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    Berry Punch Well, hello! It seemed that all things did indeed come eventually to the patient and cautious. Or, at least, handsome bat-stallions did, and that was all Berry could or wanted to ask for anyway! "Hmmhm, don't worry about it, Midnight, I don't mind." She giggled, not making any move to separate herself from the Thestral that had backed in against her in the little nook. "I just thought we wouldn't spooning until much later today~" She could not resist the tease, though she broke down laughing again, booping his cute little fanged muzzle when he turned back. "I'm just glad you're not out there getting yourself hurt, sugar."
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    Stage 5- Roundbottom Hills The Running of the Leaves takes in a new route this year, as the leaves on the trees in the hills and in the underground forest in the Roundbottom Range have lacked care for years. This hilly terrain is far from as dangerous as the Ravine, but steep inclines and declines at times going over the hills can tire you out, while the distraction of seeing Baltimare and Canterlot as you turn your head is a real threat! Or maybe you decide to head into the hills themselves, where large underground forests languish in darkness, with only faint rays of light and the few magical lamps set up by race coordinators for coverage of the giant caverns the forest impossibly thrives in. This route is much shorter, but can you navigate the confines and the darkness without issue or will you get lost, slam into trees, or even eaten by a strange creature that you didn't even know was there?! Likely not, but the dark is always terrifying... OOC: Say which path you are taking, over the hills or through them. If you are heading over the hills, one of your posts must involve the steep inclines and declines. Each pony who takes the top route must declare in bold their 'strategy' for dealing with the hilly nature, and the best gains bonus points. If you go through the hills you must contend with the dark and terrifying nature of the location. The pony with the best 'solution' will gain bonus points. As before, state what the strategy is in bold before, during, or after the main body of the post. Whether you gain bonus points or not will depend on how you handle these problems.
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    Berry Punch When it came to chasing away the ghosties, Berry would take kisses over mere laughter any day. Returning each of the stallion's good-luck gestures on the lips, she felt her heart race once again, pumping blood to her pumping legs, speeding the trio through the darkness and shadows. The mare had little to no experience in such environments, but in the company of two experienced stallions, what did she have to be afraid of, really? No more than shadows, and she needn't pay them any mind, not when there were far more interesting things to either side of her! "Oh, so bat-ponies really grow up in deep, dark woods? I thought that was just a slightly tribablist urban legend. I certainly didn't grow up on a farm, though I'd frankly be happy enough to retire to one. Being an urban wild child ain't all its cracked up to be, I'll tell ya." She laughed, bumping against Midnight and Tiger's sides in turn. However, it wasn't long before she found herself distracted from her distraction. Shadows were to be expected in this place, but what were those lights? Was it the dreaded will-o-the-wisp, out to lead ponies off the path into their marshy doom? The blare of party music dispelled all such frights, and Berry devolved into laughter. "Oh, Pinkie, never change!"
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    Moonlight nodded. If Rainbow wanted help, Rainbow would get help. That mare looked like she needed refreshments and some calm. Besides, it wasn't like the foal was about to be born or anything. It had been such a long labor that she knew they'd have time. "Sure, I can help ya with that," she said with a smile as she started trotting alongside Rainbow to the delivery room, a glass of water held in her magical grip. As they approached the door, it opened- and a nurse, her mane frayed- looked quickly for Rainbow. "Missus Dash, you're needed. The foal is coming!" She said, taking Rainbow by her foreleg and pulling her in. Moonlight laid the glass of water in one of the nurse's open hooves and trotted back to the waiting room, a smile on her face and giddiness heavy in her step as she tried to hide what she knew. The end of the labor was as loud and intense as any other period, with one final effort from Applejack needed to finally give Ambrosia the light and air of this world, which she used to scream and scream loudly. Applejack had felt it long before she had seen it, but the first thing her bleary eyes saw was a tiny little horn standing proud. The magic that helped two mares conceive could take some twists and turns at times. While much of the process was the same as any other couple, the love they shared an the intimacy of their love helped create fertile aetheric conditions for a magical pregnancy with the aid of a spell. In the overwhelming majority of cases the resulting child was a direct and obvious byproduct of the mares. But like with any other birth, oddities could occur. The Apple family was overwhelmingly represented by Earth ponies, but there were certainly some unicorns in there, even pegasi. Rainbow Dash's family was wholly pegasi, but that wasn't always the case. Deep in their shared bloodlines was a unicorn. When Twilight had first gotten the pair in contact with the right specialist, she had laid it out: There was about an even split of a chance between an Earth Pony and a Pegasus. A unicorn? Possible, the Princess said, but about a one in a hundred chance. So when the bundled evidence of shared love came out with a fire poker on her head, it was unexpected. Unexpected, but not unloved. "It's a filly," the doctor said calmly as the foal was taken into the waiting arms of multiple attendants. Applejack's head hit the pillow in exhaustion, her whole body caked in sweat. She took one deep, ragged breath after another as she looked at Rainbow Dash with the eyes that only a wife could have, soaking in her own heat. "Ahwan...see..." Applejack muttered in her total exhaustion, her yees fluttering to the end of her vision as the doctors cleaned Ambrosia up. She was swaddled and was eventually hoofed on over to Applejack. She was held tight to the mare, who looked her over with a mixture of deep devotion, endless love, and a decreasing level of consciousness. "Rain...she looks...perfect...little..Ahmmb..roo..." Applejack muttered, then whispered, and then finally stopped speaking entirely, and falling unconscious after her long labor. Even when asleep though Ambrosia was held tightly against her mother, as protected and loved as she would ever be.
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    Princess Bluebelle While Fire's green-coated Beau was still scarce, at least the Princess' accompaniment had decided that it was better late than never. "So it seems that I was, Dunder. Is this normal when one is the mare in a relationship?" She asked, sea-blue eyes dancing with humor. Dunder didn't switch as often as Bluebelle did, partly because of the use of a different and rather less hair-trigger transformation mechanism, and partly because the tan pegasus tended to prefer their mare form much more strongly these days. Still, bless him, Dunder seemed to want to wear a suit and tie today and make a traditional couple out of them. "Oh? I hadn't heard the Twilight Guard dissolved; my Aunties kept both their personal retinues under a separate chain of command. It often helped them in situations where they'd otherwise have to send protocol or regulation breaking orders through the REA. We've found that approach to be wise ourselves, haven't we, Dunder?" She gave him a smile and a wink. The curtsy was appreciated, though she wouldn't have called out the lack thereof here of all place. Why, they'd be stuck admonishing commoners all day, which would be awful when there were much more appropriate uses for one's time, like cake! "Oh, yes, I was. That was back when I was still in the middle of moving in for the Spring Semester; goodness, that was so busy, no wonder it slipped my mind." She started moving towards the refreshment table, lining for cake behind the brides. "I don't think you met my new kitty, though? I'll confess, a great deal of effort was put into making the castle ready for him; Twilight hadn't made any sort of preparations for having a feline guest about the place." She tried as hard as she could to keep a straight face throughout, just in case Fire hadn't heard about Niilavin...
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    Strong Copper There was a time and place to have a conversation with someone you had just met for the first time... and during an avalanche of stone of all things didn't seem like one of those times at all. In fact, it seemed downright insane! And yet... here he was, about to have a conversation with the pink mare from earlier because as crazy as it might have sounded, ignoring her would have been rude and his mother hadn't raised him that way. "It's been having it's up and downs, but it seems a bit rocky at the moment." He answered, trying to retain a bit of wit despite the circumstances. As much as he wanted to be looking at the mare while talking to her, he felt that keeping an eye out for the path and falling rocks was likely a better use of his immediate attention. "Sorry, but I don't think we've properly met. I'm Strong Copper and-" He didn't bother with a 'look out', instead flat out shoulder checking the pink mare in order to knock the both of them aside in different directions because even as a rather fit and active unicorn, earth ponies were built to be physically stronger. The motive behind the body check quickly reveled itself as a rather jagged looking example of stone slammed point first into the ground, embedding itself into the ground exactly where the pink mare would have been if he hadn't moved to knock her out of its path. "-sorry for that. It's a pleasure to meet you. But is now really the time to chat?"
