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  1. Pennmin found himself chuckling proudly at the positive reaction to the change he made, glad to hear it was received well. Then came the subject of characters, one of the most important aspects to any story. Flipping to a new page in his notepad, he heard the pegasus out, and grew more and more intrigued by what she was saying. Her comment about the griffons of Griffonstone got a bit of a laugh out of him. "Well, I can't really say anything about them, since as far as I know, I've never really met any of 'em, but I'm liking the idea of everypony being out for themselves," he stated, jotting down some notes. "Might make the situation more dire, since the main character's gonna have to rely on himself to fulfill the prophecy." A brief look of realization crossed his face and he flipped back to the page with the plot summary on it, asking, "Oh, real quick, any thoughts on what the prophecy would be? Or do you wanna work on fleshing out the main character first?"
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