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    Presteza was beaming when Fire Walker entered her line of sight. With a surprising bout of speed, Presteza brought fire into a hug. "Fire! It's been so long... where are all those letters you said you'd write?" Before Presteza decided to settle herself down in Ponyville, she had been doing a bit more traveling to see the world. She made sure to keep up with the post office where she could but perhaps all her moving around had resulted in something of a mounting delay between deliveries. Whatever she'd missed in her friend's life she was more than eager to catch up. In her excitement, the painter had barely noticed the presence of the personification of chaos having sauntered his way into the scene. In the moments after she had hugged Fire she paused and looked up and down the long figure of Discord: as if checking to see if he was really there. She had seen him in Ponyville now and again on her walks trhough town, but he was almost always busy with something or somepony and nowadays she wasn't as likely to try and push her way into circumstances just to slake her thirst for novel experiences so she left him to his own devices. At some point in the night she'd need to introduce herself and ask if he would like a portrait done. The words of Wordsworth brought her back to the more pressing matters at hoof. She remembered the friendly stallion from one of the past galas she attended, "It's good to see you as well, Wordsworth. I hope you've been keeping well!" Meanwhile, back by Nilaavin Bevel was getting a few magical readings off the mysterious sphinx. She'd heard so many stories of these beings and to think the prince had managed to get in the good graces of one. It was utterly fascinating! But soon her aetheric resonance detected caught the signal of a massive signature of magic... a very familiar one. Those golen eyes narrowed as it donned on her who it was. Nonchalantly she got back up from her seat and made her way off to the nook where quite a few ponies seemed to be congregating. Her readings were spiking massively with each step until she finally saw the noodly presence among the crowd. A devious smile spread across her muzzle. The inventor braced herself, took a deep breath, and charged into a gallop that transitioned into a running leap. A blur of earthy tones collided with the spirit of Chaos and soon the inventor was clinging onto the spirit and had him in a big hug, "Monsieur Discord!" She chirped with glee as she clung to the noodly spirit, "It's been far too long! Why haven't you come to visit in Talonopolis lately? You didn't forget about the world's greatest inventor did you?!" The elated mechanist only paused in her sudden shower of affection to look down to the familiar face of Squall, "Oh! Bonjour to you as well, Monsieur Squall. I'd hoped to run into you and tell you that the latest blueprints are already finished and production is set to begin as soon as you are ready." She wouldn't bother with context since she was sure that the stallion knew what she meant. With Dunnie's entrance, Bevel calmed down a little and simply held onto Discord's side as if she were a sapient backpack. "I wouldn't miss it for all the Coffee in Coltlumbia, Mon amie!" She offered her hoof to bump against Dunnie's own and then grinned to behold the ceremony on her chosen perch: Discord.
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    She poured the tea, relieved to have Fire Walker here. Truth was that she wasn't afraid of Blizzard Blitz and knew she could handle it even if something went wrong, but having a mare as capable as Fire Walker was always wonderful. She was also friendly and intelligent and while her role as Captain of the Twilight Guard was necessary, what was even more necessary was the warmth of the love and care that radiated off of her as strongly as her name would imply. They would need to bring that same heat if they had any hope of melting the shell of ice around Blizzard in conjunction with Twilight's honest and hopeful engagement. "Thank you for being here. This should go well, but you know how everypony worries if I don't have protection," she said with a sigh right before Blizzard entered. The first thing she noticed was that his coat was free and clear of the magically infused frost elements that had so artfully dictated the manner in which he was to be engaged. It was a more pleasant experience, dealing with a stallion whose heart of ice was a little less worn on his metaphysical, metaphorical sleeve. Any barrier between connection that was tossed aside was one barrier she was willing to let die, at least for now. "Captain, this is my friend, Blizzard Blitz. Blizzard, this is Fire Walker, the Captain of the Twilight Guard," she said with a smile. It was always good to expand the circle as she allowed them to get to know one another. And look at his tea game. Very strong! "Good choice. And I am happy to hear that the book helped. Knowledge used well is always good knowledge well used," she said as she offered him a scone. "You certainly look well, but how are your travels?"
