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  1. If anyone could understand wanting access to magic she couldn't achieve, it was Twinkle. Her search for Grogar's bell and the Alicorn Amulet had been going on for years now, and she was still no closer to finding either of them. "I know what that's like. A lot of those artifacts seemed really interesting. I wish I could have tried even one of them out! Magic isn't something that should be put on a shelf. It needs to be used! That's why the artifacts were made in the first place!" Her thoughts were once again drawn to the artifacts she sought herself. Then a thought popped into her head. Perhaps this unicorn would know a thing or two about Grogar's bell! She mentally pinned it as a conversation topic to bring up later, when she could do so without arousing suspicion. "So what kinds of ancient spells interest you the most? And what do you think you would find in Star Striker's journal?"
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  2. Amber’s neutral expression gave way to a slight smile hearing Twinkle express such interest in the ancient magic on display, it was nice not being the only pony around who could appreciate this type of thing. She felt a little bad immediately being suspicious of her when she first approached, it seems she was just looking for somepony to talk to about the display. It’s not like there were many other ponies checking out the room of artifacts, it was no wonder she stood out to Twinkle. “Spells?” She thought about it, her favorite spells were hard to pin down. She usually enjoyed deconstructing the spells more than actually casting them, mostly because she wasn’t nearly powerful enough to cast half of them. The ancient magic she enjoyed required… Quite a bit more than an average unicorn could muster on her own. If she had to choose, it would be the specialty of the pony she looked up to, Star Striker. “I really like the way transmutation was used. I’ve read that they used to be able to alter so much more than just simple objects and creatures, there are tales of Star Striker changing the very fate of those around him. To be able to alter not only what you look like, but who you are!” Amber let out a deep sigh, “I was actually hoping to find something more about that in the journal, I’ve been tracking a particular fate transmutation spell down for months now and all the remaining signs point to here. It would be so much easier if I could just go in there and take it, it’s not like anypony would miss it. You and I were practically the only ones who even gave those things the time of day! I bet nopony in this city even cares about the history behind it! I- I uh..” She realized she was standing on the bench, waving her hooves around wildly. Taking a moment to calm down she slowly took her seat again. She closed her eyes and her expression returned to it's normal, emotionless state, “... Sorry about that.”
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