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    Despite her name, Morning Glow was not a morning pony, and was still slightly disoriented when the younger filly attacked her face. Luckily, with the help of the energy ball's sister, Morning Glow was able to levitate her off. "What's the matter with you?? Don't you have any personal space??" she scolded the younger filly, agitated by the sudden ambush. "And yes, I did. I like to keep my room organized, so this way neither of us ends up with stuff on the other's side. You're welcome!" she added proudly, using her magic to straighten out the blankets of the other filly's bed where she had previously been laying. "I don't expect everypony to comply with my level of organization, though, so you're welcome to keep your side as neat or messy as you like." Then she turned to the youngest of the three. "Shouldn't you be getting settled in your dorm? Orientation begins soon, doesn't it?"
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    Ohhh boy. This was going to be... interesting. Cloudy still wasn't fully comfortable with this rugged pegasus. It wasn't that she thought she was dangerous or anything, just that... there was something intimidating about her. She casually maneuvered herself to be on the other side of Wind. Sanda Kumo... That was an interesting name for sure... It certainly wasn't Equestrian that she knew of. "I'm Cloudfeather," she said, still trying to sound as natural as possible. What was Wind thinking inviting a strange pony to just come to the labyrinth with them?? Then again, what had she been thinking in associating with Wind with no prior introduction. That really put her choices today into perspective! She began contemplating her decisions today...
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    Caramel chuckled as Kettle came in and went off on her talk of popcorn and different condiments on it, though it’s not like Morning could hear her. For now, the earth pony continued unpacking until Morning woke up and hopped over to the other side of the line. “Hmm? I guess you are. Did you make this line?” She looked at the white line briefly before Kettle got really excited again. Sighing slightly, Caramel moved over to pry her sister off her roommate. “C’mon, Kettle, you’re going to make her pass out again, let her breathe.” She said, pulling Kettle off and letting the filly rest on her back.
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    Wind saw the pony and saw an opportunity to make a new friend. One of biggest reasons for coming(other then the derby) was to make friends. "If you want, you could come with us to the castle labyrinth." Wind could see the slight concern in her eyes of which he didn't seem to share. A new friend could come from anywhere, and Wind knew this. He didn't see any ill intent from the pony right away so he was happy to have a chance to be in some kind of friend group for once.
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    Cloudy removed her carrot dog from the bag and began to eat it as they trotted along, balancing the rest of the contents on her back. They trotted in silence for a moment before a rather rugged-looking pegasus landed behind them and asked them a question in broken Equestrian. She looked like she had seen combat many a time, which Cloudy thought was odd considering Equestria hadn't been to war in a millennium. Cloudy couldn't quite place her accent, either. Having traveled to big cities all over Equestria, she knew accents fairly well, but perhaps this pony was from one of the many areas she still had yet to visit. "Um, I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you looking for a specific place?" Cloudy asked kindly. She was trying to be as natural as possible, but if she was being honest, this pegasus was quite intimidating. It was probably best to point her in the direction of "fun things" as quickly as possible so that they could go their separate ways.
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    Sanda had been indecisive while the two mares waited for food, but as they moved out, she made up her mind and flew after them. “Um, hello. I am lost, where is fun things?” She ventured, landing nearby the two mares.
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    Nilaavin leaned his head down low as he looked deep in to the shy mare's eyes with strong focus. The things she asked... not long ago he’d feel insulted with such foolish things. Yet… It just marked yet again the unshaking fact his race was forgotten and dying away in to old mythology half remembered. He was the outliner of a cruel fate and it was in his paws to shape the last chapter. With a deep breath he leans his head to one side. “Sphinx is a name given to us by horse and pony, a name we embraced. It is fine to call us such as I know no other name for us.” pulling his head back up he smiled softly at the mare as he spoke more. “As for my size, I'm young and small. My mother was much larger than I am now, my father is larger yet.” He explained before holding a paw out to tap the mare on the nose. “As for food, yes… Do you wish to play a game?” ****Skiping Tempest this post****
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    "Wow!" Cloudy responded. "That was super profound! What a cool way to live! I wish I was half as brave as you are! I get nerves really easily hahaha!" She admired Wind for his ability to so readily face his fears. She wasn't a scaredy-cat, but she did tend to get nervous easily, as she had said, and when she got nervous, she made mistakes. She had a very oddly shaped comfort zone, but she liked it and preferred to stay inside it.
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