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    It feels like it was just yesterday when I stumbled in here, whipped up a character, and tossed her haplessly into a chaotic stew of horsewords to see if she'd sink or swim. Thankfully, what we all expected to happen is what happened. In any case, those of you whose characters have had encounters with Rose Compass (not to be mistaken for Compass Rose) may be aware that she's putting together a team that's wholely unnecessary for herself to travel into the heart of the scarriest forest to ever grace rainbow horse land. I speak, of course, of Whitetail Woo- oh, what's that? That's the good one? Why don't we ever use it, then? Whatever. The Everfree! Rose is an ambitious 'young' alchemist with world-shaking ideologies. If she has her way, no living creature will ever suffer the cold embrace of death... Unless they so choose to. To this end, she's discovered the hydra, a creature absent from her aquatic home and a target of interest for her research into cellular regeneration. Over the course of a few interactions, she recruited: Aloe- yes, the spa pony. Why bring a spa pony with no combat or field experience into known danger? Because she knows she can protect her from just about any and all harm. She was considerate enough to even give her a role in this little event, that of a stress releiver. Charging into the unknown can really role your nerves, so having a professional around that can ease your woes is handy to have onboard. Compass Rose (maybe)- A bat pony with a suspiciously sunny complexion, 'Compass' is ideal for navigation as a dedicated cartographer with a photographic memory. While she's uncertain about the prospect of actually fighting a four story tall multi-headed acid-spitting spec predator, her worries are mostly unfounded. Mostly. Scarlet & Crew- Rose doesn't know too much about this one except that she seems to know what she's doing. She also has her own airship and the ponies to run it, an invaluable resource that Rose is banking on using for ease of travel. She's really hoping to use the airship instead of travelling on hoof. Tiger Blood- "Hey tiger" is what she would say if she were completely shameless (like one of her own brood in an alternate timeline.) Found at the wedding between Blueblood and his loves (plural), Rose found a comrade in him, or at least a decent conversation partner. Eager to get the blood pumping, she'd be remiss to leave him out. Let's just hope he doesn't get too rowdy, though. Honorable mentions: Arctic- I, personally, haven't seen him in action yet, but he has a spot here nonetheless if he wants it. All hooves on deck, amiright? Okay! So that sums up introductions, if anyone has any inquiries or misgivings, you can submit them here and take a number from the totally-not-a-grenade ticket counter ~ If anyone new wants to join... Pitch in here, but be aware that the crowd is already rather large as it is. At least in my opinion. Still, this is aaaaalll open!
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    Discord was what one could call a master of ceremonies! He knew every party needed a player. Every shindig needed a charlatan! And every hootenanny needed a horse! Well ponies would work he supposed! This time the affair seemed a bit more complicated as it was a groom to two brides. But the most daunting task of all was to delegate the delivery of his decedent cake to the damsels! Such distress! But alas Fluttershy has a driver with not a moment to spare! His long, grey ear swiveled back, the jubilant, mismatched monstrosity would mingle as if he had not been out of practice for a century over, and turned to Blueblood, his box floating before the claret case popped apart to reveal the three tiered orange iced cake. "But of course Bluey! And I brought a gift for the brides! I heard that it's quite a custom in colder climes to smear the cake k to the muzzle of the groom after the toast. Something about keeping them warm." He could never quite understand these pony antics but