grounded...And even my begging and fake tears didn't fix everything...Like usual." "Since the season was over....My friends had all gone their separate ways...So I couldn't bring one of them along....And even the folks couldn't come...They convinced me that I should still go....Be refreshed...Get out...And also none of the tickets could be refunded. The train. The special hotel voucher. Nothing.... Thank goodness I ran into you..." she felt like she had started to sound just a tad needy. Hopefully Daze didn't mind...And zounds she was so dang adorable. And being the fuzzy type, she also could go au natural. But where the heck would she put her hotel key? Or her camera? The madness with the cloaked stranger really put an end to their happy little day. "Seriously!", she growled at the thief. "It's not worth anything! Well, in bits, but in sentimental it's worth a million!" That probably was not the right word. But nerveless, she charged the sneak thief! Unfortunately the thief had set up a trap for the young cat. A simple rope trap sent the fuzzy little creature up and into the ceiling. "WAAAGH!", she yelped. "Don't worry about me! Please catch that crook! I'll get myself down." "And also turn off the ceiling fan before you leave....", she was not having a very good day.
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