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    Ho-Boy. Now the reception had begun. Fire Walker gently wiped away her tears and hoped nopony saw her take place in one of the oldest wedding clichés ever. Now they just needed the over-drunk uncle or somepony to storm in and declare that –they- were truly in love with one of the now married ponies. The officer’s ears perked up as she heard a very familiar voice. “Oh Dunders.”, she quickly scooted over to her special friend and gave him a proper hug. She had not seen her former adventuring partner since a rather odd mishap with a magic mirror in her former place of employment. So much had changed since then. “The Twilight Guard has mostly been dissolved as the good Princess now has an whole country to rule. I’m back with the R.E.A proper.”, her voice dropped down to a whisper, “I also have an upcoming change of my own.”, she patted her stomach. “There’s nothing really there that can be seen, but I’ll be bringing a foal of my own into the world in a little over ten months. And don’t worry.”, she smiled at the stallion, “About the cake. I’m pretty sure I heard there’s a few back-ups in the kitchen in case the usual shenanigans break out. And if a larger crowd turned up.” The good Princess Bluebelle made her way over to the pair. Could she imagine as a child that she would know more than one princess personally? Being the proper sort, she gave the royal pony a proper Canterlot curtsy. "He was supposed to be here already.", she whispered with more than a hint of stress in her tone , "And yes, I believe I was with you shortly after that happened. Was it last year's Hearth's Warming Eve?" Or maybe even the previous? Time was going by so quickly. Ooh! They had that one mare..The cellist that was at every Grand Galloping Gala. She is very good! And along with Countess Coloratura. Fire's little sister Wind was a big fan.
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    Strong Copper The forest route was a bit more crowded by ponies then one would have thought. Your standard pony tended to avoid dark, scary places but... considering the collection of ponies that were running in the race, it really should be surprising that the bulk of them were made of sterner stuff. Still, Strong Copper made the decision to continue his trail blazing alone in the dark, not wishing for the company of the herd that had formed to combat the fear of the unknown dark. Copper was quietly glad that he had decided to take a somewhat slower but more consistant pace throughout the race so far, alongside that rather pleasant trot past the wildlife before rocks started falling from the sky. A part of him was curious where Pinkie, Apple Bloom and Zap (he remembered that was the name that had been shouted in relation to the colt) had disappeared to through, but looking back while his eyes had only just started to properly adjust to the dark would have been pointless.
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    Midnight Oil As Midnight left their hiding spot, his first thought was the care of the Apple Filly....whom was now gone. He sighed heavily. “From what I saw from her sister during my visit to their farm for Cider...Stubborn is putting it mildly.” Looking to ‘Jade’ he would smirk. “Midnight is my given name, though I don’t mind what you call me,” he said with a wink. “And after the race, their may be more then.....” he blushed after he realized what he was about to say, but quickly recovered. “Um...here’s for luck,” as he gave both Berry Punch and his flirty new doctor friend another kiss. Reaching the fork, the bat pony would notice that Tiger had caught back up to them. “I say forest as well,” he said looking down the shadowy path. “If Apple Bloom, I think her name was, was stubborn enough to race through an avalanche of stone, I’m sure she’ll try to prove her braveness.” Looking to Tiger, he would chuckle. “This is the environment I was raised in. Follow me,” as he trotted off into the woods. His pupils would narrow, and his ears twitch with every unexpected sound. “You know, I grew up in a wood like this,” as he tried to keep everypony’s mind off what might be lurking.. Into the Woods
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    Berry Punch "Is EVERY pony in her family so audacious and stubborn?!" Berry could only give a rueful smirk at the question. "You ain't from 'round these parts, else you wouldn't ask." Apple family members were notoriously stubborn, so much so that Berry had been surprised at the lack of mules that showed up at the first Apple family reunion she witnessed. Of course, that was a stereotype that all modern Equestrians should move beyond blah, blah, blah. She suspected that one of the reasons that the clan was spread so far and wide is that while all were... steadfast in their mental positions, they weren't always steadfast in the same direction, meaning that setting distance between those on opposite sides of the argument was the only way to give everypony involved peace in their house. Ah, but what could one earth pony mare do? Just keep running after the rockfall passed. She could only agree with the "good" doctor that they had to keep going to have any hope of catching the filly, but that question grew more complicated once they hit the fork in the road. Over the hills or through them? Berry's pause in the nook had proven restful enough, but the pull of good company was proving to be greater than the repelling power of fear. Especially now that Tiger Blood had rejoined the pack. "Oh, I'll be sticking with you guys, alright! I haven't enjoyed any year's Running more than this, and I have you three to thank!" And with that, she went off Through the Hills into the woods. Though the forest was a dark and scary place, she feared no creature, for Berry was sticking with the herd. After all, all three were likely very experienced fighters, well able to handle themselves in emergencies. She should be alright if she stayed close...
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    Underground Forest To Hou's great irritation, earth pony filly leapt to her hooves as soon as she answered the first question. Uhhhhgggrrrr! This will be a real test of her patience isn't it? "You saw or guess....? Hey! I am talking to....!" 'Jade' protested, but the filly already darted off. ".....To answer your question Miss Punch....I can't really tell because patient refused to cooperate! Is EVERY pony in her family so audacious and stubborn?!" she asked the purple mare. Shuren made a show of showing her irritation, but inside she was giggling. Pride. Good, good! This is something she could exploit in the future. If her sister shared the same traits, all the better! That said, she had to made sure that the foolish child doesn't doom herself in her arrogance! That would put premature end to any potential scheming Hou may do in the future, involving the Honesty. And that would be...such a waste, isn't it? "We have to follow her. See if she shows symptoms, and restrain this kid if necessary. She may seem and proclaim she feels fine now, but it may be just adrenaline talking." unicorn mare explained, while recommending the next logical course of action ,before giving chase herself. Of course the fact that they were keeping watchful eye on some unruly filly, didn't meant that they couldn't exchange some basic....courtesies. "Well hoofsome....it appears you caught this Dr. Jade Beaker...." she ' introduced' herself....while conjuring hoof shaped lights pointing at her for emphasis. "....Or was it me who caught you? Ha! Who cares about details?! Especially after return kiss like that." Shuren said while fluttering her eyelids behind the glasses. "So....will I get name to go with the image...? Or should I keep going with hunk, hottie etc. ?" she asked. Soon enough the three o them faced yet another dilemma. So go over the hill or through them. Worse yes, Applebloom was nowhere to be seen. Well wasn't that just great. "Well aren't we in a pickle. Judging from her bravado, she could have gone either way....." she said, before pondering for a minute over this choice. "Well I don't know about You but I choosing the forest. If she's gone through it, great, we won't let her shake us off. But if she gone over and around it...Well, we can bar her path when the routes rejoin if that is the case! Unless you want to really, really be sure....." she said as she ran towards the darkness. "Either way, strain your ears for sound of throwing up. This would mean she really got a concussion. Ta-ta!" she advised before waving at Berry and Midnight. Unlike others, 'Jade' charged into shadows with seemingly reckless abandon. And why wouldn't she? Darkness and shadows were her domain! She could tell her way as well, as if it was Unyasi noon! And any potential locators of this underground forest....? Well, they will have to step aside.....for a monster greater and more terrible then them has entered those dark woods! Speaking of denizens of the dark... 'Oh, what's this?' Hou sensed the soul of the creature. Unlike others, sorceress could tell precisely where and how far this being was. The question was...would it be stupid enough to bar her path? And what exactly it was? The 'scent' seemed familiar but it was simply so long ago, that Shuren couldn't pin it down.....