he very well tried to understand the more fantastical soirees and rituals ponies and other creatures put such efforts into. Far be it for him to really get it right either, but A for effort. He looked to Fluttershy before landing on the ground, hoof and talon, before looming over the yellow and pink mare. "Oh you see I'm with the bride this time. She fell through one of my storybooks that connects to Chaosville so I owed them a favour." It wasn't every day that a chimeric demi god granted favors, except in Discord's case it was because he couldn't go a day without interfering in the affairs of mortals. Or what was it he had to remember to call or? Helping. He was helping them and making lasting friendships. As Squall nickered out his contemptuous nickname, after all Discord was quite young for a timeless entity of chaos, he gave the fellow his ear, the appendage popping off as the chaos entity stretched and widened it to foolishly display his age was somehow affecting his hearing. With a pop the ear seemed to melt like a clock from one of those famous Salvahorse Dali paintings before he reformed, upside down, before the chatterbox. Discord stole a glance to the top of the castle, a paw coming to his chest as a memory collected from his ever flowing fountain of fame and infamy. "The last Sphinx I met was going on about riddles. How was I supposed to know you aren't supposed to tell them impossibly paradoxical riddles that would have them reciting it for life? It really wasn't all that hard." He snapped his paws to visually manifest the image in front of Squall as he spoke. "It walked on four legs at night, two in the afternoon and three in the evening." The shape transformed from a Pony, to a Minotuar before becoming a Hippogriff: with two hooves and a fishtail. Discord would squint at Squall, utterly offended by the question. "I'll have you know I've not only the new versions of the second edition books, but first edition!" Was there ever any doubt? He looked to Fluttershy, motioning his paw to Squall as the stallion went on. It was quite easy to keep Squallars entertained but even easier to distract. Pursing his lips the draconequus gave a few snaps: a white top hat appearing on Squall's head before it started to grow and extend: so high that the tip would match the height with the top of the castle. It was Squall Swift Esquire owner of the Canterlot Squallardome, the one they were hosting two crashed nebulas. Which Discord would pick up later! He was wondering where he dropped the pair of universes. Honestly he needed to start using stronger stuff to keep those stars in place! He would turn to Dunnie and give the mare a hoof bump and clap his paw and claw together as he moved to float off the ground. "Now, now you can't expect me to miss a party! Besides I sort of owe you for dropping you in Chaosville without a map. Honestly it was my fault. How was I supposed to know Pegasus turned that color in the foothills?!"
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    Blizzard sat at his desk. His quill was held in hesitation as he attempted to put his words onto paper. It had been one whole season since he had his run in with that other ice mage and Princess Twilight Sparkle. While he was grateful that he was aloud to leave with such ease...after all he had been granted permission long ago when he was a colt... Ice Storm, or at least that what he though her name was, made him feel like a common burglar. He took a few deep breaths, this time he would do things the right way. That was the reason he needed to write this letter after all. With a quick flash of his horn, the scroll would vanish, hopefully transported directly to the Princess of Friendship, though if not, his spell had a secondary address...Canterlot Castle itself. Now he just had to wait for a response. Magical mail delivery was not that advanced of spell, however, over such distances, it did drain a fair bit of aura. As he waited, he give his notes on the book another once over. It was something to do after all.
