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    ~~Star Crusader~~ The jab to the shoulder may as well have been Tempest tapping a boulder with her hoof, but Star took it in good humor. "Then it's a date. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make my herd official. See you later." And with a bow to both Temmy and Sky Crack, Star Crusader turned to go towards the front. ~~Spoiled Rich~~ The older mare was quite glad to see that investment of time into the magazine photoshoot had paid off. It had been a particularly trying episode... more for the photographer than for her, admittedly, but that's what he was paid to deal with. "You're quite correct. What is more to the point these days, I am now also the Mayor of this fine town. I know I cannot be the first to say this, but Welcome to Ponyville." Spoiled's unique muzzle was wearing its most pleasant smile, as it did when she conversed with those she considered social equals. There weren't many of those around this town, though considerably more since Prince Blueblood had become Archancellor of the School of Friendship. His admission policy seemed to be focused on bringing in high-status foreign students, and this seemed like very sound policy to her. "You are a friend of the groom, or one of the brides?" She inquired. "I can't say I know either of them all that well personally, but I could hardly refuse an invitation to a Royal Wedding they so graciously allowed this town to host." She lowered her voice. "While I'm happy for the... three of them, I do hope that Filthy isn't going to be getting any ideas from this." ~Prince Blueblood~ The Prince was glad to see Fluttershy taking advantage of the opportunity to escape the crowds. She and Niilavin should get along quite well. Hopefully. Better than with Swift Squall, at least. But Flutters was not the most salient pegasus mare to Blueblood today. That spot was held by two, one of which had her wing around him with active nuzzling. "She should be." Blueblood answered as regarded Princess Twilight, unable to keep a note of impatience out of his voice. Darn it, he wanted to be married already! Taking one last look over towards Smolder and Gallus, Blue shook his head. "I wish I could say you weren't right. I both miss those days and never want to go back to them. Mostly because neither you nor Star were in them, at the time." OK, a bit cheesy, but Dunnie had never refused queso before, to his knowledge. A shadow fell over the group as Star Crusader stood between them and the window. "I believe most of the guests are in place, now only we remain." She was smiling now, visibly, which was still an unfamiliar position for her face. "Let us take our positions. We have waited long enough, my loving herd." *Look at her, taking charge already.* Blueblood thought, as she escorted the pair of them away from Fire with a wing and shepherded them towards the front. Already, the music of the organ was playing. Was that Spike on the keys? There weren't many ponies who could play an instrument like that. Wandering thoughts, however, came home, now that he could see Star and Dunnie together in their dresses. Reminders of how beautiful they both were, and how lucky a stallion he was, drove all other thoughts from his mind...
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    "Mmf, *gulp*, Oh, it does grow, but only by consuming living plants, like I said." Chipper pointed out to Caramel, once he swallowed the mouthful of delicious popcorn in his mouth. "And I don't know about making them dance and all that, you'll probably have to invent those spells yourself, Kettle. But I'll be happy to help! Always glad to help a new friend. We are friends, right?" It was fair to say that Chipper wasn't too sure about how one could tell whether or not a pony was a friend, but he certainly showed himself friendly, and that counted for a lot. It was probably accurate to include Spearmint in that category too... but not Morning Glow. She didn't seem to be with the program, or indeed know all that much about this school. That was fair, being a new arrival and all that. "Oh, well, the headmare's only a mare half the time, you know. So we just call them the Archchancellor. At least they don't make us call them 'Your Highness.' I mean, we'd have have to ask what they were smoking if we did, nyahaha!" Jokes and joviality probably would do little to soothe the situation, but it was the only tool Chipper knew. He didn't quite understand why anypony would be upset about what he was doing.
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    ---Presteza--- It was only beginning to dawn on the painter just how long it truly had been since she'd been in such a large crowd of ponies. So many talking and sharing stories, yet she couldn't help but feel she came up short on conversational topics. It didn't help that she didn't have a plus one to save her from any awkward situations... If only Java were here. The painter was jarred from her thoughts when she noticed a mare approaching her. She seemed the sort of mare that she'd run across many a time in her foal hood in some way: a natural born socialite. Presteza's foalhood was full of galas and social functions where she had to wear fancy clothes and be shown off to her mother's friends. At this point in her life though, Presteza had learned not to judge a book by their cover. The hat wearing unicorn crackked a smile and shook, "Good Day, you're... " Presteza wracked her brain a moment before she was able to place the face, "Oh! You're Spoiled Rich. I've seen you in a few magazines with your husband." She wasn't going to mention it, but what served as Spoiled's most identifying trait for this painter was her muzzle. Presteza had a soft spot for unique individuals and ponies with interesting faces. "It's good to meet you." ---Bevel Gear--- A big grin spread across Bevel's muzzle once she heard Rose's occupation. Alchemy was an incredible field, back where she was studying she'd hoped to take more time looking into that but her skills had lied in magitechnical engineering. The tone in this new pony's voice was starting to light an inspiration fire in the prench unicorns belly, "I think I hear some promise in your voice, Mademoiselle Compass. Care to elaborate?"
