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    Against her better judgement, Candy did not take off after her youngest sister, but instead kept pace with Caramel. "I think ya got the common sense in the family," she'd wink to Caramel before hearing a somewhat louder voice up around the corner and the sound of a crash. She would immediately put her hoof up to her face. "Please don't be Kettle...Please don't be Kettle...Please don't...." It was. To make matters worse, there was the pony she had to seek out, the head of the school, covered in popcorn. She'd make an grimace from the embarrassment before trotting up to Blue Blood to apologize, motioning for Caramel to follow behind. "Kettle, are you alright?" she'd say, looking her over before looking to Blue Blood. "I apologize for my sister Kettle Corn. She gets excited easily, and at least she's making friends. That's what this school is all about," she'd laugh awkwardly. She would begin to levitate the popcorn off of the school head. "This is my other sister, Caramel Corn. They are both new students here." She said as the last piece of popcorn was levitated out of Blue's mane. "It's a good thing I ran into yinz...not literally but...I'm Candy Corn. I'm their acting guardian while Pop is busy on the corn farm in Bittsburgh. I'm apprenticing here in Ponyville if anything comes up. I think I have some papers for ya." Candy would levitate something out of her left saddlebag. Her papers where in her right. She would blush before echoing Kettle's earlier words. "Um...Bonbon?"
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    Twinkle Dawn yawned as she put her eye to the telescope. Three of the Galloplean moons of Jupiter were visible tonight, an impressive number. Europa, her favorite, was unfortunately nowhere to be seen. She had a feeling that was a bad omen. And her feelings were usually correct. She jotted some notes down in her journal, even deciding to make a quick sketch, though she had to reposition the telescope several times for that to be possible. All the while, she checked her watch. Her horoscope had said to "Expect a strange visitor today," which is why she had been up all day instead of sleeping like she usually did. When the stars called, she wanted to be ready, and if that meant welcoming a strange visitor into her home, then she would be awake and ready to have them as soon as they knocked. But they hadn't knocked. She considered not coming in tonight, but had a feeling she should. Clients didn't usually seek her at the observatory, but then maybe that was what would make this visitor strange. Perhaps she -- or he -- would come to the observatory at this uncelestial hour seeking the guidance of the stars. She yawned again. Whoever it was, they'd better hurry up. It was almost midnight, meaning the day was almost over. She couldn't be wrong about this. The horoscope had been so clear. There was no way she was wrong. She wasn't normally wrong. Especially with horoscopes. She always checked and rechecked horoscopes because that's what most of her clients asked for, and the thought of their disappointment was too much for her. Ever since being dismissed from her position as royal astrologer, she had suffered a degree of anxiety over her predictions. Luna and Celestia had dreamed Tirek's coming and she hadn't. That was a huge fail. She couldn't allow herself to make another mistake like that again. She took some deep breaths to calm herself and flipped to the table at the back of her journal to look at her orders. Several ponies requesting horoscopes, nothing out of the ordinary there. One pony wanted to know how compatible he was with a mare he had his eye on. The stars usually didn't have much to say on that regard. The two pony's signs would tell her everything she needed to know. But she liked to consult the sky as an added measure anyway. Her train of thought was interrupted when she heard the observatory door open. That was weird. She could have sworn she locked it... Visitors weren't permitted at an hour like this. She descended the steps from the main telescope, stopping once she could see the entryway, where the silhouette of a tall unicorn stood. "Can... I help you?" she asked as she lit her horn to try to reveal more of the pony. Was this the strange visitor she was supposed to expect?
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    Aww, why did Big Brother Zappy have to be a grumpy-grump? This was gonna be a good day, and now he was gonna do everything to bring the mood down! Well, that just meant that sweet lil' Amby would have to work twice as hard to keep the mood bright and happy! She sure hoped everypony would appreciate her efforts. "O-Kay Momma!" She bounced like her ringlets up and over the rim, not quite clearing the cart wall and having to wriggle and scramble over. But, she made it in, popping right back up on her hooves to peek over the lip and around her mother's shoulder. "Choo choot!" She called out, in clear imitation of a train.
