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    Before she really had time to think about it Temy had come up under her and lifted her from the ground! Glitter could feel the strength pulsing from Temy's body and it instantly made her feel safe. She hadn't had to accept this much help from any pony...probably ever and that was well, if it was anypony else it would have been really tough. But things were different between her and Tempest. She already knew they cared for each and Glitter knew from what she'd done with the bear she would do anything for Temy. Somehow she knew the same to be true the other way around. Glitter shifted herself a little, finding a way to get comfortable enough laying across Temy's back. She shifted her head to rest on the other mare's neck, wrapped her front legs around Temy's shoulders and let her hind legs drape down her sides. Sure it was a little awkward but it had to be done. She didn't have the strength for any length of travel. She breathed in Temy's scent as the trotted out into the drifts, feeling comforted by the smell of mare, sweat, and the outdoors. Koda bounded out before then, prancing around and generally acting like a dog. He was however, also leading them in the direction of home. "Good boy Koda!" She encouraged the big guy as he bounded through the fresh drifts. Glitter didn't talk much as the traveled. She worried about the burden she was on her friend, literally at the moment. But Temy never faltered or slowed. She was as strong as anypony she'd ever known. At least in the physical sense. She'd heard the strain in her voice talking about her past though. You couldn't be strong in all ways. Glitter hoped she could show Temy that she could be trusted. On they went until a few hours had gone by. The cabin was probably only an hour or so out from where they were. "You need to stop for a break?" She muttered softly to Temy as they trotted through a stand of trees.
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    A dark eyebrow rose at Twilight's response, specifically former enemy. Were they former enemies, or enemies still? To him, in this moment, Twilight was the lesser of two 'evils' when compared to Hou Shuren and she didn't have the gall to engage him in some pointless fight as Hou did. It was.. positive enough, but it didn't mean he trusted this new princess. He'd noticed that Princess Luna was rather quiet, something that he had begun to figure out about her while they were sitting here- that, like him, she didn't like to talk much. His attention snapped back to the lavender alicorn at the words greater power and he had a momentary struggle with his ego over it; at least she acknowledged that. Sombra huffed softly and gave the glass of water another glance. If she'd insist, then he wouldn't, but he would try to relax if he was even capable of doing so in their presence. He wrapped his tail around one of his covered flanks and gestured with a hoof for her to continue. "I'll believe it when I leave this place safely enough. So what is it that you want to know?"
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    honestly I just haven't been playing a lot of games recently, I had a major stint of Nuclear Throne followed by a shorter but still intense period of playing nothing but Enter the Gungeon and now I'm basically only playing games when other people play ones I wanna join, so I've done some Barotrauma and Spellbreak recently along with just a dash of Among Us
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