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    Welp guess what the cat dragged in? Yep, I'm back for another go, life is messy, but I made it back!
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    Well well, this information about the book was quite interesting indeed, and Dox nodded along as he jotted down notes. On a separate sheet, he wrote down the topics Hou wished to know more about, his horn glowing brighter for a moment before the paper disappeared. A moment later, he nodded to himself, turning his attention to the id Hou had thrown him and her idea to inconvenience their pursuers. That would be a trivial matter, so he nodded in agreement. ——————— Now in the form of a muscular zebra, Dox walked along with Hou, pouring over the relevant information he had copied down from their search so far, trying to figure it out. The picture was incomplete though, the answer unclear. Hopefully the servants he had sent ahead to search the other archives had found something more helpful by now. “[Yes, as do I. Amazing what was built back then without all the advancements we have today.]” He responded, looking around at the garden as they walked.
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    Horse Puns!
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