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    SlaughterHorse Five was a classic and that she needed to press further. She enjoyed Fire Walker's presence a great deal and knowing that she was as well read as any other military mare lit Twilight up brightly. "Captain, you should join my book club! You'd enjoy it, and I think having a more militant perspective on the literature of modern Equestria would save us from having to read whatever romance novel Rarity is pressing me on. Though you'd be shocked at how insistent Applejack can be. Almost as much as I can be, so yes, join the club." Princess Authority was sometimes best abused for the greater good of the written word, after all. Her levity was broken by Blizzard. She knew what book he was wanting. That was somewhat alarming. The issue with the chapter in question was less the content in question and more the loophole it attempted to exploit. When you pulled magic from the aether in an attempt to enchant something, you normally could only transfer so much power into the device. However, a very specific way of using a spell, with a very specific build of an amulet, in the right time and place, created the perfect conditions for an aetheric glitch. The result was the ability to create artifacts of tremendous power that would otherwise not have been possible with such a simple spell. It came with a downside, however. The overwhelming magical power of such an artifact was anathema to any localized aetheric management, so it tended to leak into the users. This extra power was not absorbed or used by the user in any special or unique way- indeed, since it was generally far beyond the capacity of the individual already it did nothing positive whatsoever. The Alicorn Amulet, for example, was driving Trixie mad. Had she not been stopped, eventually her entire mind would have been lost to paranoia and delusions, followed quickly by her very physical form being rendered incapable of sustaining itself under the barrage of magic and ceasing to be. "The reason," she drank slowly, "is for safety. Not for others, really. The potential output of such amulets can be tremendous, but nothing that can't really be undone. No, it is for the user. Due to defects inherent in the very philosophy of the spell, the user will invariably bring great harm to themselves. First psychologically, and in increasing wavelengths and power to boot. The physical breakdown that follows is dramatic and near immediate once that stage is reached, but by then it could be considered...a mercy, of a sorts. The first unicorn who brought it to Celestia's attention in the specific manner it could be abused did so at the cost of his own metaphysical existence. A tragedy he could not be saved before it was fully completed," she shook her head, "ever since then, every copy of it has had that chapter redacted. New printings exclude it and older copies have been spell-edited to change the content to redacted. Only one copy exists with the original text, and it no longer exists in this dimension," she said as she nodded to her Captain, who would well know where such material was stored. "The closest approximation of the content that was redacted that doesn't contain the damaging elements can be found on a scroll. I do have it, though I wonder..." she said as the scroll zapped into existence, landing on the table. "What do you want with it, in particular?" She asked,
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    That small flash of recognition wasn't unexpected, not really. It took time for the magical conduit of the body to acclimate to being rebound, for the mind to rewrite the reality it existed in. In time there would be no confusion, no sense of being off. For most ponies this was rather instant- they'd never know at all that anything was strange. It took a greater connection to the various magical arts for that uneasy feeling to even exist. Still, it wouldn't take long for it to vanish, for her memories to correct themselves in a manner most befitting this reality. She'd help it along. "The water is lovely, but you'll feel a little uneasy at first. The magic here interferes initially with our our auras due to the sheer volume of it, creating a lot of false auric signatures and a sense of general unease. You'll get used to it quick enough and it shouldn't be a problem in future visits," she said as her tail flicked the water, watching her friend transform and allowing herself to grow more comfortable in her presence. The comfort shared between them allowed Rose to ask Twilight to be part of something very special. It wasn't uncommon for ponies to ask the royals to bless unions, bless births, and otherwise give grace to important events in their lives. Such a concept existed beyond the borders of Equestria of course and she knew many customs- this would be a new one. "I'd be honored!" She said, touching her hoof to her partially submerged chest as her horn lit up, allowing a notebook and quill to flow into existence. After all, she still needed to get some information. "Tell me everything I need to know to do this for you, any unique customs or desires. And spare no details- we have time and I want to learn," she laughed as the water flowed around her mane, the flowing symbol of royalty losing cohesion and strand by strand spreading across the pool. It was as comfortable as she had been in some time. And why not? What better way to spend the time, than to spend that time with a friend.
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    Rainbow grinned, making her way over to her wife's side. "Hey there babe!" She nuzzled AJ softly on the cheek and sat down next to her at the picnic table. "So! You ready for some fun?" She had put on some super cool sunglasses and she brought them down, looking over the top with a hint of danger sparkling in her eyes. "I've got something pretty cool planned!" RD was super proud of her idea and the anticipation was killing her just a liiiiittle bit!
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    AJ reveled in pressure of her love's body pressing into her own. It felt so close, so together. Just what she wanted, for this moment, for as long as it would last. Rarity mentioned Neighpon and AJ's stomach tightened for a beat. She didn't want Rarity's work to whisk her that far away...well she did and didn't. The didn't for selfish reasons a'course. Travelling far and wide was part of Rarity's profession, her success. She would never ask her love to stop any of what she did. However, when the chance to be alone, in their home town, came to be...well those were moments to be savored like apple wine on the tongue. "Hmm, I'm not sure either," She thought over the wine's vintage. "Buuut, when it don't sell that means more stored up in the cellars for night like this," She leaned down and kissed the mare full on the muzzle. She pressed herself close, filling her senses with her paramour and obsession. The wine was already making it easier for the apple mare to just let go. After a while she let up and leaned back a little, taking in a breath of night air. The sun had all but set now, the last rays flashing over the horizon, reflecting off Rarity's gem like eyes. "So, uh," She laughed softly, overcome with emotion, with desire. "Ready to go get the fire started?" She laughed again. "The uh, actual campfire I mean. I've got some treats for us if yer game?"
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    Pony pony pony pony pony!!!