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    Through the hills Tempest was getting… Tired. This race was maybe just a hint longer than she thinked it was going to be. Maybe she needed to read better… Not her fault she was self trained and can’t read big words. OK maybe just did not read much about this at all. But between all the running, dodging falling rocks and other mess she was feeling it. She really was not in the same shape she was three or four years ago. So seeing all the sharp hills and their strong inclines put her down even more. Her legs were sore all ready! She was not about to run up and down hills now. So around them she’d go sticking to the shady dark valleys. She used to be scared of the dark. When she was younger and alone in the world, exploring without a clue. Slowing to a speedy trot she followed the old trails and let her mind wander to a place long ago. A filly lost in the wods, scared and alone. Wanting to go home. Sleep in her own bed. Wash in a warm bath. Fresh food on a table. Yet she was to far away with no map or hope of remembering the way back. How long was she lost in woods like this? She did not know in truth. It felt like a lifetime for her back then and even now she is unsure of how many days or weeks it was. It was just by luck she got out before winter came. Stopping she took in the trail, the darkness. The forest was thick and old. Untouched save for a few magical lamps. Walking over to one she inspected it, then ripped it out of the tree it was nailed into after some pulling. Being strong as an earth pony had some upsides when you can’t use magic! Holding it by her muzzle she pushed onwards keeping to her speedy trot to allow herself some rest. She hasn't seen others yet, hopefully they were ok from rockslide… This trail was nice. She’d have to come back later when she was not racing. Maybe take Glitters for a more peaceful walk? Old woods like this were peaceful places. To think she used to fear them and was funny in a way. Now it just felt like an old home. Safe and peaceful from the rush of towns and cities… And in a way from the rush of the race. A much needed moment to take a breath and relax.
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    So, here's my new attempt at introductions, even though nopony responded to my query about if I need to make a new post... Ahem. My name on here is Blueberry Muffins. The name of my new OC is also Blueberry Muffins. For breakfast, I would like... blueberry muffins. I sense a pattern. I like long trots on the beach and piña coladas... Just kidding. I'm a big D&D nerd. Been playing since the early 90's and running games since the late 90's. I was an avid reader and wrote a lot in my past, but after a long break from that I found myself able to come back into poetry and writing through RP. Years ago, when Google Plus was still a thing, I ran my own community for RP. We had a cast full of a top notch canon role play actors... In truth, the entire cast was simply me diving into the characters to make an in depth RP session for those that engaged with me. I got recognition for my efforts and even headed a panel at my local convention that covered role play and writing. I had done quite a lot of research to be sure I gave the most accurate portrayal of each character. Most that came to the community felt I had done a good job with each character. I can't say that I am the best. I can't even say I am great and powerful, like a particular character that did plenty of growing over the series. I can easily say, though, that I've learned a lot and plan to continue to improve. I look forward to learning with each of you on how I can improve my methods. I got into MLP, in truth, many years ago, much like with D&D. My sister was sitting watching a much earlier generation of the show and I sat with her. Down the road I found MLP:FIM and enjoyed it much more than the other version I watched years earlier. Being a student of psychology, I learned a lot about the personality profile each character portrayed. It didn't take long for me to deduce that Flutershy/Pinky Pie were voiced by the same person and Rainbow Dash/Applejack were each covered by the same actor. It grew the idea I had for running that RP community. After everything closed down and the fandom all but dried up, I lost hope in ever enjoying such fun things again in the near future. My sister came to me about some fun things she was involved in online and showed me this site. I was quite happy to find out that this sort of thing was still around. I am glad that I finally found this site and join anew. One of my favorites amongst the cast of MLP Canon RP accounts that I had on Google Plus was by far the one and only Zebra "from a far away land", the shaman and herbalist extraordinaire, Zecora. Through that account I got in touch with my almost lost poetry skills. The way she talks is not easy for many, but I'd do it all day for just a penny. Role playing as her I was able to do lots of research into herbal remedies and equestrian flora. It was a great experience. Lastly, I want to, once again, express...I may have done many things in my past that draw strange expectations, but I am coming here after a great deal of learning that I don't know everything and need to take every opportunity to be the new girl and learn from a small station. So here I am, ready to learn how to be a better version of me through role play. I look forward to learning with each of you and improving my abilities each day.
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    Braving the rocks Tiger was feeling pretty good after that run, it was a shame that he had gotten separated from Berry at some point. As he gazed at the path ahead, he forced himself to slow down. Running like that was fun, but it wouldn’t be any good if he tripped along the path. To make matters worse, it seemed rocks were beginning to fall over the course, and the shelter that Berry found looked to be at capacity with the three of them in it. It was a tough choice between keeping this adrenaline rush going or play it safe and fine a different place to hide. Both choices seemed somewhat lonely, given that he didn’t want to distract anyone braving the rocks by talking to them. Eventually, the adrenaline won out and he kept going, keeping a slower pace so he could easily bolt ahead or stop as needed to avoid the rocks. His gaze moved back and forth between the path ahead and the rocks above, making sure he knew when they were coming and trying to not fall off the path at the same time.
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    Tongue Twister observed the falling rocks around her. "That one's bouncing away from me. Ignore. That one's going to land off my path far to the left. Ignore. Those two ..." She juked to the right to avoid one rock, then stopped dead - as a large flat rock slammed into the ground where she would've been had she kept moving. She hopped onto it and looked around briefly. "Why are you standing still ?" "The odds of another rock hitting this exact spot is virtually zero !" she replied to her inner pest before noticing a shadow growing very quickly - and jumped off to the left as a large stone bounded down the ravine and struck where she'd just been. "Aaaaand as mom would say : 'Virtually zero' is NOT zero !" she continued as she went along her way, keeping her eyes and ears open and in constant motion.
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    Seeking Shelter As 'Jade' raced alongside Tempest, soon flat open glade gave way to much rougher terrain.... It suddenly occurred to Hou, that if she could very much win this race if she kept this up.... The question was...should she? And the answer was...No, she shouldn't. Shuren was already balancing the line as it is, and this was only supposed to be 'recon' from her. If she actually the the victory? Disappearing into the background would be hard, if not downright impossible. Luckily an convince excuse came out - a rock-slide. Oh this race was getting better and better. When she chose to participate in this time-killer, Hou didn't had an idea things will turn so exciting. "A nature's punch-line apparently. Ahahaha." 'Beaker' gave out somewhat subdued, and yet frustrated laughter. Barring the brief 'spat' with Sombra this was first occasion she had in years to somewhat exert herself.....and yet she it was not enough. Like great bird, in cage big enough to move it's wings, but not large enough to truly spread them..... "It had to be her..." Hou thought. The broken-horn mare own annoyance and frustration at having to limit herself. Sorceress felt in Tempest's soul how much she wanted to take her anger on 'Beaker'. Curious how this sparked similar feelings in Hou herself. But unlike Tempest Shadow, Shuren was true master of her emotions, she knew how to keep them on the leash. That, and sense of amusement that Berrytwist was squirming under weight of her own feelings! "See you around....Tempest." with those words 'Jade' performed what could only be called Equestria Games gymnastic routine - flipping ,cartwheeling and spinning in-between the falling rocks - all while aiming toward the closets shelter. A nook in ravine's wall....perfect place to wait everything out. And what do you know, the stalion she was very glad to see chose this spot too! "Fancy seeing you here..." 'Jade' mirrored Midnight's own words, as she landed near him after a perfect silivas. But to her own surprise, he wasn't alone! "Oh? Why, isn't that Miss Punch? Not wasting any time I see! Which is good. I like ponies who know what they want." sorceress mused as she walked forward and 'accidentally' squeezed Oil between herself and earth pony mare. "Oh I am sorry. But I guess there is a very little space for three of us." she quickly 'justified' herself, before addressing Berry. "I guess our hoofsome Guard proved very level-headed today. More stallions like him should wear the uniform." 'Beaker' said as she put one of her legs on areion's shoulder "This deserves a reward...or perhaps incentive to keep good performance. Don't you agree, Miss Punch?" she asked.....before moving and planting a smooch on one of Midnight's cheeks! And hoping that Berry was doing the same on other side of his face. Sharing is caring after all.