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    Bon Bon couldn't help but have a wide, brimming smile. "Knowing Lyra, and the lack of chaos in the house, she is asleep. She is a late to bed and late to rise. Funny, since I'm early to bed and early to rise. I think one day we'll have our patterns so well set that we will never see one another and get married to new ponies and be none the wiser as we share the house," Bon Bon said with a chuckle. A hearty one, maybe too hearty, because she was so well-set in her habits and Lyra's always changed. Knowing how this pattern went soon enough Lyra would need to pull an all nighter to reset her flailing, failing sleep schedule and you know who would have to rein her in? Not her sugar-tossed friends. It would be up to her intelligent, suave, good-natured and well-mannered spy-chocolatier wife, and it would just be one of a million little good deeds that Bon Bon had done that would go unheralded as a new Equestrian dawn rose for its citizens. Not all heroines wore capes, but some did when they were alone. Which she never was. Why did she even bother keeping that getup? At least she could keep her name with pride. She knew she made a good bonbon but Bon Bon of Bon Bon's Bonbons sometimes worried that there was too much bon and not enough bon in her bonbons, at least for ponies not named Bon Bon, who proudly ran Bon Bon's Bonbons but with recipes for bonbons that Bon Bon's bonbon loving father had given her, leaving her somewhat unsure each time a pony tried Bon Bon's bonbons from Bon Bon's Bonbons. Of course, that didn't mean that the aforementioned pride didn't threaten to run a full court press at times. "Well, keep those ideas to yourself," she said with a playful wink, "don't want these bonbons to get the wrong idea. They can be a skittish bunch and before you know it, boom bam, you've been damned by vindictive chocolates who think you think that they'll lesser," she said, shaking her head sorrowfully for effect. A moment later, smile. "Make sure to write the idea down. Celestia knows I've lost a lot of good ones up here in the brain pan." And with that, the Bittsburgh filly was off to her business while Bon Bon was off to hers. It wasn't a lot of baggage on her end but she had some essential shopping to do, and not a lot of time to do it thanks to the storm. Luckily, her saddlebag was travel sized- perfect for the busy mare! The outside market would only slowly start to come alive and she couldn't afford the time, so she went to the least patrician place of all, Barnyard Bargains. When she first moved in she would admit that she didn't much care for it- overly busy and the produce, with some exceptions such as the Apple family products, were too generic for her Canterlot-raised taste buds. Then she grew up and realized that a carrot that wasn't bad was a carrot like all the other carrots so who cared if the names were different. She made her grocery run in record time and trotted home. She'd start the slow-cooking stew and then prepare the cart for a truncated day. Victory for everypony! Especially ponies who enjoyed themselves some nice bonbons from Bon Bon's Bonbons, and the mare who took their money. She won too.
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    Twilight would let Rose's lack of knowledge about the REA slide, at least for now. She was highly intelligent but incredibly naïve- she knew so little about the modern world and those who inhabited it. It was the one area that Twilight had an earnest and honest concern growing in her regarding the ability of this wise and powerful sorceress to succeed in her endeavors. Science required research and knowledge, yes. But as she learned as she developed on her own, science required more than that. It required vision, yes, which Rose clearly had. But more than that it required awareness. Not of the exact subject itself, but of the time, of the place, of your surroundings immediate and grander. The greatest scientific discovery of all time would fall to the slightest of breezes if one lacked the context of the times. That- that worried Twilight. Not enough to dissuade her curiosity from being triggered more than it was before as they started going over the nuts and bolts of the device. "I know my fair share when it comes to runic magic. It is not native to this land- as such, its archanic structure needs to be efficient in order to work, as it pulls on distant aether." She watched as Aloe 'channeled' the magic, and the water became magicified. It was impressive. Her own magic investigated it as well. The arcanic construction of it was rather nice, especially for somecreature who claimed to have lesser knowledge of runic magic. Of course, there were complications in its aetheric purity. That left open the question of just how much of this was Aloe's magic being amplified and how much of it was a runic reaction to concentrated magical force, with the unintentional aetheric direction of its creator- in this case, Rose. Still, it was a wonderful device. "How interesting. Tell me, how do you feel when you do that, Aloe?" She asked as she drank her own water. "It is very intriguing. The interlocking archanic bindings in its base aetheric structure need rebuilding and there is too much ulnarian oscillation to mark it as stable for any greater experiment, but it is a wonderful piece of work. What gave you the idea?"