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    Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Moon Shadow Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Cinnabar Coat: Dark Grey Mane/Tail: Long, flowing locks of Jet black hair, dark enough that in a brightly lit room, her walking in could make it look like the light dimmed Physique: Tall and lithe, more so than most unicorns, she could pass for a model, but does her best to play down her beauty Residence: A house near the edge of Hollow Shades Occupation: Acquirer of fine goods... of dubious provenance (She's a fence/thief) Cutie Mark: A masquerade style eye mask, showing her talent for deception. She explains it as showing her love for historic fine goods, like the nobles of old would have. She acquired her cutie mark after stealing from the moon temple in the woods near Hollow Shades. It appeared on her flanks after she slipped in and out, leaving nothing but a whisper behind. Unique Traits: She has devised a number of shadow based spells, allowing her to merge with shadows and move in a 2d space. She can also bring shadows to life, making solid projections out of living shadows, though they have no will, following her orders. History: Born to a family of upper class citizens from Manehatten, she never learned much about the big city as, thanks to a lot of bad business ventures, her family lost most of their wealth and status. Luckily, they had a winter vacation home in the town of Hollow Shades, a modest two story home. They moved out there, and started over, opening a curio and pawn shop in the bottom floor of the house. They did well there, selling genuine knickknacks and things found in the forest, such as arrow heads and shards of pottery, as well as "Genuine ghost evidence" for the more... gullible tourists that came through playing ghost hunter. She would either help with the store, or go play in the nearby forest, despite being told repeatedly not to. She eventually found her way to a grand temple, evidence showing that while it was once dedicated to a local deity, it had been changed over the years to be one dedicated to Luna. It was in decent use, with guards patrolling and friendly looking tour guides showing ponies through this ancient structure. She managed to not only slip in with a tour group, but also slip away from said group, finding her way to the back rooms. There, she found an interesting trinket, a small amulet, and she took it, managing to get out without a fuss. When she got back home, she was stopped by an associate of the temple. She was taken back, and shown the truth behind the temple, that it was a den for criminals, thieves, spies. She was allowed to keep the amulet, and was trained to be a thief by the temple. Later in her life, after taking over her family's business, she drifted away from the temple, but still operates as a fence for them, and occasionally joins them on a heist, when her skills are required. Character Personality: While she is more than capable of acting kind and caring, it’s just that, an act. She prefers only herself and her shadows, though is not above working with a group when she needs them. Character Summary: A young unicorn mare, Orirn runs a curio shop in Hollow Shades that acts as a front for her true business as a fence and thief. She is two-faced, keeping her real thoughts close to her vest. Her control over shadows, as well as her training, has made her quite skilled, and she traffics in whatever goods catch her fancy, though ancient knowledge is a weak spot of hers.
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    Fire Walker could not help but frown a little as it very obvious she had lost Blizzard Blitz. This did not surprise her, as magic was not her specialty. She had taken lessons in her officer days on how to defend herself against enemy spell-casters, from dark unicorns, Cockatrices, Blibbering Humdingers and more. Still, this did not allow her to carry much of a conversation on magic with a unicorn, especially ones as powerful as Twilight and the frosty unicorn. Thankfully the stallion was ahead of her and pushed the conversation somewhere into her zone. Thankfully he did not ask he what her favorite coloring book was. "Daring Do is more of a sister thing. My little sister Wind Walker and I, would get in line at the local book-store for our preorders. Usually its owner, Lore Weaver, would set up little fun activities for the kids before the shipment arrived. Costumes usually were involved. The nearby café would sell Daring Do inspired treats. Sometimes getting the book itself was more fun than the actual book.", she added. It was a few years since they got to enjoy such an event. Lore had moved on and his bookstore closed. Still, the two sisters planned little things to do when the latest copy of the famous adventure books came out, and thankfully, Wind Walker showed no signs of 'being too old' for such a thing. "As for what I normally read?", she paused, "Mostly military fiction and non-fiction. SlaughterHorse Five....Long Halftime Canter..The Quiet Equestrian..Homage To Coltalona. And my mother would be cross if I did not match her romance adventure novels she put out. Two so far.", she chuckled. While the books made Daring Doo look more like Shakespony, the elder mare enjoyed writing them, and had a decent-selling series of books on her hoof. And Fire knew her mother needed to write such things as she had always felt she was doomed to forever update and edit the same military handbooks she had been writing for decades. She could not help but smile was the stallion mentioned 'happiest moment of his colthood' "Wow, a living book of sorts.", Fire responded, "It would have been devastating if such a journal had been lost.". It was a shame she had lost the library. While most could have been rebuilt, her home was an actual, ancient tree that had been mostly hollowed out, but still managed to live. Thankfully the old tree had been avenged, and from what she had heard, the sweet, purple pony had beaten that horrible centaur bloody until he turned cowardly and pulled out his trump card. It would take a very long time for another tree to grow large enough to take its place. She bit her tounge when Twilight mentioned a rather long title. She was not going to ask! If she did, the officer would been just like every 'normal' pony that she would see in books and movies. The 'Audience Surrogate' character. One who was involved in a conversation with clever ponies. They would stand there,mouth agape, and ask the clever duo what they meant, or please use 'modern ponage' so the lesser witted audience would know what they meant. She would not ask..Nope. Instead she was curious what the good princess would say. She used an assortment of magical accessories, from an amulet, leg bracelet, and other, helpful magical thingamabobs and whatzits.
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