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    (Read thoroughly to insert yourself organically.) In the deepest part of the Everfree Forest, centered in a glade with fresh flowers and ferns, the sun shines, cresting atop the encroaching canopy of the gathering limbs and leaves overhead, and there sat a lone silhouette. The draping and flowing cloak on the form shifted as the figure rose, a light breeze, peeling back the hood, revealing the starkly colored mane of a zebra mare, gilded rings drooping from her ears and falling around her long neck. A brightly colored flower in her teeth, she finds a place for her prize in her satchel, as an abrupt sound startles the nearby fauna, alerting her to activity nearby. A puzzled expression across her brow, she asks, to none in particular, but the breeze, itself, mayhap, "What kind of sounds might this be? I'd hope it won't be trouble for me." A determined look creeping over her features, she adds, bravely, "I'll investigate the disturbance, see it clear, I'll soon know if it is danger that looms near." She begins to trot with purpose toward the sound, hoping to find what might be in the shadowed wood. (It's a short start, but I'm sure we can move this into quite the story.)
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    Apple Bloom ran and ran and ran and ran. Her head swam and there was this fierce pounding that made everything feel unreal, her vision blurring on the edges and small spots of space beyond her understanding crashing through every once in a while. Words and sounds seemed delayed and loud and hit her like icepicks. But that didn't stop her from running. Couldn't stop her from running. Nothing could, it seemed. And so she ran. Her legs pumped intensely as she left one part of the race and entered another at a gallop, unable or unwilling to chain herself to any setting lower than full effort. And so even as every rational mind turned to wanting her to end her part so she could get help, all she could do was run. And run hard. It didn't take long for her to come to the fork in the road. Or did it? She had lost track of time and even if she didn't she likely wouldn't have wanted to track it much anyway, for all the good it was doing for her. She ran and ran and that fork vanished in the blink of an eye as she ran underneath. She had taken one look at the hills and nearly threw up. The idea of going up and down and up and down? It didn't much appeal to her, as it already felt like she was going up and down a lot even as she just walked and ran forward. Plus, a deep, dark cave would do her well. Less light glaring her vision up mighty quickly. Maybe it would help with the pounding, crushing headache too. And if not, it certainly couldn't make it feel much worse. So she ran through the dark underground forest. It didn't take long for branches to whip across her galloping body. She was heedless of whatever warnings existed and slammed through the pain as best she could, and the best she could was really good as she could hardly register it for large portions. Still, after a bit even her dulled senses started to get her attention as one branch and vine after another whipped her due to her speed. It was almost enough to get her to slow down, but then more stimuli came in. A danger. Sounds. Colors. Other racers and dangerous activities abound underneath. It just seemed to happen all of a sudden, without warning, and something inside her started to break. Between the newly registered pain of the branches and the fear that was welling up inside of her, aided greatly by her confusion. She started to cry as she galloped even faster now, fear overtaking her as she didn't understand what was happening down there and din't want to. She felt movement nearby and bucked and screamed at it and continued to gallop, and she continued to gallop and gallop and gallop and gallop until she was clear of the underground, even if the small red lines of blood that marked her told her straight and true that she needed to get her head back in the game.
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    Strong Copper To say that Copper was slightly disappointed at not getting an answer would be an understatement. Regardless of wanting to or not, his mind was going to drive him to unravel the mystery that was Pinkie Pie. As the music changed and Pinkie challenged him to gallop, he did so in order to keep up with her. He had committed to this plan and he was gonna see it through! "Well... I'm pretty sure that herd that's been sticking together since the start is still doing so back there. I saw Tempest enter here but I don't know where she is now... I have no idea where Apple Bloom or that colt disappeared to..." He paused for a moment in concern. "You think his parents caught up with him?"
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    Pinkie changed her disco gallop to her signature bounce when she got up next to Copper. The Pink giggled furiously and nodded along with the dance music beat that was coming from...Celestia knew where! He asked where all her lights were powered from and she let out another laugh. "Hee hee! Wouldn't you like to know! That's a Pinkie secret pal!" She bounced on, lights blinking and disco ball glittering. She wasn't about to give up her trade secrets! The music changed, the tempo increasing a bit. "Oh! This is a great beat to gallop to! Come on Copper!" She took off, running like mad down the trail. "So uh, where have all the other racers gotten to?" Hopefully they weren't right ahead of her, at this pace that might actually be a train wreck!
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    Midnight Oil Midnight couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yep,” he would say, acknowledging their comments about his hometown. “If you’ve heard any of the stories from the Eponnie Mountains, their more then likely true, or at least we like to think that.” Midnight would let out a deep exhaling. “Before Princess Luna returned, we had to be careful...my family in particular. You see, our fangs are much larger then the typical areion.” As he gave both Berry and Tiger fang filled grin. His ears would twitch with each sound that emanated from around them. One sound in particular would make him trot up ahead a few feet and stick his wings out to stop Berry and Tiger just before a rather large, but noticeably damaged tree fell on the path before them. Midnight would look all round for what could have fallen such a tree, though nothing could be seen...or heard. “Must have been rotten.” He said, motioning them on. “Ponyville seems to be a wonderful town to be from, though lately it seems to be the hub of Equestrian excitement.” Looking to Tiger, he would smirk. “As for where your from, I think I’d take my chances in the dark of the Everfree. Less things that can kill you.” ”So,” he would say with a pause. “There is one interesting legend from my place of birth regarding my great great great grandfather...” he would tail off. “But I’m sure you don’t believe in vampireism...” Midnight gave a very fake evil laugh. “ Rumor has it, he was obsessed with immortality and traded a piece his sole to the Witch of the Mountain for it.” He would give another forced evil laugh, “Judging by the fact that he’s been gone for over 200 years though, I’m pretty sure it’s just a fun legend.”
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    Remaining still as his head slowly turned from side to side in order to scan the environment for the source of the noise that had alerted him, Strong Copper didn't relax his guard so much as he relaxed his body enough to start slowly moving again after a few moments of nothing. Whatever had made that noise had either not noticed him, was now stalking him and waiting for a better moment to strike, or wasn't a threat to him at all... and considering he was currently prowling within the Everfree Forest, odds were slanted towards the former two. Assuming something wasn't dangerous when the terrain wasn't that well known was a fast way to becoming a warning to others about the dangers of a location. As he was slowly easing his way towards a nearby tree in order to have a direction covered in the event that there was now something paying very close attention to him, Copper's ear twitched as he heard another, somewhat light sound of... someone rhyming? Now, the ability to speak didn't automatically mean that the speaker wasn't inclined towards viewing a pony as an enjoyable meal, but it was a good start. Deciding to test his luck, he called out in a relatively steady voice just short of a true yell "Is someone there?" and being prepared to deal with the situation if the answer was a yes he didn't want.
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    Strong Copper Having taken a small break from the campaign trail of Ponyville's Mayorship to do his actual day job, Strong Copper had answered a call about some dead chickens. The job itself had been simple enough. The evidence pointed to a timber wolf having managed to break into the hen house and the results, while grisly, were completely natural; While little could be done about the chickens, a quick redesign of the hen house and the defenses of the backyard would go a long way to preventing a repeat of the night before. However, there was something about the situation that had worried him. The evidence all pointed to a single timber wolf. Timber wolves were pack animals by nature. While some ponies coined the term 'long wolf' to mean some kind of flank kicking hero who didn't need a team, in nature a long wolf was a creature that had been abandoned by its pack, either because it was sick or injured badly enough that they were left behind or they were so violent and ill tempered that their pack drove them off. While neither tended to survive on their own for long, Copper knew he had to enter the Everfree in pursuit to confirm which of the two it was. If an animal was sick or injured, he would feel terrible leaving out here to suffer if it could be helped, helping it by either bringing it to a vet to be treated or... bringing the suffering to an end if it was too far gone. If it turned out this timber wolf was just inherently violent, the rampage needed to be stopped before someone or somepony got hurt. A few chickens would be getting off lightly under the circumstances. So when he heard a noise coming from the nearby plant life, Strong Copper was on edge, his horn glowing as an old favorite of a spell came to mind. Despite what some ponies might have believed, timber wolves were not inherently weak to fire. While it was true that they could burn, the wood that made up the body of the average timber wolf tended to be living/green wood and was thus actually pretty hard to set fire too. Their desire to avoid fire was merely a trait shared by most animals that didn't benefit from resistance or immunity to extreme heat: This thing is bright and uncomfortable to be near, therefore I don't want to be near it. Therefore, having a spell that gave out a bright flash and gave a quick, uncomfortable but not painful wave of heat that would make most animals (and to be fair, most ponies) turn and run was generally pretty good to have on hoof.