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    The Palace complex was stationed at the center of Kyoma, as it was the seed around which the pearl of the Neighponese capital, and in a way the entire Neighponese civilization, had grown. It was separated from the rest of the city by a high wall with a Torii-styled gate, which honestly seemed more appropriate for a temple than a fortress, though this was but the outer rim. Seen rising behind this barrier were the higher walls and pagoda-like tiers of the Castle that made the more defensible heart of the Shogunate. As the party entered through the first gate, they would see a path leading through an impressively ordered garden. Through carefully arranged rockery flowed an artificial brook, in which golden koi swam from pond to pond. By the banks, dwarfish trees drooped willow-like to shade the cool waters, while singing birds nestled in the twigs. Elegant patches of floral blooms were scattered throughout, perfuming the air with sweetness. The whole was the very picture of serenity from nature, though the whole took no small amount of artifice to construct. Indeed, the magically-sensitive members of the party would be able to tell just how much artifice was embedded into the scene. The walls had a sound-dampening field built into them, cutting off the visitors from the noise of the city outside. The plants, of course, had their positions chosen as carefully as every rock in the spiral patters in the rockery. Even the animals were not wholly natural in themselves, for a good portion of them were not birds or fish at all. Some were cybernetic magitek devices of peculiar beauty, others holograms that blended perfectly with the real animals that populated the branches and brooks. Past this scene of quiet wonder, the great castle loomed, though the tall, imposing doors were open, though guarded. The visitors were expected. Within, the entrance hall had the same grandeur that was expected for all such Royal Palaces, high walls and ceilings, decorated with art of impressive size and beauty. All spoke of an ancient culture, totally secure in itself. Again, however, the magically sensitive could detect behind the great rice-paper paintings of yokai, dragons, and samurai, something altogether more modern humming in the background. Standing there to greet them was... not the Shogun, but a couple members of his cabinet. The heads of intelligence and magitek security were determined to be the most relevant officials to speak with the STAR representatives, given the meeting. And of the two, it was the Director of Magitek Security that would immediately catch the eye, because the mare, quite frankly, looked more appropriate to the pages of a manga than a high governmental office. Her mane was spiked in ways that were in no way natural, her dress was non-traditional in the extreme, mostly utilitarian housing for various magitek devices attached to her back, hooves, and head. In front of her eye was a tiny screen, which was providing a constant feed of coded intel. A cutie mark, left visible in contravention to convention, revealed a white chapeau worn upon a gear. This was Shiroi Boshi, the Gijitsu-Sha of Neighpon, prodigy of magitek. Were she not so good at what she did, her eccentricities would not be so tolerated. Said eccentricities, however, did not preclude basic courtesy, as she bowed at their entrance. "Konichiwa, honored guests. I have been informed of your identity and purpose in your visit."
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    The air inside the brides' room was thick with nervousness. Mostly from Dunnie. She sat at the vanity mirror hanging on the pale purple of the crystal wall behind it. She was usually an easy going mare, taking like as it came. But now life was here looking the pegasus in the face and Dunnie was sitting in a room, mulling over all the things that could go wrong. With a heavy sigh, she turned to Star, "I'm heading out to the wedding." She slipped up out of her seat and got to her hooves. With her wings, she smoothed out her dress. "I'm sure it's not as bad as my nerves think, right? Even in this crazy town?" She trotted over to the door, the sunlight outside peeking in. "And it's not just because you ate half my chocolates." She clarified with a grin to her fiance and then slipped outside, closing the door behind her. "But there's more food out here, including chocolates." She adjusted her flower crown and took off into the air, circumventing the castle to fly to the front door. Off to the horizon, she could see the silhouette of a Sphinx. Was that Nil? Talking to Spoiled Rich? She must have run her mouth, Dunnie thought, got upset and now Nil is setting her straight. Away from the crowd to not embarrass her. Dunnie grinned at the thought and landed heavily on the dirt in front of the golden steps. She brushed herself off again and made her way up the steps, like any other guest. But there seemed to be an issue. She saw the guard accosting some unicorn. Actually, was that Shining Armor? No, this stallion was too skinny. Dunnie hurried up the stairs and having caught some of the conversation she interjected. "Come, now." She said as she slid up, side by side with the guard, "The invitations are just a formality, they aren't actually needed for entry." She explained. True or not, she gave no room for the guard to interject as she beckoned the stallion inside. "Get some food and drinks, and have fun!" She instructed the stallion. Even before turning to face the room, she could feel the energy in the air as ponies were about chatting, socializing. She grinned wide as she soaked in the scene though her eyes set on the group just ahead of her. "Fire! Bevel!" Two mares she could recognize easily, "Swift, Presy, Bluey!" Who were huddled up together. She trotted up to the group up behind the other two who caught her eye instantly, "Fluttershy and Noodle, too!" She smiled at them both and gave Discord a hoof-bump on his single cloven hoof. "I'm glad to see all of you here, it means a lot to me!" She trotted over to to her stallion, giving him a kiss on the cheek and then gave him a loving look, "Means a lot to us both." She was sure when she said it. But now looking off to the side, she could see another pony she hadn't seen for a long while. Magenta coat, and clad in that distinct garb. But she was talking to another pony, and wouldn't want to interrupt, lest she get punished to do pushups!
