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    Worry not! A proper first post is coming tomorrow.
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    Compass started getting up from her own bath, but laughed and almost lost her balance "Honestly, I'm not entirely sure, myself! From what I have seen, it seems to involve a heavy ball and wooden clubs of some kind. From the number of ponies with cutie marks that have these things in them coming out of the building, I thought it was popular in Ponyville. I might have been wrong, but in any case, it's really caught my interest." she climbed out and hung her wings over the bath to let the mud slide off them before she folded them up beside her "Sometimes, I feel like I'm missing out on so much that ponies get to do and what they know about. This 'Bowling' is one of them." she frowned "It can feel like my race is a huge hurdle to getting to know ponies." she mused then she smiled "But with Princess Twilight's new school, and the non-pony creatures that have been coming and going, I have been feeling more and more comfortable with showing my face more often. Honestly, the work that she's done to spread the joy of friendship is nothing short of a miracle. She's really a blessing to Equestria." she smiled wide and scratched the back of her neck "Sorry, I tend to get a little bit carried away talking about the princess. I've never felt somepony deserved to rule as much as I do for her." she laughed "Which sounds funny coming from an Aerion when it's not about Princess Luna, but that's me. I've never really fit in all that well with the rest of my kind."
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    ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe nodded in agreement with Compass as she talked about a compromise that they could so. She said that it wouldn't feel fair for all of her friends to only work around her schedule. Besides, that's what she had her sun hat for. She also added that there were more things to do during the day in Ponyville than there was at night. She mentioned the bowling ally, a theater, a few flower shops in town. The list was actually quite long... almost like she'd been waiting for an opportunity to so these events herself at some point. She felt bad for Compass. It sounded like she spent a lot of time alone. Both of these mares... oh who was she fooling, all three of them seem like they had been alone for a while now. She knew that she had. She wasn't sure about Rose, but from what she said about being new here and working with her shop as well, it sounded like she was struggling a bit herself. For a city that had the School of Friendship in it, it seemed like it was really hard to make any lasting friendships here. Hopefully today would change that and would be a start of something special. Rose did tell her that she was okay though and that what she had said hadn't awakened anything inside of her. That itself was a relief to Aloe, and she also seemed to like the the idea for a mares night out, or just a mare's time in general. She nodded although Rose reminded them that she was new to the area so she wasn't really sure on what there was to do. "I wouldn't be opposed to anything that Compass has on her list to do. Honestly despite living here in Ponyville... I've actually never been to the bowling alley.... or the theater..." she said rubbing the back of her head as the timer went off... "Alright! The mineral baths should be ready for you. We'll be fifteen minutes in those and then it will be time for the massages... I will be able to bring you both into the room, but unfortunately... I am but one mare so I will have to alternate massage treatments," she said with a small blush feeling slightly like she was letting her patrons down. This is where she wished that her sister was here so she could help...
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    Compass laughed a little "Night is certainly easier for me. Though it would be selfish of me to expect my friends to always accommodate my needs. How about nights every third week, and days otherwise. I can always wear my sun hat." she giggled "Besides, there's much more to do in the day, in Ponyville." She clapped her hooves when Rose asked for recommendations "I was hoping you'd ask that." she smiled happily "as a matter of fact, I have a list of places I've seen at night that I've always been interested to visit in the day. The spa was just one of them." she drew in the mud with her hoof not really making any visible shapes, but it helped her to visualize what she was thinking about "Around the corner over here, there's a theater. I've never been to one of those before, and although it doesn't have to be daytime, I've just never had an excuse to go before. Over here, there's a bowling alley. Bowling just seems so weird, and I just have to give it a try! Then there's a couple flower shops that seemed like fun. One of them is focused around food flowers, and I know I could just get flowers to eat at home but... I don't know, I just had a feeling about going to visit." she giggled excitedly "Sorry, it's just really exciting to actually talk about this with somepony instead of just writing lists and drawing up directions." she blushed "N-not that that's... all I do in my spare time..." // PS: Theater referring to the one the CMC visit in the Babs Seed Episode and then the Bowling Alley from Slice of Life. The flower shop, tho, refers to one that another of my OCs owns. Not as popular as the canon one, but it has my character in it. o3o (also i couldn't think of other places Ponyville has. just imagine she gave a slightly longer list lol)//
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    Dunder was more than glad to give Fire a hug, and he even nuzzled against her cheek. The hug broke some and he looked down into her eyes. "Oh..." He said in response to Fire explaining that the Twilight Guard dissolved. His eyes drifted off to the side, away from the bad news. "Oh?" Dunder smiled, wings fluffing up at that. He looked back into her red pupils. The brown pegasus was gonna guess that she was going to get her appendix removed so she could take on more extreme missions in the REA. But then she went on to explain what she really meant, something much more serious! "OH?!" Dunder's right wing flared out in surprise when she said she was going to have a foal. His face flushed red at the news, what were you supposed to say when you got told that news? So many things were happening nonstop! When Fire told Dunder not to worry, his other wing shot up "Huh? Wha?!" Until he was told it was about the cake, "Oh, heh, yeah...." He scratched the back of his head, "Cake! Still, that means we can just get more than one piece, right?" He looked down to his crimson friend and smiled, "You should get double every time, since you're eating for two!" He said with a hint of awkwardness and chuckled softly. "Oh, yes!" She looked to Blueblood, "We are more than happy to help Princess Celestia with extra tricky situations." Nothing like a little espionage and unorthodox tactics! And with the perfect cover, a pompous diplomat and her casual guard. When Discord dropped in next to the trio, she looked up to him, "Oh, noodle!" She smiled, "It's good to see you, too!" She nudged her elbow against the draconeqqus' bird arm. "Not causing too much trouble, are you?"