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    Strong Copper Strong Copper had been expecting a number of things from this race. A fast moving pink body covered in bright flashing lights, what appeared to be a disco ball and loud party music was NOT one of those things. His eyes, which had been adjusting somewhat to the shadow and the darkness burned as the sudden light display ruined what night vision he had developed. His ears pressed themselves against his head as they tried to block out the loud noise of music that... honestly wasn't his style. He would give Pinkie some credit that he suspected she might not have considered herself; Most predators suited for hunting in a darkened environment like the underground forest they were traveling would find the bright flashing lights and loud music to be an assault on the senses that would confuse and likely repel them because senses heightened to deal with the dark and quiet would likely be overwhelmed, if not actually harmed by the onslaught. The only exceptions to be found would likely be found in those predators that were fully capable of sapient thought, who weren't as tightly bound to the animistic instinct to run away from the loud strange thing... and if one of those was present in this forest, the organizers of the Running of the Leaves were going to be in a great deal of trouble for gross negligence. Seeing an opportunity, he abandoned his former plan to get through the forest in order to embrace a new, possibly more effective one: Stick with Pinkie Pie! "Where were you keeping flashing lights and a disco ball? Actually... how are you powering those?!" He asked, honestly curious as anything.
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    (Through those scary woods!) At first Pinkie had blanched at the dark and scary underground forest. Buuuuut, then she had to giggle. If anypony could bring a party to such a place it was her! "Gummy!" The gator blinked and looked down at her. "Get the party lights!" She galloped on with the gator doing no such thing. He still clung to her poofy mane but made no move after any lights. "Now come on Gummers! Do be a stick in the mud!" She giggled. "Or a gator stuck in the mud?" She thought back to him trying to bake some cakes last week. "Actually more like a gator stuck in the batter! At least that's what happened to you last week remember?" She poked him with a hoof. "Remember?" She grinned and fished around in her mane, withdrawing a string of blinking lights from well, from nowhere! Totally Pinkie style! "At least there will be enough light that I don't trip!" She held up for a moment in front of the area where the path descended into darkness. "Here yah go!" She tossed some lights around Gummy and then carefully hung a tiny disco ball from the tip of her forelocks. Sparkling light bounced off rocks and trees, generally making things a little less spooky. "We better get racing!" Gummy started nodding and upbeat party music started the play. "Here we come!" She ran on for a while until she spotted the stallion up ahead. Pinkie smiled and called out to him. "Copper! Hey buddy! Here comes the party!" The Pink rumbled down the path, flashing lights, disco sparkles, and party music blaring. She was a Pink train wreck waiting to happen! PARTY!
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    Tongue Twister trotted ever onward, enjoying her time in the open air and sun. "I wonder how the others are doing." she mused to herself, "It was a lit trail through a dark forest, not a jungle expedition. I hope no one tried to show off how wondrous and special they are by wandering off on their own - that would distress the ponies researching the delicate ecosystem down there. Imagine : a whole forest growing in minimal to no light ! I wonder if the plants there can tap into thaumic fields for energy instead of using sunlight. That - is a question for another day." She smiled to herself, as she knew how the one traveler felt : "The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." She chuckled to herself, and then felt happy enough to sing a merry tune ....
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    Big Mac nodded and tugged on his nephew's tail to follow him to the hospital cafeteria to look for the snacks Rainbow Dash suggested. He didn't waste time asking his nephew, he knew a physical pull would be required to get Zap's attention in a situation like this. He assumed there was a delay with Applejack's status, so instead of giving the young and misunderstood a chance to fret, keeping them busy with a task might prevent any possibility that the orange colt would involve himself in any unnecessary stress. The two gentlecolts made their way from the waiting area to a room filled with many vending machines. Big Mac walked up to one of them and slid a coin into the slot. "Are there apple snacks in this one?" "Eeyup." "Can I hit the button?" "Eeyup." Zap fluttered up to get a view of the food items in the vending machine, and upon a quick browse, found what looked like a small pouch of sliced apples. He inspected the icon it was labeled next to, and looked for the corresponding button. "This one?" He asked his uncle. "Eeyup." Zap flew into the button and then looked inside the vending machine to watch it dispense the apple slices. Without a hitch, the snack fell into the reach-in slot and Zap grabbed it. Big Mac allowed his nephew to carry the snack, it was after all, just a distraction. Giving the colt something to do was a good idea, thanks to Rainbow's quick mitigation. He only hoped it was enough time to stall what would prove to be a difficult cry for attention from the young pony. And even if it was a short trip, at least he had something to carry. Slowly but surely, Big Mac and Zap Apple made their way back into the waiting area. Just as they came back, Moonlight walked into the waiting room from the delivery room. Zap fluttered towards her distance cousin. "Moony, I have a snack for Mommy."
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    Roleplay Type: Canon Character Cast Name: Zecora Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Zebra Eye colour: Dark Cyan Coat: A zebra coat is always black and white. Mane/Tail: The tail, no different, white and black. Physique: Walking a lot helps keep one trim, but plenty of good food can balance that out a bit. Residence: Ponyville, but not in the town. An old and large forest tree was hollowed out for a humble hut, which is where the story begins anew. Occupation: An herbalist by trade, a sage by requests for wisdom. Cutie Mark: The Healing Sun is a unique mark. Depicted by the grey spiral, for the solar orb, surrounded by small triangles, for it's rays. Jewelry: Golden rings around her foreleg. Golden Dzilla [dzeela] hoops around her neck. Large gold loops in her ears. Unique traits: Always speaking in rhyming couplets. It is a form of mental exercise to keep one's wit sharp, even into aging years. History: Not many know about the origins of Zebra in general, many often speculate that they came from the far south east but no one really knows for sure. All any know about Zecora is that she is from "a faraway land". If you would like to know more, she may just keep her secrets, but I'm sure the princess of friendship might know something. (See MLP:FIM S01E09 "Bridle Gossip") Character Personality: Not necessarily shy, but not very talkative, she speaks when she has something important to say. Thinking deeply about her next words helps her not say something she might regret. Taught from a young age to speak with purpose and clarity, she takes it to the next step and thinks through everything she says well enough to rhyme in couplets every time she says anything. Any creature in need of aid can expect this zebra glad to provide wisdom in how to solve things yourself, a listening ear to express yourself or simply a helping hoof, but do not mistake her kindness for weakness. Her strong heart and wise mind will always bring her to the best path she can follow. A leader of sorts, as a sage or a shaman. Learned in medicinal flora and concoctions therewith, she can often find a solution to most problems, whether they are of the body, heart or mind. Her mentors taught her to always listen to everything, for knowledge is the best tool for every situation. She takes this a step further and seems to often wait for everyone to be done talking before she shares her thoughts... In rhyming couplets. "It is best to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove any doubt". This was said many times to her when she spoke out of turn and didn't think her words through. Wisdom only comes from taking the time to understand. If you rush into things, you can not know them very well. Examine what is before you, connect it to things you know, learn about things you do not yet understand and grow from your new knowledge. She keeps to the paths of wisdom by taking the time to think of a rhyme, one that can display what she wants to say. Character Summary: While most are busy in town, she is hard at work, gathering ingredients and working on concoctions, whether they be potions or a tasty stew. Some visit for wisdom, others want to find some trouble's cure, but a new friend is what she will likely be looking for. She will happily listen, for that is an important thing, else you might not listen to the wisdom she'll offer. Let me know if you feel I forgot any important details about this well known character.
