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    Ice Storm chimed in. An educated mare herself, it was always pleasant to be involved with her when the subject of magic and its many varying attitudes and means came up. More than most, she understood. "Yes, but the tantabus is a different matter. It was an emotional construct given, frankly, too much awareness and ability to adapt. It has the same aetheric signature as a powerful golem, enhanced beyond reason by its connection in the dream world and Luna's investment of power into it. Luna's emotional state was connected to the Tantabus but the parameters of its creation and operation didn't necessitate Luna's emotional state remain negative to power it, since it was given enough agency to do it itself. It required a positive mental state of Luna's and her own positive aether pull to defeat, but the tantabus itself operates differently from a pony's own emotional state," she said as she popped open a book on magical constructs- a wide variety existed, not the least of which was golems. Indeed, she had been studying them closely as of late. Much different from the tantabus but they did have one element in common that intrigued her. No matter, the discussion continued! "The main difference between your magic and its change based on emotional state and the Umbrum Aetheric is the basic facts of the magic in question," she said as she took a sip. "Take a stun bolt of magic from your horn. Your emotional state- extreme anger, protectiveness, you get the picture- may allow that bolt to become stronger as you pull more from the aether, essentially an emotional adrenaline surge allowing you to go past your basic limits the same way physical adrenaline pushes you past your physical ones. But that stun bolt can't or won't become deadly no matter how strong it becomes. Casting a spell from the Umbrum Aetheric is different. Not only does it require you to be in that negative space and cast that specific spells while within in that state. That is the largest difference between the Umbrum Aetheric- Dark Magic- and the rises and falls of magical strength and limitations based on emotion. That stun bolt will never kill. A stun bolt in the Umbrum Aetheric does not exist- it can only kill." It was then that Ice Storm decided to rationalize Sombra'a actions. On a personal level it was just and good to understand what drove creatures to make the decisions they did. However, Ice was going a step further, and sympathizing a bit too much. It could be an issue. Rationalization was always the the first step on the road to tyranny and other forms of moral foolishness. But, here and now, she wouldn't get into a debate on flawed philosophy while she was mostly worried about this new fella. He was the real "That depends. A spellcaster with everything to lose can be just as dangerous. Extremes drive extremity and power," she said before turning the attention back to him. "How long have you lived up north, again? I'm sure you have some interesting stories to tell." Twilight started to through the records rapidly aided by her magic. Soon- very soon, she arrived at what they needed. "Ahhh, here we go," she said as she opened up the page with his student history. It had some pictures, academic records, disciplinary records, class history "Oooh, okay. Yes, as expected. He was a top student- a little before my time. Even caused a snowstorm once. Powerful magic..His mother was a professor? Oh..." she thought for a second "Oh! I remember her from the logs," she read further. "This all makes sense. Come Ice, read what happened to him."
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    I mean, yeah. As long as you're up for it, I say go ahead.
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    "I don't have a clue as to what her plan could possibly be, or what she would've wanted. I'm sure she could use just about anything to attack Equestria, or even just use her own magic. She certainly seems capable enough, from what I found out in my fight with her." Sombra snorted softly and stopped to eye the guards that carried in a bench for him to sit on. He chose to make his way over and seat himself upon it, using a hoof to brush his cape back to avoid sitting on it. Unlike the bench, however, which he'd accepted freely enough, the glass of water was eyed with suspicion before he quietly pushed it away with a hoof. He didn't trust anything anypony would give him. "Is there a meaning I'm missing with this repeat?" The tyrant asked, raising an eyebrow at the pair of princesses. His eyes eventually dropped to the photos, hoping to get a look at whatever was in each one. He was sure any artifact would be able to do its job.. though he'd yet to see what Hou had stolen from a place as seemingly guarded as Canterlot Castle's vaults.
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    Cloudy Skies Cloudy was standing there waiting to see if Blueblood or the guard would make any connection to Iggy, hoping he wasn't going to have to make the first in a long line of apologies for his friend, but, knowing the most realistic option, was formulating said apology in his head as Blueblood also joined them at the scene of the small fires on the carpet near the display... -----=====----- ((I have a better, more cartoony, image somewhere, but, for now... >.<)) The Skeleton turned his head tot he chip of stone and after a moment its horn flowed a blue flame-like energy and picked up the crystal chip and put it inside the back of its skull where there was a nice pocket-like cavity. This meant that as it moved it now made a slight rattling sound, which was both slightly more comical and possibly slightly more terrifying. It then turned towards the two winged creatures, and as it did, inside those black eye-sockets, tiny blue flames appeared as it started at them, making it clear it could indeed see and hear them. It stared long and hard, as if it was trying to stare into their very souls, and it began walking towards Gallus and Silverstream at a slow, measured pace... or perhaps it was just its normal walking speed, one never knew with animated skeletons...
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