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    "It's nice to know my sisters have made connections already," she'd say to Spearmint before looking to Chipper as well. Candy would watch as Caramel's roommate teleported just outside. Her mouth hung open in awe of the small magical feat. Candy herself wasn't the strongest in the arcane arts, but she knew some spells for making all kinds of candies and of course her family's namesake. It wouldn't take long for her to hear a small pop directly behind her before her mind thought the worst. What had Kettle done? She could still feel her hooves on her back, thank Celestia, but in a blink of an eye a bucket of popcorn found itself hanging upside down from her horn, a few pieces of popcorn in her mane. She'd turn her head to look at her smallest sister. Without saying a word, her expression was enough to communicate her thoughts. She'd sigh before rolling her eyes and levitating the bucket down and placing it on a nearby table. When the next bucket appeared, Candy let out a frustrated sigh. "Your to stay with you big sis Kettle. I'm sure you'll learn some new things here. Just for now I need you to come with me. I don't need you getting ported to someplace nopony would be able to find you. Then my life would get boring." When she heard the others talking about how soon orientation was about to begin, she looked to Caramel. "Do you have everything sis? Do I have everything?" as she frantically checked her bag for the paperwork. "Good, there it is." Looking around to all those there, she would ask a rather blunt question. "Dose anypony know where we're headed? Caramel, you been talking about this place since I came to apprentice under BonBon. Did you learn the layout of the school?"
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    Again with the self-righteous prattling. She had to admit, she did raise several good points, but the overall vibe she gave off just... really put the mare off. Catching the lantern in her magic, she gave it one good look before whisking it away to a safe location, where the real Rose began to study it in earnest. "Only in the shattering can the rebuilding occur," the mare spoke, and the words carried such volume, such weight, that they resounded in the mind just as well as the body. "A wise mare once told me that, and I think I am beginning to understand the meaning behind it." She turned her attention back to Hou, her expression neutral. "Perhaps something of yours must be shattered before It can be rebuilt into its proper shape?" Shrugging, she let that little bit of advice go. "Scylla." She spoke next, and there was a tingle in the air when the word was spoken. "It is a cursed name, and the name of a tyrant. Speak it, and I will know exactly where you are. No border, spatial, temporal, or dimensional will impede it." She chuckled, then, looking around as if expecting her other self to appear at any moment and smite her. Yet, Rose Prime never did. "All Rose's know it, but hopefully I am the only one who will heed it." Dipping her head in a surprisingly formal curtsey, she grinned, as her spectral form begin to fade. "Until then, Miss Shuren, I bid thee fair tidings ~" In the next moment, the false mare was gone, the magic binding her form dissipating into the surrounding magic field.
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    Thoughts of Dorm Adventures vanished the instant the little filly witnessed Morning Glow's magic trick. "oh my gosh, oh my gosh I WANNA DO THAT!" standing up on candy's back, her face twisted in concentration, trying to pop like a kernel- only instead of just popping, she'd pop twice! Once there, and once... Somewhere else. Maybe a cornfield! Her horn glowed, and... POP! The basket of popcorn she'd left next to Glow appeared on top of Candy's head. She stared at it dumbly, as if surprised, even though she'd done exactly that only minutes ago. Trying again, her horn positively radiated hope and enthusiasm. POP! This time a new bucket of popcorn appeared, this one she recognized from... Someplace in Ponyville. The ponies could practically hear her frown as much as see it as she whined in frustration. "Waaaahhhh! I wanna do that too-hooooo!!!" Then, like a switch, she was up back to her chipper self, bouncing on her hooves with an energetic smile as she leveled a nigh manic-grin at Chipper. "Hey, hey, you're a horny-corn too! Do you know how to do that trick!? Do ya do ya!?"
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    Surprisingly, Chipper seemed to be a quick study in the ways of etiquette. He even raised his hand when he wanted to say something, which Morning Glow figured was his way of mocking her, but she didn't mind as long as he knocked before coming into their dorm in the future. She gasped as she realized he was right about one thing, though: She was going to be late for orientation if she didn't hurry. She took this opportunity, what with the door being crowded, to practice her teleportation. Her horn glowed for a few moments as she focused her energy, and then with a sphere of turquoise light and a loud POP!, she disappeared from the dorm and reappeared just outside it. She couldn't teleport very far, but it was certainly a start, especially for her age. She gave a joyful giggle and then galloped off toward the entrance hall where orientation was supposed to begin.
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    Silverstream was stunned for lots of reasons, not the least of which was that a friend of hers not known for swimming found himself bubbling up and into her newly acquired underwater sphere. It would kind of perturb her that she couldn't necessarily get away from her friends because she was leaving such a mess in her wake, but the jokes from them disarmed any ability for her to be angry. She rolled her eyes at the idea that Sandbar was currently being digested in Smolder's belly. "Really!? No, you're joking! Um, yeah. This is a place I found under the school about a week ago." Silverstream realized there was no easy way to explain this. Fortunately for her, she loved explaining things, and would proceed to go on a long tangent while in a dark underwater cave with only small glow stones lighting the room. In time, everyone's eyes would adjust. "So, for about a month I've been having a problem. I love being at the school and I love making new friends and learning about new things. But I realized that some day it'll all end, and we'll all be on our own, maybe even without each other. And it scared me. So I went to Councilor's Starlight's office to talk to her about it, and she recommended to me that I should make the most of it by trying to make as many connections as possible to improve the lives of the students that are here, and students that will come in the future." Starlight had actually suggested that times would change and thought Silverstream could use her energetic energy for the school, since she loved being apart of it. "She also told me I should live here!" She did not, however, tell her she could live here indefinitely. She implied that some student aides may become full time faculty even after they graduate, and Silverstream interpreted it as she could live here if she started helping others. "So I found this underwater area and decided to pull out some of the water with the bubble hose we used in Professor Pinkie Pie's workshop last Tuesday. And well... here I am!" Silverstream said sheepishly. She knew her idea was awesome, but having to audibly explain it to her friends made her self-conscious of the reality of the project. She curled her ears back threw her fins up in an attempt to gain sympathy for her ambition.
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