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    My return is approaching.
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    ~Arctic Blitz~ Arctic Blitz approached the front entrance, his eyes lazily focused on the door as he thought to himself. His friend who had invited him to come along was supposed to meet him at the train station, but there was no sign of her when he arrived, nor was there any after a substantial period of waiting. He was mulling in his head whether she had been delayed somehow, or if she had simply forgot that they were meeting at the station and not at the party himself. Whichever it was, he decided that it was best to show up at the wedding before it really kicked off, even if his friend would be showing up late. Surely, she would understand, if she wasn't just already instead. He was snapped out of his thoughts, when the ground shook, and not far in front of him, landed an honest to Celestia Sphinx, a creature that he had previously believed only existed in myth and legend. He had heard plenty of rumors about the quaint little town of ponyville, but he had not even been here for a few hours and already, something he thought he'd never see simply jumped down in front of him. The creature then discreetly motioned for some uptight looking mare to follow them aside, as if they were just another guard. He stared, and watched them walk off, as he continued to approach front door, albeit, at slower pace. When he finally reached it, he fumbled for his invitation, one that was more so a formality, addressed to a "plus one" of a guest, rather than a guest themselves. He quickly presented it to the guard, who seemed to be the one checking invitations. Arctic shifted uncomfortably as the guard scrutinized both the invitation and Arctic Blitz himself. For a moment, the thought crossed his mind that maybe the guard somehow recognized him. He may not be world famous, but he was certainly among one of the more notable pirates, despite his relative young age as compared to others with his notoriety, and there was also a risk of being recognized when around the guards. Eventually, the guard spoke up. "Where is the guest you are supposed to be coming with?" Arctic Blitz bite his tongue, hiding any concern as best he could. "Well...about that...I don't know. See, she was supposed to meet me at the train station, and we were supposed to go together, but she was no show there. I don't know where she is, whether her train got delayed or if she forgot we weren't meeting at the castle itself. Her na-" Arctic Blitz was cut off by the guard, who seemed less than amused. "If you aren't with your guest, I can't let you in. Invitation or not." Arctic Blitz's lips curled into a frown, as he stared at the guard, nearly dumbfounded. "You can't be serious! What if she is already instead! Look, I even brought a present for the co-...er, Herd!" He said, presenting the small gift he had brought, wrapped up for the groom and his wives. As he did this, he leaned to the side, looking inside the castle, hoping to catch a glimpse of either his friend, or something else that would give him an idea on how to get around this guard.