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    Discord was a blubbering mess, crying into a yellow, green polka dotted hoofkerchief. He was such a softy. Honking blaringly into his snout napkin the draconequus would dab his eyes with the end of his tail, the napkin vanishing into a colorful cacophony of confetti to celebrate the vows. "Oh those poor ponies, you know marriage is a lifelong commitment full of cooperation, compromises and children!" He dare suggest that there may even be cooking involved! While he did dabble in the odd pastry, and odder teas the chimeric demi god was one to sate his sweet tooth on pony pounded confections and tenderly tasty toffees tossed by tactful hooves. Heavens forbid one dared ask the question of the draconequus' actual need to eat. he would run you around a block dictating the tale of having found the fluffiest meringue atop a mountain. Detracting from his antics. "Oh come, come Fluttershy let's find the bride and bride! I've my gift to gift them. I want to be first to present." As he was still quite the egotist at least it was in the spirit of giving. A strangely shaped package would manifest in his mismatched paws. It was a star-shaped box with a frilly ribbon of pink and white. The box itself was striped with green and orange, a tag sticking out from it where "Discord" was haphazardly scrawled in a multicolored scribble that befitted the hold of his large, more awkward paw. That in mind the bumbling spirit would putter over Berry Punch, a queer object manifesting beside her. Though in the past one would submit themselves to terror as the objects of Discord's giving were often hazardous to ponies in their nature, but with his newly reformed and far lesser known heroic reasons for his ferocious fiendishness: the juice squeezing proprietress would find herself gifted with a oddly shaped bottle of spiced juice from the distant shores of the tropical pony islands that were known to be the ports of paradise! Well Discord wandered often in his free time, of which he had plenty. There were no hard feelings, garlic, after all makes a lovely tea! He landed on the ground, standing perched on his toes beside Fire Walker and Dunder. "You know you should really visit during the next season Fire, I bet Squall would love it!" No Squall would hate it and Discord counted on it, preferring on teasing the precocious pony provider. The devious demiurge was always delighted to deny Squall the pleasure of rebuffing his company. Besides he had plans to help the business pony with his little trouble with a certainly Oligarchy!
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    It had been a busy few days for Applejack. Like most of her life, events transpired in rapid succession after long periods of modest stillness and humility replaced by being the center of everypony's attention. Unlike saving the world or being called on to guard a Princess however, she at least could plan on part of it. She knew when the wedding would be months in advance, of course. That part was easy. And being pregnant? Well, she knew all about that. And between it being magically aided and ballparkin' based off of Zap Apple, she knew it would happen around the time of the wedding. So two days after the wedding when she went into labor, she wasn't shocked. And a full day afterwards when Ambrosia Apple was born, she wasn't shocked. She was just really, really tired. Not that she'd let it stop her. It had been a rough labor and delivery and everypony in the whole world demanded she remain in the hospital but Applejack couldn't help herself, she had to get home. The most they could extract from her when she was released the next day was a promise for her to not work the fields or overextend herself . She was trapped when they asked for her to give them her word, but if it meant she could go home, so be it. She was escorted home and fell asleep for what felt like forever, waking up only fitfully to take care of her newborn and look at Rainbow Dash in a potion-induced haze. Now, on the fifth day, she was up and about and out in the fields. Not working them, just examining them. The outdoors did her some good, that was for sure. Her body was still in a good deal of pain and she was more fatigued physically than she had ever been before. Ambrosia had been very comfortable and didn't really want to come out after she had decided to set it all in motion. What a beautiful and demanding little princess. She was still dealing with the occasional well-wisher and letter from abroad regarding the wedding, let alone the birth. Being outside gave her, oddly enough, just a tiny bit of that ol' privacy she used to have. And a little time to relax. She walked gingerly to a tree and prepared to rest against it, a nap in nature. But even as she went to lay down her eyes caught the image of somepony at the front of the house, knocking on the door. Well, luckily RD was inside napping with Ambrosia. Nothing'd wake them up. She squinted- oh, it was Naj! He was good folk, that one. She still remembered her anger at his revelation of being a Changeling. Not the fact he was one. She would be the first to admit there was a time when she had a well-earned bias against 'em but that died off much quicker than it was built up. Nah, she was just upset 'cause she didn't much like living a lie. For all of that he was a good fellow and they had become good friends. He had been invited to the wedding and she was a little let down he couldn't make it, but he was busy. She knew all too well the time costs of being a Guard or in the REA. Grunting, she removed herself from her half-sloped position and started walking back towards the door. "Howdy there, stranger," she said with a weary chuckle, the bags under her eyes and ginger pace not conducive to the greeting he deserved. "What, did mah invitation get lost in tha mail?" She said as she got close. "Nice ta see, Naj."
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