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  1. "It will all be easier to sort out once you have some real-world context for what they're all talking about. It was the same thing with me and military regulations. If it's just all in your head, it's easy to mix up, but once you start doing it, it's easier to all keep straight." As he smiled and hugged his daughter back, Shining refrained from mentioning that not all the books would necessarily cover the right thing to do in every situation. You had to learn all the rules, or at least all the very good reasons there were rules, before you could be trusted with knowing when and where they could be broken. Best give little Fluffalump a few more years on the training wheels before opening *that* possibility. "Hm, well, I don't think your Auntie Twilight will be willing to give up Spike anytime soon, so I guess you're stuck with dear old Dad!" Once they got to the flower cart, Shining paused, before nodding and paying for the pair of lily sets as well. "Of course. I think we're about ready to head back now. Did you have a good time, Flurry?"
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