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    Through the dark woods Tiger breathed a sigh of relief as the rocks stopped falling around him. He kept his slower pace for now, partly to catch his breath and partly in the hopes that Berry and the others would catch up. It would be cool if he won, but really he’d be happy just having a good time with new friends at this point. By the time he made it to the crossroads he was plenty rested, but still he had to stop and consider the options. The hills would be harder physically, at least on the way up, but the forest would be harder to navigate. Decisions decisions... ”Oh, hey guys, how was the shelter from the rocks?” He said, breaking out of his thoughts just in time to see Jade run off into the dark forest. Looking between Berry and Midnight, he couldn’t help but feel like he missed out on something, and something fun at that. Oh well though, he couldn’t change the past. “Yo, Midnight? You can navigate that forest, right? Better than us, anyways. Would you mind if we tagged along?” He asked after a few moments, smiling at the two. “I’ll probably go either way, but figured we may as well help each other through, yeah?” He gave the two a wink before he got up and started making his way into the forest. If Midnight elected not to join them, he would take a lantern, but if he could leave the navigating to the other guard, he could pick up a fallen branch instead to fight off any creatures they may run into in there.
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    Strong Copper Through the Dark Woods When the path split again, Strong Copper had found himself... near the front of the pack from the looks of it. It appeared that the gamble to run through the rain of rocks had somewhat paid off. With the same degree of bravery that he had crossed a bridge and risked broken bones in a rock slide, he didn't hesitate when it came from running into the darkness of the underground forest. Most ponies would have been frightened of going into a dark forest alone. For Strong Copper, it was just a way of life. Going into the dark corners of the world and occasionally finding the things that tended to lurk there that no one else wanted to. He wasn't going to let down his guard just because he had done stuff like this before; Complacency was likely to get you killed in this kind of life style after all. There were some tricks that he had picked up through for this situation. Some unicorns would have lit up their horns to provide more like but Strong Copper... didn't. Instead he slowed down a little as he followed the path and picked up a rather large looking leaf as he walked along. When dealing with areas of low lighting like this where there is a chance that something was lurking in the shadows, adjusting to the low light was actually safer when it came to avoiding being detected or discovery rather then trying to light the place up. Letting his eyes adjust to the low light, whenever he passed close to one of the sources that might mess his developing night vision up he would position the leaf to shield his eyes and keep them in the shade. Adjusting to the dark would take time of course, thus why he had slowed down in order to walk down the path; Easier to hear, easier to detect problems underhoof without them spilling over into a dangerous situation... and the more time he had for his eyes to adjust properly to the darkness. Sure this path seemed shorter then trying to hoof it up and down a steep hill, but it was still a forest. Who knew how long the trek here was going to be?
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    Well, hi there, everypony! I didn't think I would see this sort of community again after everything that has happened over the years. I have been an avid fan of series and I'm really excited to join every pony and creature in the fun of role play. I hope you find my musings as entertaining as I seem to think they are. I look forward to meeting with every reader that comes by.
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    Apple Bloom's head told the story better than her failing words ever could, a cloudy recollection of phrases and feelings that despaired in their attempt at translating what she felt into recognizable language for this brief time. It would pass as all things would with the passage of time, moments rather than seconds, but in that snapshot of existence she was glad to be around other ponies, larger ponies, who could help pull her head out of whatever negative space it seemed to occupy. As the matter turned into solids rather than the soupy texture that it had been, she found herself virtually surrounded by pnoies who showered her with attention. And for a brief moment in time she wanted to smile, because finally somecreatures were given a rat's tail about her. That moment passed too, and even quicker than the larger mental fog: The first of her mental processes to fully reboot was her deep sense of familial pride, and that rocky fixture of pride that lay as a bedrock for all Apples whether they admitted it or not. "Ah'm..." she began as she scuttled her way up unevenly, sending herself careening slowly and unevenly into the rockside. It proved a benefit, as she could steady herself against the unfailing earth with more grace and skill than before. "...fine," she finished as she forced her head wobble to end, setting her jaw strong and sharp, taut against her her snout. With that as a base she regained her balance. "Ah see..." she began as she narrowed her eyes. Truth was she saw somewhere between four and twelve lights but she reckoned that the nice mare who helped save her wasn't gonna risk a simple farm filly missing her numbers- or even just being lazy- and so went down low with what she believed was a reasonable guess. "Four. Yep, that thar's...four light sticks," she said confidently, mostly to prevent herself from admitting that she needed to throw up. The sound of the rockslide had finally subsided and she took a deep breath. "Tha slide is over, everycreature! Let's get..." she trailed off as she started a gallop, forgetting the final word but not the pulse pounding feeling that a gallop gave you as she raced off to try and regain some of this lost space!
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    Aaaaand something...or rather somepony got in the way. It always did. Can't have a time with hoofsome colt and pretty mare because a filly needed help! Can't rob ancient tomb in peace because of Watchers! Can't duel Celestia because of...actually, there wasn't that much interference during their duels. Which reminded 'Jade' that their last meeting happened around...80 years ago? Perhaps it's about time to remind about herself to Sun-plot.... Where as she? Right, a filly in danger of having her word rocked. While Hou wouldn't care much, usually, two points were to consider.... Point A', she's the sister of Element of Honesty. An opportunity to get into her good graces if she ever saw one. Point B', Refusing bat stallion cutie request would make 'Beaker' pretty suspicious to him, that was certain. "Of course I do it." she reassured Midnight, before moving towards Applebloom. More twirling and flipping ensued, and 'Jade' was next to filly in a flash. "Not the best place for sand-bath kid..." she said...before knocking away boulder four times her size with a roundhouse kick. Opps, that's bad, she did that on reflex, without thinking. She will need to talk her way out of this, but only after she pulls that kid to safety.... After getting Applebloom on her back, Shuren resumed her dance....much less gracefully of course, replacing some of more impressive maneuvers with quick side-stepping. That said, she managed to return to their little nook as quickly as she left it.... "Alright, I heard Apple ponies are made from stern stuff, but I have to check if you got concussion regardless." she addressed an earth pony filly. Not that she really cared, but again, further opportunity for brownie points.... "First....." she concurred four magic lines in the air. "How many light-sticks you see?"
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    You mean it was your favorite sister who referred you here, right?
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    She zigged and zagged along the path, narrowly missing literal tons of rock. It rumbled and roarer in her ears and the dust was making it slightly difficult to see where she was going...this was soooome race! Pinkie kept on galloping and now that Copper had responded to her attempts to chat she was thrilled! Nothing better than meeting a new pony no matter where the location...right? Pinkie grinned, right! "Rocky at the moment!" She laughed. "That's a good one!" As she was about to share her name with him the stallion side checked her. "Ow!" She was about to say more but then that darned old jagged rock pinned itself to the trail. It was almost a Pinkie-ka-bob! "Thanks Copper!" She galloped on. "Anytime's a good time to make a friend!" Pinkie bounced over another falling boulder. "Gummy and I owe you one! Oh I'm Pinkie Pie by the way, and this-" She pointed to the small gator clinging to her mane. "This is Gummy the gator!"
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    @Aisede I would not have guessed you were a "greenie" from how you were roleplaying in that post I joined! I suppose a second welcome is in order. Welcome to Canterlot. (PS. I'm not sure if you're aware, or if it's just your character who isn't, but Compass Rose is not a thestral. lol Click on her name to see her application )
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    Hello ~ The Fandom sure has slowed down since S9 (or maybe when Hasbro took over), but it's still very much alive. Welcome aboard, fellow greenie!