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    Nilaavin felt the bump and looked down at the pony. Yellow, pink and looked spooked out of her mind? Ah yes, flutter something. One of the heroes of this land or some such thing. Hard to not learn about them in passing, most of all living in the town they call home. Why the heroes of this land lived in this poor town he had no clue. But then he lived here as well now… Smiling at the ‘hero’ of this land he spoke a few short words in his native tongue, a small greeting in words older than every town in this land. Soon followed with words she can understand. “Do not whimper in fear, do not hide like the foal so scorned. I mean you no harm and sit here as guardian of this event so wonderful.” He says in a soft tone, not wishing to spook her more. In truth he did not care if she was scared of him. But for the sake of PR he can’t go about spooking the heroes of this land. He’d never hear the end of it from Blue. “Take ease, champion of harmony, I am Nilaavin. You are… Shy…” He trails off, oh what WAS her name? Shy something? Butter Shy? Stutter Shy? Why did they all have such insane names? ~~~~~~~~~~ Tempest nodded her head and gave the brick wall for a mare a playful jab to the shoulder. “Very well, best make ready. Even with the added condition I will not go easy on you.” With that she took her seat and smiled, much more happy with events. A good spare was just what she needed as of late.
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    Roleplay Type: WoEName: WindracerGender: MaleAge: Older ColtSpecies: PegasusEye colour: GreyCoat: White/Off WhiteMane/Tail: Blue with purple and off blue streaksPhysique: Overall very athletic but still aerodynamicResidence: He is often in Ponyville or more often in Canterlot but has a permanent home in CloudsdaleOccupation: Competitive racer/Professional aerial gymnast Cutie Mark: [![Windracer-CM.jpg](https://i.postimg.cc/5NNFgb7q/Windracer-CM.jpg)](https://postimg.cc/xqhCTDSc)Unique Traits: He can often tell if someone is lying if he is really paying attention History: He was born in Manehattan but largely grew up in Cloudsdale. In his youth he loved playing instruments, anything from the piano to the saxophone, but his head would always find it's way in the clouds. Racing friends and playing games is where his love for flying really bloomed. He was just a colt when he entered his first race at flight camp, although he came in 3rd, it didn't stop him from chasing gold. Around the same time he became interested in aerial acrobatics and gymnastics, a performance style of incorporating traditional gymnastics with aviation. Deadly nose dives into flips and spins and beautiful displays of unique performances that incorporate both ground and air in complex routines. During one of his races one of the other opponents lost control while trying to pass Wind causing both of them to begin free falling, but because of his training in acrobatic aviation and gymnastics, he quickly regained control since many of his routines incorporate recovery in someway, putting him in often extremely dangerous voluntary free falls for a performance. It's because of this experience from such an early age that he was able to save the life of himself and the other contestant and still manage to place in the top 5. As he began to relax at the finish line with his new friend, his cutie mark appeared. A single black wing with inner red feathers Character Personality: His personality is generally kind and caring, he tends to think extremely logically and is always up for an adventure. Character Summary: Windracer is a young adult Pegasus who, as his name implies, loves to race the wind in competitive races and aerial acrobatics. You can often find him relaxing at a local hayburger joint with friends, taking an afternoon trot though town, or practicing/training for his latest race or aerial preformance.
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "I did not get to ride the old one unfortunately. I was still in the process of recovering from many wing surgeries when it shut down and the extra g forces that it puts on a pony could have undone the repairs and caused more damage. Other than my shows I didn't really get to do a lot of fun stuff growing up. But now that I'm filly recovered the Blue Two should be fine. I'm pretty sure I put out more g's than that does," Wind giggled. Then Candy mentioned the amusement park in Bittsburgh and said something about one of the wooden coasters being 100 years old. "Well, we'll have to try it out of were ever in the area. I don't know how Sky would be on a coaster though. I'm sure with that being that old it's had to go through some major repairs as well," she commented. She didn't pay it no thought about her using the pen in her mouth. It was pretty normal for everypony else. She actually didn't even notice until Candy said something about earth pony habits sticking with her. "Hey just about everypony still writes like that at some point," she says with a smile. Wind Dancer then nodded as Candy said that she at least wanted to get the tip. It was her Corn pride. She understood that. All families had quirks like that. She really needed to buckle down and visit hers soon. Sure she told them about Sky in letters but it's different meeting them face to face. She also said that she wanted to drop by hey room to drop off her autograph book before they took off. That she didn't want anything to happen to it while they were out. "Sure thing! Are you staying here at the Mareage?" She asked
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    Looking between the mechanic and the medic, she slowly nodded. A plan was coming together, pieces clicking into place. "Miss Bevel, if you could replicate the effects of Miss Flare's unique vision, how, precisely, would you go about this operation?" Finally pulling her attention away from the promising pony, she cast a small smile Bevel's way, an energy positively radiating off of her. "After all, I do beleive quite a few ponies could benefit from her form of 'sight'. Blind ponies especially."