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    Leave it to Discord to never deny himself a party, but this was no ordinary party! It was yet another wedding! He was feeling the same as Fire Walker. Was being single going out of style? Honestly love was one of those things that were way too complicated to be worth unthreading and understanding. It was a pony thing. He knew because his last plunge into romance ended in a crazy, world altering ex. In fact there was good reason to believe that his past problems had made him a bit terse towards romance and love and things, though his recent friendships and allies who would have helped in some of his shortcomings but he was still a bit -- troubled! You see when you find yourself amidst ponies who revel in Hearts and Hooves it is difficult to place yourself in such a situation after circumstances put Canterlot in danger and you ended up blamed! Can you believe that? But he did bake them an apology cake for the mess she made, which oddly made everypony think you were at fault, but he supposed wiping their memories hadn't helped. But to think his ex came back to make trouble well -- he had to make it up to them again but this time no cake! Well maybe a little one. A three tier banana cake with orange icing and flowers to fulfill a wedding feast! He had invited Fluttershy but he was unsure if she would accept. How silly. Another wedding? With the box in paw the spirit would appear behind the fire-red pony in question, grinning ear to ear. "Well well it seems I have arrived at the peak of the gathering." The spirit chuckled with jovial glee. Another wedding indeed. When would they run out of ships, he wondered.
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    Boonie: Taming Tempers The Broonie, as its known as by locals, is a small magical creature, often considered of the fae, that have permanently settled in the Everfree Forest. They are short critters with chubby hedgehog-like bodies and long, pointed bat-like ears that sit about the size of a squirrel and are known for their habit of invading the local homes of those that live too close to the Everfree. They are known to camouflage themselves in fallen leaves and hurry into homes as they brush out the leaves during the turning seasons and whenever things become lost in the home one could be assured it was like the mischief of a Broonie as they love collecting bits and bobs left unguarded around a pony's home. When milk or cream is left out for the Broonie they return the favor by cleaning the hearth and home, sweeping it clean making the spring cleaning much easier, but Broonie's have a darker side to them! The little Fae are notoriously short tempered and if offended in any way they have been known to knock over mason jars full of preserves, spill grain and even tip over dishes and plates, shattering them about. The only way to be rid of an angry Broonie is to have a local medicine woman break the curse with herbs and springs, forcing it to leave the home forever. Once a Broonie is cast from a home it can never return to leave its good tidings. It is always difficult to understand the ways of Fae, but one thing easy to understand is a Broonie's temper is not easily tamed as their good nature is. - Haunted Paths Across Equus, a Pocket Guide
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    Norton was relieved that Cemmoyahua was of his own mind regarding the dangers of misused fertilizer, but at the same time, he knew full well that he could not afford to pass up any opportunity to grow his ability to... grow things. In the end, there wasn't much to do other than give the go-ahead, with cautions. "We think alchemy would be the more stable solution. Ingredient expenses will probably limit the amount of ground we can render productive at first, but We believe that long-term prosperity should be prioritized over short term gains. Griffonstone will not survive another collapse." He stroked his moustache solemnly.
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    Rose didn't really have any issues with using such a thing offensively, as the newly crowned emperor so narrowly implied, but she was disappointed that the tribal mare was against it. "I can... Simply replacing the alum with two different substitutes would achieve very similar results, and would complicate the formula enough that the laypony couldn't accidentally create a famine." She created another note, this time with two different names on it, and floated it to her.
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    Blizzard Blitz The lowly unicorn began his return trip to Canterlot after receiving Twilight Sparkle’s letter. He levitated the books he had checked out into his saddle bag before grabbing his cloak and throwing it over himself. It was going to be a long journey, though with it now being winter in Equestria, he found the journey to be quite a bit more in enjoyable then trips past. Perhaps it was because he no longer felt the need to seek his way through miles upon miles of land, or perhaps it was the company he soon would be joining. Blizzard had arrived in Canterlot just as the majestic city was beginning to wind down for the evening. Though he got more then a few glances, he ignored them and made his way directly to the grand library. There would be no slipping in the side door this time, after all he had an invitation from the young ruler of Equestria herself. The white unicorn could smell the tea and snacks as he entered the grand main hall as they soon lead him to the room he had met her before. “Your highness,” he would say with a somewhat shallow bow. His eyes however were drawn towards the red pegasi in the room as well. “Captain, I presume?” He nod to her as a sign of respect. “May I?” as he motioned a hoof at a char on the side near Twilight. Undoing his cloak, he would hang it upon the back of the chair. “I must thank you for loaning he this book,” as he levitated it back onto the table. “It was very useful in fixing my magical mistake from years ago.” He would smile to both before sitting down, wondering how long it wound take the princess to notice that his coat was no longer infused with ice and snow. Blizzard himself would make a rather potent tea mixture, adding a bit of honey for flavor and stir it slowly, waiting for it to cool. He would also levitate a few briskets and snacks onto the table where he was sitting.