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    Welcome, Blueberry! I'm not an admin, but please do read the General Rules and the RP Rules and Etiquitte. They seem to have been (perhaps accidentally) moved from their usual place on the homepage, but are still just as important. We are all eager to see your contributions to this site! Feel free to browse till your heart's content and when you're ready, make sure to apply one of your own characters to get started (here's a guide to making a good application). In any case, welcome to Canterlot! I look forward to seeing you around!
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    (going through the rock slide!) "Well, this is a nice change of scenery!" The Pink One exclaimed as she made her way into the ravine. She could smell the pine trees and her eyes drifted up up up at the tall rocking cliffs all around! "Wow! I know we run the same route pretty much every time but the views around here never cease to amaze!" She allowed the gator who was clinging to her forelocks to lean out for a better look. "Be careful there!" She had started zigging and zagging, climbing further into the ravine. The drop on both sides of the trail would make most ponies dizzy! "I don't want to have to go searching for the Gummy who fell down the hill!" The gator blinked and backed up a step. As she carried on she heard that certain rumbling of rocks that made her a little weak in the knees. "Oh boy, looks like a rock show!" She giggled. "Maybe it's a rock party?" There was that grating sound again, rock sliding on rock slowing beginning to edge over the trail. That would bring an... "Avalanche!" She was going to go and hide. She really was! But then there was that pony up ahead. Copper right? Yeah! He'd tried to talk to her at the end of the last leg of the race. She'd gotten so tied up watching Abby and Zappers put on a great shoe that she had forgot to respond. That was careless of her! She never wanted to rob a pony of sharing a smile! Pinkie waved her hooves and called out as she cantered right into the area where rocks were starting to fall. "Hey there! Yoohoo! Copper!" She cantered up near him amid the falling rocks. "Hi! Sorry I couldn't talk before. So," She grinned, a rock sliding right behind her. "How's the race going?" Casual conversation during a rock slide? Yup, standard play for the Ponk!
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    Running through the avalanche Much as she hated it, she was starting to feel strain. How much longer was this race again? It can’t be that much longer can it? Long as she kept pushing herself this was in the bag. She was going to win and show every pony what she is made of. Show herself what she is made of. In truth it's why she joined at all. She needed to prove to herself all of this training and hardship she’s endured was worth something. anything! ‘Oh buck!’ Tempest snaps her focus back on to the trail as she hits a sharp turn, almost sliding off the sides. One glance told her all she needed about that fall. This race really was not playing. Slowing down to a more controlled canter as she makes her way up the zigzagging path. No way she’d win if went flying off the trail! And that’s when her ears flicked, picking up the sound of stone moving overhead. “Oh you gotta be JOKING!” She shouted in anger before pushing back in to a full gallop as the stone avalanche raced down to meet her. Looking up and down at the trail she powered ahead as fast as her legs carried her. The idea to take selter did not cross her mind as she watched them come. All she can do is pray her wits and speed can keep her safe from danger. Being crushed to death really was not how she wanted to go out of this world.
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    Strong Copper Running through the avalanche Leaving behind what he suspected might be one of the few places in the race that was clear of some breed of environmental hazard, Strong Copper entered the Ravine stage of the race with a surprising degree of confidence. His trot was nowhere near his full speed due to the fact that... well, it was a ravine of all things; He didn't exactly have wings and lacked the ability to levitate himself in mid air if he tripped and fell. The only one who he could confidently save if they accidentally tripped and fell in the wrong direction was the young Colt... and maybe Apple Bloom, but that would be stretching things to the breaking point. At first, he actually considered the possibility that the only hazard one had to be worried about was the narrow nature of the pathways. Then the rocks started to fall. Already he could tell that some were taking shelter where they could in order to weather the sudden onslaught of rocks. That... was completely fair and likely a wise decision. But rough Terran was something that came with his calling and he continued through it. He was not galloping full speed through; Basic survival in this kind of situation was to keep a very close eye on both the wall that the rocks were falling from, as well as overheard to make sure one didn't land on you... as well as glancing ahead to make sure you didn't trip on something or fall. Worse case situation, magic was a good fall back, even if it did mean he might be DQ'ed from the race for doing so. Better then being hit by a rock.
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    Applejack's first task was cake. And her first task was sharing the cake with Rainbow Dash, and likely making a mess. She puled her wife- that felt good to say- over to the large chocolate cake that was waiting for her. "Open up yer big mouth, flight girl. Yer stuck with me now," she said as Twilight cut the cake with her magic. The piece was given to her- same with Rainbow. Applejack grew a predator smirk with an arched eyebrow as she went in for the delicious kill. Apple Bloom moved in a little slower, her emotions heavily mixed. Her eyes were wet with tears of joy. Her sister had found her perfect pony forever and the APple family was growing. That was easily one of the best things to have ever happened in Apple Bloom's young life, and she didn't want to think anything else. But she couldn't help herself. She hadn't a role to play in this entire affair. She felt old now. Was she old? Well, she wasn't old enough to experience life just yet. She was happy, she was over the hills with joy, but frustrated. It was weird and selfish and it made her feel all the worse for it as smiled her way into the reception. Moonlight trotted excitedly into the reception, eyes and ear and heart on point. It had been soooooo romantic but this was just the start of it! "Oooh, that was sooooo romantic like oh my Celestia. Makes you think, right? Like, wow I hope my wedding is just as radical! Go get us something to drink, sweetie," she said to her little Remington, happy to have him around. Octavia took her position, having moved quickly from the ceremony staging area to the reception area. She, her quartet, and many of the other musicians were working dual roles today, even though the first part was far less exciting than the second. She set herself up on stage, taking her bow out and giving it a few quick cuts before she nodded to the first entertainer of the evening: Coloratura. Rara herself was dressed down rather than up, knowing that Applejack didn't really appreciate the glitz and glam that came with the Countess. Her playlist was one of a few as other entertainers were bound to perform, but had been carefully chosen for this night. She would ignore the sting in her heart for tonight and perform as best she could. It was the least she could do for the married couple. She returned the nod to one of the musicians who was going to provide the backing instrumentation for her. They had a minute or so before the signal for the first song was due to come in, so she ran over the list in her head and took some deep breaths, prepared as best she could be for the night.
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    Compass Rose panted as she slowed down. "There's got to be a better way to map this forest." she complained. She'd only just narrowly escaped the jaws of a timberwolf after she scratched her wing badly on a thorny vine trying to fly away. She ended up having to run. Which she wasn't very accustomed to. Well. At least, she reasoned, she couldn't be lost. Her innate sense of direction would make sure of that. She checked her saddlebag to be sure none of her maps had gotten lost in her scurry. Not that she couldn't draw them again from memory, but she just hated losing maps. Good. All there. Mapping from above was easy enough, but even with her excellent Aerion sight, there was only so much detail she could gather from above. She cursed herself for her infernal idea to commit to this map as she took a moment to examine her wound. Great. It was already getting infected. That vine must've been poisonous. "Next time" she noted to herself "I ought to bring bandages." she flexed her wing and winced. There was no way she'd be flying again for at least a week.... if she can even stop the infection. She knew absolutely nothing about herbology. Maybe her new friend Hawthorne could help. In any case, she'd need to tread carefully if she was to get out of here. She looked around. This was a new part of the forest she hadn't seen before. She looked up. Yes, the canopy covered this area quite well. She wouldn't have been able to see this. At least she knew which direction to go. She began to walk, paying close attention to her surroundings, lest any more creatures of the Everfree decide she'd make a nice snack.
