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    The Pink bounced on! This was some race and a few of the competitors seemed to be taking it with all seriousness. Pinkie could be serious, no really! She could! If she had to, if her life depended on it or the life of one of her friends. Yep, that was about the only thing that could get the party mare to rein in and really turn on the serious. What was the fun of it really? Pinkie was no dummy, she'd proved that time and again, but she didn't want to waste her life without a genuine smile whenever there was time for it. The breeze blew warmly and she enjoyed her trip across the glade. She was keeping the others in her sights and if she had chosen to go all out she'd be right among them but hey! Why not enjoy a little time in the beautiful countryside with her best gator? "I hope you're enjoying this part of the race Gummy! Sure beats the uh, incident with the bridge?" She grimaced and smiled when all the gator did was blink. "You know you're my best gator right?" She beamed happily and made her way through the rest of the glade...there was lots more race to come!
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    ALL OUT Tempest was unlike most unicorns, so unlike them she may have been the only one to push themself like she did. Her magic was strong but unreliable and for most of her life completely useless. She filled in that gap using her body. Raw strength and endurance took the place of magic and in it she found an outlet. Every morning she runs. Every other day she worked out useing whatever tools she had at hoof. Buckets of water, fallen trees or rocks. Whatever worked. Whatever she had at hoof. She had a body that made even earth ponies blush and feel feeble. And what of her size? She was head and shoulders taller than most and could look the tallest pony in this town in the eyes. It made her wonder if maybe she was never supposed to be a unicorn. She sure wasn't built like one. Yet for all of this… That blasted mare tailing her was still yaping as if going in a full blast gallop was nothing. And that was infuriating. She wanted to slam in to her, knock her down and hammer a hoof in to that face. By all means the mare says. By all means she’d be happy to break that mare's jaw! See how much that mare grins and acts all snippy rolling in the dirt missing teeth. By all means she’d love to show that mare just what she can do. But that’d kick her out of the race… But that did not matter. No what did matter was how Glitter may feel. Fear? Scard? Disappointed? That alone was far worse than being kicked out of the race for beating some mare in to a heap. And for Glitters sake she had to control herself. She had a race to win and she’d do it fair. She can’t let this mare or others get underneath her skin. She was better than that. With new found focuses she pushed herself harder, faster. To gain every last inch of space she can in the race and show that mare what she’s made of!
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    Apple Bloom felt her blood pumping wild and free and allowed herself a few moments of extreme selfishness in the midst of an activity designed for such noble ends. She knew he wasn't as fast as her sister or as strong, and she wouldn't claim her stamina was anywhere close to matching Applejack either. But in that moment she felt like the fastest, strongest, and gosh darn cutest pony running this race and she dared anycreature to deny her that. Tempest? Midnight Oil? Tiger? Sure they may be super fit military types and such but she was an Apple, and Apples never spoiled when challenged. She checked around for her nephew, but noted quickly that he was nowhere near her. That momentary panic was swept aside in the fervor of athletic competition and the faith she had gained in her nephew's ability. Or more accurately, decided to treat him as she would like to have been treated. Not for her was the overbearing nature that had once overcome her sister's better self. She would allow him some space to stretch and do his Zap thing, whether that was galloping his little heart out or enjoying the scenery. He was worth any and all of her efforts and sometimes that meant no effort at all. The road started to take some more twists and turns as it continued, losing its straight and narrow approach. In this, her smaller stride was a benefit as she could more quickly adapt to the winding paths. Those with larger strides may have problems with it but she handled it just fine. And she was even more fine when Pinkie Pie sidled up to her at her own gallop. "Way ta go Pinkie!" Apple Bloom said as the pink blur did the pink blur thing, making her presence known to each and every creature. The twists and the turns allowed her to some gain some ground, approaching the pack as much as she could. "Hold yer haunches everypony, Ah'm comin' through!"
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    Berry Punch The first pony that Berry Punch expected to see belly up to the drinks table was Tempest Shadow; she even had a cup her spiced Sangria ready and waiting for the mare. When she wasn't as prompt to show up as expected, the earth pony's eye went roving for the unicorn and found her... kissing her plus one. Oh come on, it just wasn't fair! First the fact that they were at a Celestia-darned wedding, and now the guests were pairing off! Was the whole thing a conspiracy to make Berry feel alone? She didn't say anything. Her smile didn't even slip. But jade-green envy was in her eyes, and the perceptive would be able to see it, as they took their drinks. Princess Bluebelle Once the ceremony had ended, the lines of bridlemaids had broken up, each filtering into the sea of guests, after congratulating the happy couple, of course! As for the unicorn princess, there were two guests in particular she wanted to catch up with. The first being her friend, Fire Walker, the second being a mare of interest to the Crown, Tempest Shadow. A quick glance towards the latter showed her to be very busy and not to be interrupted. Smiling knowingly to herself, and wishing the burgundy mare luck, she sought out the flame red pegasus, a little before Fire had managed to dry her eyes. Bluebelle made no comment. "There you are! Swift not with you? My plus one seems to have made herself scarce as well." She took a seat, carefully moving her dress so as not to get it mussed. "It's been a while since we had a chance to talk, isn't it? So much has happened that I'm not sure how much I was able to catch you up on. Er, I did let you know about," She gestured down at her female form, "This, right?"
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    Dox glanced over at the mare as she thanked him and nudged the drink towards him again. He sighed slightly, but accepted since he didn’t see any harm in it. He could expunge any diseases she may pass to him anyways. Picking up the drink, he took a sip before putting it back down to watch his screen as he listened to her talk. So that’s what she meant by favorite, huh? “Earth ponies typically are more geared towards endurance and physical capabilities, but I would keep an eye on Jade Beaker and Tempest Shadow. They may be unicorns, but they’re stronger than that implies.” He responded, watching the two unicorns running through the open field area together. When the mare next to him called to a different pony, he looked over and immediately focused on Chipper. Now that he was paying attention to the stallion, he was certain he was looking at a necromancer. They tended to be interesting to talk to. “Yes, why don’t you come sit up here? I have a good view of the race.” He smiled, gesturing to the ongoing scrying spell.
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    Howdy. I'm Apple Bloom, and I speak for everypony at the Foal Free Press when we say we have been so lucky to have you follow this election alongside us. This is a strange and new custom for many of us and we have been excited to see it play out. But as we approach the end, it has become clear that I- we- can no longer stay silent. We must make our voice heard, and we are here to say that Strong Copper is who we endorse as Mayor for Ponyville. Strong Copper is a good stallion. He is a decent stallion. He wants to work for us for nothing other than his good, strong character. Being Mayor requires that strength of character more than anything else. You can hire ponies to help you come up with business plans. You can reach out to experts on matters that are beyond you. Mayors don't work alone; they have teams. What you need in a Mayor is a leader first and foremost, somepony you can trust and believe in. We believe in Strong Copper. We do not believe in Spoiled Rich. We do not believe she has the temperament or character to be Mayor. Questions swirl about how independent she could be with her past tied so heavily into business. The Foal Free Press does not believe she can handle the rigors, often stressful, almost always with the threat of failure, of a Mayoral position. We do not believe she has the moral standing to say that she stands for Ponyville. This vote is for the Ponyville you would like to live in. The Ponyville you want to believe in. And for us at the Foal Free Press, that Ponyville has Strong Copper as Mayor. Signed- Apple Bloom et al; Free Press Staff
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