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    Fire Walker had spent the earlier day running around and taking care of an assortment of tiny errands. While she was not asked to lead a squad of soldiers to chase away an enclave of Diamond Dog thieves, or to reunite warning neighbors to the north. Of course there was no warring neighbors anywhere at the moment. She had little jobs. Mush them all together and you might get one proper sized mission. She could at least feel useful for the moment. Once she returned to the purple princess' side and dropped off some needed supply, the red mare was happy to help with troop rotations. At least for the R.E.A and the many guards who roamed the busy streets of Equestria. She knew and grew up with many, and also trained a good deal of them as well. She had a good eye on what squads should go where. She stayed away from the EPIC and STAR jibber-jabber as the whole cloak and dagger stuff made her stomach turn. They had a place that they needed to go, and away they went. To the spot. Thankfully tea would be there along with little butter biscuits and scones. "Oh, Yes, of course please..". It was very very hard not to refer to Sovereign of Equestria as 'Princess', but the purple one preferred to be called Twilight. Year of training demanded it! "Thank You Twilight.." She got her leaves of choice ready. Normally it wouldn't have been her fifteenth choice, but she needed to stay away from caffeine for the next ten or so months. They were meeting somepony, but who? Prince Blueblood? Princess Cadance? Muggo' Ale? She doubted it would be the last one, but it would be fun if it was.
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    Twilight found herself swamped in missives and dispatches from across Equestria and beyond, the litany of tasks in front of her seemingly endless. However, she relished it. There were diplomatic overtures and treaty negotiations galore. Approved rotations for the Guards and REA movements, and more hidden dispatches for EPIC and STAR. And that was just the boring stuff. Personal correspondence galore draped her desk in ever-growing amounts as she took her time to read and respond to as many of her citizens as possible. She loved hearing about their lives and when they sought her aid she was more than willing to do what she could. It was her pleasure and honor to do so. Of course, sometimes things change. And when Blizzard's message popped in front of her, it couldn't help but change her immediate priorities. It looked as if the mysterious fellow was making his way back. Interesting! She wondered what he would be after this time. Based on their last contact and what she had discovered since she assumed he was less than a complete friend of Equestria, but that was fine. Just sending her a letter was proof enough for her that there was that spark inside that could blossom into something greater, and she was happy to see if she could be the one to help with that. She began composing her response immediately and with nary a few moments of spell-writing she was finished, and sent her letter to the exact arcanic location that the letter had been delivered from. Moments after Blizzard sent his letter, Twilight's letter would appear in a flash in the same location and position down to the centimeter. It was written in Twilight's own impeccable horn-writing with the stationary of her office in full and complete detail. The words, however, were far simpler. "Dear Blizzard Blitz, I am so happy to have received your letter. You may arrive at your normal time and I will be more than happy to meet you where we met before. I will bring tea and snacks and a full and happy mind for conversing with a mage of your skill. Keep well and safe until then, and may Harmony preserve you. Dearly, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, Sovereign of Equestria" ------------------------------------ Twilight was indeed stationed correctly, with a list of titles she thought might interest him and lacked the arcanic residue that would indicate previous...unknown rentals. On the desk stood a station for tea and biscuits and a host of smaller snacks, as well as three seats. One for Twilight, one for Blizzard Blitz, and another for a friend. And employee? But mostly a friend. "Tea?" She asked her compatriot before Blizzard arrived, having already poured a cup for herself.
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