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Candy Corn Gender: Mare Age: Young Adult Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Orange Coat: White Mane/Tail: Orange, Black, and Yellow. Kept medium length with a slight curl towards the end. Physique: A few inches shorter then the average adult mare. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Candy Maker Apprentice Cutie Mark: Five pieces of Candy Corn pointing inward to make a circle. History: Candy Corn was raised on a farm in the outskirts of Bittsburgh. The oldest of three siblings, Candy was the only filly, and only unicorn in the family. From a early age, She could tell she was different from her siblings. When it came to tasks around the farm, her skills where lackluster at best, and the use of magic was discourage. Candy wouldn’t discover her calling till one Nightmare Night. Candy was tasked with assisting her grandmother with making the traditional sweets to satisfy Nightmare Moon, as well as to give to trick or treaters. She was elated to earn her cutie mark. Soon she was experimenting with all kinds of sweet treats. One night when Candy was a bit older, her mother would pull her aside. It was then she found out the truth. Candy was the result of a fling that her mother had shortly before meeting the pony that she would know to be her father. It would be revealed that her true father was a successful chocolatier from the nearby city of Filledelphia. With tears in her eyes, Candy would hug the stallion that had raised her as his own, letting him know he was the only father she would ever need. As she finished primary school, Candy‘s mother would reluctantly sends her only daughter away. She needed to hone her skills, and an apprenticeship was the only way she would grow her skills. She would be sent to Ponyville. Character Personality: Outgoing, and some might say gullible, Candy is excited to make the next jump of her life. Her friends would describe her as kind and caring. Some may even say a tad clumsy. She is proud of her abilities and will often have samples of her signature sweet treat on her at all times for anypony to sample. She can doubt herself sometimes, and often will put the opinions of others before her own personal feelings. Character Summary: Candy Corn is a caring and kind young mare. She is proud of her talents in candy making, though can be self doubting at times, and a tad clumsy. She was born and raised Bittsburgh and is now an apprentice in Ponyville. Her dream is to open her own candy shop one day.
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    Strong Copper Strong Copper... couldn't help but smile just a little. In fact, if anyone looked closely, they might have seen him blush! Pinkie had a good laugh to her, but the fact that something he had said had made her laugh made him feel warm and fuzzy inside, despite what the race had been so far and the current situation. Glad that she was already as he dodged a rock via going around it rather then stopping as it rolled past, he couldn't help but glance at Gummy with that... same sense of deja vu as before. Shaking his head lightly, to try and shake the feeling, he decided to answer "Maybe we should talk more when we don't have to focus some strongly on not being hurt? I don't know about you but broken bones suck to have, even if medical magic is pretty effective at knitting them back together these days."
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    Hey there, Blueberry! I'm one of the friendly neighborhood RP helpers, so if you have any questions, pm them my way! Also, cast apps are handled on a case by case basis; we don't award them based on seniority, and we also don't mind having multiple Twilight Sparkles/Celestias/etc around, as long as you play them well! Although, for some reason, I'm the only Blueblood on here....
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    "Well, THIS is a change of pace !" TT groused to herself as she trotted along towards Rearing Ravine, "The bridge is solid and the surroundings aren't ! Oh joy - our vibrations that were knocking the leaves off the trees is knocking rocks loose from the sides of the ravine ! Hmm - so our choice is to either look for shelter against the stony storm, or make a run through it." She thought for a few moments. "I'm going to run through it !" The Abomination replied with "Wait - WHAT ?! Are you insane ?" TT laughed on the inside. "A mass of evil dark magic inside my head is asking me if I'm insane ! Yeah. Obviously ! What's your point ?" "There is a good chance you'll be injured or killed ! Aren't you afraid ?" TT's internal copy gave the Abomination a sideward glare. "I was corrupted by an ancient sorceress ! Compared to THAT, all other threats barely qualify for a 'meh'." She picked up a bit more speed as she headed in - slow enough to maneuver easily, but fast enough to get through the area ASAP. No point staying in a dangerous region longer than necessary. "It's easy to see where the middle of the ravine is." she continued her inner lecture to the Abomination, "That will be the safest area, since rocks falling from the sides will lose most of their energy and speed bouncing and rolling from their falls. That will thin out their numbers and keep them low to the ground - easier to evade by jumping over. Then all I have to do is keep track of many objects moving through space at the same time - something pegasi are good at ! All good fliers can do that instinctively. I've dodged stuff like that for years in my linguistics research; some of the 'temples' weren't in the best condition, nor reachable by anything but an avalanche prone ravine." [running through the avalanche]
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    Apple Bloom yawned big and deep as she laid herself back into the seat. Boy, this whole birthing seemed a whole hay of a lot less exciting every time she had to hear it. She understood what was happening a mite more than last time, on account of some nice book learning and helpful diatribes by Twilight. Lots and lots and lots of them. Boy, she sure did know a lot about everything and everything she decided to tell Apple Bloom the filly did not want to know a lot about. And then he had learned how to take care of a foal, and how to grow up with a foal and watch the foal become a colt and that was almost worth the sounds she was hearing from deeper in the hospital. But only almost. Was it too late to just unlearn everything? Seriously, just a little? Just as she was about to conk out again from exhaustion she heard her little cousin pipe up. Her head snapped and she smiled broadly. She really liked him. He was polite enough but was super spunky and fun, and who didn't like a little troublemaking here and then? "Campin'? Hehe, ask yer cousin Moonlight. She didn't want ta sleep on tha ground," she said as she trotted over and gave him a hug. "How're ya holding up? Ain't ya so excited? Yer about ta have a lil' sis! As a lifetime little sister let me tell ya, we're tha best type of siblin' ya can ever have," she said as she pulled him up to the seats. "Had a bite ta eat yet? You too, Big Mac?" She asked as she patted him on the head. It was then that Tempest shot her way back up- mare was doing a number on everypony with how concerned she looked. "Y'all right there, Tempest?" Moonlight had a glass of water, than another. She was just so parched! She had been so excited to see her newest little cousin that she had been slightly negligent in keeping after herself. And while she was here for Applejack and the rest of the family she wasn't going to sacrifice herself on the altar of a prolonged birth. When she made her way back she managed to get some nice stretching in front of mirrors in. Yep, she was still good. In time she would make her way back to the lobby, wondering where the rest of the world was. Applejack was supposed to be one of the most popular ponies in town but the hospital wasn't being overwhelmed by well-wishers? She'd have to rib Apple Bloom about this soon enough. Before that though, there was the matter of the blue blur that shot around. She looked like she had seen a lot. No doubt: She had stayed by Applejack's side the whole time, and that had to take a lot of her. Her explosion of color and excitement seemed drained. Filly needed to get some sun, which was something that you normally didn't need to say about a pegasus. She walked up to Rainbow Dash and levitated her glass of water, her third, to the pegasus. Sharing was caring and all that jazz, right? "Heeeeeey there rainbow filly. You look like you could, like, totally take a glass of water right about now?" She asked with a laugh. "Arrrr....ah...ah...ah...ARRRRGETBACKINHEREDASHARRRRRRRR!"
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    Pathfinder clasped her hooves together in excitement. She had issues reading Equestrian? No problem! There were so many wonderful choices available and Pathfinder was cerrtain to have the right tonic for what ails you. "Well, we'll have so many choices! I can even share my fanfiction too! Do you like romance or comedy or action or something a bit more..." she made clicking noises with her tongue, "ya know, vroom vroom and all that, just tell me. I have all the answers!" she said excitedly, though still keeping her voice low enough for the pair to hide. She may have been an excitable sort but she was still the best adventurer there ever was except for the fictional variety, of which nopony could ever hold a candle to Daring Do! Cemmy Wemmy made some observations that were likely correct but not that threatening. Criminals were by and large boring lots. Profit and ambition went hoof in hoof with being cowards, she found. Sure they would act all big and tough when they were surrounded by beefy guards with beefy names but remove them from their beefy wall of beefyness and they tended to be far less impressive. Still, she knew better than to underestimate them so she would try her best to estimate them correctly. And part of that was recon, which Cemmy wanted to do. "I can fly you up lickity split, no problem!" she said, half-lying. She wasn't the best flyer but she wasn't going to say that. She lifted Cemmy up and then started flying up, humming the 'Operation Improbable' theme from the stage show she saw. For free. From the rafters.
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