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    Dunnie gave Gallus a hoof wave of approval, mutual understanding that this was indeed a messy situation and definitely not Gallus's fault. The little blue birb wasn't interested in joining, and that's all that mattered to her. When Blueblood pulled her in for a hug, she smiled to him and returned the hug with a wing and a soft nuzzle against his white neck. Though, when he explained that she had no princess power in the matter, she looked horrified. Now only was her ego bruised, but her perfectly good royal decree was all for nothing. And it sounded perfectly regal when she said it too! Though, of course, she would not be stopped. She pulled her husband-to-be closer and leaned close to his ear. "Don't say that, they might not know. Especially that recruiter." She gave him a soft poke with a wing to punctuate her point. With the sudden WAGGH! scaring her beloved, she immediately took up a protective position in front of him. Though, was immediately disarmed by the dead but still very cute eyes of the little honking goose. "Oh! So cute!" She reached a wing out to give it a poke on the beak. Then gave it a soft squeeze on the stomach, letting out a softer, more drawn out Waaaaggghh. And as she was distracted with the fake goose, Fire took care of the situation. She couldn't think of a better mare to have at one's side. Not only in a scrap, but also when dealing with the arguably more frightening bureaucracy. "Make sure to say in the letter that Princess Dunnie decreed it as well, Fire." She interjected, excitement in her voice. "And then all the other stuff I said." She stopped harassing the rubber goose. For a fleeting moment, she wished for a green moose. Strange thought. She returned to Blueblood's side, nuzzling up against him again and pressing against his side with her body. "Oh! Yes. Wedding..." Her eyes went wide and her head swept left and right quickly, "Is Princess Twilight here to officiate?" She hadn't seen the purple alicorn anywhere. As Gallus left, Dunnie watched him slide off with minimal trouble with his steps. "What a strange griffon." She said, then looked to the equally hazy Smoulder who was destroying those fries. "Well, birds of a feather and all of that fancy stuff. I suppose not very different from us when we were about their age, aye?" Amusement in her observation. She then pulled Fire and Bluey both close with a wing, her cheeks smooshed between her crimson comrade and her stallion.
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    ~~Star Crusader~~ Was there any hint of suspicion in Star's eyes at the mention of a gut injury by Tempest? The impassive mare's face rarely gave so much away. In either case, she was amenable to the condition. "It will be a friendly spar, for sport and for show, so I have no objections." Not that the reciprocation meant much; her muscle-bound abdominals were almost armor in and of themselves. Temmy might bruise Star's solar plexus, but she'd as likely get a sprained wrist for her troubles. She looked over towards Sky Crack to see if she was willing to take up Temmy's offer to make it a three-for-all, but it seemed the Acroneighos mare was not inclined to reply. "Mhm, if that is all, I should return to my herd. There seems to be some kind of commotion that they are dealing with." ~~Prince Blueblood~~ “WAAAGH!” "GAH!" The sudden honk of Fire's goose nearly caused the Prince to jump out of his skin. He never liked sudden noises like that, and he had a particular antipathy towards geese. Nasty, brutish creatures that made the most barbaric of Caribou Vikings look like a respectable Ponyvillian in comparison! Once he smoothed his mane back in place and recovered what was left of his dignity, he turned back to Gallus. It seemed the issue with his dubiously voluntary REA recruitment was taken care of, and there was little desire in the bluebird to fly home. But a desire for anyone else, though, that was the ticket! The newly wedded and those about to be could not help but play matchmaker. "In which case, Gallus," He leaned in to whisper, "I would suggest not wasting time in making your move. You will not be young forever." That was about as far as he got before Smolder pulled him away. "Well!" Said Blueblood to the remaining party, "That was certainly something. Have all the guests found their seats? We should probably get this ceremony back on track sometime today, eh Dunnie?"
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