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  1. ~Berry Punch~ Berry listened with interest, but with no small sense of frustration, as Jade related her story of the ocelot. She sighed, replying with a flat tone, "Let me put it another way. I am sick and bucking tired of other ponies treating the fact that I can parent one filly well as a reason to think I don't need a partner. Not just for her, for me. It's not good for us ponies to be alone." Stealing a glance over to where she spotted the only other mare that had conspicuously come alone, she sighed even louder. "Even tall, dark, and scarred over there has a special somepony!" She pointed out Tempest and Glitter, right before the ceremony began. Her heart was both full of vicarious happiness for the thruple, and obvious envy that wrote itself upon her face. It was hard for her to be bitter about it, considering her character, but still. She'd have happily accepted being fourth in a herd at this point. "Well, The Prince has been in Ponyville more often since taking that position at Twilight's school, and he comes to my place when he wants to socially drink, but I probably wouldn't have gotten an invitation if I hadn't helped to supply the shindig." She felt no shame in the admission, providing drinks was always a good way to secure an invite to any social gathering, as she had learned early at school. Once she saw Dunnie make ready to spike the bouquet, however, all pretenses were dropped. "Gangway!" She shouted out, leaping to intercept the trajectory of the flowers, or at least get right in the scrum of mares fighting for the prize!
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